Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland & Brasco - Amnesia (Official UK Video) Music Video for Free!

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Mar 06 2015 by Download
jasminderpinder: This a great song ! Right amount of everything: a little pop, little rap, beautiful girl (great shapely body and sexy in lingerie), comedy, great tune, very danceable and not long or repetitive. Love it ! 

CanadianMaid: Lovely voice - Lovely girl. Plus Timbaland - the guy's gold. What more could you want.

Daulet Baymenov: Rosette beatiful girl

cule sula: Brilliant song.

delbroox: Great Song! Great Girl, timbaland is funny

Ez Bozz: Thıs song ıs so good because ıts got the tımbaland sıgnature👌 

West777RN: incredible eyes

Pirkaf CavaliereSenzaRe: mi piace solamente il pezzo del afroman...quel breve ritornello yhoooo

akın yılmaz: güüüüüzeelll

Nerman Jang: Amnesia!

RonJammin: Rosette = Rashida Jones?!

Dang Khoa Tran: ......

Javier Jiménez: TIMBALAD FACE xD

Klavs Eihmanis: I think I'm inlove with Rosette. <3

M4rvit: Yep :D

J doe: how old i this song ?

kagolo arnold: i love it, go go timbo

Mateusz Wolek: The Bill !

reddie redz: Rosette Sharma just saw ur post but i will reply maybe ull get mail or w/e :P

grzesmol: Strzepałeś się już??? To idź i skocz przez okno jednego kretyna będzie mniej

Kolers360: #CafeyCancion xd

condemnedirony: Strangely, its beginning is like Hadouken!'s Rebirth.

Saleh Madridista: Love This Song !

Greg Rog: Timbaland's face at the end: priceless.

Milan Kossakowski: A ty walnij się w ryj słownikiem...

grzesmol: ssij pałe idjotko

Ball Pythons: lmaoooo

Jojangamer13: Because taking a bath without shoes is too mainstream. 0:37

Water Agua: GREAT SONG!

M4rvit: kurwa nie róbcie wiochy z tymi komentami.....

Veezeen: twój stary

MasujDzikaxD: nice girl.

Veezeen: kto po choćby jednym z 5-u ostatnich melanży czuł się jak świnia rękie do góry:)

Lucky Luke: :) super :)

clintonkaa: She looks like Tyra Banks.

DigitalForumUser: 1:20 she’s so sexy *_* Am I wrong or it reminds me Kim Wilde’s “You Keep Me Hangin On”?

Thedoglovergal: This song is so addictive. Its awesome

wileymerkage: baylife

Łukasz Kopeć: Kto się kąpie w szpilkach

Houssam Bouhou: Like it <3<3

Andrew Tegala: Any way of finding this video to purchase online? I love this song....!

LSRPSky: Damn.. the world is going to be invaded by poland and serbia.. they are freaking everywhere.. -_-

Paweł King: zajenista dziunia

CiroGC99: Alexelcapo xD

popa andrei: nice !!

Dominika Szulińska: suuuuper !!!

JulioKayakVR: Ya se quien es alexelcapo, estoy suscrito a el, pero no se a que viene lo de alexelcapo

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