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Feb 07 2014 by Download
Jazzy Boo: Dedicated to all Veterans in the N.O.A.C.A. community. #Respect #Honor #Brave #Warriors #WomanWarriors #VeteransDay #VeteransSong #HonorsSong

Trichia Kallas Davis: Black Lodge Singers Helping me through the day!

Sierra Rosee: I remember when I was a little girl and my grandpas drum sung this (it is a family drum)... It was one of the last songs I heard my uncle sing before he died... I cry every time I hear this song... It brings so many memories I have with him like dancing by his side during grand entrance and looking at him dance. 

ImaSabra B: Beautiful music!

carebearkaren13: i mean i drum this song at my school and i sing it to

TheEviejoey: love

TheEviejoey: gffgsdhdh

janelle whitebear: u guys r truely 1 beautiful drum group, i love all ur music..

modocbucky: The bones of our Ancestors lay here in Native North America! This is where our Creator placed us and this is where we will remain. Bless the Creator!

sp0ttedp0ny330: @Nativesoldierboy THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE & WELCOME HOME!

Shari Frost: thank you for what you did for this country you were always in our thoughts and prayers, much respect

mpww09: I sent this to my husband who is still in Iraq. He loved it and said it made him feel better. I am also a veteran and sometimes wish there could be a song for female veterans. Michelle - zuyapi win

ndnmama: Love this song....played it for my hubs when he was leaving for deployment... My kids want to listen to this song all the time too... THANK A VETERAN EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE!

limewireiscool: this song reminds me of my Brother Darryl, Rest in Peace brotha Soldier Boy

SwimmingBird: We had a native drummer play this after Taps today for Veteran's Day at my college. Very moving.

star foxkiller: do not let them take no more land

garaa990: Love The SOng! HOKA!

James J Jermey: @DocBee2000 the First Nation Vets Did not serve a Country, They fought for our lands inwhich it is still ours. They served so You could Be Native , they served and died to protect what we have today . This songs for them not for us.


tyrena mcnab: i remember hearing this song as a child

Ang3l2468: Pray for those who defend but for those who fight for no reason pray for betterness in thier hearts pz

northernkidd46: It's been awhile since I've heard this song.... Awesome song! Thanks for posting it, it reminds me of when my friend was deployed. I respect the veterans and this song! Thanks, once again:)

Adanda Simmo: I miss Pine Ridge they play this on Kili all the time. I looked for Soldier Boy for the longest kept coming up with some dumb hasapa

acerb45666555: 2- wait! This song can be the honor song for tribes in Peru's Amazon area. they earned it!!

Lillian Prince: Me too Patricia, I had uncles who were in WW11. I cry too when I hear this song....

spanishfling: i remember at my grandpas viewing and when he was being buried this is the song i heard... thanks for putting it up... it brings a tear to my eye

gut197: Bless our troops!

Quentin Deveau: @WhiteThunderDrum i wish i could help you but i need some to tell me too


garaa990: Whatt Did Native4Life1998's Comment say??

WaagooshTheRedFox: @0nativewarrior8 hoorah, semper fidelis. and you can tell them i said that. and thanks.

rattlerclaw: Ho !

siletzguy5: Beautiful song

Lillian Prince: I love this song and the honour it brings to our warriors.

Billie Miner: This song always makes me cry....when I left for the marines...I heard this and my leksi told me it was okay to serve this country....the elders said it was okay for the men to go fight in WWII. So it was okay. And this song reminds me of what my leksi told me

THSurvivalGear: Thank you for this song!!! I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom...

0nativewarrior8: Dis song goes out 2 my brother station out in afganistan... USMC...

Wahbooz: What can I say, but migwetch...

Karin Eagle: @rattlerclaw Thank you for sharing your son on our behalf!

micah ferrio: this song gives me the chills im American indian and grew up on this and danced soilders go go fight

JEFFY BOY: everytime i listen to this song i think of my grandpa that was a crow scout " Curly " and how he served us well !!!

derawket: stay strong brotha

Bradley Broerman: Hau Kola! My drum team sings this song to end our performances and to honor all veterans. Our group has no written record of the Lakota words used in the song, and none of the members of the team know Lakota (I've just started learning). Does anyone know the words used? I don't know if we are doing the song correctly or not, and I don't wish to dishonor our ancestors or veterans by doing the song incorrectly. If anyone can help, can you send me a reply? Pilimaya Yelo!

Cinemawalkers: Goc bless us all

Wegash: tried to thumbs up nolights n stupid thing did the other..... won't let me switch it...

DeFFxJiXoN: You should put up the other Soldier Boy the one that goes WWI, WWII, Vietnam. . .

MsBri89: i really like this song! proud native soldier girl deployed in Afghanistan! Really miss home. May the creator watch over us and lead us home safe

angela ewen: @derawket God knows your heart you did what you have to do to survive just try to make it another day there are people are alive because of you and the ones that are are meant not to God has a purpose stay strong when the crap hits the fan and when all is well there is no remedy for peace if you ever hate yourself for what you had to do help someone else to help them find their peace you might find yours in the process God bless you and keep you strong to fight another day!

lilSumSum69: dang luv it!!

maicee Mf: @cootslap i no hey cuz we are a proud relgion

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