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Nov 12 2014 by New songs
Magic Smith: I don't like raps that much but Nicky makes it work

candy collis: Lol funny how these ppl are ready to fuss....when they know NOTHINGGGG about caribbean culture Lol 

Rodrigo Sampaio: Parece carnaval do Brasil, só quem bem bagaceiro

Coolfluffle: If you put her on a radiator she'd probably melt because of her plasticness.

Skulldetta: God, this song and video are so unbelievably horrible, who the hell counts this noise as music.

beratio: anyone noticed that nicki is the whitest girl in this video ... weird thought she was black

Christine Bryant: Yay Trinidad i am going their next summer meating my famous uncle moses charels he is a Trinidadian and he likes me so much he wants to adopt but thats not gonna happen

Nati Солнце: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit): soyuqda olsa haminiza gozel bir gun arzulayiram ;) ugur sizlerin olsun ..

Jamaal Williams: Satan is behind this kind of carnal, worldly music. The evidence = This music does not glorify the Lord and God Jesus Christ - the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This music is just vain garbage. Wake up, people. Satan was believed to be a minister of music in heaven before he rebelled (Ezekiel 28:12-14) and he is using pop music to deceive you guys so you can end up in the lake of fire where he and his angels are going to end up (Revelation 20:14-15). Don't be deceived, Satan is real and he deceives the whole world (Revelation 12:9) Repent and turn to the Lord and God Jesus Christ and be saved and get baptized in the Holy Spirit - the Spirit of Truth.

Lucas Herisön: Copied the carnival in Brazil 

Johtonian Ali: Why the freak do we still waste money in this crapty "human"/Plastic Bag when there are kids in Africa dying from hunger ? She gonna spend this money in buying Helium for her butt ! People, we need to recycle this "thing" and so we make more important things like water bottles. 

Fanpage Cristiano Ronaldo: I like this song. Good Job #Nicki #Minaj 

Kandace St. John: I'm sick of people saying how we 'stole' carnival from Brazil. Many countries have their different versions of carnival and nobody stole anything from anybody. So you people need to stop acting like you own carnival because you don't 

Vladimir Sánchez: The good of the video is because was made in Spain, the music is bullcrap..

The Dark and Almighty Powerful Shrek: Cheetahmen? Is that what I heard? Really?

Zoey C: I'm not Brazilian but I'm Portuguese and I'm happy to see someone REALLY famous make a music video somewhere other than America,India,France and all those popular places. Brazilians and Portuguese are the same just two separate places and a couple different words. To go with that, I really love this song and it brings a lot of memories.

Milena Janczyszyn: @Sarah Navarro I agree , so haters im tried of all ur crap so shut the freak up

Shananay Lopez: Can somebody PLEASE tell me what is the name of that drum that was playing in the beginning? I want to learn how to play them some day. They sound so relaxing.

animal jam snowflake57256: what happened to this nicki minaj the new version is so sexy and shows to much not hatten just statten

Dinosaur Junior.: Nicki Minaj's music is demonic and evil. She claims that she's possessed by a demon named Roman Zolanski, who lives in her, was "conjured up" and "is here for a reason". You should listen to Christian music instead of Nicki Minaj's evil music.

Savannah Isbell: I never knew she was from Trinidad

Sir Dodo: It's impossible for this slut to cover her fake body.

Miss Cat Cookie: Awesome song


KiyokiiChan: why does this have 128,226,891 views if there are only 7 million people on the earth........

Trevon Winston: +Jae Townsend it's called a steel pan

Azeb Samuel: Why does Nicki always write her songs with ass W5F!?!?

Jolie Geree: wtf is this mess all it is is buts and sluts

manuel Gamboa: TEAM IGGY AND NICKI 

Pauline Williams: Lil kim had on something like this about 10 years ago WOW!! 

Yibei Gao: This song embodies what 2012 was like so freaking well.

ксюша повеляйкина: Очень классный клип!!!

Ben digerman: listing to this with skullcandy crushers is awesome you can fell the bass shake you head like damn and also try waves with them :D 

Nerdbuster: Just go to the real Spain! Much better than South America

Jae Townsend: That instrument at the beginning.. What is that?

Jackson Hildreth: Me=thumbs up

ami crucio: If you don't like Nicki or the music, get tge hell out of here.

Leo George: J'adore les paroles

oscar james woodcock: worst song evr made bottem of the dumps

Igor Archangel: One of rare great dance songs nowadays

Nestor Herbule: I read this all history about that be a copy of brazilian carnival and... I think thats true. The Trinidad culture, especialy the carnival in Trindad have a lot of diferences and NEVER, NEVER looks like how is showed in this video. You can see Salvador's Carnival, Rio's Carnival and Copacabana fireworks.

ELŻBIETA W: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Enrique Reasco Marinez: Nicki Minaj - Pound The Alarm (Explicit):

Nakiya Pope: Hotter and hotter sexy and hotter 

Kasie Umeadi: Okay Okay i get it nikki minaj's videos are evil well not all of them actully well i found this song okay ish even though in the begining you always think this will be a good song but in the middle it turns out to be bad and at the end its horrible and guys this looks like it was made in brazil even though its made from trinidad and people for your information if you think this video is terrible then why the heck did you watch it if the video is starting to get terrible then watch something else like normal people will do i like the song and all but the video is terrible

Bosco Jonson: Carnival Brazil everytime 

112233candy MSP: Compare this to Annaconda...

11Bulletstopper: Dayum people in Trinidad get down.

ale Ramirezs: Amazing! I totally love it <3

Rolling Ormond: So she's calling her kitty 'the alarm' now?

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