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Ritter von Rawitz: LYRICS: Erev shel shoshanim Netse na el habustan Mor beh-sa-min u-le-vo-nah Le-ra-gle-cha mift-an Laylah yored le'aht Veruach shoshan noshvah Havah elchash lach shir bal'at Zemer shel 'ahavah Shachar homah yonah Ro'shech ma'alei tlalim Pich el haboker shoshanah Ektefennu li.

sigalit menashe: Evening of Roses
Lets Go out to the grove
Myrrh, perfumes and incense
are a threshold at your feet

The Night Falls slowly
a breeze of Roses blows
Let me whisper a song to you quietly
a song of Love

At Dawn a dove is cooing
your hair filled with dew
your lips to the morning are like a rose
I'll pick it for myslelf

happymanoftheworld: I watched the original TV show in 1971 (no videos then) and, as a musician, I instantly memorised the melody and the phonetic sounds of the first line. I even played it sometimes whilst on stage (the chords are fairly standard. I have spent YEARS trying to find it.... I could not remember the name of Mike Brant. By pure chance last week emailing someone in Israel on a different matter I asked if by any chance he knew it - Lo! next day links to here and other versions. I am indebted to Yachad. AND if I may in reply to the earlier post by MsLadyNoor - this is NOT the place for politics.... but if it were, I would suggest you go over to Israel and wait for the Gaza night rockets or the suicide bombers on buses and cafes slaughtering innocents. War is a terrible thing but it takes two. Just for the record I am not Jewish, nor Israeli. I am a UK citizen. Have a GREAT day all.

Marusja3: Zemer shel ahava...да
Дивна је песма....хвала од свег срца !

Ravivlaor: There is no doubt that Nana Mouskouri is one of the greatest singers the world has ever known - But Mike Brant is no less great -

Susie196921: I agree with you that we all have the right to our own opinion; however, the killing of the innocent seems to be the other way around, so Israel has its right to defend itself from terrorists!

MsLadyNoor: everything has its end, so as Israel,or killing innocent people is normal for you? I don't want to make a fight, you have right to think whatever you want...

Susie196921: Sorry to disappoint you, but obviously God loves and blesses Israel!

shinethelove1: Love is.real Bless David from Goliath Amazing song

MsLadyNoor: God free Palestine!!

Ambrose bear: Truly marvellous

Pini Wolman: Great memories. Wow. Pini Wolman LA, CA

JovanDalmatinac1: znaci ovo nam originalna sosana :) god bless israel best wishes from serbia

grace53523: Wow! Bravo Nanaki...

steve maille: qui se mariaient si bien dirait ont...c etait quand meme la bonne epoque! mon ne pense pas que les jeunes de maintenant(mes enfants compris!!) peuvent faire plus "emotions" que nous!!!! steve

MEDSEC20: This is one of the most beautiful songs ever penned and Nana's voice is wonderful. Thank you for this post.

Crejk: @jovanbabunski Doso je i taj dan... :)

7777Antje: Guau nunca habia siquiera oido decer que Nana hbiese cantado alguna vez en hebreo , bueno como pudo ser de tonta con la facilidad que ella tiene para los idiomas poque no. es una cancion muy bonita talvez logra que me la traduzcan con la letra que puso con el video. Gracias es hermosa , felicidades por su trabajo by.....

marie-hélène Dallard: deux grands de la chanson qui donnent leurs voix qui donnent leurs coeurs!!!! MERCI ET BRAVO!!!!! mhdallard

Apartt: @pioneermci I think you forgot about Mike Brant, he had the most pleasent voice ever.

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