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Nov 05 2014 by New Music
Aarin Henning: Id rather have a girl with a nice face then a big ass and boobs. Maybe its just me, but that's my preference.

valia / lixa/pepita: 4"11 and proud to be short #thoughtso

Ryan Geoghagan: She must've heard Skee-Lo's song I wish and thought "someone should do this from a Lady's perspective. And when she couldn't find a lady she did it herself.

Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash: Oh yeah, because guys hate short skinny girls. This applies to guys, not chicks. Also, this song is nothing but a rip.

Queen Royal: this song is the story of my life
francisca valentina: I prefer a guy with a nice personality than with a pretty ass :p 

Shahida Doucouré: Omg I can't listening to this song

Zoe Abarnathy: This is not necessarily my kind of music... but I see a lot of haters, this girl started on X Factor (UK).... maybe since y'all think you can do better, go audition. ;) 

jayseesee: but she does have a rack

Mïŋ Cɧąŋ: How can she look so tall but she is actually short??? o-o

赤沢田中: 超いいよねこの曲

sarah douglas: pause at 2:39, so funny

N Oikawa: #自己満プレイリスト 明日も無理なく行きましょ!!

Divine: Why do some girls complain about being short.I wish i was Short

Noctis Caelum: Make-up really does wonders. Look at her x factor audition, so ugly.

Anya H: I am literally your biggest fan your songs are the best! 😄

Farhan- Sk: U R A woman it doesnt mean u always be sexy too short cloths making the teenage be like u wste of money bothering dads N boyfriends

Kimistry C: *Wish I woke up with a butt & A Rack* 👍🙌 loves it!❤👏👏👏😅

Ariana's RolePlay: I wish I was tall I wish I hade flash I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack

MEATHEADBooYA: So many fake artists and autotune I swear that company who made Autotune are making millions. 

Crystal Xiao: Ok this song is stuck in my head 2! Boo YA!

Nora van hummelen: oh no poor cher she's so gorgeous has an amazing figure and is freaking rich but she doesn't have double D's now no one will want her. freak OF!! this song is bullcrap

Liz Mejia: Cher lloyld eres perfecta eres la mejor eres hermosa espero y ser como tu y lo bueno es que tienes una voz hermosa y en tus vídeos no ocupas salir semidesnuda para ser más escuchada popular por eso eres genial y hermosa ! 

Jennifer Gao: she has a really whiny voice

Noor-jade Baudouin: Waw trop cool tes chansons Want U Back j'adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet Lopez: why she so ugly? lol is this a joke?

abru kpa: Perfecta♥ Te amamos Cher!! SOY TU FAN NUMERO 1 !!! Desde Argentina♥♥♥

Paypay Nicole: every famous person sings about not having friends or people breaking up with them like, who would wanna break up with that???

LPS Rockstar 213: My name is Julia


hee s: It's funny how cher is way more successful and maybe even famous then Cheryl now....hate both of them!!!!! 

BlazeTheDemon123 :P: did she just say "i wish i had a bag full of cats"

HannahMoon: dat xperia product placement tho

nichole corwin: I love Cher Lloyd! She is my new obsession. Whoever says she is talentless and just got famous off of X Factor must not have ears because she has and amazingly beautiful voice. I love her musical style as well as her fashion choices. She doesn't dress nearly as provocatively has most female artists her age. She seems to be a nice young woman, she is funny and packed full of talent. Keep your bs comments to yourselves. As Cher herself once said "Have a carrot and shut up."

kylee grosskreutz: Watch and it a good song

miSs nINa izi liFe: illuminatii --__--

avery butler: I love her video

Exaillee: you know cher's attitude when she's singing? it really gets to you and you feel like... this power.

robert rutter: id kiss you cher

Talia Sosa: her voice is so annoying..

saminathan sasikala: she's so pretty... I wish I could have looks like her

CaliPink: this is crap tbh 

michael lengyel: Lol

MGMGRAND DAMRON: honestly i hate this vid because dose she know how much she has! fame, money, skinny, beautiful i mean and there she goes asking for more like dose she even know what i would give to be skinny or beautiful like urggggggg

Jeremy Robinson: I would of promoted this to make money off it but I wouldn't have put my name on it. This crap is whack T.I. Lol.

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