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ctyuang: Those feedback noises Clapton made are awesome.

Hisyam Muh: What year is this?

John Copeland: John is at his best when he shuts the hell up and just sings/plays. And for anyone involved in this Clapton vs. Mayer debate keep in mind john is in his 30s vs, Clapton who is much older. Wanna keep it real go listen to this same song from the "Cream of Clapton" album where Eric Clapton was younger than John Mayer in this video and you'll notice two things: 1) John Mayer borrowed several riffs from that original 1968 recording and 2) Clapton was a freaking savage when he was John Mayer's age. So show some respect for the man just like Mayer did

Samrat Allabadi: John Mayer's guitar solos have the intensity of SRV.

Daniel Schöld: One is clearly inspired by the other. The other one has glasses

Sam Green: I actually prefer to listen to Mayer over Clapton, just a matter of opinion but Clapton is obviously legendary

Miguel Chavarin: 1:05 John Mayer just freaked up Crossroads

kevin hinson: Like it or not you are looking at a master passing down the torch so to speak. Clapton will always have his spot among the best and now you can give John a seat right next to him. Don't compare just listen, these guys are masters. I do know that SRV is the person John used as inspiration. I even seen him play with double trouble live. He is not Clapton, Page, Jimi, or SRV but he is John m and he is very good.

gabe smiley: This guitar solo is my favorite thing Mayer has ever done (and that is saying something because I love most of his stuff)

Alex Haggar: In this performance, for me, mayer had the better solo. Only way too say it. Yes they were two very different solos, but overall you have to give it to Mayer with that solo.

Killer Bees: Wow! Wow! One for each of them! Just amazing! 😁

Ken EagleBear: Eric clapton did say john mayor was a master guitarist

Alex Haggar: love mayers solo. so clean, the tone is amazing

Matthew Edwards: Eric Clapton called John Mayer a "master guitar player" in an interview, stating that he does think he realizes how good he really is. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is. You may not like John Mayer as a person, but as a guitar player, there are very few people out there today that are on his level. Period.

Renascent Man: great great great stuff

Frédéric Puglisi: Perso je n'aime pas la voix d'Mayer mais alors son solo......UNE BOMBE !

James R: I don't get it, how could this guy produce such horrible radio singles.  I mean every single one of Mayer's suck hard, they're among the worse pop songs in the last 20 years.  It's like the personification of "douche bag with an acoustic guitar."yet that was awesome.

Stephan Fry: Great but why only 240p Jonny? That ls worse than 1965 TV!

Woody Retherford: Eric CLapton how can you be so unpretentious AND BE SO GREAT

Stefan J: That little look Clapton gave John at 1:21 as if to say 'go kill 'em' and then the little smile at 1:30 that just says 'thats my boy'

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