It's A Marshmallow World: Kim Stockwood Music Video for Free!

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Fan Comments

Dick Brady: Kim Stockwood is terrific!

Debbie Barwick: 2 days now :))

oobaka1967: Saw her do this live on New Years Eve 1999-2000. She looked hot in a cowboy hat.

Holly Newhook: why is the video not available?
this is my favourite version of this song :(

PandaCherry: Aww this is so cute I love it

Holly Newhook: 77 days till Christmas!!

freakshow771: shes does a fantastic job on one of my favorite xmas songs of all time

acadiaman1: I always liked Deans version.....but I LOVE Kims!!

GF Douglas: love this version....when i first heard it on the radio wanted to know right away who was singing it....thanks for sharing it

Christine Tokevich: I heat this Christmas song its got to be one of the stupidest Christmas songs around

Maureen Hipwell: Love this version Kim, Dean who?

acadiaman1: Next to Dean-my favorite version!

keener57: My fav - thx!!

Krysia Soltysik: I love this version! Makes me get right into the Christmas Spirit

debbyann machado: Very lovely thx.

TheWhammiesrule: No problem!!!

Valerie Arseneau: Best version! Thanks

dsma06: Why have I always thought this song was sung by a 10 year old boy? *~*

tracey tyler: ...the best version...

TheWhammiesrule: You're very welcome....since it's just around the corner Merry Early Christmas and Happy Early Holidays!!!

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It's A Marshmallow World: Kim Stockwood 5 out of 5