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John Sullivan: I may be old (67), but this ROCKS!! Love it-keep it coming

Dave Haldane: freak I love this song so much :D

Ainnada U: for some reason this brought tears to my eyes

George Urnus: I hate this song very hiii😈😈😈😈😈

April Sproul: I love this song
And I love halestorm!!!! 

KaB Eckostate: This would be an amazing country song.

Renan Santana: Brazil <3

Chris Moranville: Love Lzzy, this band is awesome !!!!

Dustin Brown: This has been a song I have associated with my people at work for years (but haven't played it cuz of language appropriateness in the workplace; yeah, I know like they haven't heard it before, but all the same ... workplace), we have always had a good party place at the corp Christmas party and now have had a "team building event" thing my boss started last year, (we basically had dinner at a really cool bar/restaurant and took a painting class that place hosted while drinking the whole time .... It was of course, a great time. But I have lived and worked with many of these people for up to 13 years (my time there). I consider them family by and large...

This one spoke to me about what we have been through to get where we are and keep it, and our loves and hatreds about it, and our perseverance to work it out, even if we disagree, still at the end of the day it is still always just our team together ... here's to us ...

Rayraycat32: Here's to us, here's to love, all the times that we freaked up. This song reminds me of someone I once knew. To all the good times Sinkler. Happy it happened but relieved it's over xoxo

Arturo Morin: This song explains love for what it really is.  Lzzy Hale can relate to all of us.  Well done Miss Hale

jdawg417: wow glee really dumbed this song alot better now

Michael Holt: wow the statement is strong and right. and a bridge is done. lets keep it up for us and anyone who understands what the words mean

Chris Denslow: I saw them in concert with Avenged Sevenfold and heard it on the radio directly after

Sarah London: I LOVE HAILSTORM. They're awesome.

Maria Fontana: Amazing!

Silver Ackerman: I swear I'm gonna play this on the last day of school of my senior year and I'm gonna play it on the speakers, Here's to us guys and gals!!! 

Chelsie Abril: This is going to be the song we play at our wedding! 😈

John Bacsenko: Here's to us...........only collecting a total of 7.50 with the door take..........after a four hour set. It was such a waste of time.........BUT SUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

bekemen iyoha: I love this song, both the glee version and d original they both take me to diff emotional levels

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