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Bishop Saint-Saëns: I remember seeing these outfits on display at the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland when I was a kid. They were hooked up so the lights would keep going off. I wonder if they are still there?

Maryah Lopez: I miss you TLC :'( <3

Arreis Snikral: this can go two ways. for guys, don't get with a woman that is a Scrub as well. a husband and wife should provide for each other. because is it fair for the woman to just depend on the mans income? no. u need to be able to provide for yourself, then think about a relationship second. and a man shouldn't be just be depending on their woman.

johntrell haynes: the bom

Shay amazinglyBlessed: Keke palmar played them good and this gives a message to every body that's haveing sex im 12

Genio: 152 people had scrubs...

?? .??: Dat rap though... OOOH KILL EM! Lisa killed it.

chouselle1: No scrubs!!!!

Skeem: The bright lite  white rooms and black jump suits in every music video,, sssiigh.. i freakin miss the 90s

grill38: Greetings from France
Still love this song ;)

jacques laetitia: I don't want no scrubs.. oooo love it

Byron Wilson: I hate this cause my 12 year oldkid she sangs this song day&night she told me that her 12year old boy lover is not one of them

Elijah J Jones: This song is so true love it and rip lisa left eye Lopez love you god love you also see you one day rip

M Baar: still love this song so much

Roydah Chanda: this was the music... my jam jam!!!!! this song explains most of my situations
*i don't want no scrubs*

Michaela Martin: T-box was gettin it!

Michaela Martin: Left Eye I love uuuu

Blaque Vogue: UghI miss Lisa so much that it hurts !

Ayanna Archer: Best girl group in the world!R.I.P LISA :'(
The 90`s music is way better than toadys music.

Scrub Gonzalez: well... maybe i should change my nickname lol

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