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Xskater4life69X: Watched her on X Factor.. Damn she went far´╗┐

Tamie Collins: You are the best singr­čśś´╗┐

Eira Miranda: ╬ô╬Á╬╣╬▒ ¤ä╬╣ ╬║╬Č╬Ż╬Á╬╣¤é?´╗┐

Heather Kirby: Good singing´╗┐

Lilly Yu: This explains basicly everything a girl wants, every girl want a big butt and big boobs...´╗┐

bella sykes: you don't need those things to get a boy wake up girls you deserve a man´╗┐

Angell xo: is it me or T.I looks HOT in this video, god dammit!!´╗┐

Marni: 2:50´╗┐

LoneDeer: She looks beautiful but the camera moves and cuts away too much. Jeeze just hold it there for 10 seconds once please?´╗┐

larisa dusic: CARSKA´╗┐

Saraz Ang: She is freaking skinny I hope to be like her too.
and also she is so good at dancing like what the hell´╗┐

Desarey De La Paz: omg is that really t.i cool my mom likes him its alaina love the song how do u talk´╗┐

thedancingI: I miss the gap in her teeth! :|´╗┐

Cher Lloyd fan: Cher Lloyd is so beautiful Ôś║´ŞĆ´╗┐

Kat Dolan: Yolo i love her voice ´╗┐

Marni: A 11mil tetonas no le gusta esto´╗┐

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Cher Lloyd - I Wish ft. T.I. 5 out of 5