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Sarr Valéry Etienne: OMG Today 10/03/2017 I finally found this song after 1st time hearing it on radio 6 years ago 😔😍👌🏾

Matthew Broderick: young blood...... Bloodseeker rampage :v

AlternateTimes: this was my crap back on ssx

JustMR R34P3R: damn I was in middle school when this came out time has passed soo fast i just graduated in 2016

Nyxixee: Anybody think of skins when listening to this?

gabriel doria: I like when the guys voice comes in

fortunamajor580: Laying here trying to figure out what's the point of them running and jumping around, throwing stuff and breaking things. Quite the destructive little group. One of the more senseless music videos I've seen over the years.

Ooster!: the anthem for lesbians lmao

min yoongi genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong: this song is on a hyundai car ad amazing

tangy lemon: I love this song so much. I miss songs like that one 😢

Throw Away: after 6 years, I still luv this song :D

Staian Banain: Just me Who Came here because of SSX back in the days?

Belkiz 94: ssx

Alyeska: bu şarkıyı dinlemeni isterdim

lilac-w-i-n-e: i remember loving this song when i was ~almost~ a teenager, everything's beginning to change and it's so exciting and you just want to go out and explore and party and be with your friends but you're not quite old enough, songs like this make you feel just euphoric and it's all to come.... but as if in the blink of an eye i'm almost 20 and suddenly so jaded and everyone is growing up and moving on and i feel like i've wasted that time of my life, and i won't be able to get back to this feeling. of course your 20's are great but in different ways, i will never be so naive and romantic and hopeful and heady and energetic again, i feel like i wasted half my youth waiting for that feeling, and i'm going to spend the rest looking back just aching to be carefree. this is cheesy as freak i don't care, i've been listening to all my old favourite songs and i suddenly just feel so adult and bored and sad.

Awkward Bobby: Time really does fly fast doesn't it ?
I remember listening to this song when I was 12 years old and this year I'm turning 17.. :(

Kaiya Knight: Is anyone else here because of SSX?

Zoo Nkauj Thor: Sorry, I'm kinda new to The Naked And Famous - Young Blood. I jus heard of this song a couple of months ago on the radio 106.5 rock the end. So, who is the white woman in the music video? Name?

E. Va: I'm the only one becoming depressed by this song?

Sebastian Rodriguez Valencia: lo máximo

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