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Yanelsi Molina: Salsa cristiana

entertainmentstarz1: There lots of topless bald men around Christina Aguilera when she's on the fighting rink. I would've imagine be in that music video and my skin would touch everybody skin that are sticky b/c all the sweats from the dancing in that crowded room.

Autumn Newman: Nothing like getting ready for work in the morning to this song

Nancy Goedkoop: Steven Kensmil - Commelinstraat 247 hs - 1093 SK Amsterdam
OLVG Hospital - Oosterpark sow - 1093 RB Amsterdam
T 020 636 44 04 - T 020 614 80 61 - T 020 636 76 16 - T 020 614 91 09

Mía Di Napoli: en esos tiempos cristina ya tiraba pasos de twerk

Erikioba: EPICAL.

jason day: Every time I get a Boner..

Charlie. A.: Ella era mi amor platónico 😢

ben eller: this is a cool  song but  I have a fun fact about  Christina A.  she doesn't like panties   which I have to  GOOD GIRL  she is awesome

just sydnie: This is the reason I'm gay

Xander X: I can't help but think this video was Christina's answer to I'm a slave 4 u.

Shy Stone: not iconic or innovative...Britney did it before with I'm a Slave 4 u💅💅💅

Gabe Garner: true art

alberto dovvaly: what year?

Azshar1: I remember being like 8 and freezeframing at 1:52 :D

Diego Castro: used have crash on Christina Aguilera when this song's came out remind me wanna get dirty with Christina Aguilera

Diego Castro: love dirty Christina Aguilera redman kill it on this track

Timothy Riley: God can cleanse your dirtyness just ask Him !!! Amen !!!

Christian Reina Enciso: Veo este video y por 4 minutos me siento que me vuelvo Heterosexual.

Soares Canal: I was sad this wasn't a hit in the US

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