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David Richardson: Kim was so ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😙😙😙😙💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

Nile Porter: Jackie long from ATL movie in this video never knew

Nile Porter: How is this corny? Compared to the cheesy music out today a bunch of drake pickle sucking fans. lol

Nile Porter: Pharrell was black until he joined the N.E.R.D

Diego Andrade: This song was meant for Eminem but they did the work

neutralboi91: this was the jam , old 106 & park days Free and Aj days

Booskiboo Ferrell: 💯💯💯

Jae Mora: thie was going to be Eminem's beat

Dencies Perry: this lil kim i remember

MrGlanderson: I forgot all about the song I might have to spin this this weekend at the club

Tremain Worrell: Jackie Long was in Ray J's video too

Tremain Worrell: Ray J and his sister Brandy and Lil' Kim played together from Moesha episode is Paying the Piper 📺

apple13: omg I had no idea that little dwarf cunt made this song, I actually like this song.

shawna sweeter: 2001 up up like 7...it was a good year

chris georgallis: ray j, sounds weak, could of had jagged edge or 112

Lady KC's Community Network: I think lil kim look very pretty original. But i guess she didnt think so...

Pauline Walters: Man lil Kim was my girl she's way better then that niki girl

TheSmiles923: The Neptunes murdered this beat 🔥

Simone Mercer: this was so icy back then

Sheakira Perry-West: the original wait a minute!

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Ray J feat Lil Kim - Wait A Minute 5 out of 5