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Mar 24 2014 by MP3 player
Joey D: +Al Kelly Dude stop commenting and hating on Mayer. If you don't like him why keep commenting? Nobody cares what you think. If you don't like him don't listen.

Al Kelly: What the world has come to - Myley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Kanya West and "John Mayer" Ugh!!!

Al Kelly: I think the big reason I don't like John Mayer is he's a racist pig. He has absolutely no class. 

Bertram Greene: Don't get me wrong John can really play the hell outta that guitar... But I just can't stand his singing voice. That's probably the only thing that keeps me from being a fan. I don't give a damn if he's racist tho, ride on!

Glenn Jimenez: I like how Mayer starts soloing and Clapton smiles, it's approval. Clapton wouldn't be up there if he didn't enjoy Mayer's work.

Christian Catedral: Ok, I'm a Mayer fan but the guy can play blues. Good Phrasing! Listen people!

kadijaish: Type Smak - Crossroads. That is best version of this song for me. Let me know what you think about it

Kyle Somatis: john mayer has more talent in his thumb then any of the people talking about how "average" he is combined. Both are legendary guitarists of differents eras and I personally love both of them. Anyone who plays guitar can respect their talents.

J Antoine: How can someone dare compare Clapton and Mayer ? Listen to his crapy albums and listen to what Clapton did, there is no comparison possible. Talent is not just one solo, so many guitarists are skillfull nowadays, but how many have influenced music in the way Clapton did ???

winslowwong100: john had a bad ass band then

Nathan Gray: Why don't you sons of bitches stop crying about who was better!!? They weren't running a race; they were playing some great music. Both were great!

r bull: the old master just smiles

Kevin McVann: Mike Ess is right Mayer's solo was better and sounded better .What has happend to Claptons sound of late its Awful Muddy fuzzy .Cheap 

Jason Renaud: The Blues will always live on through musicians like John Mayer!

Matty O'Brien: *NOTE* the real musician (eric clapton) dosnt have things in his ears...

stfuuuuuuuuu: must be hard to impress slow handed

theUsesOFnot: too many notes

Mario Diaz: If only Stevie were around to jam with:(

Ken Scar: UN. Believable. John Mayer - what a talent. He stood up just fine next to Clapton. What an experience that would be.

Dinant Kistemaker: I would give my left hand for JM's talent... :)

Andrew Kahrs Erickson: I just caught myself thinking "damn he played that solo just like the dude on the record"

Mike Ess: I have all the respect in the world for Clapton, however I think John Mayer's solo was just better. He really killed it. Both very talented.

ItsJackDolan: Clapton's face when John played his solo "That a boy"

Modelleyen Sword: Slowhand bros. "Crossroads"

Min Seuk Kim: with all due respect clapton, mayer's solo had so much rhythm and clapton's solo was a bit hard to follow. 

Cat Inglis: Love clapton ,,, Mayer held his own .. 

lolangford1: I can't begin to imagine how it would be to stand on stage performing w/one of the all time greatest artists. You never know, that little child loving to make music might just turn out to be one of the next great stars!!

kyan128: Guys, really, there no such thing as bad or good guitar player or bad or good music, see, some guys find clapton a overated guitar player, blackmore for instance thinks SRV is a normal player but who is very intense, BB.King thinks (SRV or Clapton) was the best guitar player. follow your freaking ears.

Eric Thibault: Too much

Debrah Diva: John Mayer tries to be *all that*, but not quite Clapton-esque .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kenji Sasaki: How great they are!

Pat Ekkul: John meets his Idol, a great tune by Robert Johnson

William Betalleluz Donayre: John Mayer and Eric Clapton - Crossroads

Aaron Litchison: nasty!!

Terry McNeil: this is really cool....

ItsJackDolan: I envy the freak out of John Mayer

marty thomson: eric clapton is absolute legend, john mayer out plays clapton on this one and mayer bows to him at end of vid two legends of new and old playin together here and nothin will come close both very talented musicians in there own way me thinks....

Hi Dolan: Some of the most respected and skillful guitar players like Tommy Emmanuel (one of the best acoustic guitarists), Scott Henderson (one of the best jazz/fusion guitarists), Paul Gilbert (one of the best rock/shred guitarists) has praised John Mayer's playing. Just an info .


axeman frettzz: i came here to listen to music Al Kelly is a big duche bag john mayer is a great blues player and he can tell the difference between his head and his rooster like black and white take you racist crap and shove up ur ass and choke on it he got more class than u will ever have if you have any class at all you will not reply to my comment as you need no defense for your statement that has nothing to do with music listen to F. Dumas he trying to help you not trying to be funny you big dumb freaker your not even original playing covers from carlos ur playing sounds like a lost cat in a dog pound now thats freakn funny hahahahahahaha you got no soul

DianaandherGuitar: At 1:30, Eric is like, "You think you're so great. Watch out!"

butterflygirly24: Clapton made Millions off a dead mans song,and was never as good.

DianaandherGuitar: I like both of these guys. John Mayer may be an asshole and Eric Clapton may be (has been) a raging alcoholic, but damn can these guys play! Different guitarists, but both talented.

robert coeah: I'm going down to the Krossroads with the Part Time Saints tonight... "I went down to the Krossroads, fell down on my knees. I went down to the Krossroads, fell down on my knees. Asked the Lord above for mercy, "Save me if you please."

Rodrigo Pavão: 

Dave Cheong: Listening to Eric Clapton and John Mayer perform Crossroads (2007) - these guys are just awesome. So +1 Clapton or +1 Mayer? John Mayer and Eric Clapton - Crossroads (ABC News)

Earl Miguel Mendoza: John Mayer and Eric Clapton - Crossroads

Diego Reif: John Mayer didnt invent this style of fingerpicking. It's a technique used by flemenco/classical guitar players, its been around for hundreds of years. However, he is a great guitarist and props to him for trying to keep blues alive. That being said, what we really need is another Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Bart Sok: eric clapton didnt invented all this 'crap' jimi hendrix did.

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