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Grace Pfaffle: Omg, I love her. She seems so chill and down to earth. Like, how many idols do you see genuinely laughing in their videos?!

Lillian Suleiman: I think she should be with the guy in the kitchen ❤️❤️

Dolphin Bee: 2017

Lisa Handy: I love that song!!!😘

D Smith: Love this song one of my favs

Samone Romero: me but it's 2017

Summer Kamelle: I wish I had her body =/

Cool Dude: dont agree with the message and never have but damn this songs pretty catchy

Alice Porter: who is watching in 2017

Aidien King: Was does the best and the beginning sound like wasn't me

Noe Banegas: Cher Lloyd is a wannabe

Rxyxo x: That girls face at 1:30-1:31 is freaking amusing af.

Asmr Queen: rbgrre

Giselle Ramirez: #friendzone rip the guy whos washing the dishes😇😢💔

Angela Coffey: this song makes me think of my boyfreind

grado 904: Really I'm the first person asking the name of the guy in the kitchen?

Angela Coffey: i am watching it in 2017 i started to watch it in 2015 i love this song # i wish

anita raggionataleeyoujlove: you you need a hunter glistening

Emma F: Who's watching 2017

slimezie react: 2017

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Cher Lloyd - I Wish ft. T.I. 5 out of 5