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Homie Sloth: LZZY HALE KICKS freakING ASS!!! :D

Deirdre Jones: Saw them twice live hometown

SheWolfy Adkins: Holy Crap. When she redone hearts "all I wanna do is make love to you" she tore that up!!!

dana fisher: what a great effing song. listen to the beat of this song.

John Thornton: pppp

Cam Spr: This totally describes my life right now.

Harold Petten: her voice is perfect

chris fox: she is perfect in every way

Andrea Deconinck: Nice

митя митя: еее бооой

Halloweenfan1999: My favorite Halestorm song.

Sam Rutter: Wow powerful song love it.

Chameleon's Isle: they probably watched dani california before filming this

Alexia Mercer: I am a BIG fan of hailstorm, and hailstorm read this comment, know that you are my favourite band, and I'm a kid but I want to be Like Lizzy hail when I'm older

Rob S: Lapis"

Justin Joachim: The Friday night anthem!!!

Владимир Подольский: Jägermeister is a good drink! :)

root loggins: Dam i hate yager

David McIlwain: To all our vets...thank you for your sacrifice..you gave so much of yourselves so we wouldn't have to...

Daniel C: This became a theme song for my brothers and I after our mother passed. Put aside our differences over shots of Jager. They're both gone now too and I listen to this song everyday.

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