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Centurion Official: Still love this song in 2015

brokacik LPS: super music

Tomáš Majkus: This is great song =D =D

fabio jorge: lutei demais para encontrar essa música.

Lars-Erik Sjölin: That´s The Gírl.

Deja Davis: did anyone think that the song was over when the screen was black

Geeky rose: I thought she freaking said transexual! omg smh

Elÿ “Räspÿ” Jïm :3: Amo ésta canción :3
Es una de mis favoritas de David Guetta :3
Y uno de los mejores duetos de RiRi ♥

scott215100: wow looking through my favorites and forgot how much i loved this song in middle school lmao

Florencia Parada: me encanta esta cancion

Al Ameen: I never get bored of this song
its that good

QueenofSilence101: Is it supposed to be intentionally low-quality?
I mean, I don't care either way, but I'm just asking.

Judemar Larena: Hi

Resplandor “The Jewish King” Hebreo: Like and pass my channel(spanish) if you are watching this in 2016 since 1 of January xd

CodonAGT: too much memories :)

King Cobado C.P.A.F: seizure just watching it 0:23 - 0:33

Holasoyagus agus: :)

Alvin Dionaldo: It's rihanna who sings the song 👍👍

Domst3r1910: I was brought here from a porn video.

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