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Perrin Thomas: this song is not that great to me

Yasemin Beygo: Came here a nun, left as a stripper.

J. Darrell Allgood: Ogh my!

jack d simpson: Now I knew she was going to give the best performance!

Admyre Slutty: did anybody elese notice the slave 4 u moves at 1:35?

camz nigga: I feel like giving a lap dance😌

Jeferson Pereira: Showwwww!!!!!!!

JaKKeBrOwN1: All I Have to Say Is Wow. Just Wow

Ron V: I LOVE you can do

Shakeema And Jason: me and my cousin would all way try to do the dance move that she is doing lol

Doge: Much feels. <3

Sylvia1982409 Virginia33: I love dis song

Xtina, Bey & Lara: My favorite song from 4

*♫ Mi¢haℯl Ja¢ksoη's M∞nwalkers ℘aℊℯ ❤*: But why did she filmed it with this guy? He aint even tha hot or anything and isn't Jay jealous like ok everyone's gonna see this but she's approaching to that man like that..I understand that Jay isn't the most handsome fella in the world but it would be cool to see him playing his actual role in Bey's videos. This is still marvelous and she is too, I love her!

ney pimentel gomes: Ô louco bixo é muito gostoza essa mulher com todo respeito ai JAI-Z,KKKKK

Chasity Howard: I bet that dude got a boner 😂

Claire Ajibola: I luv this song x

raja abdul-badee: i really do love this video. The 1930-40s feel of it and the amazing actor. I just love it. This vid reminds me of casablanca.

Tonya Peatross: Yeah its xxx and she xxx è


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