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Vina Abston: This is the best show of video 

Ngo Toan: nice song, lovely singer, love Laos

Inthapanya Thongsamay: Good! nice song

Tom Nguyen: Long live Laos/Isaan people

Tom Nguyen: nice song, nice performance dance

VannitaKularb K: lovely  voice

Kuni Srimani: Oh(y) ohy ohy jeb hlai dey jeb hlai dey ohy ohy ohy sob sob sob boo hoo boo, He sucks, you can find better, forget about him!

Ngoc Que son Ha: hay that thank

EmeraldofIsan: Mor Lum THAI ISAN not LAos 

Kim Heuang: Love this song!!

TheMattsPath: Glad I I found this song again! Thank you for uploading!

stfumvs: The past is now the past. Stop the hate. It is still a beautiful culture and they obviously haven't lost their tradition.

buklao559: thats a pretty long name you got there.

Phongsavan University: I am so sorry to this moment I would like extend my condolence to your family now she is rest in peace

Sam Raider: love will never die just get over it cuzz this song is about love not about mom pass alway

tomay57: I would mind to translation but just to long, I'm going to make long story to short one ... Is big sister tell little sister about love/ men .

Pam Xyooj: Translation of this song please

stoneh2b: *Be*

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Mor Lum Lao 5 out of 5