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Abel Tamanji: I am not gonna lie. I really feel sorry for cher lloyd like I really do. She worked so so so hard for this album ( Sorry I'm late) but she didn't have the right team behind her then Omg she got dropped due to lack of promotion. It is really sad to see her career just diminished. I really hope that she makes a good comeback. I mean this song (I wish) and Sirens these 2 songs are so awesome but sadly her team didn't promote her. It is really sad when you think about it.

Princess Ni: 2017 still love this song 💝💝💝

Lindsay Nicholson: Who thinks she'd make a perfect couple with the buss boy.?

Brotato Chip: Can only handle so much of her high pitched, squeaky, screechy, ear piercing voice


anarchyamp: Hottie

Chelsea David: 2017 anybody

Rasyid Rahman: 2017 and i still love this song

Marion Edwards: I can't stop listening to this it's my fav

micki enix: Love this song!!

sarah lilith: I think the guy in the kitchen is actually cuter than T.I

Elizabeth Figueroa: I think that he likes her at the end of the song because of her clothes I would never have a guy like that 😎💘👄

George Santos: Oh my god! Shes soo badass! I wouldn't want a girlfriend like this

Elizabeth Figueroa: I like the song I wish from Cher Lloyd

Gabby Bryan: Love this song

สรียาพร ขันธมาลา: I miss this

LiterallyPenelope: I remember when I was so obsessed with his song

Iman: me rn

Ani :v Zevallos :D: 2017???

Kristal Santoro: I’ve been addicted to her music for forever

Lorna Garner: Love it Cher!

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