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Jesse Trippy: What's his name?´╗┐

Eduardo Filgueiras: OMG,best vid ever!!­čśŹ i love you Katy you do me fine tank you so much´╗┐

Jose Bohorquez: She is too much better than Ariana grande(annoying voice),Taylor Swift (freaking crazy) and Miley cyrus(Whore)´╗┐

stan smith: This makes no sense at all´╗┐

Martina Brasil: i love your songs so much´╗┐

Maviael Francisco Pinheiro nino: m├║sicas lindas´╗┐

Frederick Cooper: Had´╗┐

Sebastian Olivas: Some months after this songs release, Rebecca Black takes the most annoying song, Friday.´╗┐

Mattdabrat 1009: OMG IS THAT DARREN CRISS!?!?!´╗┐

Blank RealBabara: My memory :(´╗┐

Yasmine Abdo: amr diab the king´╗┐

Cassandra Aguirre: There's a stranger in my bed there's a pounding in my head glitter all over the room pink flamingos in the pool I smell like a mini bar Djs passed out in the yard barbies on the bbq´╗┐

Avery M: Check out our baking channel!!!! Also mAke sure to follow us on snapchat the_allyavery´╗┐

X Pitchu pitch: good good good´╗┐

Jose Maria Navarrete Roque: I fall in love of you.
Katy perry

Sergio Delamora: yeah´╗┐

Eman Eman: ┘ů┘ł ěş┘ä┘ł´╗┐

Richard Maud-Harper: I Like this girl, she very very crazy and I dont' forget what was born in France  
You understand my friends : )
Loveless Katy´╗┐

Cesc Film: ti amo´╗┐

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