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Melanin: When your 13 and you already knew about this song before kylie the plastic bitch....

sara gomez: this video gave a LOT of inspiration to what lady gaga and miley cirus did later, and cristina was so critized for it.

julio hernandez: who came bc caitlyn jenner?

halcyon daze: copied britney spears in "I'm a slave 4 u"

ari teras: very nice

babylelee22: When Christina started becoming sexually active and gained a little bit of weight and wanted to show off ahahaha! That's what I thought when I seen this video...

erenseis: inventor of twerk

Vasileski88: ASAP Science brought me here. Better to be dirty!

Jose Ramirez: did they cast MS-13 for it?

Elizabeth Jiménez Gutiérrez: Where's the doggy style?

iamtheKingbitch:: this is a boner machine video

Sligo 1978: Kylie Jenner in the BEST costume from Halloween 2016 #Dirrty

Alisha DiPaola: CLASSIC!!!!

sarahbellum: I remember when MTV did a Making the Video for this.

Sommerregen1990: that face. <3

camilazarte2312: Xtina, teaching us how to twerk since 2002

tinker bell: she looked sooo slutty in this song..a real piece of trash..

izet fazlinovic: Bradley Martyn brought me here

pepelishis: one of the most iconic looks ever

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