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Jun 12 2014 by MP3
Lps Comet: The effects are awesome

Mercedes MiauMiau: Rihanna - Who´s That Chick ft David Guetta

99% Ładowanie nazwy użytkownika... Proszę czekać...: Raise Your Glass by P!nk ?????????????????????????

ZowyLove: Why in the original music video says "disco Diva" and here "disco fever"? and also happens with "Too cold" and here says " too gold"... 

Stephanie Tsao: #Rihannaofficiallysoundsbetterwhenshe'sinsomeoneelse'ssong ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

fuckXtheXsystem: the freak does tri-sexual mean?????


sbonelo shezi: Bass kicking so hard, blazing through my beating heart... <3

Chloe Miles: Ugh, the nostalgia. ;)

pennydimedime: LYRICS ARE OFF eerks me in a professional lyric video. . . hmmm.... but whatever, I cam for the SoNg! Play Again!

SillyRainbowMagic: it's "ultra sexual" not "ill try to sex you up"

Sasha Braus: Like it :3

011azr: 1:08, I thought it's "bad enough to take me home" :|.

Icey18846anime: when i pause it plays something else i checked my other browsers

Helen Styles: I adore this song!!!

Dana Reynolds: Please 1+ if you like this

carolyn moon: evre one pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

theprettyawesomekitty: who's that chick ?I'm that chick!

Kristine Amy Lee: frikin love this song for some reason...

Adam Perks: good job on video

KARDZON: she sounds like a miley cyrus ya this bitch from Sucking Balls

OTF Barney: this song brings back memories of primary school!!! love it soooooooooooo much!!!!

Aubrey Del Rosario: That was really cool/awesome +LoV SonG it is so cool i love the lyric video

Joana Rayasi: Still love this song it makes me wonder yes :)

Katie Chamberlain: If the lyrics were actually right, this would be amazing!

Danielle Commerford: love this video! great job!

Liam Agnes: who s that chick

Mariia Styles Bieber: I love you Daviid Guetta te amo tantoo mi daviid

Teresa Garcia: i though it was "to cold for you to keep her" not "to gold for you to keep her"

Amberley Moore: This is one of the only few songs I don't mind excess Auto tune use. <333

ouisseme atmane: Wooooooooowwww ♫♫ New music Cool Good !

Dan West: When I listen to this song I can never get it out of my head it's such a good song

Eduardo Chiovenda: Que buen laburo

Javier Gonzalez Damas: EPIPELSIAAAA

KennethJoohyun Han: Love this :)

Tye Queen: Best song ever

Rouusse bast: ♥ david guetta

honnee smith: the lyrics on here is all messed up 

Sadie McCracken: Why the video says that is cause another person made it

Clarita kwan: Love the effects...!!!

fernando alfredo izquierdo gonzales: is cool¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

MH Rizqie: Really like it 

Miguel Ángel Macho Tojo: Letras del single Who´s That Chkick? de David Guetta y Rihanna

Helle Larsen: Love this song kmdwqoijdoaj

Leandro Bartolini: WHAT DOES "DITA" MEAN?

Michèle Cancouët: Love David Guetta forever! it is the pride of the French! Love Rihanna!

Maria Pennabaker: another AWESOME SONG!!!!!!!!!;)

1 strona...: 1 piosenka!


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