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Feb 22 2014 by MP3
Yashira Lopez: Her facial expression are so annoying!!!

Elena Alid: see?there's hope for everyone:D

Flajarkin123: oh dear god. why does this song exist. Too much voice processing: Check! Meaningless song lyrics: Check! Repetive: Check! Does it have cher in it: Check!

andreea balea: Cool! 

gehas77: Skinny girls were never attractive

Nena Fawaz: I wish I was tall

smiler&songs: she have to make more song's videos

claire kok: Cher already has everything that she could have, what more can she ask for?

S Ahmad: I'm 5'10 and I hate to be that tall, I can't even wear high heels because of my height :(

Susan Pie: i don't like how those girls were treating her i know it's just acting but no one can treat waitress like that even if they're hanging with some cool bad boy

Shadow Shadow: Change my mind it's AWESOME

LowkeeGames: TEEEEETH! :D


Deborah Madimba: you cant hate this song <3

Elounor Stylinson: Isn't she lovelyyy?

catharsis222: TI is like 13 years old than Cher Lloyd. This is ULTRA CREEPY

Ratsia Suwannasi: So beaty Like snow white >_<

Alex Gomez: Cool

Katherina Rose: she can make music more deeper and she deserve more meaningful songs

BirthdayKeeper: If she had a butt and a rack, she wouldn't be able to fit into that outfit.

lindsay nguidjol: Lol you don't need all that your a beauty!!!! 😎😎😍😍😍😍👈👏

Hol Holmes: lyrical genius............

My Show: Look +flajarkin123 she's going is more successful than you'll ever be cause all your going to amount to is an aa sponsor and that might make you feel good but Cher Lloyd won't give a freak so learn 

jon ping: pause at 1:15 for ugly face

Exquisite: I can totally relate to this song.

Vera B: The text is so true.

Adanna Worrell: Luv this those girls with TI were so mean

Ruby Coogan: I love this song I did not know about this song but they my sis Sydney should me it thank u 

teca nandez: I am 5`2" and I am only 11 years old

1016nurse: we almost have the same vital stats..!i am that skinny too...i find her cute...

Raylie Williamson: Awesome song I love it

Alicia Bejerano: hey i have swag at school only

Jamie Birch: How many outfits did T.i have in this video 

Roxanne Henare: stunoir!!!!

Joy Martin: You don't have to be perfect to get your love

Wong Yoke Ting: Cher is just perfect! She's so gorgeous

Becky Gulla: Cute! But yes, she needs to eat a fried chicken sandwich! No subway crap

jazlin espinosa: I wish i was tall

Raiden Luu: Im 8 and Im almost taller than my mom HELP!

skoot0962: had to see who this was shes playing down the street from were i live at the stone pony the line is around the block.....

TheRealAli234: I wish I could shrink to 5'2" being tall sucks :(

djgarcia323: Km

Sarah L: imo she looks prettier as a waitress

Brittany Weiser: Lol love this song

Auri woerner: IM 5'3 and 12.... I wish I was tall

Janae Petri: Love the song but extreamly dislike the video =/

Ashley Ware: Cute song and video. It's catchy I like it. And I'm not getting caught up behind meaning as the videos all in fun and in reality I'm sure she's happy with her body but all of is do wish we had certain aspects of others. Which is normal. She's just being real in a funny manner. 

Julia Kaczmarek: very clever

superSUZ MSP: People Are Taking The Lyrics So Seriously. It's A Song Saying That People Want What They Can't Have, Not A Song Saying Cher Lloyd Wants All This Stuff. Get Real. It's A Song. Grow Up.

lauryn chilton: love the song no matter what

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