SHIBAN - Reason Dies - Official Music Video

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Sketchy Skeptic: A suggestion to garner more views over time at an improved rate is making videos of you guys playing music, singing, etc. in a studio. In other words, videos showing you guys in person. It would be better for a budget, right? Videos with only logos displayed throughout it don't quite attract as much attention as these types of video. However, it would be advised that you include your logo(s) in these videos as a watermark, or something like a poster in the background (that's up to you guys though).

A. T.: 8/08/2015

Ashley Marie: this song is amazing! great job!!!!

Ariel Echevarria: March 31 2016 and this is an amazing music video and lyrics

Spencer Iverson: Thanks for this.

Akin Gulmus: SAGOPA KAJMER ?

Sapno Ki Rani: this music very good

Ahmet Babacan: still so good

Aysel Shiralieva: I got addicted... What a song.

Shehzad Ahmed: Heard this song in 2012 and still it touches my heart. Very deep and emotional ..I think to some extent, I can relate it to my life. Beautiful imagination and interpretation. All credit to the artists. Keep it up.

Luis Reyes: Está canción es muy buena, incluido el vídeo, keep on rocking ;)

Gowrinath ragannagari venkata lakshmi: I love this song :)

Amber Henderson: why the hell aren't you signed?!

Gabby D: After seeing this video, I kept sharing it with my friends. Really like the lyric, instrumental part, and animation; basically everything!!

Faruk Masasa: really really loved this song

rihanna clarck: Love this song so much! Swear I have Brocken the replay button lol.

luna midnight: really beautiful... I shared this to my friends and they absolutely love the song and video ^_^

Bagi Bataa: haven't heard lot form you guys

Shaun Hamilton: Is this the same guy who did Eatliz's 'Hey' video'?

OrangeSoda: Beautiful. Truly one of the few songs that manages to stir my feelings into a light slumber. Soul music. 

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