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Anna Lee: This version brought my tears out. The new version lack chemistry.

Emily Huber: why is everyone obsessed with ariana's cover when this exists.......

Jennifer Moran: Really? I mean, Arianas voice is nice, but better then celine Dion??

Joel Morris: They should just delete the other version and pretend like it never happened cuz this is just heartwarming and timeless

Migael Loubser: Ariana Grande is such a bae...

Anandita Manoj: the feels

bev0821: Will forever be my favor version!

Ditmoi67: This song by Céline and Peabo should've been used for the new version of this movie. It's a classic that should never have been touched.

NarutoFan98: This is a song. The new version is terribel. I love this, snd no matter what happend, this song is the original beauty and the beast cover song. ❤

Ashleyy Adams: i cannot understand why we can't just appreciate both versions and stop comparing they both sound beautiful...

Lydia DIY: celine and the guy in this song make it seem like a love story. Ariana grande and john legend are good but when they sing it it doesn't have as much meaning.

Brooklyn Bell: sigh this version is muchhh much more magical than the new version

Hervie Crisostomo: this is the best version sorry new version nahhh old version YES YES YES

SuperWomen Sophie: Love this one too!!!! But I kinda like Ariana Grande's one better.
But whateves, Celine Dion is the Queen!!! ❤️

Fritzy Lowhan: lets say Ariana grande is the best vocalist today, still Celine's original version is the best. truly, nothing is perfect.

Andrea Lopez: Althought Ariana Grande and John Legend have nice voices, no one is ever gonna top these two. This version will always stay my favorite.

Alex. A.: It's strange that when people hear this song that they remember Celine Dion but often forget to mention Peabo Bryson... despite it being a duet.

Vicky Sieto: the best version indeed!
after half way listening the new version i realize i listen a crap.

Monica Grace Alcala: Been waiting for this one. It never gets old.. this is so beautiful. ❤️

Deslumbrante55: i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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