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Sep 17 2014 by New songs
Shan tel: 🎶🎶Here's to us!🎶🎶 The man of my heart💓, the king of my dreams💋, +Alan N. And to many more years. I love you!! #Halestorm 

Maria H: +Jeanine Shadow. Here it is...I love this tune :) 

Brittany Benford: Here's to us Here's to love

Brandon Rauls: Is this a remake of another song? It sounds VERRRRYYYY familiar........

JJATTAN17: Correct me if i'm wrong but as far as i know this is an original Halestorm song, so why are people saying that it's a cover? Unless i'm mistaken...

Dee Dee ヅ: *Here's to Us* ...Happy Sunday Google Buddies! :) 

MissRhia: I grew up through the 80s and 90s, I never want to see those styles come back but Lizzy my dear you make it look goddamn fantastic Amazing song once again. you make my 80s metal beating heart proud, you rock the way metal was meant to rock. A power ballad the way power ballads were meant to be.

Tara Onewish: Here's to us Here's to love All the Times that we messed up Here's to you..... <3<3<3<3

KongoOttov2: I think it's time for a Jäger!

Vartika Sibal: correction to - 'nothing lasts forever' = God lasts forever

DEEREMEYER1: It's funny watching a chick try to pull off the tough rock and roller act by saying "sh!t", "f#ck", "a$$" and hell as much as possible in the first verse of the song. 

David K: A Good Friday song :-) Halestorm - Here's To Us 

DAWG OWENS: Cheers ...... Lynn Owens And all our friends. ......👍👍😀

stoeit seireo: such a bad song. no wonder why its not mainstream. the only reason why people know of this songs existence is cause of glee

luis adalberto santiago melendez: ¿& lindsey stirling? okeey no

Mayro Almeida: halestorm \o/

josip bezjak: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Video]

TheBarrettMaster18: Who the freak considers this metal? Where's the guitar?! Where's the death growl?! WHERES THE BRUTALITY?!

Derena Minnick: love this song ,this is me n my husband all the way...

amortentia moonstone: wow <3 "tell 'em to go freak themselves" XD #halestorm #herestous 

Sarah Wolkowitz: I'm not into Rock/Punk or whatever you call this, but it's not a bad song, I love Glee's version probably because it's more my style, but this is one of the original songs that can compete against all of the Glee versions in my opinion

Anya Kaz: Sounds like "Let it be" in chorus. And she's so vulgar.

Holly Blankenship: I'm trying to find you

Andrius Černiauskas: Puikiai skamba

jeffrey burmeister: my new cd. anything that goes against the government rule, I will sure as hell buy it.

pointtheblame: gay

Chase Boyd: Holy crap that voice is amazing!

邱安政: To my exgirlfriend , thanks for those day we pass through ,we break so many times and we go back so many times too. Finally we break again , I am so sorry to leave you in this way,the only thing i hope is you will someone really belong to you.

Robert Cortez: Here's to Us. ..

yaacov benjamin: am i the only straight guy who likes this song?

ThePyroKnight: the video reminds me of Dani California

Kiyoshi Takahashi: Here's to us Here's to love

Kara Rawls: I like suckin' pickle for money bruh

Natalie Willman: "Nothing but BAD ASS"

DJamazing1: it's first in my heart sorry we fell apart who cares if there's a new start cause changing my heart I laugh The love is in us

Oliver Céleste: LOOOVE this song! Lzzy has such a great voice and I love how she doesn't hold back with her lyrics... <3

LittlePlastiCastle: everyone i apologise for the shameless self promotion, it will cease shortly. ecstatic to have my #writing time back!

Richard Hyde: http://youtu.be/KC0DNLDXJW8 

NG KHAI HANG: Love thiS Song ..... Here's to us

Keagan Massey: It almost sounds like FROZEN! 😂😂

Alan Laflamme: love this song and band. <3

bombarman: is there a way to get this version of here's to us? I really like the guitar solo and the CD version seems to be a little different.

Debi Kiley: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Video]: http://youtu.be/KC0DNLDXJW8

Michael Leon: wow there alot of trolls and haters, i think Halestorm is one of the better bands to come out in the last ten years of cookie cutter bands all trying to sound like somethign that was actually sucessful, Lizzy Hale has one of the striongest voices out there and its just a matter of time

Felicia Pearce: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Video]: http://youtu.be/KC0DNLDXJW8

Carlos Irizarry: They went to country?

Esther Ruol: This dying-whale guitar twang needs to go.

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