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Jun 27 2014 by Songs Tracker
Mikko Tyllinen: Here's To Us! Cheers! Happy Sunday! :) #inMoodForThis #music

The Warner Sound: What's your favorite look from Halestorm in this video? I've gotta go with my decade of birth. (Which a girl never tells ;) Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Video]

Dee Marie: *Here's to Us* ...Happy Sunday Google Buddies! :) 

Tasha Renae: Love this song!! <3 <3 #halestorm #herestous Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Video]

Sylvia Grimes: I don't know why I like Halestorm. They're so almost-country it's weird.

DEEREMEYER1: It's funny watching a chick try to pull off the tough rock and roller act by saying "sh!t", "f#ck", "a$$" and hell as much as possible in the first verse of the song. 

Tara onewish: Here's to us Here's to love All the Times that we messed up Here's to you..... <3<3<3<3

Al Acton: Here's to us fathers

Vyr krimz: Here's to " you" baby :) muuuaahhhh

stoeit seireo: such a bad song. no wonder why its not mainstream. the only reason why people know of this songs existence is cause of glee


R3dhawk: I find it sad that people are saying this is purely pop. It just shows how limited people's knowledge of music is. This song by Halestorm is either A) Soft Rock or B) Rock Pop, both of which are sub categories of rock. If you want pop things go listen to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, the latter of whom I have no clue why she's still classified as country

Jonathan Brealey: Some don't like this band cos they are a bit cheesy. Some, girls mostly, don't like it cos of Lzzy. Some lads don't like it cos their aint noone screaming or grunting over the top. I LIKE IT BECAUSE IT LOOKS AND SOUND GREAT!!!!! Something you can actually listen to in the rock world for a change.

ScotRanger1960: Like a Heavy Metal Katy Perry. Crap. Heard it all before.

JJATTAN17: Correct me if i'm wrong but as far as i know this is an original Halestorm song, so why are people saying that it's a cover? Unless i'm mistaken...

theaudition347: This is just pop with profanity. Really boring.

shawn brown: HAHAHAHA. as if this band could sell out a venue. 

WatchYourAttitude: Wow I had no idea this song was by halestorm. I only knew the song because of Glee. Now I see they had to rewrite almost half of the song because of the curse words xD

chriskalos: Cuss count: 8 (11 if you count 'hell' as a cuss)

Phil Ram: I love it 

yves jacquot: a good rock voice

VFX3D: OK, she like jager and jager bombs. Me I hate jagermeister, the licorice make me gag. Really, something about licorice that my body thinks its a toxin.

KevinPaul06: Just like what the song says. "If they give you hell, tell them go freak themselves".

Sin Trabajo: i love her <3 i wd like to met her and just say hello . sry my bad english but my country´s president Rahoy is cutting the money for education.

DST Music&Fun: Why is this version so different to the album version? I like this much better, with the guitar solo and so ;) 

tom barry: Here's to all who have had a rough day. To those on the east coast that got their ads kicked, to +Jen R who needs a drink, to +Raven Lockwood who's on a mini vacation from her students. To all the G people; keep up the inspiring posts! ENJOY THE WEEKEND! !

Kay Diddle: Utter pop, derivitive crap.

Trae Dillahay: i want this to be my graduation song 

Andy Meyer: The happiest 2:57 seconds of my day, every day.

billyblackattacks: when they played rock fest in ladson sc last year the drummer crowd surfed over top of me. thats a really light weight dude lol

Quicksilver Rose: I love this song!~

Sheryl Manor: kawaii song

Josh Smith: #SOTD 

Winter Heart: Fifteen years with a very special woman. Been a long road.

Kevin Millman: Such a great song.

TheDdevlin: Jägermeister *_* greez from germany ;)

Karla DeCuir: love this song

Harrysound: Great voice, good song, uneventful musicianship. I think Lzzy is mccartney missing her lennon

Budget Guy RC: love her voice

Lofton: So is this rock or country

Roberto Barreiro: damn, they are good!!

Raven Talmhain: Lovin life.

Anibal Gallardo: Va queriendo... ;)

Ed Benson: I now have a major crush on Lzzy Hale from Halestorm after hearing this song..... wow! 

Jade Repaye: Love it! It may be the best video yet

William Russell Wade: Gotta love a woman with a beautiful mind and a filthy mouth. No really, you have to. Don't make me hurt you. No, no, shut the freak up, stop talking, and nod your head yes. Thank you. Big C, I can drink Jägermeister all day long, and still not feel anything more than a buzz. I am the Huntmaster.

Levester Chaney: this is a really good song...kinda how i feel on Friday nights

elel6723: I love this song

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