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Nov 16 2014 by New Music
Mohan De Silva: He did his best & that's what's nice about it. He may not sound like Jimmy Cliff. But the fact remains that He's Sri Lankan & so are we. So let's proud of each other.. 

Gee Sri Fernando: anyway this is not his song.(it doesn't matter bcoz sri lankan artists always like that, otherwise how does happen rock music in sri lanka) he is way way far away from 60s and 70s rock artists. anyway I appreciate his contrivance. but that lead guitarist which appear in this video (1.47). he is totally bullcrap. 

Harshana Danampriya: Better than chitral 

Niranga Pramodya: Indrachapa better than Chitral 

Great Words: Respect Jimmy Cliff!

cherryblossominmist: a bit irrelavent among all the serious comments here... but this guy looks way cooler/hotter with long hair! lol...

Chanaka Madusanka: You have no idea how he sings man. ever seen him playing live ? no eh. then go learn some freaking respect.

tharindu13: Could have sung in a lower scale!!

Sameera Shaakunthala: It's not a complain. It's a comment.

7007lk: WTF ??

lusitha123456: @MasterBamboo92 LOL nice comment yo.....

Rusiru Rathnayake: nothing like chthral

Gandhika Karu: hammey way better than iraj!! but no match for our chitral!! great vocalist though!! uniqe voices like these should exist more in lanka.. by the way audience wadey kanawaaa

ruwantha thalis: buddy I love ur style i mean witch we'v been wating for long time as sri lankans. be more metallll havy nice.

Dihan Fernando: lol audience :D

Ishan Abeywardena: Big voice. You made Chity proud! Rock in SL still has. Future...

Chamara Samarasinghe: the best

lionz nation: do not put complains . if u dont like this do not listen it . we dont care about your comments . we love this one. awesum brother

Dananjaya Perera: ane pala gono thota mey tharam wath sing keranna puluwanda.... pakaya

lionz nation: No one here to judge indrachapa in this judge board .. indrachapa ur the best

නොහික්මුණු ඇස: true , lol, he is not good enough for judge the Indra

Waruna Iddamalgoda: first failure of chapa :(

MrDilumina: one stupid ass dosent like dz :PP

Kanchana Senadheera: Neither this nor chithy, BUT Jimmy Cliff is the best...!

Rajadahana: Just look at the reaction of Samitha @2.28

Sameera Shaakunthala: Holy crap & lmao! :D The entire video is a complete joke. This ganja voice does not carry the original Lion feeling. So far I've seen Billy Fernando did a great cover. Unless properly done, making a cover of this kind of a song is total fail.

Gandhika Karu: common man ur better than missed most of the parts in the song....voice doesnt suits at all... its not about screaming u got to show ur feelings...this is a rock song ,guitarist shud stand and play.great guitar work though.... iv seen better covers than this

Zuki Lamahewa: i think he's on some drugs :)

prashand821: superrrrr he is best ever.....

ck 666: cxxxxxx

IsurOo Rodrigo: even Chitty copy this from Jimmy Cliff (Many Rivers To Cross).so be happy about the Cover

Pathum Sanka: \m/

Manisha Wijesinghe: Chitty, U ar the great....

rukshannn: guitar things is not really okie,

Kr4cKHe4D: iChapa RoX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/

pissuathal: he missed dis part! : man mula nove kisida , javaya ma sathuwee, diriya gannemii , gala yana dahasak nadi balasiti ma enathura nirathuruwa abhimanayen :(

amith nuwan: like this.\m/

Saman Gamage: best of the best

YoungNiku: Metal King Indrachapa \m/

MrSupunsangeeth: NeVer Givs Up....BoooooooooM

JoshiSporty: R u kidding? this one is just screaming... Not even closer to chitty's song.

devinda: munta pissu ... ohe wanenawa amu kalada koheda

Indula Jayasekara: pattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttta +++

pissuathal: \m/ ya rock chapa!!

Anji HORAN: u rock ! luv ur voice!

amilax manaperix: great.!

Ranil Seananga: sounds like trying to caugh up a fur ball .... spoil the song

Roshen Costa: man this freaking awsm my head its stp moving aft listing to this god

Ranil Seananga: @givindu we flying the friendly sky.....

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