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Mar 17 2015 by MP3 player
Ngo Toan: nice song, lovely singer, love Laos

Inthapanya Thongsamay: Good! nice song

Kuni Srimani: Oh(y) ohy ohy jeb hlai dey jeb hlai dey ohy ohy ohy sob sob sob boo hoo boo, He sucks, you can find better, forget about him!

Tom Nguyen: Long live Laos/Isaan people

VannitaKularb K: lovely voice

Tom Nguyen: nice song, nice performance dance

EmeraldofIsan: Mor Lum THAI ISAN not LAos 

Ngoc Que son Ha: hay that thank

Kim Heuang: Love this song!!

Sam Raider: love will never die just get over it cuzz this song is about love not about mom pass alway

Phongsavan University: I am so sorry to this moment I would like extend my condolence to your family now she is rest in peace

north925: Job & Joy my fav

Blah blah: @MrZnoopie Actually no your fact is wrong.Wikipedia is not the right way to get the real fact and sources. It can be edited by anybody. Lanna was not a "Thai" kindgom, but a Lao kingdom. Ancient time, there was no such thing as "Thai". the word Thai/Thailand was created around 1939. Those people who ruled Lanna are actually Tai-Lao. Lao and Tai are the same people but with different name. The first great migration of Tai were actually called Ai Lao into Dien Bien Phu.

Keg chanthavong: where can i get the guy version?

Blah blah: @MrZnoopie The second great migration was during the destruction of Nanchao Kingdom by the Mongols. These Lao people called themselves Tai. Those "Thai" you are referring to are actually Khmer people who are mixed with Tai-Lao people which became known as the Siam people(Central Thai). Lemme ask you this, is Fa Ngam Thai and Lao or is he full Lao? Please respond.

ailao2008: You seem to know a lot about our history.I am impress.I hope that you will let younger people learn from you via of YouTube or any way possible.Please keep on sharing.

StickyRice Mofo: @tang1268 BWAI DIS AINT NO LUM LAO THIS LUM THAI.....

Blah blah: Of course in southern Isssan like Surin, Roi Et, Sisaket, Buriram.

Ai Bao Lao: this one of the best female vocalist next to Jintara.


Blah blah: While he went back to Lan Xang to fight his halfbrothers for the throne. Some of the Lanna royal court people didn't like having a lanxang king so they put Mekuti on the throne. When Chao Chaiyachettha heard of the news, he marched his army back into ChiangMai to escort his authority. So if lanna and lanxang wasn't the same kingdom, why would he go back to ChiangMai to overthrow Mekuti from the throne?

bostonlaoboy: I agree with you 100%, please step back haters... You might learn something important If you just listen carefully....

StickyRice Mofo: those are my aunties singing

Pam Xyooj: Translation of this song please

Naphrat Phrarat: @prakai872 whatever categorical types of Mor Lums or Lums are authentically originated in Laos. Therefore, they are all belong the precious asset of the Lao Langxang. The principal reason why Issan people still very wholeheartedly love to sing Mor Lums or Lums because the entire Issan was formerly territory of Laos that's right Lao Issan still love their social, cultural and linguistic heritage. Both Lao and Issan have very rich culturally, linguistically and consociationally.

Ai Bao Lao: May your mom RIP and sorry for her passing, this song means a lot.

Aznsownall: i have a bunvh of lao music on my ipod :) and thai well i have isan hip hop

John69203: Does some people from Issan Province speak Khmer?

Naphrat Phrarat: This Lum is a Lao original. Lao Isans are Lao rooted in their culture, tradition, blood and ways of life. Go Laos, go Laos. It is Laos era.

Blah blah: @tawanwalking Won't you learn more history, He was king of both kingdom. He had absolute power and can move things if he wishes.

Ai Bao Lao: it's lum lao.

Naphrat Phrarat: @Norb1t9 I agree with you. Anuvong, the King of Lao Lanxang led his most ferocious troops to fight against Siamese. His troops prevailed major battles but unfortunately his troops were defeated at. I do not want to mention because it remains antagonistic memory in Lao history. However, life is precious. Life for all Lao, Issan and Thai people move on, but it's important to understand a history of Lao Langxang kingdom whose cultural, linguistic and social heritage remain influential upon Issan.

Phaitun Mark van Holland: Yes, it's lum lao but lum lao has many styles. This one is Lum Phu Thai/Tai style.

Tha Khonlao: Hmm...hey is dis lum pul thai? correct me plzz if im wrong

Naphrat Phrarat: @maxieyellowbobpants you are absolutely wrong. All categorical types of Lums or Mor Lum have been authentically originated in Laos. My only suggestion for you is to briefly educate yourself about the history of Kingdom Langxang ruled by King Anouvong whose ruled territories historically covered through out the entire Northeast as well as Northern parts of today Thailand. That's right the Lums or Mor Lum that Issan people still love it very much are belong to the birthplace of Laos.

baakmee: i love it

qpJUSTiNOqp: subaidee fellow laos people

tkeosaksith: @maxieyellowbobpants, if admiring and appreciating beautiful lao/thai girls are perverted, then call me a perverted....hahaha.

chinolatino77: @tawanwalking Lanna and Lanxang were both Lao kingdoms. Lanna was called the Western Lao State and Lanxang was called the Eastern Lao State. Both Lanna and Lanxang was ruled under a Lao king so he could not take the emerald buddha from his own people, where as the Siamese at the time were known as the "outsiders." Lanna and Lanxang have more in common as far as language, food, etc..than the Siamese.

ailao2008: Yes,it's lum Phu Tai.These were people that was taken by Thai government when we lost our land. They are Phu Tai Tribe,part of the original ailao people(that was what we were called before we changed our name to Lao).

StickyRice Mofo: :D thats kool you smart i want to be as educated at you


magiccarp: Phutai people are the original Ai-Lao, they did not absorb all the Hindu-Khmer and Mon influences like Lao and Thai people. Ai Lao was a branch of Tai peoples in China that settled Southeast Asia, why all Lao, Thai, Isan, Yuan, Shan, and Phuan people call themselve 'Tai'. Lan Xang was formed much later, and was name of the great Lao kingdom.

AiJimmy: LuckyLaosboy, I totally agree, and did any lao people in here ever get told by their parents to never marry a thai person??? they said its like jews marrying a german. Thai people are freaked up.

stoneh2b: *Be*

Blah blah: Lan Na & Lan Xang are run by the same ethnic people which is LAO. And yes Lanna and Lanxang were allied, also they were a united kingdom during the reign of Chao Chaiyachettha. His capital was Chiang Mai when he ruled both kingdom. It was too close to the Burmese so he moved it back to Luang Prabang then to Vientiane. The reason he left Lan Na was because his half brothers were going to take the throne. So he appointed his aunt to run Lan Na.

stfumvs: The past is now the past. Stop the hate. It is still a beautiful culture and they obviously haven't lost their tradition.

Nick Tang: yo

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