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Sep 10 2014 by MP3 player
Aarin Henning: Id rather have a girl with a nice face then a big ass and boobs. Maybe its just me, but that's my preference.

jayseesee: but she does have a rack

Mïŋ Cɧąŋ: How can she look so tall but she is actually short??? o-o

赤沢田中: 超いいよねこの曲

sarah douglas: pause at 2:39, so funny

N Oikawa: #自己満プレイリスト 明日も無理なく行きましょ!!

Divine: Why do some girls complain about being short.I wish i was Short

Noctis Caelum: Make-up really does wonders. Look at her x factor audition, so ugly.

Ryan Geoghagan: She must've heard Skee-Lo's song I wish and thought "someone should do this from a Lady's perspective. And when she couldn't find a lady she did it herself.

Farhan- Sk: U R A woman it doesnt mean u always be sexy too short cloths making the teenage be like u wste of money bothering dads N boyfriends

Danny Delgado: i wish i was a little bit taller i wish i was baller i wish i had a girl who looked good i would call her oops wrong song..

Kimistry C: *Wish I woke up with a butt & A Rack* 👍🙌 loves it!❤👏👏👏😅

sherita bish: I wish I was tall I wish I hade flash I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack

MEATHEADBooYA: So many fake artists and autotune I swear that company who made Autotune are making millions. 

Licy E. Guridis: Mi vida se resume en esta cancion..! :/

Seany B: Mob this bitch 

abru kpa: Perfecta♥ Te amamos Cher!! SOY TU FAN NUMERO 1 !!! Desde Argentina♥♥♥

Paypay Nicole: every famous person sings about not having friends or people breaking up with them like, who would wanna break up with that???

Lizzy Rowland: I'd rather wake up with a nice face tbh 😂😳😰🔫

Jeremy Hollywood: Cher is cute as hell


LPS Rockstar 213: My name is Julia

Janet Lopez: why she so ugly? lol is this a joke?


Jodie Bazira: i love this song

hee s: It's funny how cher is way more successful and maybe even famous then Cheryl now....hate both of them!!!!! 

BlazeTheDemon123 :P: did she just say "i wish i had a bag full of cats"

HannahMoon: dat xperia product placement tho

nichole corwin: I love Cher Lloyd! She is my new obsession. Whoever says she is talentless and just got famous off of X Factor must not have ears because she has and amazingly beautiful voice. I love her musical style as well as her fashion choices. She doesn't dress nearly as provocatively has most female artists her age. She seems to be a nice young woman, she is funny and packed full of talent. Keep your bs comments to yourselves. As Cher herself once said "Have a carrot and shut up."

kylee grosskreutz: Watch and it a good song

miSs nINa izi liFe: illuminatii --__--

avery butler: I love her video

Talia Sosa: her voice is so annoying..

Maia Kandasamy: I love her teeth before and I really love her teeth now I don't really hashtag but #swag

Sammy Kasapovic: i love her

Arturo Jaime: I don't understand. Cher Lloyd is beautiful and talented in more ways than not, and yet the entire song is about wishing she was someone different so that she could catch the eyes of someone she fell in love with. It doesn't make sense to me. Women and even young girls are under the blinding impression that to be loved, they need to change and most will go to extensive links to change for someone who may not even notice. Men and boys too but in different ways such as ignoring that one person in class or at work because everyone else seems to. But what if we all had just one day where we could actually be who we are and not be afraid of what everyone thought or if anyone stared. What do you think you would do? Would you still change who you are for the intertainment of the audience? The famous saying "Life is a stage, make it your own" is very true but what if we closed the curtains? Just this once....

Maddy Stewart: I LOVE her Lloyd but she is slutty

Katerina Petrova: Did she fix her teeth?

isaiah bradford: You need to shut up whatever your name is something feilds

XxKvo48xX: If you watch this music video muted.. it's rlly funny xDD

herfintide kizher: I wonder how much Xperia (Sony) paid for that product placement.

Winona Edgar: omg! nice

Lexi Shull: I love how Cher can make funny faces and do silly things in this music video, it makes it more relatable and love her and even more than I already do <3

dennnis2781: doesn't cher look like the girl from "She's All That"?

Wav3yx: Omg I love you Cher Lloyd!!!! xxxxx 

Cahsemaiz: this music is so cute

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