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bimmjim: Good Golly Miss Molly ! I'm glad I heard that.

Thelonious Coltrane: john mayer is a blues player at heart...'nuf said...

as for EC, BB and BG: nothing left to prove.

as for JIMI HENDRIX: cmon, do we even have to debate on his skills?

Maximilian Bartel: I can't tell you how tired I am of this discussion.
Under every single John Mayer video some idiots have to constantly compare Mayer to SRV, Clapton, Hendrix, B.B. King,...
I mean - what is the point of doing that?

First of all, it seems like people cannot get over the fact that Mayer is a undoubtedly great guitarist. You just can't say that he's a "bad" or average player. That's just not true!
Simply judging him on his technique, speed, touch and tone this guy is a freaking great guitarist and far above the average player.

I also think that blues lovers and Mayer critics can't get over the fact that he is so versatile. He came from Acoustic pop, went on to the blues and now ended up making two country records.
Imagine SRV writing a pop song - I don't know if he could pull it of. And he doesn't have to but all I'm saying is that Mayer succeeded in every single genre by winning Grammy's, getting great feedback by other artists and selling millions of records. To me that is what makes him such a great musician that he is a pure pop artists, while being able to play a freaking solid and beautiful blues (Out Of My Mind), and on top playing some laid back country without using all the cheesy lyrics. People can't wrap their head around someone who can do that. Step into another genre and just cracking it. Many blues players dedicated their life to Blues music and there's nothing wrong with that. But there's this Mayer guy who dedicated his life to all sorts of music so he can't be the master of every single genre he plays. Well, he's definitely on his way to become a true legend if you ask me.

Then thirdly all those people judging him and his guitar skills constantly try to argue against Mayers unassailable recognition by other artists. Clapton doesn't just say things like: 'He is a master guitar player.' for no reason. He isn't inducting SRV in the Hall Of Fame for no reason and so on.

And then there's the big discussion over his private life. Oh my God. Get a life people! When I'm interested in music I don't care about who's girl this guys sleeping with. And if you're that kind of guy you at least gotta respect him for sleeping with a list of women many of us would be happy to only shake hands with.
Imagine you're getting overpured with money and fame in your early twenties. How would you react? It's just plain naive and stupid to judge him on mistakes he made without us being in his position.

Anyway, that's just what I've been thinking.

Maya Oc: 👂🎸🎤👍💗 both together...yeeehaa!

shigeru nanba: このライブのクラプトンは普段より良い感じがした。ジョンメイヤーに負けてないね!

chris fuller: One of my favorites. With two of my favorite guitarists

Randomsongs: i knew John was more than just a mainstream guitarist.

Figaro Lucowswki: mayer is a very under rated guitar player... he seems to be at his best when he plays with clapton

oleole52: The true brilliance was Clapton in 1968 coming up with this rocking arrangement of a Robert Johnson song from about 1930.

Vazquez Ramon: I feel the game of John Mayer a little bit more "inventive" well structured and clean

bmack: Never heard of John Mayer but saw Clapton in the sixties and Mayer is incredibly awesome!

Gustavo Seabra: mannnn that letdown right after the lick at 2:36 is so damm rich, trying to steal by now

Matteo Russo: Eric's smile at 1:30 is priceless.  
A nod of approval to Mayer.  
You just can't disregard Mayer's hard work.  
He deserves all the recognition.  
Those who ignore so, are stuck in time  
and will forever dream of playing as well.

stinkbandit: 3:57 EC passing the torch.

dawnutsandcoffee: this was shot with an HD potato

Rahul Rajkhowa: John Mayer and Eric Clapton have been a massive inspiration to me for the longest time. Do give my new single a shot if you enjoy music along these lines. I did put a lot of work into it :)
would be glad to know what you think. I'm just a 20 year old Indian Kid recording and shooting music videos out of my savings.

Billbill80s: Two of the worlds inarguably most overrated guitarists, 'performing' together, live, on the same stage, playing someone else's song.

WileECoyotey: The kid has balls ripping off Eric's own riff  while he standing next to him.

flounderize: Anyone knows if it´s Steve Jordan at the drums?

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