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Dec 12 2014 by MP3
Aarin Henning: Id rather have a girl with a nice face then a big ass and boobs. Maybe its just me, but that's my preference.

JenM Music: Everyone who likes lorde has no life

Min Cнαη: How can she look so tall but she is actually short??? o-o

Viola Cadbury: Why would waste your time pursuing a guy who only looks at bra size, pant size, and height?

hughtubecube: freak's sake - you look for stevie wonder and get this crap... Kill me.

Doland Forever: Hmm, Buckley was right , this is trash.

Josh Black: I love how T.I. is getting involved with all these artist's like Cher and Iggy Azalea more out there, because let's be honest, the King has already made it to the top and he is giving back;)

sarah douglas: pause at 2:39, so funny

laura montsho: lol so this song was published in 2013?? lol i actually thought it was a new song smh #livingunderarock lol love it though <3

Ariana Arianator: wish I woke up with a butt and a rack

ishidacoolp: Love that song, definitely going to download. And for the record Cher Lloyd looked better than all the girls in that video. Damn she fine!

Plum Sake: LOVE this makeup. this is the best for her!!! I couldn't recognize she is actually so cute as she wore a violet lip. um...actually, I think she did some jobs on her face. her face line is much sharper than before.

Destiny Grimes: She's awesome

Ninchika Binchika: Cher and T.I. look so cute together <3

Gianna Today: i love this song!! 😍

Legit Gamers: Such a rip off of I wish I was a little bit taller, except a female perspective. 

cuckoo-flower: Yuck.... the voice could become the next "single name" or the next "nickname" but the type of music is not what would make her known. Try a bit of classical mixed with the big band times of the 20's and 30's. Tone down the clothing go with a mix of the flapper dresses and the hippy bellbotoms. 

Ryan Geoghagan: She must've heard Skee-Lo's song I wish and thought "someone should do this from a Lady's perspective. And when she couldn't find a lady she did it herself.

Eric Betsill: Tina Fey? is that you?

Александр Иванович: белоснежка влюбилась в раба нереально крутой смысл клипа))) режисёр негр или тупой америанский закон о неграх что они не чёрные 

Maëlys Cavaleiro: Good song

Sending Postcards From A Plane Crash: Oh yeah, because guys hate short skinny girls. This applies to guys, not chicks. Also, this song is nothing but a rip.

Chloe Stuart: For me she is saying something in this song bassically this day in age women need big boobs and butts and be sexy and rich just to impress a guy at , least we still have a small percentage that see personality over boobs and butts


NinicastHD: He can do pop if he wants he's famous. I love this song 💕

Mysplain Istheonlyway: What is she on about? Isn't she rich and has no actual problems getting a man?

Zosia Kucz: Ona jest super!!! Ładnie śpiewa nie to co ta chujka ewelina lisowska

selena gürgen: 1:56 watch slow down very quickly there are illuminati!

Bluegirls Rock: Guys I need all ur power lets all make jasmine v be more famous girl if u don't know who is jasmine v ill tell u guys is the one who sings that's me right there guys I swear u won't make a mistake of suscribing to her channel she calls us jasminators send this message to all ur friends and family jasmine has a very nice voice and I'm not saying that she is better than selena but give her an opportunity if u read this message please take out ur jasminator power plz I really need u guys to share this message and make her more famous plz plz plz plz plz plz plz I love u guys just please see her videos make her more famous plz plz plz plz leave a like on this comment if u are goin to give jasmine an opportunity plz plz plz <3 

Maci anselmo: Greatest song ever bad perspective but song is great

Belén Sotelo: Una de mis canciones favoritas. Cher Lloyd es una genia. ♡♡♡♡

Annie Chen: Why would she want T.I. when her workmate dude is so damn fiiiiinnne xD

CherLloyd BradSimpsonTheVamps: i love your voice! its different..

Ricardo Mariael: Me encanta la canción esta chevere y tiene buen ritmo; la sigo desde x factor y me fascina sale super bella..

Emily Piercefield: I can't help but think of Skee-lo when I hear this song. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who look good, I would call her.

Jazzie Dee: I loved this song since last year in summer 

B Nicholson: Hi does any one know how to delete history on the thing that u type in and music and other stuff pops up

Allisson Tellez: check pablo isa's parody for this video

Anete Pang: I reali like aal of your vidios i am a fan.☺

editsxcx: 0:44 THE WAY SHE SAYS "SO" IS SO CUTE

Jaylan Rouse: Cher Lloyd - I Wish ft. T.I.

Adam TheLegend: umm... you can shop with a bag full of cash. Your Cher Lloyd

MeginMinecrafter: Am I the only one who thinks the original version is better?

Kenneth Justine: i like everything about here :)

Sujaill Valdez: #votecherlloyd #votecherlloyd #votecherlloyd #votecherlloyd #votecherlloyd #votecherlloyd

directioner1723: Love Cher <3 <3

frances allen alipusan: SHE'S PERF <3

Yasmine M.: Her voice is amzing and skin looks flawless ^^

Ela Boo Bear: And I keep hitting the repeat button till I broke it xDDD

Luciana: She's so freaking pretty, god i hate her hahaha

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