Thank You Lord For The Trials That Come My Way - Hymn (Daniel Choo) Music Video for Free!

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Miguel Ortiz (Game Changer): i love this song..thank you for blessing us with your gift :) God Bless

michael ramos: very nice..God bless us all..Amen.

Pastor Austin: Beautiful. I am encouraged

TheBrenda DaylanWii: sing with the heart,feel the soul..God bless you.

hotgaard: Thank you, Daniel for sharing your talent and faith with us. God bless you abundantly.

Nida Galicto: Amen

PraiseHolyTrinity: thank You, Lord through Daniel Choo.  May God bless you with the fullness of His grace.  beautiful voice.  thank you for sharing.  amen. 

amorel calunsag: nice

Robert Balanga: To God be the glory.. 

Alfredo Buenaventura: thank you Daniel.

John Sokolowski: Well done Daniel.

Jayar Malobo: Nice version.

charlene then: Outstanding..:)

james idpalina:  this is the best ^_^

GAEUL1985: Touches me everytime I hear this song. Thanks

Jessica K: Thank you so so much, Daniel! I was hunting high and low for this song & chords after hearing this as offering song in church yesterday. Will learn this for our cell meeting to encourage the group. You are such a blessing to us!!!

venus san pedro: i supe like the song.... i cant help but play it over & over again...

Ma. Regina Culang: hi jedi.., male version is good but try also the musical instrumental using piano it will be much better .. i like male version wala kasing arte sa boses ndi gaya sa babae ang daming high pitch kahit ndi nmn kelangn i-high pitch thanks if u will grant my requests :)

Amiable Amy: This is actually one of my favorite songs <3 ... I miss my church choir now ...

MrSupremo0227: Amen.. glory to God. he led me to this song today.. at this point of hopelessness in my life.. i know i can overcome this.. thanks for the song.

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