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Evik James: Who is the hack guitar player next to John Mayer?

Yu da: Best collap

Hans Pcguy: John just doesn't have the rock that Eric has.
But he is incredible.

bodensick: ...and then there is Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton. Obscure for most part, but two of the best virtuoso guitar players.

johny B: mayer can sing.

Aidan Tooker: 2017, still here

Kid Poker: yea check out the slash vid with him and zz top its like John Mayer is God and evryone else is his disciples

unktupelo: "Eric Clapton, please...on vocal..."

pete taylor: please watch my cover of cross roads

chevy nova: It's 2017 and l still keep coming back for this!

Tim D: these guys are terrible guitar players. I could slap my pencil against the strings and produce a better sound

Farid Mustofa: When they both doing solo was crazy

Louis Accardi: Clapton sounded better doing that song when he was in Cream. Mayer was terrible with his voice on that song; it doesn't suit him, while his playing was alright on that one. The song had more raw vibe and soul when Clapton did it with Cream. You got all those guitar guys up there, but I don't feel anything like what I felt when Baker, Bruce and Clapton (just three instruments), put out more moe joe

Felipe Trez: Nice meeting. Sounds gourgeous. Eric is the past and present blues man and I hope Meyer is present and future. Hope he stop playing boring pop and go ahead with this Stevie Ray's blues style which he carries in his blood and veins. Love his blues and hate his bad pop.

Slack Man: all sounds a bit castrated

Luke Sparrow: I like how Clapton looks like your mate's goofy dad that tells crap jokes. But in reality he's one of the most famous rockstars ever.

Ashdin Bharucha: That 1st long bend of Clapton..... wow !

Eugene Horton: what is your problem deuche. don't dig it don't listen

attituderoyale: I know there different artists but anyone that tries to suggest that john mayer and Ed sheeran are similar in terms of talent really doesn't know music.

Burlap Sack: Love Mayer. Hate his fan base.

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