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WileECoyotey: The kid has balls ripping off Eric's own riff  while he standing next to him.

flounderize: Anyone knows if it´s Steve Jordan at the drums?

Andrés Escudero Rodríguez: Eric Clapton & John Mayer "Crossroads"

Jacob Henson: Check out this video on YouTube:

Goouu C: my fav singers..

Jim T: in no particular order, jimi, stevie, eric and john. just styles that I like, not saying they are the best, but I love hearing them play the most.

Grooveryder: All Clapton is trying to do is catch up. But thats OK he knows he's aged. Man JM kicks a serious ass on the guitar. I LOVE that the Blues Legends know it and invite him to their events, but the general public and even the guitar snobs can't accept his absolute prodigy prowess on guitar. He IS a prodigy on the instrument folks. You're all missing out. Let the chip fall off your shoulder and open your listening ears already. You don't have to take anything away from one artist to GIVE something to another artist. JM has proven himself 100 times over

Hugh Corston: Good fun.

Pante Edochie: The people who introduced John and Clapton are wrong, they said crossroads was written by Cream it's not it was written by Robert Johnson

Ketevan Sirbiladze: John Mayer and Eric Clapton - Crossroads (ABC New…:

Murry Man: Wat disrespectfult john, you played that solo too good 

timlamiam: is that skip bayless on stage at the beginning? lol

Max Van Schoonhoven: Eric and John together, just wonderful !

John Echterhoff: John's Good!

Derek Charette: Awesome! Two of the greatest blues/rock guitar players to ever walk the face of the Earth. They compliment each other so perfectly!

TheGreasegetter: you are all pickles on pickle tube you pack of non guitar playing freak wads.just enjoy dont compare,clapton has not progressed in the past years,are you kidding?what a complete pickle you are.

Minute Maid: People can complain about Mayer all the want, cause he's poppish and the girls love him. But the truth...He's good as crap at guitar and a very talented musician. Sorry haters


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