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Ghaniza S: T.I so fine

Flor Aguilar: She has the most annoying voice

flowerpuppy 1: Why u friends with Becky??????? U TO ARE WAY DIFFERENT!!!!

Daniel Lachowski: pretty nice!

Grace Bigelow: it seems like she likes the other guy she was with

Marine 1604: Moi je dit:
Vive Arm' \o/

P Jim Mc: I wish I pass the exam
I wish Im more attractive
I wish I had my own money
I wish I a little bit taller
I wish I'm more clever
I wish I'm more famous
I wish I'm more popular in my school
I wish I had a beautiful voice

That's all my wish .......

Mariam Horan: i love this song xD <3

Katlen Alexa Vazquez: wow quiero los tenis de cher

Silvia Brenes: Me encanta

Soakingbook: Strangely, this song never really took off.

Elizabeth Gragg: Love this song

Natalia lafourcade Rivera: I wish Cher Lloyd u. U 

Bri Mosley: love it and I will always love it

Samantha Rivas: I love this song💝

The Major Robloxian: Love it. I couldn't even tell it was Cher

Samantha Rivas: 👍💖💋

Alexis Aguilar: Holy crap I remember being obsessed with this song. Now it's almost two years later. Man does time go fast

Carissa Gomez: yeah I love this song

Ftouhy: what did she do to her mouth ???

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