Chal Diye by Zeb and Haniya, official music video

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mark campbell: Loev :)

Mrartze: Beautiful song

Lance Bonnington: The artwork is reminiscent of Shazia Sikander's.  A lovely video which well portrays a haunting melody.

: nice video and mind blowing lyrics!

Persia Musikmacher: I Love your music and specially your voice. best Greeting from Germany.  

MegaSherni: very cool video!

Dhirendra Singh: I wish Zeb I will Marry U

06151747AFG: Zeb & Haniya, you are impressive. My wife saw you guys in Denver performing live, you sound awesome. Salaamona taaso ta.

Ammar Sethwala: I love this song so much that i sing to it almost daily. Really zeb & haniya u are "The Ladies!"

ZoetZout: Zeb,you are the most beautiful woman ever!

Hamza Hassan: luv dis song.....<3

Hayagreev Narayan: @phosu I have to completely disagree with you on that. I felt those things you pointed are what made the video so special. The whole raw, jagged, amateurish feel of the video is what makes it so likeable. I would have hated a perfectly post-produced inspired-from-other-videos video ! :)

Incongnito09: I think its an awesome video....a real tribute to South Asian architecture and arts. I think it perfectly complements the song (which is perhaps unfortunately one of zeb and haniya's most under-appreciated songs).

Amogha Dalvi: when you understand the lyrics.. the high you feel. God you guys are amazing!

Jas Junior: Really nice song 2 thumbs Up!!

Jamshed Khan: awesome video!

amenaaay: this is amazing! <3

Muntazir Mehdi: Thanks Coldplay for ideas :p

Taimoor Rana: we need to talk in detail ..great work tho.

sunnym14: amazing music video! great work!

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Chal Diye by Zeb and Haniya, official music video 5 out of 5