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Mar 06 2014 by Fresh releases
Melony Isaac: you danced...

ebony broadnax: ahhh shyt wait a minute..... Ray J feat Lil Kim - Wait A Minute

Renee McDonald: Wait A Minute! It's still #TurnUpTuesday ;.p #TurnUp #ThrowBack 

Midnite Blac: Queen Beezie All Day That's Me!! Dis use 2b My Slap! #BoomPow! ;-)

Dee rogers: I still play this! 

Tiara Hairston: Back when Lil Kim was cute before she did all that crap to her body Never that was Ray J who sang on this

JULIE EVERETTE: kim was so damn pretty jus as she was now she look plastic as freak

Mschrome: law ta daw watch out now its da lil one and am not bow wow got trees roll it u a g throw it up slip me his number on da low i tore oh wait a min they playing aw sow it up what u outta cris freak it what moe it up......KIM OWN THIS TRACK

Shania Shh: #lilkim and #rayj 

Claude Hyppolite Jr: Still my shyte

Andrew Flood: LOVE THIS SONG !!!!!!!!!

Thug Luky: She craps all over your mums face !

RedbBone91: ray j fine ass

strawberrynatal: true

casey nicole: WHEN LIL KIM WAS BLACK

maxsun007: what a spoiled showoff ;D

Kemar Beckford: This Was The crap Back In The Day

MKDiva81: This was a hot song! I got love for Ray J! lmao...

MKDiva81: When Lil Kim looked normal...

BaltiWhiskeyHands: so you're saying that Nicki minaj does write her own lyrics. okay have you heard that retarded starship song that she sings? complete nonsense one of the worst songs in 2012. at least when kim sings regardless whether she writes her own songs or not at least her lyrics make sense and she doesn't have to do some retarded ass voice in them.

TheNaomiChristina: Look at Pharrell. Been looking the same age for 102 years lmaooo.

123prettybad: Lol Kim looks really pretty and Ray J is just so sexyyyy

authentic09: Am I the only one here after hearing "I hit it first"?


SekiaHot: CLASSIC :-)

shantea cornelious: she will always be black retard just like michael j u need a tan honkey

Lyon Jackson: Lil Kim is the Queen

786ArsenalFC: Don't be stupid. Nicki Minaj craps all over Lil Kim


Mark Smith: Lol dat dude from "ATL"

Saudoff Jonas: Ha ha Ray j been tearin through deese celebrity Chicks 4 da Longest....I Hit it First!!!

jdubb7131: chris brown and nicki should redo it

Theoracleman50: Any good bars in red bank??

krazicid: u got prof Kim doesnt write her rhymes? exactly.....

Caotic3: lmfaooo ! your mother looks like the Bride Of Chucky's mother !

sanaaeverett: Ray j you is sexxxxy

Roberto Flores: *Kim Kardashian....OG Armenian Ho..

Lukas Mead: i miss the beautiful lil kim. She was prettier than nicki back then

Roberto Flores: Bet Kim use to beat her meat to this song lol...

Sincere Moe: He Sing Dumb Ass

Kennetta Rowell: This song is hot love it

shankarpad913: that's one ugly girl.

GeetSlapped: This and one wish is the best songs he can ever make

Chris Richards: Kim era was even way better

Sade Wilson: Who gives a freak about Nicki Minaj... Lil Kim will always be a legend for her originality. That is all.

Ray Evans: I want the neptunes to be my producer

Caotic3: Black Barbie !!! i loved Kim then and i love her NOW !

KIWI897: this was when hollywood was fun!

Rose Sullivan: Favorite song!

autywon: This is still my jam

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