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Rock Rockcastle: play this at my funeral! Awesome!

Roxann Charley: i dedicate this song to my hopi sister Lori Piestewa she is from our native world Mungapi Arizona Soldier Girl! Peace Tough One! Pasniwuh

Alexandria Quequesah: Don't say that, that is really rude

Karen Sue: Something #Insane45 knows nothing about. Wah, he said, 5 times, my feet hurt too much to go to Viet Nam. But in years to come, I will waddle my fat ass around 18 holes and looking for kitty to grab, eh?

Nathaniel McDonald: This song makes feel happy as 2 of my cousins (one for each side of my family) returns from Kuwait this week. May God make their travels safe as they return.

cynthia mann: this is a great song remind's me of my father who is a vet and koren soilder  love our vet's

marie toulouse: I wanted to hear desert storm and world war 1 & 2

schischillyjr: We are the most patriotic race in North America. We still continue to fight for what we love so willingly! We as Native peoples have served more than any other race in the military since the Revolutionary War.

Mr.brown.man15 Dong: fave song

A.MuzeM Blackwell: I learned this from Frankie G in Carnegie.

eva king: excellent song keep it up

Chanelle Smoke: The Boys still sing this at our powwow... Love this song

Michael Waukau: to all to injoy hoka

Gwendolyn Taptto: This song is dedicated to all of the fallen NAVAJO CODE TALKERS!!!! SEMPRI FI!!!!

Miranda Conca: Every time I hear this song it reminds me of my brother. My brothers sang this for him as he was lowered into his grave. RIP my big brother <3 Prayers for all that have served or are serving. Prayers for the family for those that sacrificed their lives for my freedoms.

Chuck Heppner: ⚓ As a Viet Nam veteran who loves this song, I offer you this heartfelt-thank you for posting it +proudnish.

Karen Sue: The pow wow in VA was so powerful and overwhelming to me.  I hope I never forget.  

don mainville: rest now

derawket: i want to go back 

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