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Mar 07 2015 by Gossips
Kathy M: I JUST CANT WAIT TO VISIT TRINIDAD <3 one mother freaking day >:) Watch.

Yibei Gao: This song embodies what 2012 was like so freaking well.

Cheryl Goddard: #ProudToBeTrinidadian And so am I


Mia -Cha n ミアちゃん: I don't know why everyone hates on Nicki I really like her.

Vinicius Carvalho: I love this music, but every time i see the video i want masturbate

Kandace St. John: I'm sick of people saying how we 'stole' carnival from Brazil. Many countries have their different versions of carnival and nobody stole anything from anybody. So you people need to stop acting like you own carnival because you don't 

Walou3: 14,000 people are having sex right now. 25,000 are kissing. 50,000 are huging. And you... well you're reading this comment. Trust me, i'm not happy about it either.

Lilcommander: Why do I have to pond it?!? Why can't I just simply press it?!?

marcia johnson: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Jonathan Cipriano: I see people defending her in the comment section. Indeed she is A FANTASTIC MINDBLASTING SINGER!! But she's filling the glass too high now. I've lost respect for her.

Shananay Lopez: Can somebody PLEASE tell me what is the name of that drum that was playing in the beginning? I want to learn how to play them some day. They sound so relaxing.

Lauren Butterworth: Stop the hate! Oh my god your all sounding like your 5 with your attitude and hate for this amazing singer! Nicki you keep going girl, your amazing!

Rudder Dutch: I just took a huge crap.

KaiKai HAITO: I wanna live in Trinidad D:

Samantha Ramdhanie: im proud to be a trini cuz nikki is from here and im just rly proud of nikki and i am a proud Trinidadian! :)

mary zazueta: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Çağla Özyürek: Over 6,300 instagram #yOUTUBEvIEWS so far (***|-|IPVIEWS D0T COM***) really works!? #instagra followers #instagra ,#howtogetinstagram #fame #followers #unitedst #authentic ??

Jasmin Sosa: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Andres Garcia: ️Iggy trying to be black , nicki trying to be white :| TF is wrong 

Ania W: Nicki.. Minaj. Super teledysk... POLECAM. 

Tianna Wilson: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

unicorniocome galletas: Joder! Esto es lo mejor que eh escuchado de nicki minaj hasta el momento! <3 MY LOVE TRUE 

tails the pony fox aka the dog fox: freak yer

LOBO MAINMAN: I'm pounding my alarm to Nicki Minaj right now, if you catch my drift (;

cyrine benkhoud: nicki minaj - pound the alarm

Митя Караиванский: Pound the alarm is really cool song, but Anaconda...

Captain Foxy: is katy there?..cuz i think i see her..

Petra Vendelova: Ja už chcem leto!!

Francisco Farias: Where is this like Whats the name of the outfits their wearing?

Marianne Martinez Ortga: Esta muy padre esta canción ya tiene que la había oído 

Chelsea Comans: Supre Určitě shlídněte Pro někoho určitě uchylný Ale pro mě ne Protože sem sama magor

mary zazueta: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Tania Lopes: Love this song

daniella nicole: nicky you are fantastic

Rai Andrade: Sin Muchas Palabras.! Pound The Alarm..

Pound Jvever: ok enough internet for today push screen laptop down soundtrack

Jordie Vuitton: Trinidadian❤️❤️

Cindy Parks: Omg Nikki gave a bunch of innocent people AIDS in the making of this video!

Aaliyah_VonVanity: You better sissy that walk, girl.

Gabriela Morais: Carnaval Brasil!!!

Juelle Roach: Nicki:u need a bad b*tch call me Me :Ok *calls Nicki and tell her i need a bad b*tch for my birthday* *my bithday* *Nicki sings pound the alarm *im dancing*


Faith Del Rey: #ProudToBeTrinidadian

Binweevils Celestia: Love dis song still

Thatoneweirdkid: I bet this is 10x more fun than it looks.

Agnieszka Borgialli: My sister hates her i love her!!!!!!!!!!

Opeyemi Aderonmu: Did you see when she bounced her boobs? In 2:51

The Guy That Listens To Music: Holy crap my ears Sounds like a ferret getting probed by sandpaper on a stick. 

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