SHIBAN - Reason Dies - Official Music Video

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Aug 01 2014 by Music agent
ShibanBand: Check our second EP : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- iTunes: ---------------------------------------------------- Deezer: ---------------------------------------------------- Spotify : ---------------------------------------------------- googleplay : ---------------------------------------------------- Amazonmp3: ---------------------------------------------------- 7digital : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SANDWARITH: amazing song. Video reminds me of Tim Burton

Luigi Passante: did u found a label yet?

Janine Fabulosity: I'm so in Love with this Song. I'm listening it almost everyday and singing to it !

Kacem Bouzid: wow that's really amazing song 

Konamalunu: I really like the style and all in all it's a great song, but sometimes its a little bit odd and out of harmony how you emphasize the words. Just saying... Even if this lands on my favorite list.

Shareen Noor: i just love this song n its video.....simply awesommmmee <3 <3 <3 <3

Abdalmaged Alsabagh: my beast song

Birhann 77: Sagopa Kajmer // Turkey

Michael Angelo: I love this song but, I haven't a clue as to why

Bruce Wayne: this is my fav song

Nayra Fernandes: Perfect...

Rahul Joy: so cool..............itz jus so awesome....evn d graphics

Peggy Eileen: I ❤ this! You are amazing. 

Jhon Creed: genial para ver y escuchar... 

Jorge Rubio: 15 belieber no like this

Vipin Kirthane: please suggest some songs like this

Aiden Little: This is absolutely awesome, a complete pleasure to listen to and watch, please make more!

Tarık Gündüz: Beautiful video, perfect song, awesome voice...

Handdiey Man: Really love this song.. 

Daniel Medina: beautiful

Rose Skellington: I love Shiban. This is the song I fell in love with. Also listen to their other songs like runaway or when the sky they are an amazing underrated French band.

AtulHD: nice music video ... f=_= f

Lucas Pereira: tabs : \\\\

naim hraghui: goood <3*²²

El Atari Ahmed: Good Song , Congratulations from Morocco

Thiện Nguyễn Đức: awesome !!!! <3

Laís Oliveira: Loving this sound from now

Dinn Fernandes: Great Song! It makes me fell something strange, something tragic,something exciting, all at the same time. Just great!!!! 

Jestony Alipda: I really like this video :) thumbs up

sergio edgardo moreno rodriguez: awesome song

Rendy Ahmad: great song, n great video...

Otilija Čižinauskaitė: poor guy , he god friend zoned . 

Dhak Ennifar: The first music video of my band Shiban ! SHIBAN - Reason Dies - Official Music Video

Nitesh Warke: awesome song, it's got me hooked

JUAN GERVACCI: awesome song

kaoshammer50: Do you have a clean version without the words?

Sebastian Michaelis: This song really speaks to me. I've been listening to all your songs so far. Keep up the great work.

Aiden Little: I love this video.

Joey C. Miller: I know. You've probably already seen this.

pilore lola: Very very very beautiful

Volkan Çelik: I'm from turkey.. perfect song, perfect clip.. go ahead!!!!

eliza truica: <3

Squishy: <3

Andy López: Amazing song it deserves at least 100 M of Views

John Layson: your voice is awsome men :) 

LuizHtmz: Perfect! I love it!


Tyr666777: Thank you for this amazing song.

Debbie Khlen: i dont get the story

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