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JRUSH TheMC: I miss music videos like this

suresage: Back when Lil Kim was black and Ray J only had 1 STD

Rashad Pierre: Wait a minute soooo 123 ice grilling thugs didn't know that was Brandy's brother? ??? OK cool

NellyBelle: ''Be careful how yall talk cuz we pop them Thangz"!!!! Get em Kim!!!

Derelle Rideout: Ya'll peep Jackie Long in the video haha.

daniesabria: this Bob tho kim!!!!

Tyra Daisy: I used to loveeeee this song

Alanda Dalyrimple-Lala: You can see Brandy in some of her brother Ray J videos and Ray J in some of his sister Brandy videos. So cute and cool.

ItsPange: Wait so Eminem wrote this song? Feel like it would've been better if he rapped it too

Qu Re: 2016 and I still know lil Kim's whole verse...aka the best part tof the song

Sharnique Brown: This my crap.

shanta walker: Had to grow on me to like this song. Lolz

Carl Nelson: was that tyra banks or is it just me

gabriel ochonogor: pharrel William lol

okmybad: I like that short hair on Kim

561REALTLK: 6th grade. summer camp. they played this on the bus every day. please bring this kim back. she was so cute.

Michellejorden Jorden: remember when she was on moesha and. kidnapped miles

Charles Chanelle: Ray J 😍

Donta Sylve: one of pharells first joints

Justine Cook: It's aight, due to the extended artist on the track.

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Ray J feat Lil Kim - Wait A Minute 5 out of 5