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Ilya Denunzio: I love that song remembering my Mary

sweet unicorm: Disney Music are the best😍😭

Lisa Brown: that is amazing song💜

naja voklo45b: this is the best version of this song, is better from ariana grande and john legende is my favourite and celine is thr best singer ever

sinawer d: Mich hat kein Disney Lied so zu Tränen gerührt wie dieses♥️

Criminal Minds Girl: They should have kept this in the live action version. John has a great voice but he and Ariana didn't do the song justice! This is why I don't watch their live versions of the films. They gotta freak it up from the classic songs down to using unnecessary CGI/computer crap. Instead of trying to make it as realistic as possible especially when it's needed.

ki rai: this is beautiful nothing can beat this version...

Ricky Rickardo: YES!! Nothing could ever beat the original! Love it :)

ambria doomhover: this is way better than the new version

Lilli B: Ha! Just watched the movie, and the Ariana Grande and John Legend version was lack luster to say the least! Did they watch the movie or study the original version at all...they had absolutely no dynamics, no emotion, just nothing.....

Gloria Shih: (秫

Gloria Shih:

The Disney Critic: In my opinion, Ariana Grande was a really poor choice to cover Celine Dion's classic, because while her vocals may be good, she's too busy showing off, and trying to be pretty, and it doesn't fit the tone for the film, nor does it make me think of Belle, or even Emma Watson, because Ariana is neither of them.

strawberry fields forever: nice vocals ..nice recording...

Audrey Ajoku: l like the song

Abby Rose Jenkinson: This song gives me chills every time I hear it

Jonelle Narito: 👍

Alexandra Emilia: how come 436 dislikes???

Jane Norton:

rajendran subbiah: fine

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