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baba adamu: like seriously, proudly fulani

Tidiane Diallo: walijam yo won e ma

salisu adamu usman: yes we are the one Fulani proudly fullo

Jallo101: I had never heard a nigerian fulani song. Even when it's tagged fulani music It's always in hausa language and portraying fulani culture. Is it hard to find a fulani song in fulfulde in Nigeria ? Or the fulani of Nigeria just don't sing in fulfulde like those of Cameroun,Burkina Faso ?

Abdulai Bah: Greetings from Fouta Djallon!

Dhdhdhs Jsjsjsjsj: ADAM SONGO u are the best ever

Prince Macrobia: I swear this people came from Ethiopia or Somali, specially they sound like Oromo tribe.
How did they end up there?? I need to lean more about hausa people. I real like them so much.

Respect from somalia

han A: I love it

Maryam Abdullahi: Proudly fulani from Nigeria , living in USA masha Allah

ephraim bello: OMG. This is so good. Arguably among the best Hausa songs from Nigeria.

aniisa ali: Are these people related to the Ethiopians and Somalis?

Khaleefa Judge: I love it

ShabazzAllah1: I'm Muslim and Black American and I had an Islamic class in college in Detroit U.S.A, the Professor was Hausa. He was a very serious teacher.

alhassan mohammed: Allah let our dream come true amen

alhassan mohammed: Allah let our dream come true amen

TexasTroll: Hausa 2pac I guess

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