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The doolan: Big kajones

Makaveli The: 2pac - until the end of time ... <3

Wendy Morris: Ah, another song that doesn't require 2 ears. Great for those deaf in 1 , like me.

aprc1977a: where did you copy and paste that from?

aprc1977a: your second statement answered your first question

TheAgent bog: hell yeh

_Soviet_: Tommy Vercetti, Ha, crap...

RYANSGAMINGHUB QUAN: Was it really black and white in the 80's? Because in those years tvs DVDs already have colour

RYANSGAMINGHUB QUAN: This song is on grand theft auto vice city

Rafaela Domingos: <3

KingDT2007: Takes me when i used to drive down the street stealing cars moving coke buying up Florida real Estate my neurotic friends & acquaintances and that awesome blue Hawaiian shirt i wore to the pole position and the Malibu club good times.

Peter Castillo: I ask myself that at least 3 times a week.

youreallbrainwashed: MacGruber

Radagis2: It is still a timeless great song the 80ties had the best songs.

Carlton Powers: I listen to this song as your mother is giving me a blowjob.

Harrz Otaku: No you can't.

lkrnpk: can you have nostalgia for a time period you haven't live in?

tracy: really?

Rolfadinho OTG: GTA Vice City in the house.

Bonnie Hildenbrandt: Check out 'Astrology' time for changes..intense planetary lineups..and yes it's just a tool from God! O:)

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