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Apr 18 2015 by MP3 player
Bram Kerstens: Do you please have this one in Karaoke version :3

BARDONICHI: The violin and pies are awesme complimenting a really nice singer.

Pat Mac: Just seen his show in Leeds tonight a really professional performance enjoyed by everyone there

Kimoon Nam: freaking Awesome Violin, Pipes and the vocals

Rebecca mc crossan: class singer lovely voice

Joanna33333: So beautiful Nathan!

Aisling McKernan: I seen him live last night in Amragh and boii what a night i had:'D Love you Nathan Carter<3

Sean Marksc Campbell: how dare u call his songs crap ..jealousy gets u no where..keep her lit nathen ..must write a song for him...

julia hamming: wat the hell hes mine biotch!!!! :O >:( love you nathy :* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Michael McRoberts: Jolly good show!

loughrey101: What's with Irish guys trying to sound American? This is a CELTIC song, not country western.

Leanne Killalea: This man has ruined too many songs for me!!! >:( Wagonwheel, and now Hey ho! i think he should just stop with the covers and write his own crap...

Tammy Shepherd: Brilliant brilliant love the CD and y dad loves it xx

Colin Hamilton: serious singer massive future ahead

David Hegan: Fab:-):-):-) singer & song♥♥♥

Paul Corrigan: I also thought this, then it turned out he's from Liverpool. Funny where a tacky suit and cheesy grin can get you. What a waste.

norah charlton: You are a fantastic musician. My daughter Kayleigh 21 thinks theres nobody like you. Xxx.

92spaceboy: loughrey101; that looks like a graduation pic there, oh yeh your educated...Country music is big in Ireland, yeh? This is an amazing song and your right it originates from a Celtic place but that doesn't mean it's not open to interpretation. He does a nice job on it anyway. Have a listen to Harry Chapin; Flowers are Red. Enjoy

Barbara Hughes: Lovely version of this song...

coletteconroy: love nathan :p

Tina Tam: what this got to do with Nathan carter ?????

Leanne Carroll: love it, Nathan makes this song sound even better when he sings it :)

Sarah J: Still gives me goosebumps everytime i hear nathans version!

gagala555: superb!

Tina Tam: u have a beautiful voice Nathan but leave this song to the people that can sing it the way it should be done... xx

Maitiú Ó Domhnaill: top notch from the mighty Carter,please do checkout my channel foirnis15 where i to have a crack at country music,cheers

Katelyn Roberts: I'm 12 and I'd rather listen to him than anything else tbh

Maria Quigley: Well done Maria

Margaret o neill: best singer in Ireland by far.....brilliant live.....

Aoife Dooley: Love his version of this it's my party piece nathan u rock :)

sainglain: Ulaid men & women - no north or then there has to be a East (Lenister), a South (Munster) and a West (Connaght) - remember Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan are in Ulaid. "Ireland" one island, the rugby team have the right idea just like the show jumpers. Erin Grá Mo Chroí ( Ireland Love Of My Heart )

Michael Courtney: the best country singer since mick flavin .

Sharon Robinson: thanks 2 my wee brotyher i now cant get enuf of this man. cant wai8t 2 c him in Glenarm Castle. x

fairytalefusionscoz: He is amazing:) I am a young person who loves all his music and his voice!! Love you nathan:)

CountrynIrish: Beautiful Song ! Love it ! Nathan sings an excellent version of this classic song ! Superb Upload ! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous song ! 5*****+

AmIActuallyOnline: freak up..

Sean Marksc Campbell: Ah she is retarded god bless her if she thinks she is goin out wit nathen.she is deranged

louise mckinless: hes ma boyfriend!<3 were going steady wooh! 6months tomorrow:* loveyou nathan babes xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxo

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