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Mar 07 2015 by MP3 player
Carol Holguin: Musicians from New Mexico U.S.A

sierra salcido: Gma friends with him :P

FRANK G.: Tyson who the freak is Max Baca a nobody no one has ever heard of. Tyson Jelousy will get you no where in New Mexico. El Dogman De Roswell. Tyson kiss my chicano brown ass bueno.

FAUXRODDER: You can almost smell the green chili roasting with this music playing!!

Bob Smith: Al Hurricane is a NM music legend. Talent comes in all shapes, forms and color. Way to go Al for your inspirational interpretation of songs via the NM/southwestern US style. You make me proud to be of NM ancestry. Bobby Salazar Smith Vaughn, NM

annachrisandrew: @circlesthesun Thx For The Comments Glad You Liked It....!!

mark perea: with a name like Tyson im guessing you have now idea WTF you are talking about Fnnn troll wouldnt know good rancheros if Al Honky-Tonked your ass with his Guitar!

ELPIOJOBOLUDO: Whatever happened to 'Gaby Baby'??

Kyra Alvarado: Check out kyra singing I may hate myself in the morning go to kalvara1

Thomas Fernandez: Well done Al keep up the good to keep the New Mexican Music living in our hearts My heart and prays go out to all the new mexican groups like Roberto Griego, The Blue Ventures, Los Hermanos Baca, Brown Sugar, La Lluvia, Chili Line, Purple Haze, Brazada, Nelson Martinez,and many many who are a credit to the N M Music. And Al Hurricane " El Godfather" Keep up the good work Y Que Viva Nuevo Mexico a salute to Roberto Griego. Thomas Fernandez Dallas Oregon

debbie thorn: tyson2481 you suck you woundt know good music if you heard it you nuts.

moko123able: uno do los mas buena jente de new mexico. One of the greatest....

Jerry Dean: I sure would like to have the DVD for this concert! Where can I get it?

trippinongoodstuff: nice first to comment i was over by movie 8 walking to walgreens and i meet al senior hes aktually around my hieght and im 5 foot so ya

Ninetyone11: That NM sound evokes passionate emotion that lifts my spirit with smiles and memory's of good times. I love it!

mrdan24: @tyson2481 you know what they say about opinions. They are like a**holes evrybody has one but you are one. Too bad . Get the F outta here if you like it.

tyson2481: @Bajosextero bro you SUCK at playing the Bajo Sexto...following in all these Northern New Mexicans wonder LOL! You wanna see a REAL bajo sexto player check out a real musician like Max Baca Jr. Only NEW MEXICAN to win a grammy, this worthless piece of crap Al Hurricane jodido could and will NEVER win a grammy cuz he sucks and so does his music! LOL all you idiots love swinging from his sack!

charles sanchez: To my proud fellow brothers and sisters of Mexican heritage. You can get your point across without personal attacks on ones mother, personal appearance, sex, gender or race. When we verbally attack each other in this vulgar manner it only gives the gringo more reason to believe that we are an uneducated and ignorant race. Please, gente confine your remarks to the issue and keep personal remarks to yourself. Viva la Raza.

Jose Pinedo: cooooooooooool

tyson2481: This gross looking pig actually thinks he's the Godfather of NM music.....says alot about NM......sad .............VERY sad!!!!!!

tyson2481: You suck, you blind, fat, BALD ass!!!!

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