Eminem Feat. Ludacris & Lil Wayne - Second Chance (B.O Beatz Remix) Music Video for Free!

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Aug 01 2014 by Music agent
BO Instrumentals: Check out my Beats http://www.soundclick.com/beatmatics

marten vösu: I think eminem sys i give you one hundred dough not i give you one underdog 

Tunc Gunes: Eminem Feat. Ludacris & Lil Wayne - Second Chance (DJ Bessi Remix)

mateusz miksza: Who sings the hook?

Lorsin Edward: I thought that verse was in when im gone by Eminem?

Stefan Raeuber: The part with I can read your mind is the best.

FerocLPs: <3

XIT MEH: .Eminem feat. Ludacris & Lil Wayne....Super 5++///

DEVIL_LYRICS: crap this is awesome....

Bart Persoon: http://youtu.be/5outXREbaV8

SHINee TheBest: Whose the girl

sambaguy455: nice.

Petrus Sliwa: What's this type of piano melody called?

Thug Life: great but lil wayne ruins it..should of put Pac r someone betta than wayne in it but great song

adriano soares: muito maneiro essa music


jasangel villalona: Who sings the girl part. I love her voice

NemanZaliyev: You look like you're in another world but I can read your mind How you can you be so far away lying by my side...

Marc Owens: ur comment fails. i like eminem better then Lil wayne but Lil wayne spit all over Eminem this time

hipOheadx3: Love it!

MrTheVOne: I love this song ^^

Daniel Eaton: Beverley Craven - Promise Me

Lane Daschko: Is there anyway I could get an instrumental of this with the chorus I would like to do my own rap over this

RapBeatsification: crazy remix

dambo171: awesomeeeeeeeeeee

nateboganify: Lil wayne part betta

Rahul Dey: cool lyrics by eminem.. ;)

David Espiñeira: Epic remix

DJMixRhymez: Lil wayne did good in this one

Lucian: yes sir

zeero64: eminem dissing lil wayne?

PureT3x4n: badass song. badass remix.

EssO x: thumbs up if you kept replaying this vid !

TrackBoy2319: this is really good...damn crap is on point

johnie john: one word,AMAZING !!

boss187EB: awesome vid.i downloaded this mp3

rayyan hussain: only good song lil wayne did good in

David Kühn: cooler remix respect ;)

Mishiko Lobzhanidze: nice!!!

Jerrod Hopson: Damn Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Ludacris straight killed it.

ghods2012: Fast & furious s2

rjain7227: Damn lil wayne....u rule....eminem's gud too...but lil is outta this world..n..ludacris....u r good too

Jasmine Brushett: Of course lil wayne had to use the word nigga. Eminem is very popular and never uses that word ....... Lil wayne should take some pointers form em

PrepusClan: Fast & Furious <3

Gonçalo Barros: one of better songs i ever heard!

bumi Ahmeti: NIce Remix Man, I Like It The Kicked In Da Beats...

Jalen Walker: yo dis so raw especially wit hopsin

peter wackenier: i like hes music thx btw

TheBesonb: sick man

Alfred Cardenas: La pusieron en fast and furious 6. Weezy cada vez más escuchado!

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Eminem Feat. Ludacris & Lil Wayne - Second Chance (B.O Beatz Remix) 4.9 out of 5