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Northernfire: man i love that jeep

Fajar Eagle: Mannnnnntap

Miss Amber: I miss those times when this first came out. ♡ loved hearing this song.

... oh, memories!

DisneyMusicVideos: This is my favorite song of hers after Hello.

bc94xyz Gaming: This is the song that started her pop rock routes. Amazing.

Hannah M: ,💜😇💜

triniqueen088: Another favourite of mine. Love her so much!!

BayCityBlues: Yes I have been low and I have had a friend who let me down so!

Noah S: Only 4.5 million views?

Christina Taft: I love this and probably my favorite song or one of them. Who else talks about going low, but totally fine with it? She sings it like it's a normal part of life, and nothing psych. It honestly is my go-to song :) I don't know any others that relate this way with going Low. How betrayed a person feels, or alone, or down and about, but still strong.. nice!

Baltax: "My friends are outside waiting, I gotta go" Am I the only one who cringed at this line? I'm a die hard fan, but LMAO, why?

Cindy Christie: My douchebag ex are the lowest of low..i move across world for you and you end our marriage for a girl you loved at 16 but haven't have contact with for 30 years


Mr. Chip: Beginning sure sounds like a ripoff of Avril lavigne...still a good tune

Lori Hackney: This is one of her best songs. People slept on it too hard.

Shijima Henrique: Amo esse clipe e musica

nichole bryan: this is my current situation right now.

inspire:): One of her best

Neil Rivera: This is When she was just starting in the industry and now she is one of the queens! Haha

Donald Hartmiller: to Kelly Clarkson VEVO/Kelly Clarkson: you're the best!

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