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Shanice Harris: Omg..... her accent!

Frank Howell: Wow!  It took me about two notes to fall in love with that voice.  Can't wait to hear more.

Robert H: lzzy rocks

James Mac: This is a great music video from Halestorm, "Here's To Us." This is because so many people in life cannot admit their mistakes and go on blindly about how perfect they are and unable to remedy their problems: Here is to us, for all the times we screwed up. The tragedy is not that you made a mistake, the tragedy is not getting back up and moving on and solving your problems. Kudos, Halestorm.

J. R. DUENDE: I Love you

Markseason22: TBS show "The Detour"

Big Buck: I love you woman!!!

mday3821: This explains my boyfriend and my life and to all the people who f@*k us over. They can go F-themselves. Because we are stronger now than ever.❤❤😛

Daryl Dixon: love this

Shirley Almeida Nunes: Amoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Blacken the Day Official: if you like Halestorm, check out up and coming band rock Blacken the Day on facebook. and blacken the day official on youtube.

Sonechka Влади́мировна Cмирнов: Melodic rock ♥

DanielCamz Johns: Good Song.

lola Adekunle: Lol who's here because of glee?

Big T: I like grunge Halestorms look oh and I'm here because of The Detour it's great freaking show.

Veronica Rose: Great song! Her vocals, the guitars and the drums are perfect! But the lyrics are so cringy.

Nisa Nur Cingöz: kimliği kirletilmişler mabedi😄

Nursena Şahin: Türk yokmu la

Ian Blanton: Mtv needs to put more music videos back in rotation like they did in 80's

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