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Travisthehamster: They're both pretty f-in good. Lol

MrNamePerson: Forget the playing (for a second).. JM's vocal performance kills.

mike james: They can both thank Robert Johnson. If he hadn't sold his soul at the crossroads, none of this would be possible.

nutnad: January 2017 and i still watch this again while waiting his new album in few days

ALLAN J: John Mayer wins here

Taistoisitcon Merci: always eric clapton give a room to shine to the other guitaroist who perform with hium

Sky Dog: Mayer and Clapton really can't get any better enuff said

TBZ MUZIC: Am I the first viewer in 2017

Brian Peppers: this guy Eric does anyone know who he is? he is very lucky to get to play with John Mayer

Eric Joshua: Very cool!

Dexter Haven: What an honor for this Eric fellow to play with the great John Mayer!

Matt: Lynyrd skynyrds rendition of creams version is still my favorite

Eric Lopez: wow... mayer has better tone... lots of respect for Clapton but I can hear a Mayers strat breathing.

Ishmael Cato: John Fu*king Mayer. DAMN the white dude plays blues like he was a Black Sharecropper in his past life. Mayer is a Guitar master. Licks and chops for days...

Marinho Louhenapessy: music is UNIVERSAL so show these 2 generations beside one another. .. respect

rob morrison: John Mayer is an excellent guitar player, one of the new generations best. That being said, to put him anywhere near the level or playing of Clapton is ridiculous and not fair to him. Clapton was and is the standard all blues and rock guitarists aspire to be. EC set the bar so high it is impossible to reach. He laid the blueprint for all that followed on how to play and sing the blues. Clapton phrasing and vocals have never been equaled, and even at over 70 years old, his skill level is still top notch. Thanks EC for a lifetime of excellence! 

Keith Ford: What all you guys  maybe don't realise is that the musical palette that John Mayer is playing with is literally Clapton's... If you could take John back to the sixties, and hand him the same kit as Eric had at the same age as when Eric recorded the definitive version of this song... I think you would understand why Mr Clapton is so revered amongst musicians...

Just sayin...!

The Man: I know I am a little off the wall but Crossroads belongs to Robert Johnson, you dolt of a commentator.

VirtualLife: Mayer rocked on this one. Never understood the big hoopla with Clapton. I think Mayer runs circles around Clap.

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