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Nov 06 2014 by Lyrics
Samira241000: I do not watch Bollywood films, but i do enjoy some of their songs. For me, this actor (Arjun?) is the best looking actor in Bollywood, in fact, i find him more handsome than any Hollywood actor.

risky montu: 1 num song

Shubham Mehra: Nice video

Ankeet Modi: jaise tune toda mera dil .. tera dill bhi tootega.. :(

sumit sharma: Nice song

sumit sharma: Lovely song

Prashant Nagar: Heard the song after a long time, remember the time when movie was released in my School days..!!! Time Flies... 

Ashraf Ali: apni yaadon ko chhor na jana HD 720p

haseeb0344: nice music... visit: ituloom.com

Randommperson7: Why are y'all so thirsty

david mehta: The piano riffs reminds me of the song "Riders in the Storm" by The Doors

MrCassanova08: On my wedding day, I will make an entrance like this, in that cowboy hat and white suit :) I will also dance like Arjun in this video lol. :) Then my wife will be thinking he is crazy in love with me :) Then I will put a ring on her finger, and tell her I love her more than anyone in this world!

Kishor Chaudhary: Beautyful song

Taassy786: Love Arjun he does best movies x

Neeli khan: my song I love Arjun

tousiffpassa: i like it

MrCassanova08: He is a handsome guy, I know... hey shahrukh is better!

Maryan Abdullahi: Love this song arjun rampal rocked it keep it up

alibuttons: arjun is so hot. love him

Rossella Esposito: Jaana main hoon tera deewana, deewana <3 I love Arjun

Usman1651: Arjun........ such a handsome person, in bollywood nobody is such a handsome

rudrajit dasgupta: arjun rampal rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raj Kumar: Why don't they give Shaan to sing some songs?

Ali Shah: Arjun is the Best..Very handsome

V Kharva: I think your wife will go crazy over you so its worth it to let her think that you are crazy in love with her ;)....by the way good luck :) Hope you rock d floor ...

JasNav3K: Arjun is such a great actor! He needs to start making more movies! :D

anushka sharma: he is soo sexxy..!

maheen97: this girl is prettier than the main girl

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