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Paul Richmond: no doubt mayer can drive the fender well, but master guitar player?
not sure. I really like his stuff, especially his acoustic skills.

Chris Visser: No pressure on John Mayer, huh?... :-) And let's face it... Was there EVER a better band than Cream?...

Adam Greene: Every one got Fender??? omg

Walter Hacon: Clapton always surprises me, he's one of the only guitarists that have written lines that have brought a tear to my eyes, but crap...isn't John Meyer a fantastic musician...I'm in awe.....

BrianS317: John is living the dream. We all sat and played to Clapton and Halen but he gets to play with them.

Rose West: John sucks right now Maximilian Bartel. and you're right.. He hasn't got his own chops yet. Someday he will, just not now.. . It took over 30 years for Jimmy Vaughn to find his own sound. Robert Cray. . . not quite that long. I do like how the greats have taken John Mayer under their wings. I mention Jimmy and Robert because they are greatness. C'mon John.

Robert capriotti: Mayer equals a mix of BB and Stevie ray

jrstu51: It must suck to be John Mayer - Talented musician but no respect because he sold out right off the bat

Life As A Human: isn't it amazing watching 2 generations meet and match musically ?

Adam Bodeep: Just finished transcribing Mayer's RIPPING solo on this one! Starting up a lesson channel on here. If anyone is interested in purchasing a tab/sheet music for this solo then shoot me a message! I guarantee it's 100% accurate.

Tony Aguirre: As a Sax player, I like many players for different reasons. Rollins, Trane, Brecker etc. Same goes for Guitar players, SRV, EVH, Prince etc. At this level, there is no best.

Chiggsy: Clapton pulls the notes out of that strat like taffy. Unmistakable how he plays with time to elevate the listener.

Steve Douglas: After one hears the Wheels of Fire live version, nothing else comes close.

kim pisarski: I just can't stand Mayer's cutesy little boy voice but his licks are very fine!

Ambrosia MacDonald: Joe Bonamassa ...... now that's a real guitar player! Or Gary Moore....but he is no longer with us!

Ambrosia MacDonald: John Mayer should chop off his fingers.....I can not believe he calls himself a guitar player! Yes Eric nodded to him during the song and said ....yeah go play your crap!

Yara Vd berg: can't get over this.. amazing

Kine Phile: Music is harmony people, not competition. I don't care how good they are. If they can make a good sound, then it is just good.

sinbad20001: JM is a fantastic guitarist, but when he sings it's like his lips get in the way or something! LOL

Neil Kraft: Sounds like crap if not played as a 3 pc.

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