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Pak Somad: rock 80s/90s the best

Денис Супрунчик: perfect 😊

Tim Althar: she is so freaking AWESOME!!

Tim Althar: I love u Lindsay...lets give em hell baby!! Here is to u n me..lol..damn ur sexy baby...wish u were mine honey!!! I would so love to sing n songwrite with u. I wish we could collaborate n rock together!! Hell yes babe

Gordon Heggie: don't care how you class this, all I know is this lass can sing

Brian Bennett: That's a country song. Love it!

Adam Russell: lemonade cheers

Ken Weser: I dedicated this song to my dad at his funeral. We broke out a cold case of beer,at the funeral home I might add, and we all drank to my dad while this song played. Here's to you dad, may you rest in the hands of God.

SithSymbiosis: Tell 2016 too freak itself! #freak2016

That was how I felt on New Years Eve

David Miller: Might have just discovered another band to hit my favourites list.

Angel Moore: we now know tht 15646 ppl r idiots

Marese Sela: Kimliği kirletilmişler mabedinden gelenler burada mı?

Thomas Miller: Most popular song for this time of the year.

MpSniperM1911: 1:10 mais um clone do funky encontrado heuehuehueeuheuehhueheuheuehuehue (funkyblackcat do final de 2016, caso alguém veja em outro espaço-tempo)

David Tong: Great stuff!

Randy Zhen: I heard the Glee version of this and thought this was amazing. So I decided to check out the original song and this sounds incredible. Damn how I've missed out

darwinjr: Great, powerful (and yes, hot) vocalist who I just learned is a big Bernie Sanders supporter--I think I'm in love!

Valkyrie PhantomCain: so freakin damn awesome voice

dave hebert: they need to play this at midnight on new years eve

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