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Oct 23 2014 by MP3 Download
Dandii Lyons: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride:

Justin Miller: freak Selena Gomez if she didn't even have the common sense to not date Justin Bieber. She shouldn't be dirtying this song with her four retched existence.

RustyisGreat5: NASCAR Thunder 03 brought me here

Linda Nolan: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride:

Battlebaconxxl: Zephram Cochrane brought me here at warp speed.

Joseph Stalin: Communism will take you on a magic carpet ride towards equality. 

Meggie Smith: IM 14 AND LIEK I LUV OLD MUSIK NEW MUSAK IS BAD No one cares dude. Despite the fact that there exists good new music, you don't get props for liking old stuff. It's all music. One's just older than the other. 

ed schneider: What would we find together? A ride?

mark Scantland: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride Have a awesome day everyone!

Michael Garland: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride


Nate Atkins: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Thomas Feeney: hello??

Daryl Campbell: Again...I listened to all music genres growing up...this was/is a favorite of mine...Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride!....what an era!...'peace and love', pot, hash, LSD hippie movement...and that dreaded Viet Nam War!

Douglas Gray: In the Star Trek Movies, when Zephram Cochran made the very first test of the warp drive, he put this tape on just the ship was taking off............very cool and fun.

Monsterbud Gatineau: Good Morning !

Jack Harvey: What song is this?

VickyJo H.: Come take a Magic Carpet Ride!!! Dig it 

Cassie B.: LMAO great song 

Giovonni Bartolotto: I'm 13 and Steppenwolf is one of my favorite bands along with foghat, deep purple, ram jam, queen, etc. Music sucks anymore and I hate it

WS Warthog: I like to dream yes, yes, of taking down the ZOG machine

Edward Gonzales: Magic Carpet the ticket...take the ride!

Violet.915: Thumbs up if Austin Powers brought you here?

Melanie Nicolas: For freak sake, these comments about the 70's and hippies are ridiculous. It was an era, a time in history - the world was different, people were different. Every person who grew their hair and wore bell bottoms wasn't a "hippie" or a social revolutionary. It was a generation rejecting the values and practices of their parents, trying to give up materialism and learn to love and enjoy each other and life. It didn't last and it didn't work - greed, narcissism, and hostility are back and here to stay. It was a great time to live and it will probably never be repeated in our time. The wonderful creative music that was representative of it was a legacy that shaped a generation. Who wouldn't be nostalgic for it?

FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS: *FNS: The Cruisin' Show* Steppenwolf - "Magic Carpet Ride" Tonight will highlight all the best summer cruisin' music! 50s, 60s, 80s, you name it. All those great songs that we'd listen to as we went crusin' out on the streets during the summer months! Top down or windows down, the car filled with friends, watching everyone else as you slowly cruised along down the road of our youth. Requests taken all night long... #FNS #cruisinmusic #steppenwolf Hosted by +Sean Cowen 

Carolan Nathan: if you dare do it......

Sean P Kelley: *Fantasy will set you free* #steppenwolf 

Etiainen Abaddon: *Why don't you come with me little girl?*

NDF211Gunner: I like to dream~ Yes, yes, right between the sound machine~

G Garelli: this is perfect, very perfeckt..i habe remember for old time...with my bikers friend...

Robert T. Best: What a track. 

mark Scantland: Steppenwolf - *Magic Carpet Ride*


Elmer Sud: Fir Gid, Zar, and Foderland

kneapoe51: John Kay & Co........A Classic!! 

thomas b brann: LOVE IT BABY!!

daylight 1: step into the wolf...


Gates Green: Any song about eatin' kitty is alright in my book!

pr watt: It's not about that. It's feeling you can fly. You have pervetsd minds' 

mat hellman: and niggers be like, they got no crap on this

Doreen Armstrong: Magic Carpet Ride brings back many memories. #steppenwolf #rockandroll #magiccarpetride 

Eric Cardona: Nascar Thunder 2003

M Marrrkowy: Well, you don't know what we can find 

Christian Puschnig: Love it

Jeff Allen: im drunk but i love u vets

Enigmalast: Dodge viper brothers

T.L. Ayres: Check out this video on YouTube:

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