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ภูริชญา ศักดิ์ธนากุล: Amen

François Bessing: Hallelujah !!!

Athlene Ironside: Nothing is too hard for God.
Jeremiah 32:27
God is ABLE.

Harry Argus: Amen

Zachary Lavender: What an instrument!

Martin Adu: He's able! A song I so loved to sing inspired by Wintley.

Brenda Angall: our fight is not against people on earth, we are fighting against the rulers and authorities and powers of this world..... however there is a risen God in our Lord Jesus Christ WHO IS ABLE and willing to save us all.

Manu Forster: I love how the reflection of his watch is flashing at 0:15! So great!

Tancy: Lyrics:
Like peering through a window, blurred with rain,
Emotions run together in a flood of doubt and pain...
We prayed as best we can; now we must leave it in His hands.
Yet I know when my eyes fail to see - He is able.
Even though it seems impossible to me - He is able.
But if He chooses not to move in the way we prayed He would, confident He's working all together for my good,
I will stand behind His Word for He is able.

The question seemed to haunt you night and day...
How could God allow your heart to be torn this way?
Does He listen when you call or is He even there at all?

Yet I know when our eyes fail to see, He is able.
Even though it seems impossible to me, He is able.
But if He chooses not to move in the way we prayed He would, confident He's working all together for my good,
I will stand behind His Word for He is able (He is able).

And as the night turns into dawning and evaporates the way, I stand to face another day,

And I stand behind His Word for
He is able
He is able
He's able!

Lyrics shared in memory of my mother, Barbara Jean Clark Nash, whose Christian testimony fits right in with the heroes of Hebrews 11. Although she succumbed to breast cancer on January 12, 2014, her faith remained strong, her love evident and her spirit beautiful.

This song ministered to us at the funeral. Mom never heard it but it was as if she was speaking to us from the grave... saying don't let the devil steal your joy, your faith... Yes, I'm still grieving, nearly a year later listening to this song and crying my eyes out but not in despair....I HAVE THIS HOPE, that though (she) we sleep for a minute, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, Jesus is coming back for His beloved. This flesh, wasted and gutted by triple negative breast cancer, will put on immortality... there will be no more sickness, sorrow, pain or death.

This song reminds me to look at the bigger picture. See what God is doing. Acknowledge His sovereignty and let Him comfort you with the knowledge that He (Jesus) has been there. Our High Priest can commiserate and comfort.
All I want is to live a life of service, pleasing to God. I want to see Him coming in the sky and know that I'm covered by His blood. I want to thank Him for His plan of redemption and life of forgiveness and sacrifice and then... I want to see my mother. I want to be reunited with everyone I know on Earth. This song helps me focus. I didn't mean to make this so long but I hope the lyrics are a blessing to you also. Good night.

Manu Forster: "yet, I know..."

Brenda Coleman: the heart song

Abigail Julien: There are many things that are important to me and one of them is the reminder in the words of this song that God is able. Time over time we doubt and when we do, stress and pressure seem to permeate even our sleep. How reassuring it is to know that when night gives way to dawning and evaporates the way, we stand to face another day because He is able! Thanks for sharing!

mose bell: Blessed gift...

Alex Ovalle: Nice

ArmisVideo: SDA ... hooray

Mitzi Roberts: This is just for My Good Morning Girls Group! I love you girls!!!! xoxo

GRACENICK ninie: Please who can give me a lirics of this song please please,thank

Robyn Traci Lang: LOL!!

Tonia Dailey: Praise Him!!!

hey413m: 3:56 younger don king?

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