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Melinda Odonnell: dufogw

Jeremy W: The whore is strong with this one.

LizC20: ITS so uncinfortable to see All that skin, i can't evento hug a person without feeling weird.

Vale Guerra: yo me llamo yajairaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Vale Guerra: y????? es creia y agranda

Vale Guerra: la yajaira me cae mal jaja

Christi Mikesh: ГАВНО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilhelm Felix: that booty .. god ..

Jon Michael Cortez: I feel like Cristina tried to hard and Britney in slave for u was sexy and natural

Wonder Girl: I go full lesbian to this

Joseph Emmanuel Templa: 2017

олег колыч: Проказница Кристина ты прелесть;)))

Mateo Hurtado: boys: what r u into
me: oh oh, here we go here we go

Stephanie Hopkins: I'm well sexy kiss you xoxoxo love you sex six to you 🦂🎮♣🏀🎱🏈🎴👹🍄🍔🎳👶💋👿😘😍😛👨‍❤‍👨

👻💖💘 sex rap

Minara Khan: I hate this song its too DIRTY! :/

da_hooliii: I remember this song. It was a Top 5 Hit here in Germany in 2002.

Autumn Harvey: Never understood why women feel they have to get practically nude to attract viewers.

daniel morales: jejejeje esta cancion me hace trabajar en tesis xD

Rubina Zelnik: woow oh I can sing and dens.<3<3<3<3<3

stE Kar: Why is this girl coppieng Kylie Jenner?

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