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Jul 20 2014 by Demo
Marcus Evans: WTF Eric is bored. That's why he is playing with Mayer. Mayer holds no torch to any of our real blues guitarists. How is he noted as "one of the best in the the world". My hope for my generation of music is done, gone, diminished. I am 16 BTW. It looks like it will be only my family listening to actual music and talent.

Massimo Colarusso: Q: Doctor, is Mayer better than Clapton? A: Oh, I see the medication is still not working properly, I think we should go through with more efficient treatments. Have I talked to you about shock therapy? 

Dan West: Oh My Gosh...........what more do I need to say!!

SoothedBySound: I love Clapton, but at this point, Mayer is both a better singer AND a better guitar player.

M.T.G: Clapton Sounds like 'Clapton' & Mayer sounds like everybody else... 

kerry mcmanus: If Eric had a mind to he could blow John off the stage,instead he is respectful to other players he likes,he says more in 15 notes than John does in 100.

ron s: mayter better than clapton....its like saying margarine is better than butter.....

Guitar Journeys: It's been awhile since I watched this video, but coming back to it recently I have to say I'm actually impressed with John Mayer. Not to knock him as a musician or guitarist, but it's gotta be hard to hold your own next to Clapton!

Dexter Haven: I don't know musical history too well, but what an honor for Clapton to be able to play with Mayer like this...

Cody Justice: Watching John play with any of the blues legends is great. I watched him do a set with B.B. King and it was by far the most kick ass thing I have ever seen. John is a badass.

Alla Lenders: ----------продолжим)

luuke furtado: Ginger Baker would have punched mayer in the face....Just ask Jack Bruce....

Spencer Shimon: These comments are rather annoying. Clapton is a great guitar player and John mayer is a great guitar player as well. You old timers who are stuck in "the good ol' days" type of reaction, are missing the point of music. Music evolves and the 70's aren't here anymore, it's 2014 so you should appreciate an artist like John Mayer keeping that kind of music/generation alive. John Mayer IMO is easily the best performing artist of the 20th century and if you think I'm wrong, go to one of his concerts. He's an amazing musician and one that deserves more credit from you old school mentality people. 

Bertram Greene: Don't get me wrong John can really play the hell outta that guitar... But I just can't stand his singing voice. That's probably the only thing that keeps me from being a fan. I don't give a damn if he's racist tho, ride on!

PMF1: 2:10 - God mode [ENABLED]

gymbo88: John Mayer is no Clapton, but he aint no slouch on guitar, either!

Yuichi Noguchi: crossroadsで恋チュン/ハッピ-みたいに世界中がスイングしたら!

Randy McDaniel: Oh crap and you know can't forget SRV!

William Truong: Btw, stop hating on Mayer just cause he didn't have such a big fan group like Clapton, just cause Clapton had more doesn't mean he's better (it doesn't, but I believe he is a better blues artist). Mayer played during a decade of rnb and rap and shiz, blues and rock aren't dominate anymore. So shut up because Mayer is a living aspect who tries to carry what's left of the blues, and don't say no one has talent, I don't see you making fame so back off

imjusthereforthefood: holy santa clause crap people suck on youtube. it's two guys that respectively have earned their spot(clapton by far, yes we know) but to see them both slaying is what it's all about. get freaked if you're fighting about this. all 4 minutes of it is pure gold.

Salil B: freak john, clapton is beast

pete taylor: Understated meant to say ⬇

luuke furtado: Two greats John Mayer & Eric Clapton....You crapting me ??? adding mayer's name to Sir Clapton is blasphemy punishable by death in some countries....

birdstuckinchimney: Oh freakit...who cares they both killin it!

Gokul Dharmana: Hell, John Mayor can really play that guitar!

Keat17: Shut up everyone! Mayer and clapton are 2 of the best musicians in the entire world! Just relax and enjoy the music. That's what it's about, right?

Randy McDaniel: Okay and john mayer and clapton have both earned there spots on where they stand and they both play amazing and tell me how many current mainstream artist play respectable blues anymore not many and john mayer does a great....wonderful job of keeping it alive 

Chad Harrod: 2:30 - 2:45 Clapton wins this round JM .. 

William Truong: Lol, both their guitars are almost same

Doona Miles: why are you guys hating on john. he even played with buddy guy, johnny winter, and many more. he is freakin talented and one of the best guitarist ever.

dietmarsimon: Welcome Mr Mayer ! Maybe the most exciting solo I had heard for a veeeeeery long time !!

Eric Sandoz: Le maître a fait des émules!

pete taylor: Clapton is god and he goes easy on mayer here and kept his playing understand true gent and a genius CLAPTON IS GOD

Neil Smith: I know Eric likes and respects John Mayer, and John feels the same for Eric. Music is NOT a competition.Never has been.

Dee aka weeds: Remember.....Clapton is God! :) He hated that.

birdstuckinchimney: Mayer...

Dinant Kistemaker: I would give my left hand for JM's talent... :)

71JennyB: Awesome!

J Antoine: How can someone dare compare Clapton and Mayer ? Listen to his crapy albums and listen to what Clapton did, there is no comparison possible. Talent is not just one solo, so many guitarists are skillfull nowadays, but how many have influenced music in the way Clapton did ???

s2kdriver: Oh man I do NOT like this version at all. Mayer does not have a good blues voice, the tempo is too fast, and the accompaniment makes this sound like something off of the Blues Brother soundtrack. Cream's live version is much more raw and honest than this, IMO

birdstuckinchimney: Oh no maybe Clapton

Jesse Sigcha: I could practice everyday for a year and probably still never be able to play this kind of material. 

shinsuke chujo: nice guitar solo

Karen Munro: sweeet!!!

Randy McDaniel: Okay so I'm right don't tell me I'm wrong because I'm absolutely right and I know it okay first of no john mayer is not the best guitar playing by quite a few people such as buddy guy, eric clapton, jimmy hendrix , bb. King, all great guitarist john mayer hasn't reached that point yet but will and john mayer is great at the guitar but in his defense I play myself and can play half of claptons songs but I can't do hardly any john mayer songs because they are just to difficult and it's not like I try he is my favorite but give him the credit and respect because he is a badass and a great guitar player and will probably pass up clapton with time and no john mayer sounds like himself he has his own style and techniques of playing and you might not think so out of your own ignorance you would acctually know if you played guitar and payed attention to details that are big and small that make a huge diffrent thank you.....

mick: John! surfn guitar! and Clapton's slow BLUES. . . gooood!!.!! 

Mark M: Epic

Glenn Jimenez: I like how Mayer starts soloing and Clapton smiles, it's approval. Clapton wouldn't be up there if he didn't enjoy Mayer's work.

mick: John! surfn guitar! and Clapton's slow BLUES. . . gooood!!.!! 

Joey Diorio: +Al Kelly Dude stop commenting and hating on Mayer. If you don't like him why keep commenting? Nobody cares what you think. If you don't like him don't listen.

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