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HardLukWoman !!: Here's to us. The last few nites have really kicked my ass. Just tellin em all to go fuk themselves.

Punishing Reaper: Best power ballad of the age.

tinky winky: This should be my anthem can't wait to see these @ the carnival of madness @ Cardiff

Jon Dorman: Fill the glass...CAUSE THE LAST FEW DAYS HAVE KICKED MY ASS!!! So many people can relate to those lyrics. I'm one of them. Really this is just a beautiful song

Malak Angèle Gallant: ++++++++++++++ ..
<3 <3 <3 ..

TheShadowCat05: .

Patrik Bogdán: I'm not really a rock person. To be honest, I like mainstream pop music. I know, I know... but this song is just... I'm in love with it.

DANTASTIC MANIA: The uncensored version =,go freak themselves version!

Ceren Aytekin: This amazing song's glee cover has more views than the original video, seriously what the freak?!

Ericson Rosenthal: thank you for this song. it reminds me of highschool. thanks for the memories 

Bob Johnson: Love the grunge look,,,

Leash barely: cant wait to see these guys in New Zealand at the end of the year!!

karen ferrier: HERES TO HALESTORM

Familly Charvet: 👌👍

Stanislav Maximov: Halestorm - Here's To Us [Official Video]: http://youtu.be/KC0DNLDXJW8

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