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Aug 30 2014 by Music agent
Adriana Jones: +Amelie Lewis +Cheyenne Smith +HeyWhatsUPImLazerz Kenway +HIMYNAMEISLILCHILLI AUDITORIE +Jasmine Penrith +Jasmine Penrith +Brokenstar60 wait no this reminds me of us

Seb multichickenlover: how this have 386,000,000 views when theres only 7 poeple in ithe world.

Sucemabit57: How does this video only have 380 million views when there are only 7 million people on the planet?

bianca beatriz rocha campos: Essa festa foi MT loka kkk. E mt divertida queria estar nela kkkki

Fayette Elysia: Check out this video on YouTube:

FanGirl slash Google User: The nerd is beautiful

Mirtys soares Soares: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): http://youtu.be/KlyXNRrsk4A


Henry KunsVevo: what T.G.I.F is ?

abbiesgameing: Fake this isn't Katy perry

Frenn Moreno: Who is the cute guy with six pack ? He is FINE <3 LoL . & Katy Perry my LOVE <3 . 

DA MUDDA FUK1N H0RS3: What a slut. Oh wait, almost all girl singers are.

aljamal truss: Wow this has 390 million views? But there's only 100 million people on earth so how could this be

spencerder: *SHUT UP NERD*

Soccerlover⚽: the girl that's making her pretty is rebbeca black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Javier Gonzalez Rodriguez: Buenos días mis pluseros. Gracias a Dios es Viernes. !A disfrutar el weekend!. Un abrazo para ustedes // Good morning my plusers. TGIF. Lets enjoy the weekend! Hugs for all of you.

Lunar SpaceTiger: 3:56 WEIRD AL WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???

awesomebooforums: I like to think Katy freaked all those guys in the house. Makes the song that much better.

Alltime Conspiracies: Illuminati!

eastbeast95: katy perry is almost 30 and she is still pretending to be in high school, grow up 

MegaBeta: tomorrow is friday. Tgif

Deathwing Silence: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♡♥¤♥¤♥♡♥¤♥♥♥♥♥ T.G.I.F T.G.I.F That was awsome so cool for my speakers were loud as trumpet the loudest thing..funny video xD that nerd knows how to fight

Kurotsugu: Is anyone else just watching music videos for the hell of it? 

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Samantha Curtis: Over 300 milion views but theres over 900 bilion people on earth 😢 Katy Perry is my life im one of your biggest fans I have all your CDs I LOVE YOU KATY 😭😭😭

FGSharpPlayz: Couldn't fudge in watch it because my thing kept freezing

Rashidah Bibi: What does T.G.I.G. means

Tabby Staggs: Nicki minaj is better than Katy perry

Meribellz: Who's Kathy Beth terry? 

Lilalee68: Rebecca Black is going to the stupid videos

NZTV: Best Friday Anthem!

Anh Tu Pham: What does TGIF mean? 

Lika Boss: IS THAT CORREY FELDMAN!? Well i think thats his last name.

Nia Walters: I just noticed darren chris is in this video... bae

JesusPaid4You2: Freeway to heaven: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved - Acts 16:31. Jesus died for our sins, was buried and rose again. All who believe on Jesus Christ will have eternal life in Heaven. Once saved, always saved. John 6:37.

Hai-Mie Nguyen: Katy Perry should be an ACTOR ACTOR

Jero Arturo: What does T.G.I.F. mean?

Sherry Mashael: Rebecca Black - the last of me

David Liao: She is so freaking weird, no wonder Russel Brand ditched her.

Tomie Oshiro: This friday night Do it all again! :)

Owen Gunn: Whats tgif

mariana rojo: i do not like this video is so stupid i hate the video...

Ana Rita: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.): http://youtu.be/KlyXNRrsk4A

veronica gastelum: todos los mexicanos que vean esto sabran que se combirtio en un capitulo de la rosa de guadalupe que se llama "sin papas en casa" sale todo jajaja xD y la tipa se viste igual xD PD. en todos los videos tiene que aparecer el salvaje comentario en español xD 

ator aswe: This video has 388,000,000 views , but there is only 100,000 people on this planet . Swedish alert , hacker alert.

Sanne Sleegers: Am i stupid?? What means t.g.i.f? :p

Mustapha Ait Amnay Bouga: Kathy Perry's mOSt SPontAneOus Party anD Very fUn tOO DePenDinG frOm WhiCh SiDe WE LoOK At iT. Perry revealed: "There's nothing better than an impromptu dance party with my friends. <3 According to Music Rooms, Perry claims that after a wild night of partying and streaking, she wrote the song about her antics and what she remembered the next day. My track 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)' is a song about debauchery because I had one of those nights in Santa Barbara. We went out to this place called Wildcat and got crazy," 

Super Henri: I saw bland from glee!!!

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