Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland & Brasco - Amnesia (Official UK Video) Music Video for Free!

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Owen Coles: Hi Owen

Koosh: how the hell does this song only have a million views, ive heard this crap on the radio more then a million times

Mr.El0w1n: perfect song :D

Vukyh. ҉Ødarah҉: AMAZING.

Dark Flower: LOVE THIS SONG ❤️

이광윤: Lafite to my heart song

Brittain Leland: Wish me luck guys, breaking up with my gf today🚀

ant Xx: listen in 2016 ♥

Just Me: A perfect song to vent about your ex while you can still enjoy music xDD

Amau Aken: Made a cover to this song, check it out

stefano lorenzo: timbeland number one....como dj!!!! e la chica es mucho guapa...

ΜΑΙΚ ΑΛΑΝΙ: Κοματαρα........

klaudia albin: This song omg 😳💖💖😳 1 of my favorite ❤️❤️😁

Alex Vallejos Gamarra: primeramente este dj realizaba electro house y este tema es un progressive

eve lina:

Daulet Baymenov: Rosette beatiful girl

cule sula: Brilliant song.

jasminderpinder: This a great song ! Right amount of everything: a little pop, little rap, beautiful girl (great shapely body and sexy in lingerie), comedy, great tune, very danceable and not long or repetitive. Love it ! 

Ez Bozz: Thıs song ıs so good because ıts got the tımbaland sıgnature👌

CanadianMaid: Lovely voice - Lovely girl.  Plus Timbaland - the guy's gold.  What more could you want.

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Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland & Brasco - Amnesia (Official UK Video) 5 out of 5