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Mar 19 2015 by Demo
Deziree Kalkbrenner: This made me cry dam I'm not wanted

Beulah Markus: Its so sweet, it almost make me cry

Emma Roberts: "Should I smile because were friends, or cry bc that's all we'll ever be?" I think I'll cry because I ruined the friendship.
ilyangelb: Ths made me cry so fukn much)':

polkadotgurl1314: OMG the like last one explains half of the nights in my life its like ummmm "And she fell asleep with her headphones on, mascara running down her face, listening to the song that reminds her of him" I LOVE THAT QUOTE and perfect music for this kind of video

daanor15: Nice

Andres Arotick Miller: You close your eyes on things you dnt want to see but you cant close you

Jackzun: i hate thing like this it makes me so sad it makes me think of a girl that makes me float of clouds of heaven then i fell far cause she did not love me

Mario Martinez: @MrGeorge2220 nope i got it on my ipod

bobbygerstner: I love you korianne kaitlyn smith

karaline hoshak: @HollywoodLoverUndead it's this weird thing called love. (and btw hollywood undead is great lol)

Karissa Kirk: god whoever made this did a rly good job:) i loved itt.

Romoe -Wendy Rivas: what is the name of that song

dayzbreezy: whats the song called?

Naruto Uzumaki: am I the only boy who is watching this x) ?

Katie Wardlaw: i love this song too <3 for love and life quotes add my twitter account: QuoteLandx3

Bird Scott: i was just trying to help.. hater, i found a troll on youtube yay -blocks-

xXCandy333Xx: I have that special feeling for someone who has that feeling right back <3

Sandra S.: @hahahadad77 Who am I to say - Hope.

bob dingo: nice quotes

Jackyrocky2: @kriz114 Im glad to hear that!! :) And you dont have to thank me, you seem like a person with alot of great potential and im just glad to have helped you along your path called life! I hope everything works out for you, you deserve it! PS: Remember that when one door of happiness closes another opens!

Jasmine Fielders: sob sob sob:( cry me a river but i never expected to much out of you cause you make my heart quiver wow i juat made a quote! lol

NinaGraham: I love you, & that's all.. No quote can compare to that. ♥

charem: this is so cute... I remember my dear Fiance

Hans Nam: @softballangel101 hope- who am i to say

thaivuester: made me damn..

spiritvokeese: I like you and I'll forever miss your voice, Matt Michano. This video quite explains my voices in my head that said, like the last one of this video; "she has headphones and mascara running thinking about him" but with someone I like, (Matt) I cry afterschool on Fridays thinking that I'll see him in two days. I listen to music that has feelings like mine, oh I'll treasure those fond, maybe sweet memories being friends; laughing, he playfully touches me, smiles, & a look that says "I love you, d

Nick Wycoff: Summer I Love You So Much I Wanna Be With You So Much.

pcolka: I liked quotes, there was enough time to read them and many of them i didnt know. Moreover I loved the song, it is really beautiful. But the song and the quotes didnt come together. I was rather disturbed in reading quotes by singer and her singing and the song was shorter than video. However I hope you will continue and I can see more of your videos=)

xchelseex9: What is the song called its really good x

Jenn thomson: what is this song called?

jsmith294: I have this friend and he likes a girl. The girl is my best friend. I'm scared and sad.

David Reyes: I love you Emily I'll see you next year

skigame: @nististy here in the same boat man

Lauren Holmes: My Brody..(: -3

justin evans: Brianna come back please I love you -3

Brian-Stephen Aquino Domingo: wat song is this?

hhoudini3: LOVE this song.

Jack To The Future: It brings me to tears... He's moving and he's not coming back.. He won't remember me.. The girl that's been in live with him for a year, linger than anyone else

themusicgal: what application r u using to do dis videos??

Leticia Lozano: whats the song kalled?

Freenahmed: WOW !! :(:( !

Ryan Rooks: I wasss an idiot for breaking up with the best guy ever butt..........long story:(((

elmoloverproductions: @nististy aaw im sorry im sure she will some day understand tht u love her

Tonya Owen: Its in the description, who am i to say-hope

Keith: @IRACORKMAN haha same here man... T.T

Long739: after my Ex posted this video, i turn back to her.. THX Q so much <3

Rhiannon Lewis: i cant stop listening to this song(N)

Andres Arotick Miller: You close your eyes on things you dnt want to see but you cant close your heart to thingsz you dnt want to feel

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