Jaime Y Los Chamacos - Mi Musica Favorita

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Mar 06 2015 by Lyrics
Sara Hernandez: Reminds me of Corpus Christi growing up in south Texas 

Alvaro Lucio: Jaime Y Los Chamacos - Mi Musica Favorita: https://youtu.be/UAQR0pTA_P8

Josh Hernandez: Eso

Erik Ramon Martinez Gallegos: Like o si no favorito

Rene Perez: Puro Alice Tejas compa

nancy ramos: Like

Corridoamor: A great tribute to the music of Ruben Naranjo, Tony de la Rosa and others. Rock on Jaime!!! You got it!!

madmantoby: take it away.....

Steven Martinez: Laredo Tx<3

J Rodriquez: puro pinche San Antonio

Mikey30856: Conjunto No Moriraaaaa...LOL...love The Chamacos....

ikeplus1: Brings back memories from Corpus, going back ....

neon blanco: Y arriba el valle de Tejas,this was my High School music, back when I lived in Cleveland,Tx, Greetings from Mexico.

Hpangirl: Grupo Mazz y Jaime y los Chamacos musica Texana de verdad!!!!!

TAMPSMEX: estan a todo dar estos videos y la musica de jaime echele pa delante saludos a rio bravo tamps.

saskekun101: omg my dad listen to this every day when i was in colombia

eslabon2: did jame deanda go to macarthur high school in houston texas? anyone know?

mytejanonation: PURO..........PARTY!!!!!!!

Santacruz jj: Puro Laredo, Tx. y el Jalapeno Festival.. Desde Twin Falls, Idaho!

SOTEXGUY2: it never gets old, its always brings back beautiful memories.... long live conjunto music

Geovanni Delgado: Ahuuuaaa

ikeplus1: They also rock LIVE!

ConjuntoVela: Los Arroyos del Rio did something like this

peggyperez76: this a great song ....puro san marcos tx..westover...

TopNotchH22: damn i love this song, I wish there was still a Johnny Canales show so I could see all of this on Sunday mornings while I am eating some barbacoa

Lena Pena: I love this song..& most of all i love jaime y los chamacos!

ashleyntc113093: love it!!!


prettyhotandthickvg: bad ass

gallospring: bad ass song man, puro tejano style....

lashylashy: Mi Musica Favorita!

Geovanni Delgado: I love this song and im from new jersey ahua el texmex

jazmine lizeth: I'm from laredo

Robert Martinez: Laredoo Tx , Parejaas ! ♥

Alejandra y Pauino Jimenez: puro laredo awevo ya saben ke aki son puro tejanos

Jesse varela: dammmmmmmmmmmm

sandi D: jamie de anda y los chamacos r the crap puro conjunto carnal everytime i play there music my little boys know what time it they rafita7 marco3 always holla squeeze that box jamie

firefightntx: Shoot it!

egonz79: best conjunto band ever!! Squeeze that box Jaime!!!

STAR FOX: Laredo in the hood my niggas

panchio35: recuerdos de LAREDO CASABLANCA!!!! AAYAYAYAYAAAAYYY!!!!

JairoBajosexto: komo se llama esa rola?

guerreron25: purr party rgv kidd

400001851: Can u leave tha download link for this song??

guerrero tejanito: @TopNotchH22 fuuuuuuuck yea lmao damn i would always do that

jon christo: Pega en el mero cora.Arriba con Chamacos!!!!

jayy jay: pal eljefedejefes05 el king of the accordion is RAMON AYALA stupid !!!!!!!!!!!! lol

jayy jay: those r the songs for those of u that dont know bout good style song puro tejano putos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MilkDeDallas: Musica pa PISTIAR loko!!!!!! ~MILK~

lozano1: there is no squeeze master, PACO BARRON knows that squeeze box

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