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Dec 21 2014 by New Albums
Butt Head: damn it's been a while since I heard this one.

KOALAsounds: damn good track

AloneFX: Thumbs up if you are still listening in 1986!

Kuzuma Kuwabara: i play riven to this

Anthony O Sullivan: remember this tune out of GTA VICE CITY...NICE

robertigno: toy tratando de recordar que esta cancion fue el audio en una pelicula, donde se ve una mujer y su hijo huyendo de su marido creo? y luego el tipo aparece en un carro conduciendo cerla del bus para perdirle asu esposa y hijo que regresen con el, no me acuerdo muy bien, pero asi fue como oi por primera ves esta cancion y deseara volver aver esa pelicula, si alguien save mas de este comentario se los agradecese, grasias..

rory chelsea: bollocks, brainwashed fag


Warmelon: not cool

Makaveli The: 2pac - until the end of time ... <3

aprc1977a: your second statement answered your first question

taliaa727: Ms. Misses

bryce197: Vice city brought me here.

advancedteabagger: oh yeha and LIKE A BOSS epic 80's synth melody. i have to buy new speakers now becuase of this epicness :-/

RaChElRoBiNsOn1555 .: Dude he was just making a joke theres no need 2 condemn him to hell! Christian means to be like Christ. When Jesus was alive he didn't go around tell people that God hates them and they are going to hell, he loved and served everyone! So maybe you should read the gospels and work on that :-)

David Goldberg: Everyday


kevchangu: Eh, why are you even saying this in a music video?

SUPERLENNON444: la parte que me mata es la del ave,,,dios mio como lo hacen...que surrealismo

Mark Roberts: Beautiful song. Proven by the comments here that indirectly try to degrade it A song effortlessly soaring above them all is what they hate so very much, so, "take, these broken wings and learn to fly again, learn to live so free..."

i am your DNA i am your clone: take these chicken wings i have enough to feed myself and i am just concerned and worried about youuuu!

Skaters.Push.Wood.: Great song love this classic.

robertigno: by the way if you know that movie can give me a hand with the title name, it will be cool to watch again 80s movies too, with 80s sound as well, grasias espero me ayuden..

tylerdurden1681: Macgruber brought me here! I think the theme of the song is Never Ever Say Never Ever!!!

FlawlessCock: This song is hilarious because I don't give a freak.

Sage of the Forest: this song is awesome

Turbostylaaa: Oh.. lets play vice City!!

Harrz Otaku: No you can't.

alex21186: McGruber brought me here

Jeandro Druda: Musica linda demais

ctclimber1: And let us in, beautiful man just beautiful

Matt Alisch: i listen to this after my lat workout...

υnвraιned gυy: Im here for Vice City too xDD

dingdongditch1000: GTA Vice City in the house.

tracy: really?


TheTrueFranchise: you have AIDS

Bouchra Touta: You made my day :D

Wellingthon Souza: Emotion :') old times GOOD freakING TIMES!

giorgos evo xdferfer: awesome...............!!!!!!

Conor Cassidy: lol you so silly

Rebecca Young: mate it's youtube, calm down.

ThisIs Duckie: But in all seriousness, who names themselves freaking Mr. Mister?

Steven Amar: I used to run over people through the streets of Vice City while listening to this song

The doolan: Big kajones

robertigno: once i was watching a movie in my weekends at home then i suddenly hear this sound track on that movie where there is a woman and a child going away from home, as they were getting away in the bus, then there is a man who appears driving a car close the the bus where the woman and kid were going away, the guys just ask them both to get out of the bus and get home again, while all of these was happen the Sound track was playing in that movie, this how i heard first time this song,

don pep: nice song

98Hristijan: me too :D

Carlton Powers: I listen to this song as your mother is giving me a blowjob.

broher404: Tommy Vercetti ?

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