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Apr 26 2015 by New Music
Michael Bluehouse: Check out this video on YouTube: ~ 2 TH€ GLOR¥ OF M¥ FATH€R❤~

1islander52: Do you happen to have her song, "Singing For Daddy" ?

Patrick Bright Sr: I love this song so much, very touching. Where can I get a sound track to this song? Thanks. And God Bless You.

pearlofaguitar: Great song and your voice is filled with the Holy Spirt... God bless

oases88: I'm sorry I don't

dollylw: Betty Jean ushers in the glory of God. There are few who can do that. She is a testament of God's love.

newsboysfan13: That Was A Beatiful Song

pentubes: I have not heard of Betty Jean Robinson.Her performance and presentation is something to be commended upon. This song bought tears to my eyes, what a voice! sweet precise and audible. The message delivered through her incredible voice emphasis her love for God. Thank you for posting.

Annabelle Hicks: I love your music. I saw you on TBN awhile back, found your music. would like to buy your CD's. the Lord has Blessed you.. AnnMarie

jaunceandjulie: Betty Jean will be at Tommy Bates church in Independence, Ky; May 23-26 for a revival! Can't wait

cherokeelady65: Love this song, I feel the presence of God when I hear her sing ...

Allie Grant: i just checked her bio on wikepeida.says she is still active in singing.

FrankATracy: My dad accepted Christ the day before he died. At his funeral I had this song by Betty Jean played. It really brought some tears when she sang about thanking God as she lay upon her pillow. I could imagine that these words would have been those that my dad would have said. What a testimony! Thank you Betty Jean.

RachelNicoleRhodes: She is true blue, and sings from her heart, I see the tears in her eyes.

biloxiRon: A true servant of God! One of the best!!!

Sara Smaling: I used to watch this with my Mommy when I was younger. Betty is a worshiper not a performer, and that is what I want to be!

Derrick Procell: Betty Jean, you was blessed with a nice voice guh! you do yo sanging to bless the lawdq

Marlene Thomas: I love this song, do you have the lyrics??Post them plz

Marie Ross: does any1 have lyrics for this song?? please send me....

Meade Skelton: Its beautiful!

Sara Smaling: I used to watch this with my Mommy when I was little. Betty is a worshiper, not a performer, and that is what I want to be. She is an inspiration.

katluvr2009: ya'll need to get MORE of her songs on here. she is an inspiration to me. she sings and my heart melts. please find more of her.

torkwase1000: Thank God for Betty Jean Robinson. This song reminds me all the time to give glory to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in every situation of my life as it is always on my mind. The tears in her eyes shows genuine connection with God as she sings. May God raise many more of her to bless others.

lfitzgerald86: i remember whene people woshiped God the way this sweet lady does.i just wished poeple still did,its obvouse from the tears on her cheeks she is realy close to God.i have always liked to listen to Betty Jean because i can the power through her singing.

Merissa Kelso: he is worthy to be praised. amen, thank you Jesus

wacko craco: oh....ok thanks for the reply....It's so touching to see all these beautiful people who sing God's praises and then pass on to Heaven....thanks again for the info....

MountainLadyPreacher: She's a one of a kind lady that loves the Lord and it comes out thru her music.

lovejoypeace7777: Amen, To the Glory of The Father and to Jesus His Blessed Son, and to the Glory of the Holy Spirit. Power and Honor to the three in one.

mary shetrone: WOW!!!WOW

fannypack1000: Bless the Lord for her, God just moves within her heart, i was really blessed to see her sing, To The Glory of My Father. How God just touch her in this song. It brought joy to my heart. God bless you Betty Jean Robinson.

mary shetrone: my cus was often talking about Betty Jean but I did not really think she was my type, THEN I heard THIS song, not only with my ears but with my heart! WHAT A BLESSING!!!

gofishnana: I love all her songs!! She absolutely LOVES the Lord... I love singing this song to my Jesus...

Sara Smaling: How awesome is that! I wish all praise and worship in church services was from the heart as this dear lady!

oases88: BE WATCHING for Betty Jean's TV program on the Church Channel: Thursday, 8:30 AM EST, 7:30 AM CST 6:30 AM MST, 5:30 AM PST

woodbarbara: One of the best singers in history. God Bless Betty Jean.

mary shetrone: my cuz, Lisa always talked about Betty Jean and her music, but I didn't think she'd be my taste-THEN I heard this song not only with my ears but my heart too!!!! What a blessing!!

Dominique Yhap: I just learnt about Betty Jean Robinson yesterday and can't stop wanting to hear her music. God's gifts are wonderful and he sure did bless Betty with the sweetest voice ever. I could just hope to have a voice like hers. SING ON BETTY ROBINSON, SING ON FOR JESUS AND TILL BE COMES FOR HIS CHILDREN. THANK YOU BETTY.

dollylw: Exactly! She ushers in the glory of God whenever she sings. She is a witness to the love of God.

torkwase1000: To the glory of my Father---- In love with the song. Why has she stopped apperaring on TBN

4freespeech: A lot of these old timers aren't on TBN anymore. Either the kids consider them too "Backwoodsy", or they are just too old now. Reruns would be a blessing, though, wouldn't they?

19lobo63: She is an angel.

lot911: Betty Jean songs always tocuhes my heart. When she sings you can feel the Spirit of God working through her. She is truly an inspiration and a blessing.

fannypack1000: What a blessed song, i was really touched by your song and also by your tears, a true women of God. What a wonder you are not only to me but to us all.God bless you dearly, my friend

wacko craco: Is she still alive?....haven't seen her for a long time now on TBN...

RichNerd314: why is betty not on tbn anymore?


kstormlunietoonez: WHY ISN'T SHE ON TBN ANYMORE? I mISS HER

oases88: She was on TBN 2 or 3 months ago with Dottie Rambo. As far as I know she's alive and doing fine.

hopejoypeacefreedom: Praise the Lord!

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