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Lợi Minh: oh my god dực như điên hahaha 😂😂😂

eriony rogers: i will listen to every of hr song every year

SNOKZ SFK: y bum un comentario en español 3:D

Arrianna Galaxy: Trinidad-home of Nicki

Carlangas: Nicki Minaj I'm your new fan

Rainboy Kumar: wooooo

Lena Müller: i hear this song 24/7

Carolina Ritchey: What is Carnival exactly? Is it around a holiday?

Ella Belanger: is this in Hawaii? lol

zaige11: what the freak i want to walk around the streets with a crap ton of feathers and gems on wth

Arlene Mikaelson Styles: Slay queen😻😩

Arlene Mikaelson Styles: Sexy sexy is al I do ❤

Demas Quintanilla: this is what to do with a alarm pound to not go to school am i right

Karen Star: Extraño tu música 🎶 porfa vuelve a sacar nuevas canciones

Blue Games: blood sweet and tears by BTS has more likes 😉 Niki is still QUEEN and BTS are still baes

Gabriela Roman: 😁😁

Mark Silla: The first verse is a killer.

Bianca Carmo: Brasilllllllllllllllllll


Lauren Odowd: actually my favorite videos

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