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Tanya Singleton: ❤️❤️One of the best tunes I have heard in a long time ❤️❤️

Esens: Hi!! We're Esens!! We are a band from Rome, if you want watch our cover and tell us what you think! If you like it, sub to our channel :D
Thank you so much, you help is important

tabitha darkrider: I love this song and this band so freaking much they are such beautiful people that celebrate being different through their songs and I'm so grateful to love a band this much and to be so moved by music <3

Jamie Ruscin: My thoughts exactly

rwd86: This borderline pop music

Meek: The last couple of seconds is just the singer and the guitar/bass players moderately doing their job but coming to the front to also sing, and then theres the drummer. Trying his best tapping the rythm, but otherwise doing absolutely nothing :DD

Cry Baby-: Kimliği Kirletilmişler Mabedi'ne hoşgeldiniz.

青木俊: 再生回数少な

10x10 million returns: here... die my die

Röwe Cierras: Freakin' love this song. Been on loop whole day now. Hits right to the bone.\m/ Luv ya Lzzy..

吉富 海深: gleeより本家の方が素敵…!!

William Wilson: I GOTA SAY SHE CAN ROCK.....ROCK IT. ..

Spencer Koelle: Dear Dionysus I love this song. It's a song to console yourself in the bad times, and a song to celebrate the good times. A song of suffering and triumph. Also a great song to drink to.

Sejejonas5: Fking LOVE this kind og music what is it called ?? ❤️❤️

Nguyen Thi Lanh: Good

Nguyen Thi Lanh: Good

Jodi Kennedy: I love ❤️ this band!! I thank God for there gift!!! Heres to hail storm

Erge13: the opening reminds me of a song but i forgot the title.
can someone help me out?

bear*: I love this song!!!!!

Jay Bennie boy: Take out all the cuss words and no one will like this song

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