Chal Diye by Zeb and Haniya, official music video

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Mar 17 2015 by New Music
Lance Bonnington: The artwork is reminiscent of Shazia Sikander's. A lovely video which well portrays a haunting melody.

Persia Musikmacher: I Love your music and specially your voice. best Greeting from Germany. 

Tayab Raza (Beta Article): nice video and mind blowing lyrics!

nina lindy: wonderful voice

Mrinmoy Bhowmick: Great song, One of my favorite ! Would you believe, the first time I listened to its Coke Studio version, I couldn't believe I could cry too !

Taimoor Rana: we need to talk in detail ..great work tho.

Red Devil for life: Zeb,you are the most beautiful woman ever!

Incongnito09: I think its an awesome video....a real tribute to South Asian architecture and arts. I think it perfectly complements the song (which is perhaps unfortunately one of zeb and haniya's most under-appreciated songs).

Jamshed Khan: awesome video!

Ammar Sethwala: I love this song so much that i sing to it almost daily. Really zeb & haniya u are "The Ladies!"

MegaSherni: very cool video!

Dhirendra Singh: I wish Zeb I will Marry U

AvadaKedavra2392: \m/

Stupefier10: Brilliant! Something different fresh and compliments the song.

Muntazir Mehdi: Thanks Coldplay for ideas :p

phosu: well, i prefer the coke studio version more. as for the video, there was no interaction of singers with the camera, so as a viewer i felt disengaged. there were no close up shots, nor was there much interaction of singers with the animation itself. the falling scene was a little awkward, she should be peaceful rather than struggling during her fall. synchronization of singers with animation was done poorly, frames are slow. tho kudos for the effort, but research by watchin other vids :)

sunnym14: amazing music video! great work!

Hayagreev Narayan: @phosu I have to completely disagree with you on that. I felt those things you pointed are what made the video so special. The whole raw, jagged, amateurish feel of the video is what makes it so likeable. I would have hated a perfectly post-produced inspired-from-other-videos video ! :)

Sohaib Nizamani: brilliant video!

TheDanceofjoy: Good Song but Very Well Done Nida Fatima khan.

Faiz Dar: <3

Jas Junior: Really nice song 2 thumbs Up!!

06151747AFG: Zeb & Haniya, you are impressive. My wife saw you guys in Denver performing live, you sound awesome. Salaamona taaso ta.

Amogha Dalvi: when you understand the lyrics.. the high you feel. God you guys are amazing!

plaintoastplease: bestest song and video!

Ali Tabish: honestly didn't like the video. love the song since its release. a simple video of you guys performing and some natural shots would have been great as well. but *Y* for the effort!

Hamza Hassan: luv dis song.....<3

amenaaay: this is amazing! <3

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Chal Diye by Zeb and Haniya, official music video 4.9 out of 5