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Megan Oldham: It takes a second to fall in love, but a lifetime to stand back up­čĺľ­čĺľ´╗┐

Deziree Kalkbrenner: This made me cry dam I'm not wanted´╗┐

Beulah Markus: Its so sweet, it almost make me cry´╗┐

Cuhx: Who am I to say by hope.´╗┐

Cuhx: I love you Ruth :')´╗┐

James Tempero: Thanks, it's a nice song´╗┐

Anahe Salgado: The Second To The Last Quote Though Got Me .´╗┐

Rosie Evans: Kiss your hand 10 times. Say your crushes names 15 times. Post this to two videos and he will ask you out tommorow´╗┐

nicole roshh: love love love´╗┐

leaticia alil: i would write this to my love ´╗┐

James Tempero: What is this song called its very touching´╗┐

xXCandy333Xx: I have that special feeling for someone who has that feeling right back <3 ´╗┐

Jack To The Future: It brings me to tears... He's moving and he's not coming back.. He won't remember me.. The girl that's been in live with him for a year, linger than anyone else´╗┐

Bird Scott: i was just trying to help.. hater, i found a troll on youtube yay -blocks-´╗┐

Sandra S.: LIKE I GIVE A freak NIGGER´╗┐

Bird Scott: Who am I to say - Hope´╗┐

goldspice20: I cant believe after all uve done to me i still love u , :'( i still have sleepless nights becus of u.´╗┐

Adriana Borboa: Gosh This video Literally Brought Me To Tears .´╗┐

Adriana Borboa: All I Can Hear In The Silence That Remains Are The Words I Couldn't Say... Because I Liked It When My Fingers Were Entangled In Yours and My Head Was On Your Chest Listening To Your Heartbeat.. #MissingYou´╗┐

ingridinsaneeeeeeeee: hope- who am i to say .´╗┐

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