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michael smith: if my girl don't dance for me then imma sleep with her sister

Davion Maggette: 3:05😍😍😍😍

Davion Maggette: 3:05😍😍😍😍

Brother Bizology: bey behavior

Brother Bizology: I once heard a story about a young lady who danced for a king to get the head of John the Baptist are y'all related

Claire Louise Wilbourne: God that Sound's Weird

Claire Louise Wilbourne: I agree . If I Wasn't Straight . She'd be My girl crush

Crystal Stone: I love this song

Patricia Gioia: MUITOOO SHOW BEYONCÉ 😍😍😍😍

Ramoin: And this, ladies, is how you propose to a man. Take notes.

Jeová Alexandrino: Fiquei muito curioso pra ver o rosto das outras gurias. Não tinha necessidade de cortar tanto assim. 👎👎

pretty girl: wow she had a baby about a month later

Michelle Krieguer: Épico!

SlinkkRobinson: Is that Janelle Ginestra dancing next to Ashley??

Crazy Life Stories: Hmm...Where's the final freak scene?! I want 2 c it! >:0

Goofy Girl: that asian girl's head is huge.

Flawlessemoji45 45: 2:39 had me cracking up because if u imagine your self doing that u would look dumn

Flawlessemoji45 45: Bryson tiller and Beyonce should date


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