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Jay Lane: Great to Eric smiling as John played. I honestly thought Johns solo playing on this was better than Claptons. Technically speaking in my honest opinion John is a more versatile guitarist but Clapton has done it all and is one of the great blues players, a legend.

Interestingly in 1966 Hendrix asked his manager Chas to ask Clapton if he could jam with at Claptons gig, Clapton was so blown away by Jimi he went back stage hands shaking needing a cigarette. Now I'm not saying Mayer is Hendrix but you could tell by Claptons face that he recognized John's brilliant on the guitar.

beast: Legendary combo

Sixto McReady: Clapton's crape.

Toulmin Brown: I remember this performance. !

Kevin Lee: The lady's face at 2:11 is what everyone should be doing 😲🙏

Crabby Appleton: Brilliant, equal in talent in my opinion .

Jeffery Lord: mayer wore that old man out! I kept hearing guys at guitar center near where i live talking about how good jon mayer is. I spent a day watching YouTube videos and im a believer.

Edge Hutchins: Some great talent but little respect.

Kevin Michael Callihan Sr.: I best type faster. Saw Eric Clapton on the bicycle path in Athens, Ohio. The truth as he was riding alongside a lady and I was alone going the other direction until I saw him and a beautiful lady to his side. It could have been 2007 or who cares. I knew the man and it was as if I was blessed to see him as he was getting his act right and that is all I am going to say which is something that joins a genuine thread that runs so true in all humans. Respect and mutual trust in one another is face to face friendship...among whatever else you wish to add. It is so nice when a day in the summer of 2017 can take my mind back to 3 minutes in the summer while trying to get my legs stronger which meant it had to be much earlier than 2007. Who cares. It was the truth and I was so pleased due to the fact of joining with him in many ways that had a lot to do with enjoying life the way it was going to be lived and lived without a need to be perfect.

Alexander Forsberg: JM is better than most of al the oldies but so few dare to say it!

Dogheadj: I must have listened to this 100 times. Although Mayer is a douchebag, I have to hand it to him on his solo. Very tasty. I don't compare one guitarist to another. I just know what I like.

leo777lee: any one understand that every musician is different
unwise to compare oneself with another
what you do
no one else can k

Wolfgang Nitsch: To bring any discussion on the point, John Mayer is one of the greatest guitar players ever!... 🎸

Léo Poinas: 2004 if I do remember well ! Do I ?

Mehmet Demirel: Omg what is song

Cameron Bortle: John Mayer is our only hope for keeping blues/real rock and roll alive. I can't say guitar is dead because of all these metal albums, but that's not real soulful guitar playing. John is our only hope

Thomas Spiropoulos: John Mayer is a guitar Idol,Eric Clapton is god himself

Raphael Tavares: John absolutely killed it. He used some of eric´s lick in his way and by the smile at 1:30, eric loved it.

Jack Sline: eric is god JM is an apostle

Kevin Jones: Say what you like about John Mayer, he can freaking play!!!

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