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Lawrence Timmins: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride: , If you feel like I am listen and follow with Stairway to Heaven lol

sue banks: wow seeing this vinyl cover takes me back i haven't seen it in years,great song one of my favorites

Brandan Gross: Colorado football twitter brought me here

Kenny Powers: Can't help but think of Austin Powers lol

JoeE: I like to Dream, yes yes right between the sound machine...???
Well You don't know what we can find why don't you come with me little girl
on a Magic Carpet Ride..
Close Your Eyes Girl...Look inside Girl...let the sound take you away...

Brian Brecker: I LIKE TO DREAM

Creatrix Terri M: Any of you guys know what a "magic carpet ride" was? It's a term from the Vietnamese War, Hear those helicopter sounds at the beginning? A magic carpet ride was a trip out of Indian country on a medivac helicopter.

Annette Marie Harlow: Magic Carpet Ride

Paul Sebastian: This is my "Happy Place" song. My happy in a fancy house nothing but pretty women in bikinis. At the 1:51 mark a fine lady brings out a rack of spare BBQ ribs, with a cold soda. And I'm just dancing while eating! Thank you steppenwolf for this amazing song!

Dale Otto: Steppenwolf live still one of the best concerts i ever went to

frizzlefrap: only drugs could have helped compose this gem ...... superb as they come!

Slick Rick: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride:

Slick Rick: Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride:

W. Hunter .Lynn: I call this my "speeding ticket" song

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