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May 03 2015 by MP3
Emily Leon: This video cracks me up he's just going about his business doing his work and then she just comes in all randomly looking sexy as hell and he just stops and stares at her 😂😂 I would too she's super hot 😩😍

badandy8888: Wasn't she pregnant during this+

Nicki4Life5678: this dude was probably more horny than drake in the anaconda video

Annie Sekia: This is better than the Partition Video. Just because she looks more classy in this and more sexy.

Malahika Douglas: I Dont understand why people put the title of the music videos/ lyric videos in the comments like we don't know we what freakin watched ...? Tf #dismissed .

Edgar garcia: Dancar para voce 

Isis Wallace: i love beyonce i really do but did you see her wig cap at :45 

Aspera Adastra: the lyrics..the music..the choreography.. Good God She's freakin' Flawless * *_* *

Lα Cυвαηιтα: **Dance For You** #Beyoncé 

haji sharmarke: she is not beatiful she is a sexy bitch

Teammm: 2:41 - 3:00 ... love those lyrics.

Gab T: He is sexy 😍 love when he does that half smile just pure sexiness! ! lol

misses miss: SUPER SEXY.....

Seuachi: This is the perfect song to sing to your lover on Valentine's Day. Time to practice and dance!

B. LeSene: Beyoncé - Dance For You:

Amy M.: #currentmood Every woman has a little Beyonce in her ❤❤❤💃❤❤❤

Dee Bailey: just wanna... Show you how much I appreciate you Wanna show you how much I'm dedicated to you Wanna show you how much I will forever be true Wanna show you how much you got your girl feelin' good Wanna show you how much, how much you're understood Wanna show you how much, I value what you say Not only are you loyal, you're patient with me bay Wanna show you how much, I really care about yo heart I wanna show ya how much, I hate being apart Show ya, show ya, show ya til you're through with me I wanna keep it how it is, so you can never say how it used to be

January Jackson: Beyoncé - Dance For You: *chuckles*

Kat The Fashion Guru: Dancing for the white man smh....

Norma Figueroa: Hott

Eda Neda: This is my favorite song♥♥♥♥

Dvimsii: Wanna make that body rock, sit back and watch… Ugggghhh! She's always been subtle freaky and y'all talk about she was doing to much on the Yoncé-album, lol!

Vaniella R: 💗

Atina Demetra: Beyoncé - Dance For You: Dance?

Krzysztof Mazalewski: Super nutki na przebudzenie....

Jersey Girl: SOGNI D'ORO!!!!!

Turkeyrolls: Who the freak dances like that? Is she on crack?

Jennifer Eckel: This is her BEST music video to date, and one of her best songs - she just really nailed it on all aspects, in my opinion. I think that the choreography and the whole dancing for her man on the chair thing is just SO appropriate for the lyrics and the slow, sexy, soul-filled beat. It's just straight up sexy. "Partition" should have been similar to this video, or her 2015 Grammy performance of "Drunk In Love", but instead it was a disappointment - again, in my opinion. I am really curious as to who the choreographer was for this video. I will research that. :)

jakyra boyd: hell naw she killed that.....I love this song.

black god: Queen B disappointed me. She looks like a House-Nigger performing for her Slave Master. 

Love songs and more...: You know .... when the whole night has shiver of your passing.... when all beings have hold their breath in order to listen to your silent smell ... then the day can't be simply indifferent, but rather intolerably resigned....

Barbara Malcharczyk: 💋

QC Da Mo6sta: I freaked to this song,Made my Ex Cum Like 4 times to this,She got pickleed Down!!!!!!!!! When this came on

Paulina Fernanda : TE AMO Y NO POR HOY NI MAÑANA SI NO QUE PARA SIEMPRE !!! +Bolivar C​ <3 Beyoncé - Dance For You:

Gilgamish archer: Can someone please tell me a rap song with the same chorus as the end of his song when it sound's like Beyonce is moaning ? No am no trying to be perverted, I heard a rap song with chorus of that and it was awesome but I forgot the name of the song

antonella castelluchio: la amo la amo la amo la amo la amo la amo <3 <3 <3

Fee mayne: Daddy you know wassup

Lyn Evans: No real talent....just a pretty face...uses her original eh? the lamest lyrics out there....'put a ring on it?' How stupid. 'I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you'?? Wanna show you how much I value what you say'??!! pop it pop it for you?? drop drop drop it for you? hysterical. 

Karlene Scott: She sure look like she is one of them old Hollywood movie actress...the only thing is that she does not really carry it off that well. I only know ONE gal who can blow this out of proportion--ok, two. And I wonder why it seems like my comments are being deleted from these videos. If you as the artist don't like the comments ,don't put up the video to get feedback...positive or negative. My comment was posted 4 weeks ago today. BEYONCE you can't take a little criticism?

Tiberious Shepherd: The girl in the white and black, that's always beside Beyonce gets a lot of attention in the dancing part.

Calvin Manley: 👌🔥🔥

Kyeria Howard: That's how I am going to do to my . boyfriend but I am only 10😭😭😭😭

Christina Matangos: i mean they couldn't have gotten a sexier man?

Visewesi: This video has a lot of similarities to Ciara Promise video. I wonder if it was the same choreographer?

Ca Ka: 2:38 that drop drop drop thing got me weak!

Melanie Vasquez: Not only are you loyal, you're patient with me babe.. ♪♫♪

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