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Dajanai Murphy: I love this song 😘😘

‫مريم جامع‬‎: اهداء لك ياونو

T.M. Eady: At the end did anybody notice in how she was standing...💯💯💯 before she walked over to him

Ednnaldo Watare: DONA DO UNIVERSO <3

Amanda Bell: I love this song

Dorz Lumapguid: lucky jay z

Pretty Girl Rock: How many of you sent this to your man?

Toya Daniel: she can really dance

Anna “Mua” Fleming: Aww when he smiles at Beyoncé literally warmed my heart

Bebel knowlles: Amo essa música , especialmente a dança muito sexy ♡

Tracey Thomas: omg

lSb Topshoota: beyonce dance for you songs

Tempest Notheremuch: How the heck does her hair stay perfect?

iris chinezinha: 😍😍😘☺

Iris Martinez: ok

Bridgett Brooks: The smirk he gave her at the end....👅💦 Oh Yes!!

João Vitor: Where are the comments?

Nippy Kit: 2015 ppl at? 🙌😂

Bridgett Brooks: The smirk he gave her at the end...OH YES!!👅💦🔥

Ella Gem: A song for Scott Hoying

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Beyoncé - Dance For You 5 out of 5