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Gabriella Alves De Oliveira: Go Go Go!!!!!!

Swagmiz Nelon: De'vaisha the house to myself and when we can talk later and i don't want that that's good then I'm going well thanks to come back here to be over around and I love how are your plans tonight at my place 

Nun Yhur: Love this song

Latonja Gaines: coolllllllllllllllllll

Fabricio 4000: l'm your Very much your fan

Fabricio 4000: l'm your fan Beyoncé

Joe Dirt: 0:01 til 2:20😥 still fwi 2017

Claudine Bailey: I love this song so sexy

Tiffany Thompson: This is HAKEEM LYON AND LAIRA LYON😘😘😘😘😩😩😩

Hilary Escobar: Amare esta canción por siempre♥

Misty Oliver: You know this video had to be filmed in clips cuz this dude had to have a "tent" built-up .....

this_name_might_change: Me after murdering my 5th husband and the FBI is hot on my trail

Krystal Santos: I need to learn this dance

Luccas Santos: Sensualidade é aí mesmo 👌👌👌💕

Ivone Araujo: amo a Beyoncé muito adoro y love you so tenho a agradeçer a essa grande mulher por ela existir #amoqueamobeyonçe💖💓💕✌✌👏👏👏👏💃👼💝😘😍😍😍😍ouvindo agora mesmo em 19 01 2017✌👏👏💕😂😂😂

Chelsi Williams: this is my song

Shantae Cocroft: otw

Jessie Vaz: ❤🎶

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