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Oct 16 2014 by Demo
Pat Allen: Whoa! Time for this one again. #EricClapton 

henry alva: The real difference is that Clapton was doing Clapton, while Mayer was doing SRV - but I admit the guy sounded pretty good. He can't sing though.

Scot Duke: Interested version!! 

Salil B: freak john, clapton is beast

Pete Fransee: John Mayer is good, but he couldn't carry EC's jock. EC is God...............Mayer is an alter boy as of now.

M.T.G: Clapton Sounds like 'Clapton' & Mayer sounds like everybody else... 

Dexter Haven: I don't know musical history too well, but what an honor for Clapton to be able to play with Mayer like this...

NothingMaster: No-one could duplicate Clapton's sound; he may not be the absolute best out there, but his is an unmistakable an inimitable vibe. Same with JJ Cale, SRV, Jeff Beck, and some of the other greats. John Mayer is an extremely talented guitarist, but even a merely-decent player like myself could reproduce his sound.

carolann O'Connell: Hell yeah !!!

Carlo Binchi: *John Mayer and Eric Clapton - Crossroads*

Rik Morgan: You got to give it him, JM smashes the crap out of that solo, happiest blues I ever heard

Carlos Eduardo de Oliveira: coisa de mestre!

AmericanIsraeliJew: All I know is I wish at least one millionth of their talent. Tell my friend boy Willie Brown.

theycallmejpj: it was okay

Gabriele Sasina: John Mayer and Eric Clapton - Crossroads (ABC New…:

anicho27: I love lots of things about John Mayer, the guy can sing beautifully, is a really fine guitarist, writes excellent songs and I really admire the way he is a genuine guitarist and he pays tribute to the ones who paved the way for him - everyone from BB King to Clapton! Good on you John, love your work!

Marcus Evans: WTF Eric is bored. That's why he is playing with Mayer. Mayer holds no torch to any of our real blues guitarists. How is he noted as "one of the best in the the world". My hope for my generation of music is done, gone, diminished. I am 16 BTW. It looks like it will be only my family listening to actual music and talent.

TheGibsonman1959: It was an honor for John to perform with Clapton. I like Clapton's voice better however. Eric could have blown away John on the solo, but he didn't. You know why? Because he wasn't there to show off his playing. He was there let John have some fun with a solo. Plus, you don't have to play a whole bunch of licks. John had some good licks, but Clapton played simple. Clapton played Clapton. You can catch an audience on just one note, like the first hanging note he played, and continue to have them until you're done soloing. I have done that many times in gigs.

Daniel Powers: The classic case of the whippersnapper and the seasoned vet! Anybody who thinks Mayer's sound is homogeneous isn't listening. He's got a touch and melodic line that's all his own. You could pick his playing out anywhere, same with Clapton, B.B. and all the greats. Their sound is unique to their fingers. 

benami avi: 100 stars.....

Alla Lenders: ----------продолжим)

TheMrRusherman: Put JM in the height of rock n' roll and he would be right up there with Clapton. Personally, I think JM has proven to be way more versatile with his guitar skills than Clapton ever showed. 

Keng Yang: freak EVERYONE'S OPINION! I'm just here to listen to some blues. :)

Dan West: Oh My Gosh...........what more do I need to say!!

Massimo Colarusso: Q: Doctor, is Mayer better than Clapton? A: Oh, I see the medication is still not working properly, I think we should go through with more efficient treatments. Have I talked to you about shock therapy? 

Dicky Asharhadi: great performance, both of them are my fav

Chicky YaF: Prepare from home vs make it that moment...

donghoon lee: prepared playing vs improvised playing

Mateo Scarafia: so glag john is into the blues again...he belongs here

Jason May: Mayer is binging SRV to Clapton.

Martti Hakkarainen: taas lähettiin john meyer & eric glapton best off .......

Michael Gerle: I think Slash isn't such a good player - fame isn't an indication for mastery, man! 

William smith: lame.

Nuno Carvalho: i never really understood why people have this uncontrollable need for comparing guitarrists that shouldn´t be compared... Clapton is Clapton. On the other hand i appreciate and admire John Mayer and the musiciens that always accompany him, it takes a lot of work to get where he is. Enjoying the overall quality of the band and the great musical interaction between the musiciens, that to me, yes, is the most beautiful thing about listening to music.The concert "Where the light is" by John Mayer is a great example of that...

Dayne Vlok: haha normal sized Tyrion Lannister on bass!

kerry mcmanus: If Eric had a mind to he could blow John off the stage,instead he is respectful to other players he likes,he says more in 15 notes than John does in 100.

Guitar Journeys: It's been awhile since I watched this video, but coming back to it recently I have to say I'm actually impressed with John Mayer. Not to knock him as a musician or guitarist, but it's gotta be hard to hold your own next to Clapton!

ron s: mayter better than clapton....its like saying margarine is better than butter.....

Bertram Greene: Don't get me wrong John can really play the hell outta that guitar... But I just can't stand his singing voice. That's probably the only thing that keeps me from being a fan. I don't give a damn if he's racist tho, ride on!

Spencer Shimon: These comments are rather annoying. Clapton is a great guitar player and John mayer is a great guitar player as well. You old timers who are stuck in "the good ol' days" type of reaction, are missing the point of music. Music evolves and the 70's aren't here anymore, it's 2014 so you should appreciate an artist like John Mayer keeping that kind of music/generation alive. John Mayer IMO is easily the best performing artist of the 20th century and if you think I'm wrong, go to one of his concerts. He's an amazing musician and one that deserves more credit from you old school mentality people. 

PMF1: 2:10 - God mode [ENABLED]

Randy McDaniel: Oh crap and you know can't forget SRV!

Yuichi Noguchi: crossroadsで恋チュン/ハッピ-みたいに世界中がスイングしたら!

William Truong: Btw, stop hating on Mayer just cause he didn't have such a big fan group like Clapton, just cause Clapton had more doesn't mean he's better (it doesn't, but I believe he is a better blues artist). Mayer played during a decade of rnb and rap and shiz, blues and rock aren't dominate anymore. So shut up because Mayer is a living aspect who tries to carry what's left of the blues, and don't say no one has talent, I don't see you making fame so back off

imjusthereforthefood: holy santa clause crap people suck on youtube. it's two guys that respectively have earned their spot(clapton by far, yes we know) but to see them both slaying is what it's all about. get freaked if you're fighting about this. all 4 minutes of it is pure gold.

running man: Hell, John Mayor can really play that guitar!

Keat17: Shut up everyone! Mayer and clapton are 2 of the best musicians in the entire world! Just relax and enjoy the music. That's what it's about, right?

Chad Harrod: 2:30 - 2:45 Clapton wins this round JM .. 

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