Indrachapa Liyanage Nadee ganga tharanaye Derana Star Challenge Music Video for Free!

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shevon emoz: Indrachapa Liyanage Nadee ganga tharanaye Derana Star Challenge

Dwan Kitchelan: Big voice for Rock 

Harshana Danampriya: Better than chitral

Mohan De Silva: He did his best & that's what's nice about it. He may not sound like Jimmy Cliff. But the fact remains that He's Sri Lankan & so are we. So let's proud of each other.. 

Gee Sri Fernando: anyway this is not his song.(it doesn't matter bcoz sri lankan artists always like that, otherwise how does happen rock music in sri lanka)  he is way way far away from 60s and 70s rock artists. anyway I appreciate his  contrivance. but that lead guitarist which appear in this video (1.47). he is totally bullcrap.  

Niranga Pramodya: Indrachapa better than Chitral 

Great Words: Respect Jimmy Cliff!

Dihan Fernando: lol audience :D

Rusiru Rathnayake: nothing like chthral

Pathum Sanka: \m/

Kanchana Senadheera: Neither this nor chithy, BUT Jimmy Cliff is the best...!

Melani Brandon: who is the guitarist ?

rukshannn: guitar things is not really okie,

JoshiSporty: R u kidding? this one is just screaming... Not even closer to chitty's song.

7007lk: WTF ??

Vinod Wijesinghe: chitty is the best :)

Dhanushka Tissera: Your Voice Is Powerful.. Best singer in Sri lanka

Chanaka Madusanka: You have no idea how he sings man. ever seen him playing live ? no eh. then go learn some freaking respect.

Roshen Costa: man this freaking awsm my head its stp moving aft listing to this god

Anji HORAN: u rock ! luv ur voice!

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Indrachapa Liyanage Nadee ganga tharanaye Derana Star Challenge 5 out of 5