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Jun 21 2014 by Lyrics
Frenn Moreno: Who is the cute guy with six pack ? He is FINE <3 LoL . & Katy Perry my LOVE <3 . 

Ellie Goulding Goulddigger: i hate katy perry studpid kok sukkin bitch

tleeg74: freaking stupid

Olivia G.: T.G.I.F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spencerder: *SHUT UP NERD*

YoungA170: I'm a rapper trying to get some recognition, can you guys give my music a listen...

CallMeMiku: Do I spot Rebecca Black?

LuckyMusiqLive: this song and video proves shes creative. im getting popular quickly because i rap with meaning. thumbs up if you take a crap and hate when the water splashes your balls...

x crazy x chan x: 3:56 oh look its the saxist on the roof

Lunaria: How come she passed out in a party outfit and makeup and woke up like that? F*ck logic :)

TMG4M3R: Nice Video But T.G.I.F What Does Mean ?

ashley ambat: omg rebecca black is there at the party 2:42

Avril Park: Love this!!

Stella Toucourt: Bon vendredi en musique...Lol !

miner mee: Pause to 3:24 u will see a guy with a red shirt with black on the top left corner he died on 1988 this vid is cursed.

destiny snow: Awesome

Carol Jones: Ellen n Diane this definitely sounds like your Friday night!! Lol

nick jackson: even when she supposed to look ugly,she looks hot...

TRILL WILL: I'd lick KAty Perry's but

MysticTF2: Was that Weird Al on the saxophone???

Jossejagguar: 3:43 what's that the chorus says?

Sotiris Christou: Rebecca Black just had to ruin the whole thing. -__-

Danielius Mikovičius: shakira is wayy better

annette williams: Luv Mz. Perry.....♡♡♡

maheen hassan: Sorry for party rockin!

JAMACIANW00K1E: What a slut. Oh wait, almost all girl singers are.

Cornelius5465: Last Friday Night 

Adolf Hitler: What song is this?

Ultramine3000: this song has bad morals

Von-yae-yae Chan: i woken up like that at least once

Robin Macayettey: Real cute:) Reminds me of myself... lol a little anyway. I love the way she can transform her looks..that says a lot about Katy Perry:)

hi: 4:24 luckiest maggot to ever roam this planet

Omar Escabar: it be better if she could sing

Regina Rose: What the heck is "TGIF"? After all this years I still don't know.. -,-

Kerri Darby: dammmm like it

Amber Sims: I play sax and I never knew it could go THAT high!

Solymi Vigh: Wow Much alcohol Very friday

Porsche Whitehead: Rebecca Black looks different in this video but now 2014 black hair and light brown dark brown wow!!:)beatiful I love Rebecca cool sing katy Perry is pretty

NazyUzumaki: Is this is actual movie???!

Dirty Harry: I think this song is what Rebecca Black was trying to make when she recorded "Friday".

Samantha Styles: Love Glee actors

Margarida Marcelino: de maria rapaz a menina fixe

Raven C.: 0:23 was THAT ke$ha

Eve Carter: illuminati

legalemperor: Funny how her parents literally don't give a single freak about the boys in her room

lex gold: (no homo and im not one of it) But Katy Perry is my fav Singer


bahtiyar94: ласт фрайди нигхт

ntina ntinaki: I believe that the girl who dressed Katy was not Rebecca but the Anna Mae Routledge. :)

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