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羅花子: 我覺得大哥巴里吉布最帥,安迪最可愛

羅花子: 死了3個弟弟,大哥情何以堪?身為歌迷很替他擔心……

羅花子: 我童年時最常聽的歌,長大後才知道是比吉斯天團

Cindy Nuzzi: Victoria Principal killed Andy.

Gildete Alves De Jesus: amo muito os irmãos Gibb, lindo Andy, maravilhoso Barry♥♥♥♥♥♥

Frank Vazquez: Andy was Barry's reincarnated self, except perhaps for Barry's "Falsetto" vocal skill. Mysterious.

Kathleen Bialas: Barry and Andy look remarkably alike...all the brothers were handsome and great performers. They are missed. I am happy to know Barry is doing better. At the appropriate time, I would like to see him (maybe at the Grand Ole Opry) on stage, with some of his family members, Willie Nelson and family members... Perhaps Vince Gill and Alan Jackson, and others. All just for fun!

Joy Smith: Oh they are so much alike voices and body language and look so much alike

Margarete Stiegler: Off bee gees

Margarete Stiegler: I Love music offenbar bee gees

Mia Crawford: Gosh they were both gorgeous

robinrandy: from where you got these photos
thanks indeed

John L: For the longest time I thought the Bee Gees were Robin, Maurice, and Andy.  I was just a little kid then so I have an excuse ;)

Monique Menezes: Eu amo tanto essa música 😍😍😍😍

Rose Marie Bernardez: Andy is the younger Barry! Nice song.

janet zaker: this song was.on the movie staying alive
so strong
john travolta

Noogie Courtney: I read Andy sang  the chorus and it sounds like Andy.  This is printed many times in reference  to this song.

Maria EL: This BeeGees are amazing, the best. Andy was good bug not in the same level. And Barry was much more handsome

Anita Foster: Barry should release this.

Debby Kiehner: Those two were too much a like!!! Andy was a little younger version...their voices even sounded a like.

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