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Oct 18 2014 by MP3
daniel3231995: This should be the national anthem of a reunited Korea.

BOB boby: It's the north or the south ?

Chakraen87: Sounds like crap. Arirang is a beautiful song, but not the way they performed it.

Sheriff K: <3 this, but can't really put it in my "K-Pop" Playlist... :S I guess my Music List will do.. :P

garyoable: I hope one day, South and North Korea will be One Free United Korea. I would miss anything to see that. Arirang is one of the most beautiful songs I know. I ain't gonna lie it tears me up everytime I hear it. One day just one day there will be a unified Korea.

Eugene Li: I look forward to the day when Korea is reunited as the Republic of Korea (which is currently South Korea), when the Taegukgi flys over the Korean peninsula, when Seoul is the capital of a reunited country. When this happens, we shall join hands and sing Arirang. 

Pusse Asmaa: 너무 너무 좋아해요 <3 <3

Jamie Gail Sy: It's really a wonderful song! Once I heard it for the first time, the song kept on going inside my head.. 

profoundmemory: but it is sound sad!

Alliah 프랑스 루 세나 Shinee Onew: Areumdawo

TheJesusGirl100: "Arirang Arirang Arirang ooohhhh. Climbing the mountains of Arirang ohhh." :)

Pedro Bagnola: Whoa! The melody is só freakin' beautiful

mario rossi: I hope or better...I wait the korean peninsula to be reunited again, as it should be. Every time this song is played is like living that moment.

indrica blurrmyis: This song really touches me. It reminds me of the time when I studied abroad to South Korea with my friends for school. Such a beautiful culture :( I miss it so much. I miss visiting the Buddhist temple, laughing with the susinims, visiting the Peace Protest, learning about he Gwaugju massacre../sigh. I have to go back to South Korea and visit T.T

Herzkranker Herzkranker: This is really one of the nicest folksongs I ever heard. The melody is really fantastic and it shows the national - pride of the Korean people. It also shows the abundance of the Korean culture.I think that (South -) Korea, China, Japan and the other Asian countries - except North - Korea - are really the place to be. My homeland is Germany which is also a nice place. Can anyone be of that kind to tell what the Arirang - song sings about (translation to English or German)? Thank you for this a lot in advance.

DorDor wes: I was stationed in South Korea for 2years and I have to say I looove this song

Katy Goodwin: Aww love the ajummas singing along at 0:55

Purbeli Maila Rai: Waoo my favorite korean song aarirang song ...I liked. .this song

heavensbutterflies: Happy Independence day in advance, South Korea. I understand it is the 15th of August? Happy Independence Day on behalf of the Sacramento City Council as well, The Sacramento Interfaith Council and my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Also, "Feliz Dia de la Independencia" on behalf of the Colombian Government, and Wunderbar! on behalf of the German Government.

Schuba Schaluba: can't stop listening to it it's so beautiful :')

giwrgos8384: 좋을시고 얼쑤~!

Horatio McDowney: 감사합니다! I would like to sing this song for 김 선생님 (Kim Seonsaengnim). Learning Korean is challenging, but good effort has its own rewards. 김 선생님 is an excellent teacher and she deserves more than we can say. 안녕! 

Ivy Jane Quias: aww :') so cute <3

Peter Balko: Yo 

Яна Сивик: Very beautiful song!

Annie Loke: becuz the ainging is bad like (aaaaarrrriiiirraannngggg aaaarrriiiiirrraannnggg!!!!!!!!)like dragging

stanley w: This brings back many beautiful memories.

Simone Hairston: im singing this song for choris in my school!! exept its arirang arirang a-ra-ri-yo Arirang moutin calls u far away u must go. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

이지은: 아리랑 링크 - http://youtu.be/gkM_LXUCMeA 발병나는거....? *싫어!!* *절대 버리지 않을꺼야!!!!* ;)

volkamst: School brought me here ffs

Ikhlaas Mohammad Pokun: Oh... Thought i'd see Song So Hee but the girls are super good too :)

Jem Fogerty: My feels! This is so beautiful :')

효 JUNG: 아리랑 아리랑 아라리요~

quekgary: Love this song very much even i don't know the lyric....Bless Korea...

Nathan Clingan: Hey...I misunderstood your comment. I see now that you meant you (as a South Korean) think the South has enough problems of its own without adding the problems of the North. That makes sense. I thought at first you were one of these arabs who were saying DPRK is in better condition than South Korea...which is so ridiculous. Really, things aren't so bad in ROK! 죄송합니다!!!

somkham bkk: i like this song very much. Just i heard in one time a teacher korean teaches me this song. it make me feel wonderful and i feel it used to happen to me before THANK YOU.

Chrona Makenshi: W-what are you talking about? Does that really matter?

sc77ya: I just love to sing along to this....

Sushiirull: i thought it was such a beautiful song until my friend told me what it meant... its still beautiful but now it's kind of heart wrenching ; _;

Sam Cchun: I love Korea, its people, I love their language, their culture, their songs, Seoul, Pusan​​, Pyongyang, their musical instruments, the dynasties, his martial art Taekwondo, their temples, their architectures. Korea is so beautiful and I am proud to be descendant.

milbomilbo: You are wrong to equate your country's suffering with that of the Korean peninsula and it is distasteful. Probably best to appreciate the music and it's sentiment and not not talk about anything else.

kei takishima: it`s simply beautiful i really like it in fact im a filipino....... ..... maganda!!!!

TheRealFaridKhaleed: But some of them were brainwashed by false propaganda that was commited by the hidden hand a.k.a freemason. I think Iran just hate the goverment. not the people. Bcause it's haram to kill the innocent people. Even if they are the enemies of islam. *Americans

Zac Slade: lol :) Don't fret yourself about it. From my experience with Koreans, they might correct you once, but then they'd just be happy you like their culture. The traditional Korean dress is "Hanbok".

Kangaroofie: I think you mean the North, r-tard.

Tomáš Lánský: Most popular song in the NK gulags.

Min Jae Choi: Enka is from the 1950s Arirang is decades before that.... do some more research before u show the rest of the world that ur an idiot...

ponstart1123lol: Why are we talking about Muhammed blah blah blah Korea suffering blah blah blah instead of listening to this beautiful traditional folk song? There is a place where you can sound all smart and intellectual, but this video is for those who enjoy music and folk songs. It's not a argument battle ground, k? Shut up and enjoy the music.

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