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Bluegrass Survival: Ok guys there is no denying that John is highly skilled at his craft ok, but people trying to compare him to Jimi Hendricks are insane. Jimi was not only an icon, but he had his own sound and style, something a lot of people cannot claim. He changed the face of Rock and Roll forever, and that is why Jimi is not only the freaking Master, but a Rock Legend.

Eugene Cattouse: Two tight mofos staying right in the pocket

Sassy Pineapple: 1:20 Get 'em kid

AV Juanitas: John Nailed it. That feels while soloing. A great guitarist

Andrew Fackenthall: Everytime i see clapton play anything now a days i just think "could u imagine if Hendrix was still alive" but clapton an mayers r both cool

justafanintexas: Is it me or does Mayer always sound like he's getting ready to hock something up?

chris stenberg: Clapton is thinking "I can't believe this twerp is better than I ever was"

Gabe C: John's solo makes me want to cry, he makes that thing sing dude.

Celia Milton: any attempt to compare John Mayer with Eric Clapton is folly. He's a nice kid and he can play a chord...but he is light years away from being EC.

Blues man: 控えめに言って感動した。

Trường Nguyễn: sorry again. it should be 2:50

Trường Nguyễn: sorry. it should be 2:30

Trường Nguyễn: spot at 4:05 and see what eric speaks his blues

alainlim12: 9M views at 240p. O.O

Double Dee Tee Vee: Is that Gary Clark Jr. in the back playing rhythm?

Gingerbread Man: Here my two favourite guitarists, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray... ohh sorry I mean John Mayer

VAcreeper2000: The change up at 2:10 you can see why they call him slowhand- same soul less notes.. these guys are amazing! Thanks for the video!!!

IT Guy: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video, I'd have one dollar

Elmo Batanero Cespedes: Experiencia with Youth, tremendos talents

Koen De Bie: You can see Clapton is impressed with John. It was Clapton himself who said that John is one the greatest talents he has seen. He calls John one of the greats. John is an absolute genius on guitar. The only problem I have with John, is that he wastes his talent on his records by releasing albums aimed for the youngsters and for the billboard charts. He had 1 great album: Continuum. I thought that that was his break from aiming for album sales to writing music he himself loves playing. Sadly, after that it was back to pop music. But, when he plays live, that's when he shines. He breaks up the pop songs with great solo's, great improv, different versions. If he was to record only live albums, he would have a library of great records.

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