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Aaron Preston: gosh

David Glenn: me i'm in 2015 pound the alarm

Akilah Crawford: proud to be a Trini

Maricela Hernandez: love video love💜💞💘💌🎀

Nederlandse LyricsNL: nicki's flips flops tho

Miranda Harker: Nicki is life <3

Quatro queijos Flavia: que os americanos tomem bem no fundo do rabo deles,
o Brasil não é só festa e carnaval e coisa vulgares
vai caga seus excrementos de bosta
Brasil e mais que mulher pelada e macaco seu troxa

Catnuss87: I love my Trini's :p

LPSKaydid ™: How in HIGH-HEELS?

nicky Whyte: i am reale a gock

Myles Gelóneck: This ad is 30 seconds, I'm leaving the video. .

SkyTehHetalian: LOL anyone else find it funny that shes wearing thongs?


I iz Gamer: This is the only older song I like from her. :/

jeremy leong: i love nicki minaj<3

I love music music: +Nicki Minaj U are fake U are not the real Nicki

Nick Hately: It so good

Ari De la Rosa: nicki you love

I love music music: lovin it

Mkei D: This is an amazing party song!

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Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit) 5 out of 5