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John Swanberg: I love you

Diego Rincón: Nicki is great...

DeadlehIzDeadleh: half of these views are mostly me

Sierra Thompson 2: The Just Dance to this was great ok

Sara Johnson: love it

GalaxyStar Gaming: WARNING: Flashing Images

Ouch my eyeballs

Kwame Wilborn: 🔥🎶💣

Hutem Berg Santos: I Love song

Mija Preželj Grilc: i like nikki minaj!! :o

Mija Preželj Grilc: i like nikki minaj!! :o

Tyler Cutkelvin: Nicki should come to Belize for carnival its hella dope k

FØFo Tv 1: 0:20

Jada C Lowe: yas Trinidad my home land

Katherine Lenioda: Damn that. Looks fun

Jennette Guerra: nikki is like i am SAVAGE

pimpus158: Like =)

HEY MARIE HEY!: I only listened to the song I never watched the video😂😂

DJ Sel: Nicki Minaj Indian arrival day is coming up are you gonna go visit Trinidad?

ArT KDB: this is were my grandma was born 😃😃😃

Michał P: My friend say "Nicki Minaj is the best" i belive him, and now i love Nicki Minaj :)

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