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손현찬: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_PK7bVTIsU

Check out the other version of Last friday night by MC moohyun (live)

ASQUAD: who's watching in 2017?

DouchCanoushCSGO: cant belive this is 6 years old was 6 when this came out laying in bed and lising to it for euphoria it reminbds me of driving around calgary w my sister and the vaction to tofino with my mom and len

Delima Nababan: Yess! 2 billion 2 video, 1. Billion 2 video. 700 million (+) more than 4 video. Queen viewer!! Love you Katy!!!

YouTube you: Finally 1 billion view.

Caeleb Gill: This would make a beautiful movie

Salvador Vasqez Mijangos: Love this song

Ariel DIAZ BRENES: I love the video a song

Archu Bartolome: New Record haha 4 MV w/ billion views

Mila Arteaga: Aún recuerdo el vídeo que hicieron en la RDG sobre esto 😂😂 #NoLoSupero

Camila calle: A katy se le vio una tetajj

Camila calle: Quien habla español aqui

Gabriel Silva: 1 BILLION VIEWS!!!

Ruth Martinez: 1B OMG

Peeking Birdd: I loved watching this with my
FLIPPING cousins...

Cherilyn Schlange: I love this song!!!

Yusra Salman: katy Perry is an inspiration to the 21st century.

lickmykicks314 The Best: Omg she got 24 million subes

Dudaaah Pinheiro: 1 B Aaaaaaaa meu Deus

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