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Dec 10 2014 by Fresh releases
Cristian escobar santos: *-*

Cristian escobar santos: Simplemente una joyita *-*

Ciano90: i agree like i still like all thier stuff but i think parachutes is thier best album

alonsouklm: I know...I would love to have it in .mp3

danevati: when im in a car or a bus and i need to sleep i put colday to sleep. but awesome songs and theire talented

Coldplayzone: @xAlucardxBR Spies (Nikolai Levey Version)

Peacefulrules2: cool lyrics ".. they can't touch you tho cos they just spies"

amazombeh: i love cold play

chubbyfacejohn: Wow...The feeling is very different...This one is very fast paced...I think I prefer the Newer version...But I love coldplay no matter what song they wrote... Yeah, true... I also like the album version better, but it is different. I like the creepy feeling the album version creates. ^^

Fear0Maker: Personally i like this version of "Spies" more than the album version.

Pretinhatrbs: Muito booooooooM!

KoRoBeNiKi: hmm, I heard this before but never commented on this video. I love this version of the song but the other one a bit more. They seem to have a bit of a different mood.

Sixburgh365: I love this version of spies i love the ending also......i will love if coldplay play this song again

69boy17: i completely agree with you,the newer albums have a different feel compared to the first two(a rush of blood to the head,best one i think).like coldplay became a new band,they still keep some onf their style but just in small effects.

Apfel Mädsche: Ohhhh...ILike it ;0)

Eber Silva: You're quite right!!!! That album reminds me the time when coldplay was actually "COLD". But their current stuff still rocks!!!

lebes14: @Fear0Maker i like em both a lot, i prefer the album version the because it seems a lot slower and fits with the rest of parachutes album better, this on e wouldve fir well with x&y good due to the fact that its more up beat

martin7475: i like this version, i dont like any one better than the other but i think this has more energy in it

Soap51: Anyone (including poster of this video) know how/where to get this version of Spies (please)? I think a lot of us will agree that this is a really cool version of Spies...

boskabouter12: this is awesome but the music is more energitic than on the CD Parachutes love it TY

willdraw4food14: The original has so much more emotion and is just much better to me. You can find it on iTunes. Album is Parachutes.

gedoma: Did you find it? I simply can't!

LeJisemika: True but the original has more depth to it so it adds to the lyrics.

bizarrebecca: omg this is hilarious! but i like this version of the song SO much better. the one on the album is too depressing...

Martin Omond: interesting to hear how much affect working with a great producer like michael brauer has on the whole vibe of the song. Parachutes is one of the best albums of this generation.

johnnyboyisemo: hmm this song is a different version than one on doesn't have the awesome acoustic intro and chris goes up an octave in his voice....haha and the video really does suck

ledzeprulz: for those who want to know where this song is on... COLDPLAY - "PARACHUTES" although this song isnt exactly like the one on the album seeing as its their first music video and they chopped and changed their old stuff for recording....

sylvuunkaa23: Great music! Peace!

Cassius X: What do i know Show me the right way to go

JiubLink: Never heard this. Really nice. Chris Martin was crap in Extras, and the new albums doesn't have the feel to it t he others had, even X&Y wasn't to hot imo... but they have written some amazing songs.

jaimaineimisgodXD: i love this version :D where do i get it? :D if someone knows please tell me n_n

Vi gwen: i agree. i like the original because it is slower. This version seems so cold...i guess thats how you would describe it...i cant explain it. i do like the way the end sounds on this one though...

Johan Stevensfaust: mate! why didnt they stick with this! his influence just over took everything! craig martin should stop for a second and they should get back to how they used to be

Andrew Mueller: how did you get the original version?

Inflammable: does match in any case the song ...simply this footage was made for "BIGGER STRONGER"...n' not for spies.....

pianoismology: execellent version of spies.why hevent i heard it before!

Carlos Caldas: Great Video

Melc7: This was amazing. I liked the video too. I love them so much. Not in the whole stalker fangirl manner. But I appreciate their music, to such an extend that even at time I can not comprehend. They are simply amazing.

ketuti: somebody can say me , where i can get the original version of this song??

Tnspieler1012: nice. I prefer the song and when I first saw this I was thinking of doing this. nice job. big a fan as I am, I'm embarassed to say I've never heard this version. thanks a lot.

steelydanf1fan96: God, this is so much better than all the new stuff

CharlieRTH: @cutandpaste1 Now less nonsensical.

krisomnia0903: I get what you mean in comparison to the slow version it is really good however, the slower version does make for a very haunting sound : )

bigace80: I agree

schwetpig: good song but crap vid

AbysalFilms: music doesn't match video but son gbetter than album version

jangofet222: ketui i can help you out. now, if your a cheap prick, you can get it from limewire, but if you actually pay for your music you can get it on itunes/buy the cd which i believe is parachutes.

MysTeri0usMatT7: wow , chris said he doesn't even remember this, must have been in like 1999 when it was made.

DeathNotedLight: this is an amazing song!

RKID ZEROZEROSEVEN: This is the Original if you take "Original" for it's true meaning. You mean the Album Version.

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