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Dec 04 2014 by New songs
John S: God I used to dance to this song with all the beautiful girls I could find in the bar. Sweet memories! And if I was drunk enough, even some ugly ones!

RustyisGreat5: NASCAR Thunder 03 brought me here

Meggie Smith: IM 14 AND LIEK I LUV OLD MUSIK NEW MUSAK IS BAD No one cares dude. Despite the fact that there exists good new music, you don't get props for liking old stuff. It's all music. One's just older than the other. 


Trym Aas: Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf Enjoy 

Douglas Gray: In the Star Trek Movies, when Zephram Cochran made the very first test of the warp drive, he put this tape on just the ship was taking off............very cool and fun.

Charly Tate: "Why don't you tell your dreams to me? Fantasy will set you free." #RockOn #Steppenwolf

Snakeman Bergen: *Here is your chance to become enlightened:* Go to www+TruthContest+com

Linda Nolan: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride:

Odawg Kizzack: I don't know about you guys that heard this song from NASCAR Thunder 03, but it was Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me, for me back in 1999.

Justin Miller: freak Selena Gomez if she didn't even have the common sense to not date Justin Bieber. She shouldn't be dirtying this song with her four retched existence.

VickyJo Herry: Come take a Magic Carpet Ride!!! Dig it 

Big Redd: I wish I grew up in the 70s!!!! Damn!!! It's okay at least I can say I was born two decades later at least the Nineteen Hundreds 

Uncle Cam: NASCAR Thunder 2003

malcasablanca: If Dreamworks made Aladdin, this song would definitely be first on the soundtrack.

Derpancakes: Rockin' the B3... That thick, crunchy organ was always the most exciting part of this song for me :D

born4thstime: The first time I did acid, the guy that took us to get it was a highly intelligent person, so of a nerd. He made all of us take vit. C...or was it B??? before we too the acid.

John S: Dandii, I went back over a month of replies and found nothing I said that might have been cause to piss you off. Might you enlighten me?

Crackie sombodie: Team America brought me here

Bill Ries-Knight: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Cyndi Lukens: An awesome throw back that none of us would want our kids to know what we were doing while listening to this back then....peace

FartLick2010: We've got a red light on the second intake valve! Ignore it, we'll be fine!

Kirby Tails: I love this song so much! X3


pbruc brooks: Good Bass and John Kay can Wail!

becky maynard: Oh, the good old days! Nothing ever stays the same.....

Igor Cuckovic: "Star Trek: First Contact" brought me here

Nina Virgil: Remember dancing at the Ocala City Auditorium to this among OTHERS... I was a hippie, sounds strange in Ocala FL , great memories....

Joseph Stalin: Communism will take you on a magic carpet ride towards equality. 

Mad Fabe: Magic Carpet Ride Steppenwolf

Dandii Lyons: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride:

roboblox: If you like this song try Foreigner - Jukebox Hero Really good song and I'm 13

ed schneider: What would we find together? A ride?

Battlebaconxxl: Zephram Cochrane brought me here at warp speed.

John A. Ferrari: if you don't bop to this you got no music in your soul

steve robertson: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride: Good morning everybody...let's all go day-trippin!! 🌠🌈🌠

LtCWest: Push it to Warp 1 Zaffrum!

Ansel Duke: lol this song and bojack horseman started playing on netflix at the same time and I thought the talking in bojack horseman was part of the song and I was really confused. Also im high as freak

Zeke Dixin: I fall asleep to this song

Jeff K: I don't care what ya'all say, they rocked us!


Bryan Jeske: Alright ! Who's got the Harley ???

Sylvia Reyes: Lets take a magic carpet ride Steppenwolf !

travis secoy: im 18 and love the classics

Melanie Nicolas: For freak sake, these comments about the 70's and hippies are ridiculous. It was an era, a time in history - the world was different, people were different. Every person who grew their hair and wore bell bottoms wasn't a "hippie" or a social revolutionary. It was a generation rejecting the values and practices of their parents, trying to give up materialism and learn to love and enjoy each other and life. It didn't last and it didn't work - greed, narcissism, and hostility are back and here to stay. It was a great time to live and it will probably never be repeated in our time. The wonderful creative music that was representative of it was a legacy that shaped a generation. Who wouldn't be nostalgic for it?

Joe Dokes: Never smoke from Aladdin's lamp.

SirRocketdog: Team America! 

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