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Nov 27 2014 by MP3 Download
Robert Balanga: To God be the glory.. 

John Sokolowski: Well done Daniel.

Alfredo Buenaventura: thank you Daniel.

Francisco Jr Caliwan: Nice version.

charlene then: Outstanding..:) 

james idpalina: this is the best ^_^

GAEUL1985: Touches me everytime I hear this song. Thanks

Jan dela Cruz: Thank you Lord

kfr19: Awesome song! I've never heard this hymn before, so thank you for posting this!

ralph73190: please give me the chords of this song >.<

frateranthonymichae1: Daniel thank you so much for singing this song. It reminded me of my college days when the LORD was using this song to minister to me and impressing in my heart that He wanted me to enter the religious life/consecrated life. I am now a Catholic monk here in Manila. Continue to worship the LORD not only with your guitar, and your beautiful voice but most all worship Him in the purity of your heart...where the LORD is always residing. Worship the LORD JESUS with the witness of your life.

535Jeremy: My number 1 favourite christian song.Thank you Lord for thy goodness. :)

TheLahren: Amen for that bro!

yoav dekel: god bless you and keep it up your work for the almighty GOD,,PRAISE GOD....THANK YOU LORD...

Daniel Choo: @ralph73190 hi, you can get the chords from my brother's blog. The address can be found on my channel description page

Sukunya Pongpid: Thank you, keep going Daniel .. god bless you and ur family

VALKEIRA1: U've got a nice voice dude! Keep it up..

xiliketoeatadobe: Thanks for sharing.

armorswife: God bless you! thank you for posting.

CUAOBride: Excellent. Can you tell me how to get a tutor to teach me this song with guitar?

Abi Garner: you have a beautiful voice <3

Nobita G: Thanks Daniel to post this lovely hymn.. This hymn had brought me into a deeper understanding in God's plan in my life n also soothing my soul whenever I'm in my deepest drought.. Thank you for sharing your gift unselfishly.. May God bless you abundantly :)

delatrizx: thanks! i like this song a lot don't see much of the song online! wonderful rendition. thank God for your videos! :)

RHARA GRACE: Thanks for sharing the chord, ive seen it.. God Bless you bro!

27lyt: it refresh my whole of me....thanks for the song it helps me to cheer it.....thank you LORD...

reufzel: wow....finally i heard this song again...i luv it so much...haizt i miz the time when i sing this in church b4 when i was a choir member pa....",)

Jessica K: Thank you so so much, Daniel! I was hunting high and low for this song & chords after hearing this as offering song in church yesterday. Will learn this for our cell meeting to encourage the group. You are such a blessing to us!!!

leeflailmarch: Just the title alone, ahhh...

cora kiceniuk: Woke up this morning with this song on my heart. Good job and thanks for the blessing

Shereen Bright: i thank God for giving me trials ..yes its true..i love the lyrics..i just heard this song yesterday, and i kinda like it so much that i search for its lyrics and its melodies here in it..

clare lingan: thank u for sharing ur composition...Am inspired wd the way u sing... Congratulations and God bless

Daniel Choo: Hi, you can visit my brother's blog. He has put the chords/tabs up over there. You can access the blog by clicking on the banner that is on my channel page. Hope it helps!

MrGoldenruler: Thanks for posting this Daniel. I love this song. We used to sing it in our church, during my college days at Obrero, Davao City. Everytime i sing it i can't finish the song cause Im already crying. It touches my life

Daniel Choo: @natasiachandra hi, you can get the chords from my instructional video or from my brother's blog. The address can be found on my channel description page

rosecransvillage: Thank you brother God bless.

EZE: thanks for posting up video here, this song became one of my favorites! you help me grow closer with God. Keep it going!

nigelsbw: this song never fails to bring goosebumps to me! used to sing this in church back home. miss it really much!

Neil Ortega: one of my favorite song....IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD...

Steven Jarrett: Daniel, I love this song. The lyrics really speak to me and I don't know who wrote it but they are talking about me. God Bless you .... Steve

Luke Ng: I feel the power of the Lord here....thanks.

sweetcandies30: Godbless you...

Albert: Thank you Daniel! Praise God!!

catministry: Excelente canción...

Joemarl Nemenzo: May you USE your GIFTS for GOD's Glory and Touch every Lives here on Earth... This is one of the Songs that Greatly Touch my Soul.

Ma. Regina Culang: hi jedi.., male version is good but try also the musical instrumental using piano it will be much better .. i like male version wala kasing arte sa boses ndi gaya sa babae ang daming high pitch kahit ndi nmn kelangn i-high pitch thanks if u will grant my requests :)

Anne Choi: Hi Daniel, Is it possible that you write out all the cords on the songs for me. I am learning to play and I don't get it right. I am just start to learn to play guitar. Thanks, Anne

juragan70: Hi Daniel, Would you mind if I use your song and voice to be the background of my video about the trials that happened to my church in Indonesia recently? I ask your permission. I look forward to hearing from you..... Yours in Christ


Hannah Cruz: hi daniel, i really love your voice. it really touches my heart whenever you sing. God is always glorified when you worship him. Keep it up! Hans

Gerald Smith: I don't want to visit yr brother's blog because I am aware of the chords being used. I need the sheet music to share with fellow church musicians who cannot read Tab because they do not play guitar like you or me. Do you have access to the notes? Can you help? God bless! Gerald

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