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Mar 10 2014 by Music agent
stoeit seireo: such a bad song. no wonder why its not mainstream. the only reason why people know of this songs existence is cause of glee

tenoreyequetis: Gorgeous song

William Russell Wade: Gotta love a woman with a beautiful mind and a filthy mouth. No really, you have to. Don't make me hurt you. No, no, shut the freak up, stop talking, and nod your head yes. Thank you. Big C, I can drink Jägermeister all day long, and still not feel anything more than a buzz. I am the Huntmaster.

KevinPaul06: Just like what the song says. "If they give you hell, tell them go freak themselves".

VFX3D: OK, she like jager and jager bombs. Me I hate jagermeister, the licorice make me gag. Really, something about licorice that my body thinks its a toxin.

Harrysound: Great voice, good song, uneventful musicianship. I think Lzzy is mccartney missing her lennon

music646: this song is my jam i will be okay :D

Jade Repaye: Love it! It may be the best video yet

David Grigg: Here's to US !!!

tom barry: Here's to all who have had a rough day. To those on the east coast that got their ads kicked, to +Jen R who needs a drink, to +Raven Lockwood who's on a mini vacation from her students. To all the G people; keep up the inspiring posts! ENJOY THE WEEKEND! !

R3dhawk: I find it sad that people are saying this is purely pop. It just shows how limited people's knowledge of music is. This song by Halestorm is either A) Soft Rock or B) Rock Pop, both of which are sub categories of rock. If you want pop things go listen to Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, the latter of whom I have no clue why she's still classified as country

Trae Dillahay: i want this to be my graduation song 

Kay Diddle: Utter pop, derivitive crap.

Lofton: So is this rock or country

Jennifer Bush: I couldn't pick a favorite Hailstorm song if I tried! So here's to us! Happy Friday and singles awareness day also known as Valentine's day!

dakerson1234: 3 minutes? Wtf? Is this a crapty nickleback song or something?

Ele Mashige: Glee brought me here

weasley0009: While I liked all three scenarios, I think I prefered the grunge rock one the best...just the way she played the guitar and sang in that was just so cool.

Letícia Göss: I didn't know this band. I just download this music on Itunes ($0,69). I loved it!

Escape2Muszik: To my bestie...we miss you SO much! #RIP 

f flicr: i'm gonna see them live In Milan! 28th april can't wait!

Charmaine de lemos-cooper: <3xx

Ferdi Ustica: This song remainds me other song.. Which is? 

Roger Guenther: If a song has a melody and a good hook people call it pop. So what if it is a little pop. It's still way better than Justin B. or Beyonce. 

Ines Hassayoune: Glee brought me first here ! memories <3 

DEY kHODJA: she is toooooooooo sexy beauty toooo Rock & Roll

Nuclearzoo1: Jagermeister ad? 


Knucklehand: It's funny how Halestorm's music videos have absolutely nothing to do with the actual songs' lyrics.

Ludwig Hame: I love this band. Right, i said THE BAND. I agree that the frontgirl has an awesome voice, can play guitar, and, most unimportant, is freakin' hot, but some people think the whole band consists of the frontgirl.

Jason B: ilavit

Alicorn Starlight Shy Moon: I've had a bad day...first couldn't sleep last night...then...on road again....slept for a nap...now...I'm on the road again...

Taylor Fox: that Jeager<3 

Tyler Shelly: She kind of has a Geena Davis look going on

Keith Lilly: To compare Hailstorm to Evenence is like comparing fire to water

Ron Howe: wow I play this song on my guitar but this is the first time I've seen the video, and I think it's awesome how it went through three decades of styles! Very cool

TheFireblade1000RR: freak me this is good music.

Angie Jensen: I love that amazing voice.

KiKi Lapierre: I love the drumer

Darron Markwood: Great tune for the summer and even a better tune to all of those couples on Valentine's Day. Here's to you. Here's to Us. Great band to see live and even better to meet in person.

Brandon Levine: I haven't heard a new song this good in awhile...

Postie: Great video!

Sally Kikozashvili: ahh this sounds like soft 80's rock <3 

BOBBY RIZZO: every group needs a song like this...

Farrin Courteoreille: whos gonna put a ring on your finger ... hope its me. shes so dynamite! 

Brokenhalo: AMAZING !!!

brotleibinger: making this video must have been a pain in the ass. All these costume changes just for a few seconds of footage

Colleen Kennedy: I don't care what category it falls under if it is good music I like it.

Marcos gonzalez: 

archerator: I want to marry Lzzy. That's all folks have a nice day :)

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