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Lurene Vincent: Bless God for this Song, Thank God for His Grace´╗┐

tim anderson: thats my favorite gospel song !

Twilla Smith: This is truly a beautiful song!

Alan Franks: this song is an inspiration to me... it fill me with so much joy to know my savior came back from the grave and won the victory... if it had not been for jesus i dont know where i would be today... i want to tell the world i love my lord and savior

countrygirl9050: I love this song! Praise God! It gives goosebumps everytime i hear it!

Grace Davis: keep it up

BluesBurner: This song and most of Heirline's songs bless me every time i listen. Boy the glory bumps just wont quit when they hit the chorus on this. Praise God for such great artists that He uses to lift us up when we're down!

megamrjesusfreak: This song is amazing!!

DJ92990: Ernie has an amazing voice. I love this Group. My Favorite period!! Thanks for posting this..

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