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Jul 01 2014 by Fresh releases
YoungA170: i do rap songs, can you guys give my music a listen? Thanks

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is dope. love the video.. really brings these lyrics to life. justin is talented i dont care what anyone says. im getting popular fast because i rap real..thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...

Εφη Κ.: ποοοο κοματαρααα!

Heather Whitehair: Best song ever baby

Easystreetkids: Thumbs Up! this song still rocks, who agrees? (:

DaViid CL: Me hace mierda los oidos :c

Dreivor Spinner: Hes an arrogant idiot and motherfreaker but i must admit hes not singing that bad

sarah janes: Who likes this crap song!!!!

'Φάκιι Υαωω': Ohh♥I *freaking love him♥*


Helly Shah: I love this song ♥♥♥♥

mafename nana: If i have a bf never let him go LOL 

K Keith: I don't think Justin beiber is gay but he and his music is just 100% stupid like seriously the guy isn't even attractive! 

Elmo Skippari: Haters, your just jealous because Justin gets all the ladies 😂

Zer0_Pain: This song proved that he is gay..

DatCrazyGamer: He can only be a girlfriend #LIES #freakBIEBER #justinbieberfag

Why so Sirius?: I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO THIS IN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! <333

Kaela Michalsky: freak YOU JUSTIN!!!!! YOU CANT SING SO STOP SINGING!!! NO TALENT IS SHOWN HERE!! The only reason im wtching this is becuz my sister Haylie loves this STUPID SONG!!!

You Are Not Alone: I'm sorry, I just definitely *HATE* Justin Beiber....I like Michael Jackson, dead or alive. He's my hero. JB hasn't done crap for me. I don't like ya JB. God I miss MJ. jb wrote this song to show what he did for his first boyfriend XD lol. Gay piece of shiiiii---- I'm gonna stop MJ wouldn't want me cursing! *Any hateful, rude, racist, offensive, and disrespectful comments will be immediately removed, the commenter will be blocked, reported, and notified at the scene of the typing. You will be notified*

sherwin abad: if you call justin bieber a gay i will hack all your accounts.

Aimee c: The things i'd do to be that girl..

Chetan Singh: Justin is not that bad at singing. But he's got a stupid hair style and the worst part is that he thinks he's cool...

Santiago Miranda: JB MI IDOLO FOR EVER!!!! 

ChuFishStick: Justin beiber is stupid gay. Like this comment if u agree.

Snoop .cro: HE IS RAPPER??? 

Anubhav Singh: subscribe me and i ll do any song you want me to do for yaa ... ;) 

MysterDuck: HA GAYYYY :D

BieberIsMyLife: freak you. 

Nicole Fensham: Can you be my boyfriend

Fynn Higashi: Whats happening to all the superstars!!!! sweet and good but now hardcore and bad!!!! first Miley now justin ughh he is just making people hate him even more he used to be all " baby baby oh" But now He is like all drinking beer!!! And Miley used to be " best of both worlds" hannah montanna but now she's all like twerk here and twerk there and NAKED on the wrecking ball!!! UGH!!!!!!

Celine Walther: My BOYFRIEND!♥♥ 

hamza mounib: yyeeeeeeeeeees bbebe

Ryan Phoenix: go get raped justin,not only u but your voice now sounds like gay.pervert bitch

hugeCRSfan69: Justin has to come out with more songs like this one

Jesse Parovski: Why can't some people understand that Justin Bieber is a giant asshole? He acts like a pickle, makes music fit for a psychopath and can't talk to people properly.. All you dumb chicks out there that are going after this retard, grow the freak up and have some brains for freak sake

Aguvika: Seriously,,how do they find all these hot girls for a video!!!!....maybe I should start singing to

Alpha OmegaJr: You hate him so much. Get The freak Off of his channel.

# stfu: I really wish I was that girl ohh yeah I do

Dulia Massé: Good job 

Ted Productions: 0:17 make up justin! yep gay

Fabian Gango: Copyright at the Scene with the girlfriend 

*~MLP Neon Lights~*: He doesn't even deserve to use the word swag. Cuz I see none. 😡

William B.: came here to click the dislike button but then i forgot i disliked this video 2 years ago LOL 

Kjacob Dalumpines: freak you justin freak you :))))))

Tangerine Dream-08: Like Amish once said, it sounds like matin whales

There was once a guy named Jefferson with a really long name I think it's awesome I just pooped.: ratedd 10/10 wuld watch agin.

david rukeci: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ DAMN THIS COMMENT IS FANCY ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

farhan asif: First become a boy then talk about being a Boyfriend.

主水ジョン: good!

sergio cruz: came here to dislike every video lol.

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