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Aug 27 2014 by New songs
Carmetia Oakley: Beyoncé - Dance For You: Here is my Lap dance to all my g+ Men.Enjoy boy's!!!!!!!

jeyonce knowles: Guys Beyonce is such a beautiful person. I cannot believe how hateful some of you are towards her without knowing the good she's done, the messages she tries to send through her music. She's an incredibly successful artist with a god-given voice and beautiful features, and she's proud of herself and confident, not shying away from her body or being ashamed of it. She stands for females to be equal with males and for all the right causes... LGBT rights, black rights, feminist rights, etc. She's a loving mother and a good wife. She is an all around wonderful person, and that's so beautiful, that someone can be that happy with themselves and live the life they deserve. She serves as an inspiration for all and that's what I think.

JhussCommenting OnVideos: Beyonce knows shes sexy right. So even if she did this song for herself or her husband and what not, she still knows that there will be millions of boys, and men masturbating to this. Is she flattered that so many people find her attractive or is she creeped out? Thats my question...

Cherries Wilson: Beyoncé - Dance For You: 

ilksen germanotta: u make me horny bee

mskendrick lamari: Ew why is she dancing for a white man

WhyYouFearedTheDark: Gonna put mah bahdeh on yo bahdeh, promise not to tell nobahdeh 'bout the bahdeh in the trunk. 

raw9025: That guy looks so unfazed and underwhelmed by all the work she just put in. What's wrong with him? Lol.

Ursine ComicGeek: That was the best day of "work" that guy ever had.

ParxdiseHarry: People say Beyoncé has lost "class" or that her music is "too sexual" or has gotten too sexual, but this song was 3 years ago? And she's doing exactly what she's doing then now. 

Ayysia Dansby: this is my all time fav song and choreography of hers!!!

El piocha: 10 % music 90% porn 

Jessica Moreno: Babygirl!!!! I just wanna... Show you how much I appreciate you (ohh yes) Wanna show you how much I'm dedicated to you Wanna show you how much i will forever be true Wanna show you how much you got your girl feelin' good Wanna show you how much, how much you're understood Wanna show you how much, I value what you say Not only are you loyal, you're patient with me bae Wanna show you how much, I really care about yo heart I wanna show ya how much, I hate being apart #bae #lovinyou #atodamadre #beba #tonightimgonnadanceforyou #vivaelamor #pitalua 

Nalizha Satterfield: #LovingYouIsAllThatIsOnMyMind 

mr jri: i dont mind mrs carter come dance for me at work ;) 

Jason Randall: I just absolutely love the part where she says "So you could never say how it used to be", so much life from that one sentance. LOVE IT! :* <3

Jonathan Washington: Why do they have fans in front of them in the chairs?

JAY IIXTV: I wish I had a bae that would do this for me :/ lol

Dominic O'brien: she's clearly a slut kid or not bitch is asking for a banging the ignorant whore

Fedee60: kinda like Partition

Kwame Seneca: She got me hating on whiteman and yet naturally i dun envy them

drake smithx: Which one is sexier? Partition or this?

Hirut Addis: My darling Zioni, I wish you a happy birthday in Thailand. Hope you're having a lovely time! I dedicate you this wonderful song. Hugs and Kisses:-)

Roger Levy: Trashy shallow tripe.

Erica Brook: Best Singer In This World

Goge Goguita Sinaga: seriously beyonce is a worst nightmare of those young black girls in poor countries cos they use bleeching to have a look like beyonce and they are claimed having skin cancer; and yes beyonce is brighter and brighter each year and she got some money for expensive bleeching or anything shes done with her skin, but those kids have no money to have healthy brigther skin? UNICEF should stop this bitch in action. 

Brenda de Araujo Pereira: Linda, maravilhosa !!!!!

Mirela R. R.: Women as objects. Nothing new

Jliocezar coutto: Jz. O homem mais feliz do mundo! rs

Allyson Timeo: again again!

Cody Moisan: such a good song

Gloria Harris: my song

Lisan Zoya: very nice!

Shelia Ostrander: Very cool indeed

Michelle Hernandez: YASSSSSSSSSSSS

Chheng Kong: Dear Beyonce, I know you're talented and beautiful, but do you always have to wear provocative clothing and dance while wearing skimpy clothing in your video? You're much more than that. Sincerely A Fan

ComeliaO7: Damn that man is sexy 


alex guevara: Yessss yessss! that part and I love Beyonce!

Christian Ballard: The white girl looks out of place. 

Diane Stark: Love

Rocío Tomlinson: Wow, she's really really in love! :)

Destiny Rodriguez: yaaaass get your man

j: mmmm!!!..... The return of Sasha Fierce!!!!

MRYYY: LOVE this song and video. She killed it!

Megan Morales: 😍😛

Rolanda Ferguson: was me n my dudes valentines song

equissoyPaaw uwu: putitos

Narmina Aliyeva: Perfect dance👌

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