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xxxwhynot: looks like a guy on a cell phone 2 his ear No One Had cell phones in 1995 handheld palm sized and mainstreamed


Cory Knowles: sieg heil 14/88 828

Lee Turfitt: white power and pride HEIL HITLER

urgrfntg: SIEG!!! Never surrender. Never give up. no anti-fa freaks.HEIL!

Mark Williams: National Socialistic Front Sweden should hold their territory for 10 years.

Dirk Diggler: Nationalism risin! oh yeah!

240pixel: one of the finest !

Michael Walho: zieg heil !!! de ar politisk

TheSpider1488: 100 freakin' % hailz to that boot brother!!! TO THE RESORATION OF NS MORALITIES!!

jurisnik011: Song of my childhood, so great inspiration during my young days, so idealistic and full of positive energy :) songs like this should be played over and over to our young generations to put them away from drugs, criminal activity and show them way back to right track and form them into healthy man with attitude who will defend and liberate their people and countries! Best regards brothers, where ever you are! Salute from Serbia! 14/88

240pixel: yeah slave power. get back to work.

240pixel: go somewhere else gay lover

PEPS165: yo are not skinheads, maggots.

kelly7glock: tune!!

FilziSH: Тотенкопф - это сила! Сила! Сила! СИИЛАААА!

FilziSH: Тотенкопф - это сила! Сила! Сила! СИИЛАААА!


Nick Orluk: i freaking love this song.....88

ilovepoo62: @drosov agreed great freaking song

barkbrod: @NordishTerror "detta"? Du vet att 1995 var för 16 år sedan? Det händer mycket på 16år, och det här ska ju inte ses som ett politiskt och seriöst manifest.. det är ju förfan fest! Det har festats och härjats i Norden sedan vikingatiden, det här är därför inget konstigt. Du är pinsam som tar minsta svastikan som visas som seriöst material.. slit dig från tv:n en stund...

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