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Feb 15 2014 by MP3
Luch0510: I prefer laina's version

1aundulxaldin: Nope, cs188 ruined this one for me, thankfully.

Andrea Grassi: why god? WHY??

Bas Pukdeekaew: swag swag on u 

Cosa Nostra: HATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

shanthi reddy: the best song i ever heard...♥♥♥♥


awesomeshortfilms: thankz for support me ...i belive in that ...soulm

Tiana Hirsh: # LOVE HIM

محترف العاب: very nice justin :)

Mady Frame: #boyfriend 

Modelinka Julii: Poland - ŚLICZNIE - NICE - SUPER- COOL - BEUTIFUL :D Sweet <3 I love you :D

TroyCvD: The whale in the background is the only good thing about this song.

Ka Boom: This video borders on pedo crap. Adult women getting sexual with a kid who looks like he is 8 years old. This is sick.

alex sanchez: Belieber <3

MINECRAFT-PE videos: Jb is not a girl 😡 he is a lady 😂


صفوآنَ المقآطيَ ❤: wtf jb ?! .. 

cristian cruz: Te amuuu mi amur jojojojo

steavin stoffers: You make canadians look bad and u suck drakes pickle and u think ur cool. Fag

Brent Estes: And you wonder why nobody likes you

george muandingi: nice

hannah bucha: soooo perfect >-< love him!!! :*

yassin fellay: tros beaux <3

1OneLuis: Al Chen ...... ;) 

cheeseontheburger: How 'bout some maturity and respect for women? It shocks me that as Justin gets older, he becomes more of a pickle. He still can't sing, but at least he wasn't a douchebag in the 00s.

vampires lol 〉o〈: Perfect I LOVE U Justin

viviane drew: love yoou justin 

Music.com: nice justin 

Larissa Eufrasio Da silva: Ciumes _ 

dat quy hoach: 318.836.909

Christine Davis: SWAGGALICiOUS .... Feeling this #Delicious ... grant me three wishes ...A boyfriend to the end ... Love, Life,Loyal ... My best friend

Eduarda Silva: I love you justin

anna rizza: why are you betraying Selena Gomez

Gerardo Sanchez: Justin's New Hot GF

Mona Aden: Save yourself justin !!!!!

Lisa Bolton: I WOVE THIS SONG!!!!!

Ehmed Ehmedov: the sepeak engilsh

Mirage Robinson: Swaggie x3

Antonella Peral Djamous: I love you Justin Bieber 

Kya Cimone: he's so sexy

Dyanna Pontes: Love yoou Justin Bieber ♥♥♥♥

Ilija Markovic: Cool song :D

nico ibarra: idolo justin :D

Marina Cena: I hate Justin Beaber

Elaine Fiso: http://instagram.com/p/mSGvs_Ip9G/

Dragonite146: This isn't pop music this just a load of bullcrap

ghosty goddy: 1:52 lol

Victor Contreras: haters gonna hate

Ender Soul: This is the worst video i hv seen in a very long time

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