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inspire:): One of her best

Neil Rivera: This is When she was just starting in the industry and now she is one of the queens! Haha

Donald Hartmiller: to Kelly Clarkson VEVO/Kelly Clarkson: you're the best!

RandallScandal: Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby
Right now I feel invisible to you like I'm not re-ye-ye-eal

mack roberts: feel cheating

mack roberts: make fan low

Mbuyi masengo: great song

Mbuyi masengo: she was so young heand skinny

Danny Pellegrino: This is the original "Perfect Illusion" music video.

Kimberley Aguilar: great song

DORSEY BLACK: Still in love with this song!

Twila Gartman: Another truth ,another great song " LOW " truth ,thanks girl

TheGoodcash: Love this song

Zel Ezl: first time to hearing song and it's really shocking because the intro reminded me so much of LOSING GRIP of Avril Lavigne! 😲😲😲

Caz PK: this is my current favourite song - cant stop singing it!

Jose Gonzalez: I don't know why this song is so uderrated from all her others. This is my favorit song!!! just a great rockout song when you are sooo heartbroken!

inisouttahere: she looks so nice with short hair :)

dangerous woman: this song is so relatable

Johanna A. Florez: Never heard this song before, but I feel these lyrics deep in me.

I love Kelly <3

Melantha Valentino: the cover pic looked like Demi's heart attack. but this song is so much better.

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