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Zacrick: Extraño al antiguo David Guetta 😢😢

GAMETESTERO3: This was my JAM IN 2010!!!

Agustin 99: Yo entiendo "micro chip" jajaja

MrBenjie1992: wicked scene

It's Connie: :O

wadoud DZ: 2017?

King Stars: What I hear: move that pickle

Ocin L: Antes pensaba que la cantaba Britney Spears esta cancion.

R,J rafa e jule: Adoroooo!

POISONXIVE CO: aw...i made to this with my friend when i was in year 6 im in year nine now (old memories)

Music Inside: So it's"diva"or"fever"?

Bigslap 89: Rihanna's early work was good

Music Inside: anyone watch This in 2017?

Emre Çakırmanoğlu: c180 makas

Cristiano Vitorino: kkkkkk. lo. ko

Kenzie P: July 2017 anyone?

The Jordan Banks Show: It's 2017 and this song is still a bop !!

Della: oooooooooh old days :(

z Clipp: This song makes me remember of when I used to play Cod Black Ops back in 2011, nostalgia.

Rabbitdude ninetyfive: Lyric Video: Disco Fever
Both Music Videos: Disco Diva
Anyone else notice that?

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