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Random frog: Q_Q

John Lutz: This is a love song if ever there was one.

caleb: i listen to this song every sunday after an 80 hour work week every week while i sit here alone drinking my fifth of vodka, seems apropriate.

prozackitty: mY husband and I played this at our wedding. it fit us perfectly.

Kaman Barber: It happen's!

Edward Hons: i so freaking love u

Tab Sansouci: cuz the last few days have kicked my ass, lol...or should i say this yr lol ;/

Tab Sansouci: good song...woman without a country...not ever suppose to be right about a thing, huh...lol...only4laughs....& luv this1 :)

Vikrit A: Sex

Tom DeCooman: my favorite song by halestorm i love u lzzy

Creo Felice: this is mine and my boyfriends song we be tho hell the past yr and this song markes both of us smile and pulls us closer and when we get married this is the song we Will dance to

Shelly Weaver: This song is Perfect to so many things that happen in Life!! Here's to US!! If they give you hell...Tell them go freak themselves!! 🍻🍻

Darryl Portra: Lizzy and her Band are Awesome

Kev Bama: Music has been slowly coming around 360 degrees. This has 80's written all over it. Pretty Reckless sounds like several bluesy sounding 80's rock bands.  Bout time!!

Kathy Hulsey: i love the song heres to us by halestorm

dragonsblood6664 dragonsblood6664: god why did she cut that beautiful hair ?

nostalga51jo: gay

shealynn COOK: This is way better than glee they didn't clean it up an also they didn't sugar code

Veronica Pelletier: Love this!! Here's to love!! Cheers!

The meme girl: I'm in love with this song. It tastes better than ice cream!

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