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Dec 17 2014 by MP3
Russell Maynard: *It's A Marshmallow World* ~ *Kim Stockwood* #musicthursday 

GF Douglas: love this version....when i first heard it on the radio wanted to know right away who was singing it....thanks for sharing it

Maureen Hipwell: Love this version Kim, Dean who?

Christine Tokevich: I heat this Christmas song its got to be one of the stupidest Christmas songs around

keener57: My fav - thx!!

TheWhammiesrule: @Mbarzon Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!!!

Neil Parkinson-Dow: 1 Dislike... It really sad that he or she hate themself that much... ;)

TheWhammiesrule: @Jumpybeaver I love this version more than the others!!!

Krysia Soltysik: I love this version! Makes me get right into the Christmas Spirit

TheWhammiesrule: @Vanillasnowflakes You're very welcome! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

TheWhammiesrule: @dotmacis You're very welcome!!!

tracey tyler: ...the best version...

TheWhammiesrule: @Massooze Clearly one of those "SCROOGES" who hates it when their local radio stations changes to all Christmas music and takes it out on random Christmas videos.

Valerie Arseneau: Best version! Thanks



SuperDedara: This is so cool!!

TheWhammiesrule: @suziQ27 I wait for it the whole year around!

TheWhammiesrule: You're welcome!

Dot McFarlane: THANK YOU for posting this!!!! My sister really loves this version ... :o)

TheWhammiesrule: @iloveeverything334 You're very welcome!!!

TracyL2003: I love Christmas! I love it even more because I found out I was pregnant on December 21st, 2007! And this was the song I was listening to while I waited for the results of the pregnancy test... My daughter is going to hear quite a story from me when she asks me one day, "How did you find out you were pregnant with me?" My husband also proposed to me on December 21, 2001. So it's a very special date for all of us!

suziQ27: @TheWhammiesrule oh wow, I thought I was the only one...and although it's early, hope you have a really great Christmas ~ winter, it's a marshmallow world..."

MadamShadow6: Thank you :) I usually get in the holiday mood pretty early. Happy Holidays to you as well.

MadamShadow6: This is one of my Holiday faves. Perfect for those of us that love winter in all it's glory. Thank you for sharing.

TheWhammiesrule: @Massooze That's ok....don't bother me much! LOL :)

oobaka67: Saw her do this live on New Years Eve 1999. She was walking around the stage wearing a pink cowboy hat. It's the only thing I remember from that night *L* Thanks TheWhammiesrule

suziQ27: it's a whipped cream day!

EmCanuck: Love this version!!!!

TheWhammiesrule: @suziQ27 Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the new year!

TheWhammiesrule: You're very welcome....since it's just around the corner Merry Early Christmas and Happy Early Holidays!!!

acadiaman1: Next to Dean-my favorite version!

debby-ann machado: Very lovely thx.

TheWhammiesrule: @xoxILoveCatsxox I'm glad you're enjoying it and have a wonderful Christmas season!

Mbarzon: Awesome song! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone

TheWhammiesrule: @magicaIpineapple Very appropiate comment on a video in which CHILDREN might watch. Don't like Christmas, don't celebrate it. Don't go around leaving unappropiate comments on people's Christmas videos just because you want to be a GRINCH!

TheWhammiesrule: @Maybelline74 You're very welcome!!! :D

Braden M: This is the one my radio station always plays! thanks

TheWhammiesrule: No problem!!!

Neil Parkinson-Dow: @TheWhammiesrule Accidentaly Voted Down on ur comment

dsma06: Why have I always thought this song was sung by a 10 year old boy? *~*

Maybelline74: THanks for uploading this! One of my fave winter songs :)

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