Andy & Barry Gibb - I love you too much (Demo) Music Video for Free!

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Sanjay Kapoor: tooo good barry.derd no 1 like u

Violeta Vika Jeremic: I listen to this all my life & I love this ,so much !!

vilma villaluz: so lucky to hav known ur music...beegees ,ur one of a kind group...lots of looks and tons of talent in music...ur my lifetime fav, likewise wt paul macca n georg michael...

KEENster D: Great video and song! Andy and Barry are my fave of the Gibb brothers but I love them all but these two were so much alike. Very talented and good looking. Miss you Andy!

brakke100: love them so much xxxxxx

Victoria H.: Just loved Andy. He will always be 30.

Valnira Gasparri: Nossa! Andy era o Barry sem barba,um pedaço do irmão mais velho, que nasceu depois.

Lisa Gallo: wow!!!

Wellington Gomes: I couldn't notice Andy's voice in that mix. It seems to me a rough cut from the 1983 album version featuring Barry and maybe Maurice (unless it's Andy's voice both on the album and here). Who knows?

Patricia Morouney: luv the bee gees!!

Cristina Gomes: lindos e maravilhosos

Terri Moore: Uncanny how much they look alike...

Belinda Brubaker: Barry was hot.:)

Belinda Brubaker: lol.Going with .Barry!!!!

JAMET betty: de BETTY Bon Album Andy avec Barry Sympa cette Musique j'Aime bien ,,Betty de Bretagne ;;France ::

Darlene Bright: this is a beautiful song....bee gees are a awesome brothers...lovethem

Marluce Caitano: Impressionante como sê Parece...Lindos...Grande Barry Simplesmente Fantástico...Muita Saudade dos BEE GEES ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

ARIZONA B: Incredible brothers, like a twins

Meredith Arbon: They were Soulmates

Meredith Arbon: TOO much alike! It is scary how much Barry and Andy are

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Andy & Barry Gibb - I love you too much (Demo) 5 out of 5