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Mar 16 2014 by New Albums
April Rushing: Lord this is telling my age but we did have the greatest music ever!!!!

L Lawliet: Im 15 and i know this song :) I love old music and hate new crap.

WolfEyesatNight: *groovy man, just groovy, outta sight, i can dig this and far out!* did I say this right?

jam2music: Little Steppenwolf for you?

John Mclelland: Met the band after a concert in '69 - their music and spirit have remained an important part of my life for over 45 years - long may the 'Wolf howl !!

Andrew Fennelly: Reservoir Dogs :)

RossGoProductions: NASCAR Thunder 2003, and Wild America :D

Jason Zavoda: Todays Mood Music

jaberwocky6669: HEAVY METAL!!!!

SuperGodzilla&KaijuFan: Mario's Magic Carpet brought me here

DarylHarder: good times good time

sneakiebug10: Is this 1970? That's what my mom thought it was - she graduated in '72. :-)

dennis martin: bad ass song

Evan Thompson: Saw John Kay performing live two years ago in Kingston ON and that version of "Carpet Ride" was amazing! Gets better with time.

Dennis Lynn: :-)

tano ebrio: SO MUCH ACIDDD JAJAJA :3

4nuk8r: Heard he write this about bein' baked and settin' on the floor with his baby daughter . . .

Mason Dutra: hey i'm only 12 and this song is in my top 5

madie munday: This gets my bones movin!!!

eduardo garcia: I have old music online music is much better and I'm 13

skeeziks05: i wish i grew up to this music rather than the garbage that is produced these days

Dan Taylor Sr.: John Kay is amazing.

JHDelorme1: Muthafreaking Nascar 2003!

okc ober: Jay and silent Bob brought me here hahaha

Anthony Ricciardi: Star Trek: First Contact

Dante Redgrave: Star Trek: First Contact <3

Rab. C. Nesbitt: Slammin' tune!

doritrix: I wish i could hold aladdins lamp!

cheeseplant7: omg what a worthless, irritating, music-less, talentless bridge. might as well have been 'composed' by a 3 year old or ross from "friends" on his synthesizer.

Britney Wanke: Am I the only one who, when I hear this automatically think of Austin Powers?

linda k: boy - i remember this song. woooooooo good times.

Stacy Jones: This song reminds me of a great time in my late teens, and all it was for us was the fact that your mind can take you to any place you like. some of my friends were on another trip and I was just glad I got to see the music as it is naturally, without added tobacco. It is a killer song no matter how you interpret it. I always thought they were saying anywhere you can imagine is where you can be. Naive, maybe but grateful for it, that way you get the true meaning. Music speaks to each of us different. I don't know about anyone else but I am glad I was born in 1960, I got to experience the greatest music, and I am blessed that my son, who is a musician loves this music and says he was born in the wrong era.

KayosWONER: illass youtube name tho down with the wicker clown

stonedonplaya oms: I am 57..still was actually figuring out the words...THANKS!!

Michael Caristi: The end of this song sounds a lot like Echoes from Pink Floyd's album Meddle. It's interesting to notice how bands are influenced by the other music around them.

raven einfeldt: like all of us who remember this when it came out, it did not get any better then this!!!!

xyzgranger: love a good penus

somekindofmonster7: The way I could ask for more from this song is to wish that it was longer. 

BlazekingGaming: triple play 2001

Danny Robertson: rock on sixty and seventy's

Will Mcdonald: MLB Triple Play on Playstation 1 brought me here LOL

lucas domingues: nascar thunder 2003

Johnny Rivera: Good point, so very true. I'd still rather be from those days than now....

HondaRipperCR125: Chances are you would have been in the jungles of Vietnam.

wazoo2u11: you aint old enough to know anything about "hits"!!!!

Bol Ogenstein: Ahhhhh drugs! Weed is fun, though. I remember when I was 10 there were these older guys, and they were doing jumps with me and my friends. I thought that was so awesome that older guys (17-18) were hanging out with us. It took my other friend out of all of us to point out the guy standing and drooling in a swarm of mosquitoes. LOL didn't really understand why then.

Triel_les_Trona: this is the is the place to find wisdom!

Tommy Wolkwitz: i think about that every day

Clark Tisdale: Agreed. Or the 50's, I'll take either.

david199508: See it on the bright side... At least now we have all the music available and it 's easily accessible. Not to maintain the current state of technology overall compared to them days. And when it comes to people, I'm quite certain people were just as dumb back then as they are now. Sure the good things are remembered but stop being a bitch, I mean come on already.

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