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Sukittomytete Auraah: tommorrow people are from new zealand, kalohe kai are from hawaii

bkolomona: HAWAIIAN

Ruth Tekeu: Aaarrrrgghh, looveee this songg ??? My jamm

bkolomona: Yeah from hawaii 

paul ayeras: I'm stoned w/ this song. BUT i love it though. ^_^

neizel lopez: .+' i lub this song ...

hERBtHASENSEi: i seriously listened to this song a hundred times.


Leonardo Melo: Perfect voice!

taiza leathers: great song.

hayley parkdrive: nice song . gud on you guys

Moniica Carroll: woah sad i heard it was cause he is a jehova or however u spell it and the lyrics werent fitting in or something like that :(

cxelizabvth: what..? ): i didnt kow they broke up

ASHLEY FOSTER: beautiful song, kalohe kai and tomorrow people collaborating, genius.

Pylisjtayr Bucknell: i loooove this song so addictive love you heeaaaappz kolohe kai xxxxxooooooo <3

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Tomorrow People Feat. Kolohe Kai - Feel Alright 5 out of 5