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Shikeereya Smith: Beyoncé was trying to end racism in this video

Jude Ezeja: Those girls were in ur office the whole time

BoyDu 72: 2:39 waw 😂

lornza ololololololoo: She is classy huh

Luciano Santanna: Adoro essa música.

kelly tavita: Maybe change the video

Kash Mac: There using the half end of his office

Kash Mac: Wish I could sing like her

Ari Fellings: Wow, my pants just got shorter.

Wendy Tv!: ADOROOOO!!!!!!!!!

Anders Anders: Oh ha! War das ein Kampfmodus in den 90ern 😠

Anders Anders: Wenn meine lesbischen Mütter sich besser verstanden hätten, kaum auszudenken 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Anders Anders: Tanzt ab ihr unbrauchbaren Huren, Fotzen, Nutten!

Robin Victoria Williams: Even The Diva has to dance like a nasty bitch for her man

Ana Caroline: música envolvente

Duane Duty: She is in a completely different class. #SangBey

Cloise Mae Abordo: I'm so glad their hair weren't stuck in the fans. damn. this bringing out my inner-hoe

Princess Consuela: Jay Z, you lucky son of a bitch

Ray-Ray boo: Lmao my sister played this at her wedding Kidd wasn't allowed to see this part they had to play outside

Alyssa Jones: well she came up with daddy

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