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Nov 27 2014 by MP3 player
vee: Love this song.God bless u sonnie

Edwena Johns: Language is no hindrance for the anointing of Almighty God. Praising right along with you.

Bryan Addae: Great music. I listen to it every day.

Godfred Awuah: a very inspirational song Sonnie. Thumbs up

Priscilla Lindsay: I've watched this video about 20 times in a row now 😩🙌

Kingsley konadu: I JUST LOVE THIS SONG

priscilla Soudi: touching song in the whole world 

Mercylyn Frimpong: God bless u for being a blessing for My soul. U are really an anointing Man of God.

mygodisawesome: Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee

sambrew brew: Lovely

lumbete Antony: i love this song i love you Sonnie god bless you

Adnan Amadu: Ghana is has the best people in worship

Nsiah Anyetei: It's great to worship the Lord the way we are and in our own time!

Nsiah Anyetei: It's great to worship the Lord the way we are and in our own time!

Emmanuel Iwunor: Gdvcxxcfcfzseqttuopcs tvaoa MOlaoasosklslskaqwowqqpqp

marie-pearl mills-pappoe: Eshe Oluwa, Eshe Baba o (We thank you Lord, we thank you Father) Eshe Oluwa, Awadupe baba (We thank you Lord, we are thankful Father) You gave me shelter when I have no other You made a way when there’as no way You turn my darkness into light,Awadupe Baba (We are thankful Father) You put food on my table Daddy,You comfort me when I was lost,Who can be compared unto you, Awadupe Baba (We are thankful Father), Awadupe baba o, Awadupe baba (We are thankful Father), Awadupe eledumare, Awadupe baba (We are thankful Father) Eshe Oluwa, Eshe Baba o (We thank you Lord, we thank you Father), Eshe Oluwa, Awadupe baba (We thank you Lord, we are thankful Father)

New Original COGIC: He is from Ghana but he song sounds Yoruba(Nigeria)

Adeshina Dawodu: Thank you Lord

Ephraim opoku: wow ghana has gotten the best, praise the lord !!! bliss n bless is ghana

bobvidolinks: carry on the good work of God

kate supreme: I wonder why some people will click the unlike button to something like this. God bless Africa!


Jaye Omoluwa: im super blessed to be a christian .....thanks for this outpour

joanie830: Is he ever coming to Houston, Texas??? I would gather ALL of my Christian friends and attend. Man, this is powerful!!!! I think my ancestors must have come from Ghana. GOD bless you, Sonnie Badu.

@Kingsman: Proudly Africa

jackie mibah: Ese Oluwa,love this song,love from Uganda

grace kusi: Ese Baba, Thank you God for your provision. God Bless you Sonnie for glorifing the name of God in all nations.

somahagan: More blessings!!

struckdown notdestroyed: this is the song that wakes you up in the morning. The girl in green! Praise be to God.

reginald atachie biassey: God is Love

Gongonman Coolman: wats the title of the second song please?

osei frank: love this song

Jesse Afful: Oh I really love this song.God bless u sonnie

Harriet Dwomoh: am blessed


benedicta baah: love sonnie badu songs like LOVE IT

Thomas Coffie: Dis song is wauw, God bless u sonnie Badu

David Prempeh: Sonnie Badu is a very nice singer seen him before work with him and etc

bobby philip: sonnie i love the voice and i cant stop loving the song. u are killing me with this song

Elishaprayed: vote for this man of God for his love and blessings God has shower on us through his songs. Everytime I listen to his songs I´m truly blessed. you can visit africagospelawards

faustina tandoh: i always feel the hand of God on me anytime i listen to this song but i don't know how to sing it so please help me with the lyrics so that i will be able to sing some

robin eisenberg: Ese Oluwa, Ese Baba O, Ese Oluwa, Ao adakpe Baba Yes I am Okay in Baba!

Michael Nyarko: Well I don't hate it n I don't like it..

Ebenezer Mensah-Sarpong: i luv dis track to de max

sononavisanga: awesome praise to the name most worthy of all honor and praise

laphiphila: what does eshe oluwa mean??? or AWadupe??

nana karikari: Ohh my God Sonnie u are too much....always growing from grace to grace..i love u Sonnie..

Donald Mensah: cul

Kamie: I am from the Caribbean, I don't know any of the African languages, but I tell you when I worship with African music you will never know I don't understand. I tell you there's is just something special about our music ( since I consider myself AFRICAN) it goes right down into ones bones. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND KEEP ALL OUR AFRICAN MINISTERS WHO SHARE THE GOSPEL IN SONG!!!

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