SHIBAN - Reason Dies - Official Music Video

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Nov 07 2014 by MP3 player
ShibanBand: Check our second EP : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iTunes: ---------------------------------------------------- Deezer: ---------------------------------------------------- Spotify : ---------------------------------------------------- googleplay : ---------------------------------------------------- Amazonmp3: ---------------------------------------------------- 7digital : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SANDWARITH: amazing song. Video reminds me of Tim Burton

William Tatsumi: One of the Greatest songs i've ever listened to !! .. Keep up the excellent work

Janine Fabulosity: I'm so in Love with this Song. I'm listening it almost everyday and singing to it !

RiseProTV: Hey Shiban! We at Rise.TV love your song/video! If you want a chance to win cash and prizes in a music video competition, just upload your video to! More information also available on our home page!

Vipin Kirthane: please suggest some songs like this

Birhann 77: Sagopa Kajmer // Turkey

Zane Line: Yop Shiban ! Je voulais juste vous dire un grand merci pour cette chanson, elle m'emporte loin dans un royaume que je ne demande qu'à découvrir. Les images sont tellement belles, et je ne parle pas seulement d'un point de vue technique ou de l'image, mais bien de cet amour étrange et finalement fatal... tout du moins si ma perception des éléments est correcte^^ Cette histoire, je la garderai en moi pour toujours, tellement belle, pure, désintéressée... Merci d'avoir partagé ça avec nous, grâce à vous j'ai passé des moment géniaux ! Bonne continuation les gars, j'espère que vous nous ferez encore rêver plus d'une fois^^

Dimitri Quere: Une superbe mélodie, un clip qui est tout aussi beau, une superbe trouvaille!

Andy López: Amazing song it deserves at least 100 M of Views

Daniel Medina: beautiful

mas160: Great song, original video. Definitely like it.

Rendy Ahmad: great song, n great video...

naim hraghui: goood <3*²²

Dinn Fernandes: Great Song! It makes me fell something strange, something tragic,something exciting, all at the same time. Just great!!!! 

Laís Bernardino Oliveira: Loving this sound from now

Peggy Eileen: I ❤ this! You are amazing. 

kaoshammer50: Do you have a clean version without the words?

Bruce Wayne: this is my fav song

pilore lola: Very very very beautiful

Otilija Čižinauskaitė: poor guy , he god friend zoned . 

Abdalmaged Alsabagh: my beast song

Handdiey Man: Really love this song.. 

AtulHD: nice music video ... f=_= f

ibrahim ergin: Çok sülseli.

Shareen Noor: i just love this song n its video.....simply awesommmmee <3 <3 <3 <3

Nayra Fernandes: Perfect...

鳥越良: 詳細求む。日本語で

Nitesh Warke: awesome song, it's got me hooked

Aiden Little: This is absolutely awesome, a complete pleasure to listen to and watch, please make more!

Yannick Eblin: j'adore cette music <3 <3 <3

Volkan Çelik: I'm from turkey.. perfect song, perfect clip.. go ahead!!!!

Michael Angelo: I love this song but, I haven't a clue as to why

Thanato necro: J'adore cette chanson de gens pas connus :), que je ne connais pas moi même par ailleurs (ce n'est pas de la promo pour amis) donc si vous pouviez mettre j'aime sur cette vidéo pour les aider (si vous aimez bien sûr, ce serait sympa, perso, je trouve que sa voix nous porte vraiment loin.)

Kacem Bouzid: wow that's really amazing song 

Konamalunu: I really like the style and all in all it's a great song, but sometimes its a little bit odd and out of harmony how you emphasize the words. Just saying... Even if this lands on my favorite list.

Thiện Nguyễn Đức: awesome !!!! <3

Rahul Joy: so cool..............itz jus so awesome....evn d graphics

Sebastian Michaelis: This song really speaks to me. I've been listening to all your songs so far. Keep up the great work.

sergio edgardo moreno rodriguez: awesome song

Ahmed El Atari: Good Song , Congratulations from Morocco

Jestony Alipda: I really like this video :) thumbs up

Jorge Rubio: 15 belieber no like this

Luigi Passante: did u found a label yet?

Aiden Little: I love this video.

LuizHtmz: Perfect! I love it!

Vicky C: heard this song on a popup ad by vube I became a fan of this song the moment it played on my speakers I was lucky that my speakers were on else I would have missed this epic song

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