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NIALL LOVE HORAN: Heheheh XD spoko

isaacwaynebrown: Who's listening to this in 2017?

chill skye: This song is such a confidence boost

Kanishka Hamdard: Anyone know what font that is? Where to get it? Need it for a project, thanks!

Hajra Tariq: Who's listening this in 2017 ?! 😆

Tanaka on youtube: I do the robot to this song

Jose Mari G. Pérez: the old Guetta, the best Guetta.. I was 13😢

sexy lenny: 5 years... Gosh!

Ivan Cisneros: I miss 2011

Ivan Cisneros: I really really miss 2011! :(

Raja Arief Danial: Oohh so it's "i'll try to sex you up" not "ultrasexual"

xavier clark: i never heard it before when i was 10 lol

Tiago Henrique: equipe feminina é campeã 💞💝🔴🏀🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Kuba Jakub: Kubą

luisa luh: aaameiii ❤❤

Mildred Meraz: Mi prima estaba obsesionada con esta canción x3 que recuerdos

Junior Souza: Acho que eu tava brincando garotão?

Dakota Dawnbridge: God this song was my jam when I was in grade 5 😂. Now I'm in high school😂😂 oh how time flies 😂

Elaine Costa: Madonna

!!EnjoyLifeWithDaniela !!: nice video 👌

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