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The Captain: Sooooo hot. Want to touch the heinie.

karim lazialle: still better than any other average video on youporn

Karolina Wilk: Ja tez kochani w 2017. Pozdrawiam wszystkich fanów xtiny z polski 😍

kar RF: Those moves tho...

RebeckaGllitter França: 3:55 capoeira Brazil love

dalia nawel: Listen now ??

baki mucogllava: 2002 😮

Kate Moore: She’s in a boxing ring - yet her arms look like straws.. um ok...

3 DAYS BEFORE REBIRTH: To be compared with the current generation's music videos, I think this video is very innocent.

hunters. paradise: Kyle Jenner wore this for Halloween last year


Heather Flicker: What did you say that

Heather Flicker: I love it

Alice Augé: euh ... who have see the baby boys at 3:04 ? seriously ?
CA : do u want to be in my clip ? i love make a sexual mouvement and take of my clothes
parents: ok !! x)
(i like C A but put a children in ur clip ... i don't think it was a good idea ;) ) (i'm french so be indulgent with my writing )

This Expensive Life: rip Bernie Mac

Jim Jones: Sooooo.. had to hire loclass do nothing niggers to yell crap while you yell crap over computer generated music to sell yourselves? Congrats low lifes.

djson28: David Lachapelle is a Masterpiece maker!!

PunkFuckUp: always thought christina in her prime was hotter than britney

Madelyne Mickaela: salvatore 4ever

Sadie Mao: Not gonna lie but that turn around and hair flip also hip sway at 1:39 got me wet. XTINA!!

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Christina Aguilera - Dirrty ft. Redman 5 out of 5