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Jul 23 2014 by Download
matt w: This song actually has a good message that more young girls should pay attention to. Maybe there wouldn't so many single moms depending on the gov to feed their offspring. Just saying...

Roydah Chanda: this was the music... my jam jam!!!!! this song explains most of my situations **i don't want no scrubs**

chillmeester: training video for young Ho's, money over people, fake over real, the bigger the bank, the bigger the love

Jessica Gray: I almost forgot, it's Music Monday: TLC No Scrubs ~ Official Video


jd quinitchette: Who knew these were the good old days? Not me.

Jamie Sloan: Cant believe it was 10 years ago yesterday that *"Left Eye"* died! :( At the time I was only in 2nd grade, but I remember them playing all of TLCs videos and having that "Whoa!" feeling every time I'd see Lisa, like a new sensation I couldn't explain. Here was this totally cool and edgy chick, sorta a tough punkass crazy bitch, but with an amazing soft, sweet sexy side. Didn't understand it at the time, but Lisa Lopes was my first real crush. And cuz of that, she'll always have a special place in my heart. I miss ya Left Eye xo

Alexandra Day: For all of you calling them golddiggers don't misunderstand. They wrote this song about men that have no ambition in life and freeload off of their women because that's what a scrub is when you are speaking in general. They are kinda like parasites...

JustForever01: Best girl group there will EVER be!

Donna A: #Tbt RIP LeftEye

ron zebro: freak! .. I'm a scrub..

shurell Boston: BGM: Didn't Micheal Jackson & Janet Jackson do a Video like this called scream? Left eye was before her time.

OMG On ErrThang: Miss you Left eye , i so miss TLC

Maryah Lopez: I miss you TLC :'( <3

allthatOTHERshiiet: Nothing beats the classics

TGreviews: The bright lite white rooms and black jump suits in every music video,, sssiigh.. i freakin miss the 90s

Surya Samaddar: the best part is the RAP, totaly intoxicating

jacques laetitia: I don't want no scrubs.. oooo love it

ivan petrov: at least i know what i am now aehhaaehahe

SeLina Chisolm: I love Left Eye's rap!!!! R.I.P 

Bishop Saint-Saëns: I remember seeing these outfits on display at the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland when I was a kid. They were hooked up so the lights would keep going off. I wonder if they are still there?

Jay S.: I can never choose who's my favorite because they're all just ..OMG!!! Can't even find the words to descibe

Larh124: T-Boz dancing is OFFICIAL you'll and she look's Sexy HOT!! All of them do.... but I have to say T-boz is the BEST one that stands out the most in this video!.. No offense to Left Eye R.I.P and Chilli!!

Shay amazinglyBlessed: Keke palmar played them good and this gives a message to every body that's haveing sex im 12

mara sahagun: Dat rap though... OOOH KILL EM! Lisa killed it.

CeCe Snikral: this can go two ways. for guys, don't get with a woman that is a Scrub as well. a husband and wife should provide for each other. because is it fair for the woman to just depend on the mans income? no. u need to be able to provide for yourself, then think about a relationship second. and a man shouldn't be just be depending on their woman.

Niki Alltree: Ibiza memories, a long time ago! x

Michaela Martin: Left Eye I love uuuu

Wasu Duta: RIP Lefteye

Angus6687: Damn, they were REAL GOOD

Shanshan Bails: 2000's music videos were the best

Patsy Martin: The rapper. R.I.P. Lisa Lopez.

suni ROSS: i love how cool looking crazy is in this video!!!!!

Dant'e Judice: TLC - No Scrubs A fav group rip Lisa aka "left Eye"

Maria Watson: I never knew this song was by tlc till i heard it jus now! Lol

lyricist614: 152 people had scrubs...

Rania DIAB: nostalgie :)

Charlene Morman: they killed it!! nonononono every woman should be treated like a queen

Niecee Sumling: Rest in peace Lisa we love Ian's miss you-I love this song an waterfalls

Elijah Jones: This song is so true love it and rip lisa left eye Lopez love you god love you also see you one day rip 

savannah botello: Which one died

Scrub Gonzalez: well... maybe i should change my nickname lol

Imani Hamilton-Carrington: R.I.P Left eye

Abi Jaiy: Im feeling so sad, music is crap now.

Dianna Hawn: Love the song and video

Denajai Kelly: Luv this song 

Dama Bruna: Michael Jackson ft. Janet J.- Scream:::::::::::::::::::::::; inspriration <3

Daniel Gottschall: all time classic!!!! Love left eye!!

Moreen Baar: still love this song so much

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