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Jannat begum: 2017 anyone

Carla LC: almost four years yay

Soosoo Jaafar: thi s song is awesome

Emma Mazza: "make a wish girl" idk why but i love it lol

Emma Mazza: cher is so beautiful and talented for me she deserves more

Emma Mazza: u go girl<3

Matheus Gabriel: In Partnership, the music becomes very cool.

Ameve Amoure: 2017??

Olivia Howell: Yes, shame other women for looking a certain way. You're "not like other girls" special.

Rene Kuhn romero: 2017

Stella Tøp: 2017 and still listening to this

RedI Army808: Nice Nikes tho

Juan manuel Escobar gonsalez: Queen

Cam: Her voice is so unique and Cher is insanely pretty!!!!

Alejandra Meza: I want the outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava Stab: I remember when this came out 😂😂 I love her music, bring her back in 2017❤️

Kara Davis: if this gets to 1k likes ill make my friend sing this to her crush

Julia Perlmutter: Anyone watching in 2017

Amanda Wilde: Plz make a new song

Gaming with DedSec: Awesome song😍

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Cher Lloyd - I Wish ft. T.I. 5 out of 5