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Dec 10 2014 by Gossips
ELBA ELIZABETH ROMAN BENITEZ: I love you too much for ever and ever!

EmpressOfWyoming58: One thing about the Gibb brothers, they sure could rock the tight, white pants. The four most deliciously talented and good looking brothers to walk this earth.

Susan Rollins: The best group ever very sexy boys all 4 of them

Teresa Mize: Andy was a carbon copy of Barry. And they were very hot looking men. And Barry still is for his age

romiko1969: Tolle Fotos! Andy hat seinen großen Bruder bestimmt sehr geliebt und verehrt. Diese Ähnlichkeit der beiden. R.I.P. Andy.. Love BeeGees!!

Alessandra Dalvit: Come era bello Andy Gibb

Lulu4Him: Somewhere I saw a picture of both of them, not sure if they were together, but Andy has a beard just like Barry's, and looked just like him.

Tina Fuller: Barry es más bello.

Camrin Iskandar: sing with expression

Marìa Luisa Pérez: WWWOOOOWWWW....que beella canción...y que lindo video....My eternal Love Barry y mi cuñadito preferido Andy...un gran regalo para la vista y los oídos...y por supuesto para el corazón... sobre todo hoy....¡¡¡ FELIZ DIA DEL AMOR !!! PARA TODOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....

247kats: Just scrumptious!

Marie Stadler: I can't believe how much they really looked alike,,,I love both of their music

Richard Gottheil: today date September 12 /9 2014 Richard gottheil I love too much

Susan Rollins: Always been in love with the bee gees since the 70 s and always will be

JCRWEB: Petra!!! I love, love this video!!! You did a great job!!! I never heard this song before, and I am surprised that Barry never released it!!!

Jackie Wilson: Another beautiful song!

mrs Andy Gibb: 2 talented & handsome men doing what they do best. I only wished ARG & Barry had recorded more songs together. Clearly in these pics as well as others, you can see how much they look alike as well as the brotherly love that they have for each. ARG my beautiful blessing from God. LV U 4EVER. Barry NEVER give up; NEVER question because God DOES NOT make mistakes.

5455mickey: two gorgeous and talented men! WOW

Nicky GreenEyes: Twins! <3

germangirl6049: @andana23 Anita, i am glad you freaked out...LOL! The multitude of !!! make me very happy. LY, Petra xo

Amora Girl: Loving it!!!! Is Andy singing on this one too?

MF L: My favourites Gibb!!!!!Thank you so much!!!When was it recorded?

璇淑 林: bee gees 兄弟中長得最像,最帥的兩個,也是聲音最扣人心弦的兩個,

DeniseWva7: watching this only makes me wish Andy was here even more than i already do..How Handsome they both are !! one for me one for you...hehehehe...xxoo

germangirl6049: Thank you John for watching. Yes i am so crazy! Your Bee Gees Girl Number 1. xoxo

MegaVNCH: Bees Gee vẫn là số 1

adaniel8199: WOW!!! i didnt realize they recorded this together...I also didnt realize how much randy from that 70s show looks like andy gibb lol

deerian juan carlos molina subero: un gran corazon el de barry ya el despidio a sus tres hermanos menores un hermano que siempre los protegio y fue un ejemplo a seguir bravo por ti barry

Sebastian Zmener: Andy dead in 1988, and this song is from 1983. Indeed, the only originality I see here is the side by side comparison of Barry and Andy, because this is not a demo but a released song, not including Andy, and with poor audio quality (you can buy the CD in high). So, sorry Petra. Curiously, the other two brothers are the real twins (and there is a sister too).

germangirl6049: @fugentagirl1 Hello Lisa, wow... a million stars....thank you,,,i am so happy you like my video so much! I put all my love in it and i am glad you can see that. Barry & Andy are so special brothers, men and musicans... they got a place forever in my heart! Petra xo

justin brown: i like bee gees and i like this music. i wish i can download it.

germangirl6049: @loveandygibb Patry, i am glad you love it ...and most of all Andy on the motorcycle...LOL!

Gibb Fan: Wow, Andy and Barry......all I can say is WOW!

Eugenia Contreras: Grande Barry, exelente musico y un muy buen hermano, te queremos mucho, de Chile.

albrenza: Loe their voice, awesome! ;D

Valérie MARC: Great !!!

germangirl6049: @comicomella Schön einen Fan der Bee Gees und Andy zu treffen. Danke, daß Dir das Video gefallen hat!

Ajohn13: Great upload, Petra. You are crazy about your boys. I think that's so cute! Really a well done video and a great song. You surely are the number one Bee Gees girl!

MsPeukie: Two beautiful men, both enormously talented. Love the music!

Natalie Tihonova: Truly amazing!!!TY for posting!!Hugs

fugentagirl1: Hi Petra!! Ooohhhh my goodness!..... I could never love these two Gibb boys too much! Your video is an amazing example of how letting allof us feel how much love flows from our hearts to Barry and Andy, two special brothers! Special kind of 'twins' ... This video/photo montage is a beautiful 'labor of love' you created, and the demo song fits to a 'T"! I will be watching it many many times! A million ***'s for you! xoxo Lisa

Terri Miller: Just so much beauty in those brothers

MJGenius11: Barry is a very loving man, loving husband.

DeniseWva7: two of the most good-looking guys god ever made! Love your video Petra! Love this song! Sweet...&,,,Sexy!

Alice N: these 2 were so alike.

Marcus Riller: da ist der 4 bee gees

REDROSENYC: Petra WOW I love your video . thank you Love you . Rosie

germangirl6049: @emmafoster99 No, Emma, it can be never too much Love and also never too much Chocolate! Thank you !!! xo

germangirl6049: @cbrb40 Yes, we are all go crazy for them...! I am glad you liked it, and thanks for your always lovely comments, Rick! Petra-Romy xo

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