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Aug 21 2014 by Fresh releases
ed schneider: What would we find together? A ride?

mark Scantland: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride Have a awesome day everyone!

Michael Garland: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Daryl Campbell: Again...I listened to all music genres growing up...this was/is a favorite of mine...Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride!....what an era!...'peace and love', pot, hash, LSD hippie movement...and that dreaded Viet Nam War!

Jack Harvey: What song is this?

Cassie B.: LMAO great song 

FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: *FNS: The Cruisin' Show* Steppenwolf - "Magic Carpet Ride" Tonight will highlight all the best summer cruisin' music! 50s, 60s, 80s, you name it. All those great songs that we'd listen to as we went crusin' out on the streets during the summer months! Top down or windows down, the car filled with friends, watching everyone else as you slowly cruised along down the road of our youth. Requests taken all night long... #FNS #cruisinmusic #steppenwolf Hosted by +Sean Cowen 

Giovonni Bartolotto: I'm 13 and Steppenwolf is one of my favorite bands along with foghat, deep purple, ram jam, queen, etc. Music sucks anymore and I hate it

Robert T. Best: What a track. 

john pelkey: you dont know..


Jim McAllister: I'm back in the 70s and I'm loving it!

Red Feather: I like to DREAM

Etiainen Abaddon: *Why don't you come with me little girl?*

Eliott Ngc: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Trish Taylor: Come With Me On A Magic Carpet Ride~With Stepphenwolf And Enjoy Great Music!! \m/

Mimi TG: was a great time well spend life have a meaning in those years 

will harris: do I make you randy baby!!!

Abrohill: Radio Chilena AM, programa Alto Voltaje, todos los dias a las 6 de la tarde, año 1971

April Rushing: Lord this is telling my age but we did have the greatest music ever!!!!

Richard Arnold: #waybackmachine 

L Lawliet: Im 15 and i know this song :) I love old music and hate new crap.

Rick Kernell: In my opinion, one of the top three rock songs ever written and performed.


Andrew K.: 70's?

mydogblue1: I saw them in August 1975, in Charleston,SC. I believe the tickets were $15.00.

Jackie Williams: Loving this fantastic carpet ride that ought to make up for the Monday Nightmare. Peace & Happiness. That is what I'm enjoying as I work.

Meggie Smith: IM 14 AND LIEK I LUV OLD MUSIK NEW MUSAK IS BAD No one cares dude. Despite the fact that there exists good new music, you don't get props for liking old stuff. It's all music. One's just older than the other. 

qu1nnc: This song is playing when we get ftl and if its not why not??

albinomonkey27: Would anyone like to drop acid with me?

annalee christie: cannot listen to a 3 min song without advertising hardly surprising after only 20 yrs corporate rock whores? no corporate vampires a lie in a tie hardly surprising that some people chose to wear rags whilst trying to engage feeling. too bad seems futile? 

Slugger Grizzly: song for freedom!

Tyrone Biggums: this is the song you put on when you break into a new keg. freakin summer time 

Glenn parent: seems to me litle girl meets little boy -now fk off we got business to do -ohhh yes 

Kathleen Howard: OH YEAH!!!

Violet.915: Thumbs up if Austin Powers brought you here?

G Garelli: this is perfect, very perfeckt..i habe remember for old time...with my bikers friend...

Mark Daniele: Live album was the best

Sonya Dee Slager: let th song take you away :)

Billy Mabe: My favorite song to drive with! Good morning - 64ºF going up to 77ºF under mostly sunny skies. Be happy! 

Shaun Royle: hahahaha retards

Jimmie Colvin: Magic Carpet Ride


MrSilvestris: HTML'S MAGIC (my website, or simply a website) is better than Justin Bieber lol! ;-)

Wallie Man: what is a bieber?? I'm here for a rush!

MrJylong: One of my best Take Away Dreams

Irene R GonZAles: RIDE! "/

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