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Rashaad Akil: we need the old rayj back not the l&hhLA rayj

myesiha moore: yeah seen him ray j my husband all day pray syart crip walk blood stomp silly on one time for thay chronic mimd sayimg life fabs la hollywood Beverly hills money or trying sau no court dont habe yo say nothing everyday live

sexychick9541: one hit wonder, lol

Tariq Ghani (TARIK): Pharell looks like a character from the show Arthur. haha

WhenimchillinTV: I didnt know Hotdamnirock was a singer

Barely Innocent Alex: pharrel looks like a mole

Laura Nylander: Where the phuck can I find this with high quality audio? 😩😩😩

Laura Nylander: Where the freak can I find this with high quality audio? 😩😩😩

Laura Nylander: Where the freak can I find this with high quality audio? 😩😩😩

Yuri muckraker: back when pharell and his team the neptunes produced fine urban music before going uber commercial. man if pharell and neptunes went back to this, hip hop and rnb can have a comeback one would never belive, now its all mostly crap man. and they shouldn't have rooster blocked ray j like that, danm lil kim was sooo fine back then.

Xilo Channel: Is that Pharrell in this video???

jebriseinfo: That's the queen bee I remember. 

Margo Ledet: This the kim I miss

Kmak Milly: THIS is WHACK! Needs a Newyork old-school  beat. They wanna-be white SO BAD . Brandy & her  brother r clowns who CAN SING but their music  is WHACK . SONGS r WHACK.  I understand they have to PLEASE their masters & the white community but don't expect US to like it. I was here STRICTLY 4 Kim but she's WHITEWASHED TOO! It's a shame . I could do BETTER . Pharell is whack too. I'm sorry I even came to watch .

xldjvista: Pharrell makes miracles! He even made Ray J sound tolerable.

SherriNotTerri: I forgot just how much the Neptunes dominated back in the 2000's! They're the only reason this crap right here goes HAM

Rain Monsoon: Ray J been on deck vid re re wait

Jason Thompson: This song is some crap lol

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