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Hukai Sani: I love the song

dahirou haman: j'adore I suport you go ahead ! Good blesses you

‫رحمه محمد‬‎: اغنيهه مره حلوهه♡

Salih Swali: 😍

Surafathima Surs: روعة

Lorriane ebrunie: am I venturing out to learn about different types of west African traditional music. refer me to good west African traditional music

abdulaziz sule: I like it

Alieu Bah: proudly Gambian fulani live in Italy, I like hausa people, but also I would love to hear fulfulde/pulaar in the nigerian songs.

Nahida Maman Zaneidou: i love

Nahida Maman Zaneidou: i love

Justin Ngome Paul: beautiful music i wish to marry a fulani woman one day when i go back to africa

Muzammil Abdulaziz: H !!!

baba adamu: like seriously, proudly fulani

Tidiane Diallo: walijam yo won e ma

salisu adamu usman: yes we are the one Fulani proudly fullo

Jallo101: I had never heard a nigerian fulani song. Even when it's tagged fulani music It's always in hausa language and portraying fulani culture. Is it hard to find a fulani song in fulfulde in Nigeria ? Or the fulani of Nigeria just don't sing in fulfulde ?

Abdulai Bah: Greetings from Fouta Djallon!

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