@CeeLoGreen - F**k You @Pianistmiri Official Music Video Piano Cover with Lyrics

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Dec 18 2014 by Torrent
Lisa Bernreiter: Omg it is so amazing how you can play on the piano! Im 15, from germany, also play piano and i wish, that someday i can play piano like you! I love you so much! <3 

Bonecrusher27WTF: HOLY crap!

cayleen coonrod: My fuking god u r so wonderful oh my lord Jesus 

Nadina Sk: i will pllaaaaaay it !!!!

Andrew Lee: Would really like to play this, where did you get the sheet music?

Evan Hoffman: awesome. please teach me!!

Zoey Fisher: Omg iv'e NEVER heard anyone play like that

Nadine Rolef: *---* 

Eric Myles: Good 4 her :)

jackylali: Super

Phong Zoo: awesome!!!! :((

raymond19981023: freak you!!! ooo

Andi Andreas: @Wintendows 10 people need to go f*ck themself with their fat fingers!

yzermanfan1: Really really really awesome.

Billya742: @Orecrazy there already is one....

Sam Tran: @JokersReunite SWAG. Something We All Get tired of hearing.

dundunduuun: SWAG. Something We Asians Got.

WRANGLER359: @SuperMaweina right ...im sure you could do better!

Anton Holst: @DasKloputzer ever heard of 720p?

nAicerG78: wow.. ur so amazing.. do u have any video tutorial couz i really want to learn!! or atleast da chords??

Ricky van den Boogaard: The original was named freak You. Forget you is the censored version which in my opinion sucked...

eXoTiCTaBz: Nice! Where do u learn this from? u buy piano notes or something? Still nice covers =)

MrCharzard989: damn look at her hand from 1:13 to 1:20 its crazy thumbs up if its crazyy

jv9ufxcy: @energizerbunni8o8 reinforcing stereotypes since 1982

Gabriel Ian Lim: Heyhey, can you tell me what are the keys for the down run at 1.12-1.14? Thanks! Awesome cover!

mrssrwebb: O my never heard a lady play this keep it going

Ryan LaVigne: @DarePhotography1 People like me and you sacrificed our talent so people like this could be good... Sadly our parents were the ones who signed the contract without reading it, so we can blame them.

dundunduuun: @meatpuFFisGAY Will do. Just statin' the truth.

mandyb8016: Wow you are amazing! I have a request... Can you play l"ove you like a love song" by Selena Gomez? It would be amazing!!!! :)

Bamm Davis: Wooooow. Your amazing!!! Lol I just learned the chords but then I clicked on this and OMG! you should do a tutorial.

i〈3pewdiepie: :-O OMG THAT IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

dundunduuun: @lolipopx100 that was my cousin. he used my youtube account. SO STFU. just enjoy the music.

BigThinGreg: Sheet music would be awesome if possible.

Vuzze Ngo: @Fabeo2 love to listen to your mom having an orgasm

ixcuincle: ROFL This video is just hilarious Well done chief

Denden Moleta: @Cupofteaaaa oh thanks for the info... ^_^

PainPrincessNini: cant stop watching this !!

MrRonar747: that's the name of the censored version.

Maxime van der Leest: Awesome

katnissevergreen101: Cause Asians Are Awesome like That

Cafu192: i like that right hand, so smooth ;)

TheAlibaba07: wow....you are amazing.. hopefully ill be like you some day!!!

keeperking12: I think it's amazing that their songs are recognizable: D

elliebob9: Wow your hands were very graceful and this was an amazing cover :D

datnat32: her fingers were dancing!!

Eva Gravison: wasn't that song called forget you? I'm confused.

skjelten: That is right

Scotty K: how on earth do you do that?! that is insain!

xXBlack_ownXx: I love your music you are amazing !!!

Fabeo2: @meatpuFFisGAY precisely.

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