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Bernardo Guimarães: Massacre The Columbine

Maria Rivera: q

Santiago Florentín: What is the keyboard that Mark plays?

poncho larrañaga: one of my favorits songs👌

xN4T4Nx Br: Se essa poha toca na minha escola correndo e digo " my name is berry Allen and I am the fast man of the world" Ou " corre caralho poha "

Tori The Nerd: Tate Langdon's anthem.

Liia Rvez: #Markfoster

Liia Rvez: los amoooo😍

Liia Rvez: 😍😍😍😍

My Political Account That I Use To Comment: how to recognize a mexican comment: :v

Muratcan Alkan: ATAM İZİNDEYİZ

David Moya: 5:18 me recuerda a eric y a dilan

Hxjshd Ndjdjdj: I wish i could be there...

Furtivo782 Omg: Hay muchos gringos áqui :v

Gael Santiago Mendoza: very good

Negative Zero: Just an English comment passing by...

Samyr Aldair Ramos Arbiza: kicks Pumped Up Kicks
(y) (y) lo mejor

Reollim: I can't be the only one here who thinks Mark looks kinda like Tom Brady with the beard and this haircut right?

Călin T.: after this there was problably a concert shooting.
while this song was playing!

Juan Moreno: it sounds great :)
who is watching 2017??

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