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Mar 10 2015 by MP3 Download
Victor walker: Can't stop loving this song !!

Christopher Reyher: Whoever David Guetta hired to do the lyric video did an awful job at the lyrics.

BassieThePerfectPuffGirls1 1: Like if you are watching this in 2015

archeyangel1: Omg nostalgia, I loved this song in highschool!

Poot Put: 2010= awesome music 2014= crap music

011azr: 1:08, I thought it's "bad enough to take me home" :|.

Bantanium: Who's That Chick? According to YouTube, its: "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk

Whittier Kt: David Guetta ft the Person who actually sings the song

Jessica Han: its official, after listening to multiple songs from 2008-2011, i'm old :( 

Kinoshita Yuuko: It's like a girl snucked out of her house with a fake id with her boyfriend to a club

Cheyenne Bizub: David Guetta feat Rihanna - Who's That Chick? - Lyrics video: http://youtu.be/BOdmf4N5aPE

Susie priddy: I just want the energy to dance again!! David Guetta feat Rihanna - Who's That Chick? 

George Gralak: David Guetta feat Rihanna - Who's That Chick? - Lyrics video: https://youtu.be/BOdmf4N5aPE

Shyna Rose: Eyyyyy Dis song is till whats up although i still love #Deuce9lives Not that i listen to hipop or pop or anything but this is pretty ight dont mind Listening to this lil flash back of the past :)

Gogetta199 Loquendero: Me pueden decir si esta cancion tiene copyright?

William De Silva: Technically Rihanna's best song (I say technically because she's featuring)

Mr Dusty: nice autotune

fuckXtheXsystem: the freak does tri-sexual mean?????

Shadow-Walker: so beautiful editing, love the song also

Swords Germany: nice hit !! i love it

Jude Samuel: You can feel in the air,yeah Intercourses with care how in the world did he spot it

MegaDavidRiley: Disco diva not disco fever -.- Check the official video -.-

Nilcele Costa: vida loka

Walha Zaza: I like itt :)

Anderson K.C.: miss this song

SuperKoekje: Illuminati confirmed

Chloe Miles: Ugh, the nostalgia. ;)

bananna manuk: cudos to the animator of this video

SillyRainbowMagic: it's "ultra sexual" not "ill try to sex you up"


Angel Escamilla: Throwback Sunday

Tatayana Hall: I love this song!! Eventhough it's soo old.

Zape00: back to those 2011 party times!!

khing ondating: This song brings memories 

theprettyawesomekitty: who's that chick ?I'm that chick!

Chuck Holmes: Moron... "DITA" really you freaking moron DITA is not a word. It's "she's a mean addicted crazy..." Etc freaking get it right dumb ass 

EMRO: 2010 was a great year.

borjojo: Erratum: "she's been a crazy dita, disco DIVA, and you wonder..." And other errors in this lyric video. #boo 👎

Mercedes MiauMiau: Rihanna - Who´s That Chick ft David Guetta

pranav2004: I haven't heard of this song ever since I started to like David Guetta 

MrsCandyLove ;3: My mate has got me attached to this song;D

Daniela Ice Cream Lover: I just wanna daaaaaaance I don't really caaaaaare ♫

Lps Comet: The effects are awesome

Katie Chamberlain: If the lyrics were actually right, this would be amazing!

ღ[BFF]ღ: ...Wrong Lyrics..,

Daniela Ice Cream Lover: I love this song

Dianne Choi: Love this song!

SilverSoulMelody: who thinks i should do a ajmv to this X3

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