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Feb 16 2014 by MP3 Download
Hector Ruiz: Hit me one more time honey. There's room for one more try.

Ronnie Matthews: Here's a hot Dance project by Playmen featuring Demy, "Fallin" (Remixes) on Ultra Music. This is a new group to Starfleet DJs, but certainly not the label. I believe that this remix package has top-5 hit potential in the clubs, parties & mixshows around the globe. The mixes have a Progressive to Electro House flavor to then running around 126 bpm. This will be a hit, so get on board early & watch your dancefloors grow out of control. Here's some info from the label. PLAYMEN is a five year old project by Pavlos Manolis and Lefteris Xenakis focused on producing dance - pop music and performing DJ sets. Led by their passion for house music and their eagerness to experiment with new styles and tunes, they evolved into one of the hottest duos in the Greek music scene, creating a promising Brand Name. The new hit single “Fallin” was instantly characterized as the dance anthem of the year and has already reached No5 in the official national airplay chart and counts more than 1.500.000 views on Youtube.

kevin hablutzel pipa: 

Jimmy Chang: ✿♫ ❤‿❤ ☆•°*”˜˜”*°•☆ ◕‿◕ ♫✿

Carlos Galli: #efv

Rahmet Valentin: I'm *really* diggin' this girl's voice!

nikola stepanovic: SRBIJA

jazmin altamirano: buena la musicaaa ase recordar muchoo jajajaj

dxdragon12: I'm Fallin' in love with this song!

Viliam Sonntag: woohoo!

Marina Papageorgiou: bravo playmen !! :))

peterJA8: nai o poustis to aksizei :P

Steve Veselinovski: Ej you from Bankrot hellass take money for germans for food and water MACEDONIA WILL BE FOREVER FOR MACEDONIANS !!!!

Alex Petkovic: Evo jos jednog...Sydney,Australia...Medju kengurima... Pozzz... :)

Vitalik Lopatiuc: what are you talking about man??? Evan is rock,but this is pop

antikira: τους αρεσουν οι playmen στην σερβια

starfleetmusicpool: Excellent hit bound song. We are supporting this package. StarfleetMusicPool(dot)com

Meleena Faith: love the video!

MrKimas: For half of it's budget.

TheMrGREEKS: we love playmen

intercontinentalclub: Reminds me of the 2000's and 90's. Good job guys.

Vladica D. Petrovic: Ту смо брате Србине!


Mpiftekis89596: Γαμάει το song!!! :D

Nensi Edona: Time and time I think about us, I really miss that.

Marianna Angel: vre paidia den i3era oti ine ellines loool tora to ema8a :P


MMSoftic: Well developed voice!

dezzdev: Elladara! Proto!

Таня Галунька: супер))))

giannisopel: DEMY 4 EVER

Γιωργος Μανιας: ελλαδα ρεεεεεεεεεεεεεεε !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seva Kamada: ΑΓΑΠΑΜΕ DEMY <3

nekiliopouloss: Im fallin fallin <3

JamSlam007: weirdest video ever.

mtloiselle: The chess board is not placed the right way :$

Alex Tagar: Original: "I am ready for the storm" by Dougie MacLean, also performed by Deanta.

Carlos Bertoldi: My subwoofers damm my god

Sushant Paygude: Hard to Find a unique tone theses days!! Nice :) !

TheMrGREEKS: love playmen

Ivan Ivkovic: ♥ T D I ♥ ♥! SRBIJA !♥

90sIbizaDanceParty: Danke, for the recommendation

Aleksandar Gajin: Gde ste Srbiii? :D Ima nas vise garantujem!

svsHurz: dn 3erw tourkika alla nomizw eipe kati gia ti mana mas aderfe :P a3izei vrisidia

maubritp: C H I L E

matdkmatdk: great song great voice great everythig keep on posting things like this

athkatla78: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Nc3 Nf6 4. a3 d5 5. exd5 Nxd5 6. Be2 e4 7. Nxe4 Nf4 8. O-O Nxe2+ 9. Qxe2 Bg4 10. Nf6# * 4 Knights-Gunsberg variation

bellade2017: ultra records sugxarhthria demy kai playmen eiste foveroi greece!!!!

Alex Bak: Recipe for success: take 2 of the best DJ's in Greece, named Playmen, and add the sweet vocals of Greek rising star, the super talented Demy, and the result is a worldwide hit in Fallin! Its as simple as that. Kommatara pou tha yini pangosmia epitihia! Bravo Playmen, Bravo Demy!!!

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