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roberto ponce: Iconic

LetsKatieLoveHue love: r a whore who went to whore school .

LetsKatieLoveHue love: whores did u go to a whore school?

victoria maciel: Esse clipe parece Mia Colucci em carreira solo #rbd

Calum Smith: I only like this song because of the so money supermarket adverts lol

bailarina Flor: Brasil🎼🎶🎵🎶🎼🎶🎵🎧

Ana111 Q: I like christina.she is beautiful and talented.


nugal: Christina Aguilera is genuinely lucky to have eyebrows after this phase 😭

Sarah Thomas: It is a good song xx

humixmusic4lyf: Damn. This video has everything! Like I've just realised all new m/v's just re-use old m/v idea's, but just change the look up a bit.

Bryan Hokage: How did I get from Matpat to here?

HATE HATERS: Brick city we blessed let's get dirty bitches!

Rolando Rodriguez: Great songs

amanda brownlee: Reminds me of total fitness

Datting Chatting: Tired of watching porn? Why don’t you sign up at and get a real girl? Tonight! It's Free

LetsKatieLoveHue love: i know everything bout music industry i just need style and money lol to transform me into a chick lol

lhollins ok: Lmao eyebrow phase. Girl what?

Segovia: I'm Slave 4 you >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

xxxTIN0xxx: I liked Xtina's first album but this is the song and video that seriously turned me into an obsessed fan. I had my bedroom wall covered in posters of her (in which she was quite naked lol), I asked for her album Stripped for Christmas and cherished it as a treasure being careful not to cause scratches on the cover lol. I listened to it 20 times at day until I memorized all the lyrics, I danced to this song as a freak and requested it in every discotheque and I even used to wear blue contact lens 'cos I was bewitched by Xtina's blue eyes (00:34). It's been 15 years since the release of Dirrty, I miss 2002 so bad and wish I could go back to those days.

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Christina Aguilera - Dirrty ft. Redman 5 out of 5