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Dec 05 2014 by MP3 player
jeyonce knowles: Guys Beyonce is such a beautiful person. I cannot believe how hateful some of you are towards her without knowing the good she's done, the messages she tries to send through her music. She's an incredibly successful artist with a god-given voice and beautiful features, and she's proud of herself and confident, not shying away from her body or being ashamed of it. She stands for females to be equal with males and for all the right causes... LGBT rights, black rights, feminist rights, etc. She's a loving mother and a good wife. She is an all around wonderful person, and that's so beautiful, that someone can be that happy with themselves and live the life they deserve. She serves as an inspiration for all and that's what I think.

Dee Bailey: just wanna... Show you how much I appreciate you Wanna show you how much I'm dedicated to you Wanna show you how much I will forever be true Wanna show you how much you got your girl feelin' good Wanna show you how much, how much you're understood Wanna show you how much, I value what you say Not only are you loyal, you're patient with me bay Wanna show you how much, I really care about yo heart I wanna show ya how much, I hate being apart Show ya, show ya, show ya til you're through with me I wanna keep it how it is, so you can never say how it used to be

WhyYouFearedTheDark: Gonna put mah bahdeh on yo bahdeh, promise not to tell nobahdeh 'bout the bahdeh in the trunk. 

Mehmet Kocoglu: Best video i've ever seen. I'm so happy for Jay-z, really lucky man :D

JhussCommenting OnVideos: Beyonce knows shes sexy right. So even if she did this song for herself or her husband and what not, she still knows that there will be millions of boys, and men masturbating to this. Is she flattered that so many people find her attractive or is she creeped out? Thats my question...

Lici Lici: thats why i'm all into you.. because i can recognize that you know that! thats why im backing this thing back.. pop.. poppin this thing back! drop drop drop!.. dropping this thing back.. lmao

nyguy18: Wonderful! Why don't we just pack all our kids up and take them to a strip club! Because that's what we're doing here. Thank you beyonce for educating my children in the arts of the strip tease. If they run on hard times this could come in handy. Jee thanks! 

mskendrick lamari: Ew why is she dancing for a white man

Tamikosha Hunter: Why are most of you men mostly interested in eye candy? It only takes sex to gain your attention. Would you guys feel the same if I sang this song while playing a piano? She sings about her love for jay and giving him everything. He doesn't do the same for her. He still refers to women as bi****s & whores. Like, is she doing this because this is what it takes to keep his attention? She says I love you enough to do this for you. Then he says, he has a room full of hoes. The more we reveal, the more we get paid. Successful ones are the ones who tease & dare to bare it all. Is that a stupid thought though?? Does it seem as though we as women who want respect cant get it because guys expect this behavior from us?? All men like sex, but I don't want him looking. Then again, im heterosexual, & its a video made for men. like nikki, miley, & a lot of others. Put a bikini bottom on a man & make him dance. Men will say its DISGUISTING! 

CreatorOwned: Soon she will be nothing more than another blood sacrifice for the Satanic music industry made for you all to worship, for she will be worth more to them dead than alive. Just ask Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Tupac, Biggy, Aaliyah...oh wait.

Kevin Jang: This song sounds somehow a little like "Cater to You" with the kind of beat. Beyonce is undeniably a good singer and very talented though, and whatever songs she is given, she turns it into a good song. The only thing I do not like about this are the cheesy lyrics, but maybe that is just me.

sheshkus: She's ones of the most talented and beautiful and sexy women on the planet, but why all of her videos are all about sex only lately? 

Bill Proud: This guy is one cool muthafreaka. His body language and facial gestures are well held together, he`s basically saying in his own subliminal way, "I know what you`re here to do, I know you do this to every man you want to have your way with and you know your very good at it. Im aware you can make any man fall under your spell and many have,...but regardless, I still love your style and no matter how much you turn up the heat and how much I want you, im gonna keep my crap together" Many desperate sexually frustrated chumps could learn from this video, its the definition of playing it cool

Itz Sheridan: The difference between this and other dances is that this is NOT sexual but sensual. 

American Dreamer: she was so classy but now?! I feel like she is really going into the wrong direction and she is surprising me in a bad way...I like strips and skin,if u know,what I mean, but please - if you are an artist like she is, you should know and feel where the line is crossed and instead of pleasant and catchy work you could have made turns out you just created vulgar tasteless thing ...

Abril Crow: And I wanna say thank you in case I don't thank you enough....

Amari Morrow: How would it sound if Katy Perry sang this? just thinking out loud

Jenny S: i love how she also incorporated her dancers in her video kinda like their own little solo, like somewhere close to 4:00, instead of it being just her. 

Enz inyobed: This craps on partition, who gon check me?

Alejandra Mercado Sánchez: para ti #jueveserotico aaahaa!!.

Carmetia Oakley: Beyoncé - Dance For You: Here is my Lap dance to all my g+ Men.Enjoy boy's!!!!!!!

Malahika Douglas: I Dont understand why people put the title of the music videos/ lyric videos in the comments like we don't know we what freakin watched ...? Tf #dismissed .

Dynesha McClain: I looooove this song.. One day I would like to perform this at my wedding reception or maybe even better at the honeymoon.. ;)

GottagitchaGROOOVEon: Drop! Drop! Drop! Dropping nis thing back!

AveryOrion: F***** love this video 

Patrick Silva: Não era fã dessa musica assim que ela foi lançada, muito menos do clipe. Porem em uma ocasião uma pessoa cantou essa musica pra mim e fiquei apaixonada. :) 

Chicagonative3609: This is such a great song.....all of her songs are great, but this is in my top 5 best Bey songs!! :)

jay jay: this is my fav song

mynameisditta: Sexiest woman alive

Kristina Castro: Beyoncé - Dance For You:

mikuhastune0124: Beyoncé is THE only woman I know who can be classy and sexy. But, seriously, leave it to Queen B to have you question your orientation.

Tiffany Mason: 14k ppl were not danced for

Suzanne Nicole: Beyoncé - Dance For You:

tsal good: Dude looks pretty stiff, doesn't he?

Emely Helen: Esse cara do clipe é sexy demais <3 

ParxdiseHarry: People say Beyoncé has lost "class" or that her music is "too sexual" or has gotten too sexual, but this song was 3 years ago? And she's doing exactly what she's doing then now. 

Ruth Bilski: Brazil

Destiny wolff: Beyoncé - Dance For You: To all the girls who want to dance for there boyfriend's  +Finn The human

Dominique Clay: I love this song but beyonce can't dance 😕.. ciara dances waaay better than her 

Eda Neda: This is my favorite song !!!!!!!!!!

Ayysia Dansby: this is my all time fav song and choreography of hers!!!

Jahon Gir: She needs better outfit

Sarthak Freez: who the freak dislike this video

Nae Sloley: jheeez. This video tho.

Franceline Lan: seriously I can't believe that this man just sat there???? You don't react like that when a woman dances to you

ProDiGy Lawless: I have a woman boner from this 😂😂

Rebecca Carney: I love her and this song. She's so beautiful. <3

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