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Mar 13 2014 by Music agent
thiruvetti: Yuck.. boring !

damaris garcia: jajajajaaja ke lin katy perry

Anderson St. Martin: Katy's so cool and funny.... And i love her facial expressions... haha this vid makes my day! She inspires me to keep it real... one day my music's gonna inspire at least one person (and that'll be the most awesome thing ever) i do covers btw, could you guys please check any of the out? they're pretty good. give them a chance! Hope i didn't bother... not my intention! Thanks a lot!

electricnight155: 3:30 is that an actual remix? If so someone tell me the name...

slannmage: freak You Gametrailers!

Rhiannon Lewis: "IT WAS REBECCA" "No honey Rebecca is a good girl" Lol

janettegleek1D: 0:31 darren criss 

Mike Guyadeen: Haha...that face @3:20 

Brandon Beasley: I am an artist that wants to inspire others. I'd appreciate anyone who checks out my music. 

sienna zamlich: OMG!!!! The dork boy is from glee!!!! 

Amber Sims: I play sax and I never knew it could go THAT high!

Sir Geng: What is TGIF?

Arianna Graziosi: I started screaming when I saw Darren Criss... Amazing song btw

Tommi Helander: You are funny but good way😄😍😍😍😍😍

CourtneyandLindsayFan: my sister looks like Kathy Beth Terry in the mornings!

tay tay junior: Fantastic! Katy is the queen♥

Angela Delaney: lol

Alexandra Lozano: Last Friday night everyone

rob blox: wtf

TheMilkShakeVlog: very nicely done inch thick for the whole crew and all the people who have participated mvg Themilkschakevlog

Oliwia Borth: super!

marttina stossa: no di poland

Eboni Williams: She was doing a soudoko

Jennipher Encarnacion: me singing I love you katy perry it's fun

April Lamunion: Nerd

KiteGr: Is this the new ric-roll?

liu shilong: Kenny G!

Angelica Olalde: omg lol

Zuzia Stukonis: Darren 😍😍😍

Chi Mệnh Hương Ly: .

lovedc hamchoco: love

Flávio Fonseca: nearly 3 years since this song was published, the time goes fast :( TGIF

Μαριρένα Κοντογιάννη: the video clip is a little idiot....

Amanda Stephany: lol.......XD :) hahahahaha she went crazy!

Lisa Giesen: best song ever !!

Brixter Jhon Jhairo Balagtas: DaDawah 

Carmen Vega: Luv Katy perry I'm a Katy Cat. So is my little sis ava. #awesome Sauce.

Miran Huseynov: I like dorky Perry ;) shes sexy

morena perez: uuuuuuuh

macy palmer: errm am i the only 1 that doesnt know what tgif means?

Andrew Mcpherson: LOL LOL

lorde lover: Steve Johnson so lucky he squeezed her ass


marsella trejo: OMG¡¡¡ is Darren Criss <3 <3 <3

Leyla akyıldız: Katy perry seems much older than the people at party , her party costume is old fashioned too 

鄭全孝: Nice

thamyres felix: demaiisss rsrs

Kimora Taylor: love the out fit at the party

matt r: wiwt, good party!!!

Nathan Ramos: Awsome im ten and i have a 4 pack wired but i work out a lot :)

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