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Apr 06 2015 by MP3 Download
Prince Macrobia: I swear this people came from Ethiopia or Somali, specially they sound like Oromo tribe. How did they end up there?? I need to lean more about hausa people. I real like them so much. Respect from somalia

Maryam Abdullahi: Proudly fulani from Nigeria , living in USA masha Allah

ShabazzAllah1: I'm Muslim and Black American and I had an Islamic class in college in Detroit U.S.A, the Professor was Hausa. He was a very serious teacher.

han A: I love it

ephraim bello: OMG. This is so good. Arguably among the best Hausa songs from Nigeria.

Mamadou mountaga Diallo petyley: this is the fulani people and there culture singing in the hausa language and been dominated by the hausa.

aniisa ali: Are these people related to the Ethiopians and Somalis?

alhassan mohammed: Allah let our dream come true amen

Dhdhdhs Jsjsjsjsj: ADAM SONGO u are the best ever

alhassan mohammed: Allah let our dream come true amen

Khaleefa Judge: I love it

TexasTroll: Hausa 2pac I guess

pullo ɓi pullo: +Azurfa Da Zinnaria false the raised burkina are not 1% of the Burkinabe population less influenced Fulani here all speak Fula Fula and all shrugged also speak Fulani. we are not like the Fulani of Nigeria that have left influenced by shrugged btw I do not know how it happened that the Fulani can not understand their own language instead here is that we are conducting dance and not raised. They are only here followers

jimmy ali: from uk love it hausa all the way

Ahmed Hala: I love this songs men!

Abba Uthman: I love this song very much. Watching from zhenjiang city, China

Yekini Bxl: xd

maza bakarya: My mother is fulani and father hausa,but when i dressed hausa tradition white people appriciate me much.i like d song.thanks

Adu Babagidan Shabaka Sulemana: An very nice culture and history of hausa people i'm myself hausa by my father

Azurfa Da Zinnaria: @ismaeldjallo Sorry,but Hausa are cultural and Hausa culture is one of ancient in West Africa. Hausa are more influencing people in the whole Africa. Have you ever seen Hausa drop or abandon his/her language to a different culture? 70% of Fulani in Niger,Burkina Faso,Benin,Ghana,Togo,Nigeria,Cameroon speak Hausa as second of first language,but you will never see a real Hausa man speak Fulani or any other west african language as first language. talking about culture? Hausa first!

papa kalaldi: i love this music

ongoiba1: This why I like Haussa and people who value their identity/culture.

بكش بكشوش: fulbe saudi arabi

anor Ahmad: Wowo nice

Hali shay: @MrSidmohan They are not different races but different tribes. They have lived together and intermarried for hundreds of years. The Hausa and Fulani predominantly adhere to the Islamic faith, which promotes unity and brotherhood.


Hadiya Ali Prah: Nice movie.....i really like it

Sani Tukur: I relate very well to this song!

rurh samuel: i like this song, i love nigeria

TheHusman8: me yasami indo me naga ta rame.

TheBabsal: awesome....amma wala fulful de ai ....

1986821000: This song is very reflecting and very organised the Man who write and sing the song i advice you to continuous is very good

ABDRAMAN MAHAMAT: Viva musica walijam Hausa, is bess. From Italy

talatu isa: Please how can i get mahmoud Nagudu's no i want him to make a wedding song for me???

no100able: wow i soo love dis song!!

Musa Musa: @ismaeldjallo Haha..ur statement ix totally wrong...i can even tell u dat fulani copy hausa more cox most fulani can speak hausa n ix not most hausa dat can speak fulani

AnthonyB87: I def. prefer this 1000x more than chop my money! Beautiful music, so much beauty and rich culture in Africa, be proud!

Donnayelam: Love it! The melodie, the outfits and the choreography. Keep it up! @ theBasbal - fulfude na maddji ha lesdi nigeria. Hausare djaali ha warti fulbe fu hausare wolwata.

mama jassim: my is jassim my fther is fulani from nafada gombe i like fulbe


Ismo One Officiel: the hausa have no culture that is why they sing in order to exploit the Fulani, fulani culture market. Fulani and is no one that he is a fulani these different origins and their lifestyle is very different

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