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Cristian Andrés Escobar Santos: -

Cristian Andrés Escobar Santos: Simplemente una joyita -

Yung Jimmy's Big Ideas: This is the Original if you take "Original" for it's true meaning. You mean the Album Version.

Ben C.: Awsome

steelydanf1fan96: God, this is so much better than all the new stuff

Jaycie M.: I love both versions, but this version is so much more, exciting^^

Sixburgh365: I love this version of spies i love the ending also......i will love if coldplay play this song again

CharlieRTH: @xAlucardxBR It's an unreleased version of Spies, recorded before the Parachutes sessions.

Coldplayzone: @xAlucardxBR Spies (Nikolai Levey Version)

CharlieRTH: @cutandpaste1 Now less nonsensical.

J Hunter: @willdraw4food14 ya, I agree, but I prefer this version because I love that guitar riff and I love how it kicks the song off

boskabouter12: @LeJisemika so I've noticed, the lyrics are a bit diffrent then on the album Peace be with you haha Xp

LeJisemika: True but the original has more depth to it so it adds to the lyrics.

Cassius X: What do i know Show me the right way to go

elhatta: yes... like bpm is higher than the cd one... but i love this version. hope i can find it to download it... take care bud

boskabouter12: this is awesome but the music is more energitic than on the CD Parachutes love it TY

Apfel Mädsche: Ohhhh...ILike it ;0)

Inflammable: does match in any case the song ...simply this footage was made for "BIGGER STRONGER"...n' not for spies.....

Tristan Schendel: indeed, doesn't match at all! :S But still good video and good song. Just the combination isn't perfect... ;) x x

Andrew Mueller: how did you get the original version?

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