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vamaelena: Hi David Guetta, excuse my audacity, I'm your number one fan, but I would like a favor, in what program did this topic because I want to do it or at least try
if you help me, what do I need to do to do the video, it's great what he did .

Jaime Alejandro Guerra: Yo this song never gets old

Saul Vaquera: dammmm my memoriesssss :( lol

Tahliacat Nightcore: I believe lyric videos are so you can actually read and sing along...

Kiber Net: Куюлити хуйня блять! Хотя это ж гэта какое ему там... Качество и гета не совместимы... 0_\\

el flashero: Wooooowww esta música hace mucho la escuchaba por radio y como ya pasó el tiempo no volvía a transmitirse haci que la busque pero no daba con ella por qué no se me da hablar bien inglés por fin la encontré haci que diré que buen dj David Guetta soy tu fan :'v

volk Michael: Party

Ana Luiza e Lunah: Cadê os br ?

Note Importa: 2017, still my favorite party song

Zacrick: Extraño al antiguo David Guetta 😢😢

GAMETESTERO3 Productions: This was my JAM IN 2010!!!

Agustin 99: Yo entiendo "micro chip" jajaja

MrBenjie1992: wicked scene

It's Connie: :O

wadoud DZ: 2017?

King Stars: What I hear: move that pickle

Ocin L: Antes pensaba que la cantaba Britney Spears esta cancion.

R,J rafa e jule: Adoroooo!

POISONXIVE CO: aw...i made to this with my friend when i was in year 6 im in year nine now (old memories)

Music Inside: So it's"diva"or"fever"?

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