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Joseph Loveskimchi: shimmy brought me here x'D

Ashley Summerford: Love to dance to this song and I dance dirty ;)

An10779: I'm 100% dirty

An10779: I wanna dance when I listen to this song so much im pretty amazing at dancing I herd :)

KRoNiiKxProductions: Redman is freakin sick on any song, and this song is pree legit

pinkcarredhat: she can dance

Zoetjeee12: 2 people aren't dirty enough to party !

BerniBanane: I like It :) ♥

pereslorena: I LOVE this song... i like how christina sings.she sings nice

Chihapa: Pic: Good Quality: Better Song: The best!!!

EragonFreaky: Woot? First Comment? cO Beautiful Song =) Thx 4 Posting

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