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Margarita ZAPATA MATUS: impresionantes

Joann O Connor: Your brothers were there for you!!

Joann O Connor: Andy and Barry looked so much alike, Barry tried to help some people just
Don't listen they just want to do it their own way! too bad! you needed help but you thought you could do it! all you had 5o do was waked for help! some people can't do it! what would have happened if he did? it was not a weakness it was just help from your _______family. please don't let anyone make this mistake they will never have another shoot!

Jeremy Dubeck: Of all the brothers, they really are spitting images of eachother.

Ann Armstrong: Berry and his brother Andy look so much a handsome!!

irishwindows: Andy Gibb is not on this track but nice photos in the video. This song was on the Stayin' Alive soundteack.

dorinedewindt: Thanks,lovely!

izzey miyaki: love you too much too honey💋💋💋💞💞💞

Marieelaine Brown: love all the lads,andy,morris,robin+barry Bee gees4-musc will live on4ever,from Dublin,Ireland💗💗💗💗

Eden Nagase: 10.13.15
germangirl 604
thanks for the upload
feeling. sad but
loved to. watch this

lauracat33: You're very deceiving in the way you list this video. I thought I was going to hear both Barry and Andy singing. BTW JCRWEB, this song WAS released, on the Staying Alive album for the movie, but it was done by the Bee Gees.

Flaco Morita: lo mejor de toda una epoca hermosa

Kathy Vvestal: Barry and Andy looks so much a like it amazing where did robin and mo gets their looks but Barry is much more sensible Andy was a neive when it come to Victoria like there isn't a million other women out there who would of loved andy I know his wife loves him still his daughter too both of them

Zenaida Rodriguez: Beautiful

Zenaida Rodriguez: Beautiful

Samantha samarathunga: great........oppertiunity.......''''

Devoted2as: AMAZING!

Simone da C. Grecco Teixeira: Sempre achei o Andy e o Barry muito parecidos e agora depois desse vídeo. Nossa! Que saudades, amo esses caras. Y love Bee Gees.

Kathryn Vestal: I loved Barry Gibb and his brothers wish I could I met them singing was great my sister and Andy are probably saying hi Andy finally bless them both I loved my sister Anita like Barry loved andy


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