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Dec 17 2014 by MP3
Sukittomytete Auraah: tommorrow people are from new zealand, kalohe kai are from hawaii

AlohaVid Island: Feel Alright - @TomorrowPpl ft. @KoloheKai_Music 

AlohaVid Reggae: Feel Alright - @TomorrowPpl ft. @KoloheKai_Music 

bkolomona: HAWAIIAN 

bkolomona: Yeah from hawaii 

Ruth Tekeu: Aaarrrrgghh, looveee this songg ??? My jamm

Rocky W: Tomorrow People - Feel alright

AlohaVid: Tomorrow People Feat. Kolohe Kai - Feel Alright #AlohaVid @TomorrowPpl @KoloheKai_OHP

Leonani1: Cherreh songs fellaz...keep it comin :) && KeepItLit

PieterseRocks: one off kinda

jeanette tumilap: nice

zayniebooo: what..? ): i didnt kow they broke up

CocacolaCowboy1919: I just discovered them now you gonna take my joy away and tell me they no together :(

SeraChloe: <3 <3 <3

Moniica Carroll: woah sad i heard it was cause he is a jehova or however u spell it and the lyrics werent fitting in or something like that :(

paul ayeras: I'm stoned w/ this song. BUT i love it though. ^_^

skuxxpruducts10: Awwwww jokes. PUSHED THE WROG BUTTON. ILOOVE DISS SONG!!

Piripi Oldham: This is mean maori mean big ups to you guys

Ann Tango: Love this song MEAN POLYNESIAN MEAN, aei everybody feel alright.

ywame: its tomorrow people ft kolohe kai -_-

hERBtHASENSEi: i seriously listened to this song a hundred times.

Pylisjtayr Bucknell: i loooove this song so addictive love you heeaaaappz kolohe kai xxxxxooooooo <3

mybabyboyiloveyou: CHUR mean as, loving this song, :) xo <3

rysngl: yeah

Leonardo Melo: Perfect voice!


Eryn Williams: ;) tell it to your mother ALRIGHT!!!!

neizel lopez: .+' i lub this song ...

hayley parkdrive: nice song . gud on you guys

MrHazenIam: Kolohe kai should get back together :( Love you guys much <3

taiza leathers: great song.

1922aaron: Mean jam!

ASHLEY FOSTER: beautiful song, kalohe kai and tomorrow people collaborating, genius.

teachmehowtomaori11: Ohhh, owhhhh, owwwwh, OWWWWWHHH. Kolohe kai i want you back aswell. Heaps

SKYLINE NIPPON: When yall gon make a video to this?? hella tight song

Kobe Tamati: love this song :)

DaRealBoondock: I could listen to this tomorrow, today, and yesterday.

finestromeo: poly poly poly aotearoa stay black polys

JCorrique: Chur Bruddas AWESOME tunez. Loving it

ruanui1: thanks guys but you should get back together

BEAUTYXXX1: mean song! :D

Luke James Ibuos: One Love Like the song not the comment

Jalen Nepia: ilove this sonq! <3 meaan as sonq , do yuo have the lyrics to puht uhp on this?? ! yuotube! <3

Piripi Oldham: This mean maori mean keep it up

rawinia Wikohika: Kolohe Kai . . . . . . Love You Guys, Yous Should Soo Get Back Together, Kick Ass Band ♥



sshthamesnat123: Mean Song First Comment Like pleaze :)

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