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Justin Harris: youre a fag in the mean way (not in the gay way) if you dislike this song. just sayin lmao

Din go Chill: Whoa lots of blood in this video!

Mardial: mau nangis dengernya


Cecile Ward: Me: only one at my high school who has even ever heard of this band probably;-;

RianRoses: i was so amazed that this song is the OST of the Movie Carrie (2013)

jayden brown: who else is here cuz Marcia and pewds where asking dating questions...

DT NL: This music makes me depressed, in a good way, i guess.

Anna Davala: I love this song 💜

Harrison George-layton: I was looking for this from chuck

CorpseCall: The age we live in makes 20 year olds think they are 30 and 30 year olds think they are 20... oh what an age!

Elijah Mohabir: So out of all the songs this one has no-one who will coment the lyrics REALLY😬😬😡 This song is soo good

William Glen: Lol my brother put this on my iPod when I was 10. Then my other brother deleted it because it was "gay". Still a good song despite it being a lil' gay not gonna lie...

Armani Exchange: 21 an over brought me here

FL4KESTUDIO: Ah ! La Nouvelle Edition !

Ant Kell: boi

Chez Johnson: Nostalgia train...

Muchphantrash xo: here because of an old Degrassi episode

M.Ahmed Bhinder: is this indie?

Bethany Manis: weird in retort to all the catched comments below, I was actually wondering were the real video went? I liked the Hollister music theme video to this song. I was trying to put the original version back by simply remembering how the song made me feel while listening to this one. Cheers to my thoughts while watching the original version of being young and if a free spirit and one to think for oneself. Full of posivity and love and peace for a frame of thought.

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