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Feb 16 2014 by New Albums
Tom Todd: 1958...Bupyong 8178 Acft Maint. Center....this song came over the loudspeakers in the village, along with "Japanese Sandman".

Iiman Barkhadle: I'm not korean and I actually sang with the lyrics, couldn't have kept up if it was a fast song hehe 

Ryan Schack: My band played this song at our concert. Well, technically, we played variations on it. It started out with the melody and then there were 5 variations.

BiroL ÇAKIR: Awesome, lastyear I saw them in istanbul and they song this sign, I found it on utube :D

ToErrIsHuman: Woah I teared while watching this, and I'm not even Korean!

Annie Loke: becuz the ainging is bad like (aaaaarrrriiiirraannngggg aaaarrriiiiirrraannnggg!!!!!!!!)like dragging

Simone Hairston: im singing this song for choris in my school!! exept its arirang arirang a-ra-ri-yo Arirang moutin calls u far away u must go. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michael zhang: beautiful song, i wonder why there are 112 dislikes?

heavensbutterflies: I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmnas in South Korea and North Korea and also watch The Shriner's East West Bowl in the USA and the Fight Hunger Football Bowl game.

Anne Sunil Stephen: beautiful song.. got tears in my eyes after listening :') 

Rahul Wadke: Arirang is a beautiful song, it reminds me of my happy days in S Korea.

hawaiiangirl1470: Nice beautiful song

Ian Montefrio: very beautiful. i don't understand the lyrics, but it evokes so much emotion. 

Chawfaar Bowornwattanangkoon: me too

Mike: I'm an American and every time I hear the song I get goosebumps too. The year I spent in Korea was the pivotal year of my youth. It's a wonderful country with amazing people. 

สมชาย หอมยก: Korian Folk song

noname: I am a Korean descendent who was born in China, and now live in the USA. whenever i listen to this song, it gives me goosebumps. I don't know, I guess I can feel the sorrows and hardness that our ancestors had to suffer. my American friends can't feel it, they are like "yeah, this is nice song", i think it is more than a nice song to us as Korean. Arirang is a motivation to us to get better and better, and unite as one. 

Andrew Walk: I am half Korean.

Tibu Aguirre: Korean National Classical Orchestra. 25th,Sep,2007.KBS Music Hall.Seoul Korea.

quekgary: Love this song very much even i don't know the lyric....Bless Korea...

Nathan Clingan: Hey...I misunderstood your comment. I see now that you meant you (as a South Korean) think the South has enough problems of its own without adding the problems of the North. That makes sense. I thought at first you were one of these arabs who were saying DPRK is in better condition than South Korea...which is so ridiculous. Really, things aren't so bad in ROK! 죄송합니다!!!

somkham bkk: i like this song very much. Just i heard in one time a teacher korean teaches me this song. it make me feel wonderful and i feel it used to happen to me before THANK YOU.

Chrona Makenshi: W-what are you talking about? Does that really matter?

sc77ya: I just love to sing along to this....

Sushiirull: i thought it was such a beautiful song until my friend told me what it meant... its still beautiful but now it's kind of heart wrenching ; _;

Sam Cchun: I love Korea, its people, I love their language, their culture, their songs, Seoul, Pusan​​, Pyongyang, their musical instruments, the dynasties, his martial art Taekwondo, their temples, their architectures. Korea is so beautiful and I am proud to be descendant.

milbomilbo: You are wrong to equate your country's suffering with that of the Korean peninsula and it is distasteful. Probably best to appreciate the music and it's sentiment and not not talk about anything else.

kei takishima: it`s simply beautiful i really like it in fact im a filipino....... ..... maganda!!!!

TheRealFaridKhaleed: But some of them were brainwashed by false propaganda that was commited by the hidden hand a.k.a freemason. I think Iran just hate the goverment. not the people. Bcause it's haram to kill the innocent people. Even if they are the enemies of islam. *Americans

Zac Slade: lol :) Don't fret yourself about it. From my experience with Koreans, they might correct you once, but then they'd just be happy you like their culture. The traditional Korean dress is "Hanbok".

Game Studios NL: I think you mean the North, r-tard.

Tomáš Lánský: Most popular song in the NK gulags.

Min Jae Choi: Enka is from the 1950s Arirang is decades before that.... do some more research before u show the rest of the world that ur an idiot...

ponstart1123lol: Why are we talking about Muhammed blah blah blah Korea suffering blah blah blah instead of listening to this beautiful traditional folk song? There is a place where you can sound all smart and intellectual, but this video is for those who enjoy music and folk songs. It's not a argument battle ground, k? Shut up and enjoy the music.

HOWJ8: Yes President Park is something isn't she, especially with who her father was. I am glad you take such an interest in our culture! But I must wonder, why do you like someone like Kim Jun-Un? A mass murderer a long with the rest of his family? I think if you like someone like that just because of their nationality, your obsession has gone too far.

Nadee W: you are pathetic!

ilikecheesesoupNEW: you dont know how messed up the korean economy is, the cost of living is increasing, and gas prices are off the roof. Real estate is crap,the banks only focus on the top rich, back to why i said that it might be all happy and all uniting the people and families but no. The people of DPRK are brain washed and their economy is horrible. South korea's economy is bad enough, and by the way Im a south korean if you guys didnt know.

Rach Park: He might have typed quickly...At least you understand him, don't you?

Red Scout: I do not know why islam was brought into the discussions?The reason why the word Arirang is derived from a Evenki word is because linguistic and anthropological studies show that Koreans are descended from several Mongol tribes who migrated onto the Korean Peninsula from Central Asia. Linguistic and ethnological studies have established that the Korean language belongs to the Ural-Altaic language group which includes Turkish, Hungarian, Finnish, Mongolian, Tibetan and Japanese.

Simon Ellison: did anyone else cry? ;~*

心母 小福福: 아시아 쩌둥 상승 및 I됩니다.

호hjcm 이기호: 우리 민족의 노래 아리랑 들을때마다 가슴을 울립니다*****

HOWJ8: You are a typical youth who thinks that US occupation is stopping reunification. Our government wants the US here because it helps our economy by showing national stability. There presence does a lot for us that you don't even start to think about. Learn you're history first.

weirdbagel: Everyone but those working for the government.

Yunovus1123: well thanks too bad that picture isn't korean

Drew Lambert: Dear GarySpatzScam, those `big dresses` are acctualy traditional Korean dress called the hanbok and I myself a Korean found that rather arrogant

progressorder: wonderful song !

yohodono1: Arirang, the most famous folk song of Korea,and it is derived from an Evenki word. Evenki is one of Tungusic minority tribe, in north-eastern China and In Russia. Therefore Korean is believed to be very much proud of one of decendant of Evenki tungusic tribes if they deeply love this song. Awesome Beautiful song!!

CartierAikens1: the woman on the far right is rocking that Shilla era hair style

jean-claude schwartz: 죄송합니다. 나는 북한 정부를 미워하지만, 좋은이기 때문에 내가 비정부 사람을 좋아해요. 당신은 북한이 미국을 파괴 할 준비가 들었나요?

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