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Sep 10 2014 by MP3 Download
jens ghecaise: personally being a fire alarm fan, and anative american this is quite offensive. first of all, it it taboo to let "whites" wear a native american headdress. second of all m into fire alarms *and* warning sirens. dont kill those two signaling devices.

jeremy R: i feel like my head and pants are gonna explode :p

beratio: anyone noticed that nicki is the whitest girl in this video ... weird thought she was black

Nicki minaj: this is were i was born

Kyliena Thea Alecster: Guys, it's not that bad that she features her home place here. The reason she wears clothing like that it's because instead of the song, she is the one to be given attention, what other singer/ rapper did it too you know. Guys, if you hate it, don't comment. It's bad enough that you made her feel like a whore.


ELŻBIETA W: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

RezAIIDay: Nicki has amazing talent, she is sexy af to. Im beginning to become an big name and my song 'CRAZY' is gaining alot of attention! If you could spare 2min? to check it out and my music it would mean the world :) thank you

Hannah Wennberg: oh was this filmed on Ibiza?

Nikita Pereira: Did U see Nickis Face 3:04 Soo cute!! 

Rose J: Im not from there but that seems just a bit disrespectful to the culture. IDK maybe its just me :P

Benji Mazi: Such a summer feel to this song!

Sigvard Persson: I wonder, what is her natural haircolor?

Paweł X: Budzimy dźwiękami i wdziękami :)

damjam borree: freak this lame, no-talent kitty dubbing herself the 'queen', LIL KIM, MISSY & EVE ARE THE QUEENS AND ALWAYS WILL BE YOU UGLY PLASTIC CUNT SO STFU, ok bye

Paige Sanders: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is dope. she goes in pretty hard. her videos are like something out of doctor suess. sick video production quality. im getting popular fast because i rap with meaning about life.. thumbs up if you piss to the side of the water in the toilet so its quiet....

Leo Meireles: What is the name of the instrument? 0,04

Igor Brelaz: Carnival in Spain? I thought it was only in Brazil

JustRickolo: this is so freaking terrible

Makayla Wallace: The only people are showing shade is... WHITE PEOPLE, nope, not a surprise, Nicki is not possessed with a demon, she is being herself so shut up, she has Nicki the Ninja, is the demonic? NOPE!

Angela Vevaz: Nicky Minaj bitch pero tiene una voz muy chulaa.


Dylan Mckinley: What is the instrument in the beginning called?

KiriGamer364: I was born in Trinidad O.O Now I'm in America~ I DID NOT KNOW THAT NICKI IS TRINIDADIAN OMG

Иосиф Сталин: телки пляшут...

Sanoa Matson: Love all her out fits XD

TheTanadu: I wanna see her without botox, makeup and other plastic ;)

Cruzey Wuzey: 2:09 fap 2:09 fap 2:09 fap 2:09 fap 2:09 fap 2:09

Cookie_In_A_Cake: The pre-chorus is soo good but she ruined it with the chorus :( My opinion....

Muhammad Ammar: I think that nicki manja is a great rollmodel just because she changes her image dont mean you have tyo bash her sooo!!!

Nicole Alvarez: I love your cloths is realty cute😍😍👗

PacManFever: This stuff is garbage! Rebecca Black is better than this!

Bruce L.k: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm Another sexy version by Nicki Minaj Mmmmmm Nicki 

Adventurous Gaming: Ok, I respect Christians and there religion, but we listen to what we want to listen to, if you'd rather listen to Christian music, than that's your decision, but please don't listen to music just to comment hate on it, it's disrespect.

Ismini Georgouli: party and sexy

tori Sookhai: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Mr. yogapants 4 life: for me that looks like brazil instead of spain, BUT OH MY GOSH IT IS BEUTIFUL THERE!

Nikol Jones: I love this song!

luka voinovic: Kul pesma ali pirabi na njoj jos molimte 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

Miles Isidro: Nicki Minaj is one of the few celebrities that have never been caught doing drugs and does not have a mugshot. People keep calling her a slut when in reality she's been only dating Safaree Samuels for 10 years and has said she never slept with anyone in her further career. Male rappers literally rap about sex all the time but when Nicki does it's a huge deal so all of you no lives can STFU

Alexis Rodriguez: Dat hair doe #Shakira 

I Like Oreos: where was this vid made?

CokeCph: Damn she is ugly

Coralie Clara: i love this song

Nell Schmidt: I like nicki minaj song

Rodney L Gist: Pound the alarm

Abigail Coomber: She doesn't have plastic surgery

Madonis Divine: I would immediately FIRE the stylist. Nicki's outfit is UGLY and she is shadowed by all of those beautiful girls. And what's with the blonde hair? Black girls are not born blonde. Be true to your roots. Hated the song. This is a Gay anthem, noting wrong with it, just not "Hardcore" ;)

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