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Nov 25 2014 by Fresh releases
Drake Basso: The 620,000 plus dislikes came from true music fans like myself who know that Justin Bieber is a disgrace to music, lol.

JonDecagon: Justin Bieber: "If I was your boyfriend, I would dump you for a hoe, dump you for a hoe."

AntiBelieberPlague: Dustbin Beaver - Fagfriend.

Chloe zheng: Why he gay? His love songs all clearly state that he is straight.

Justin Bieber - The Bieberhood Fan Site: If I was your boyfriend, never let you go Keep you on my arm girl, you'd never be alone I can be a gentleman, anything you want If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go, I'd never let you go Love You <3

Xiomara Ariza H.: No se porque canta esta canción si es Gay?

Gotenks: 2 Years after. Still a great song!

Maxwell Page: Seriously, get me attention. Last night, justin tryes to rape me and my girlfriend too. he did not that, because i punch her face. please don't forget myy masagge and remember, there's no other like justin also don't forget to copy and paste this massagge in all videos you can watch thanks for you attention, and don't hate me believers #payformaxwellpage

angharad jones: if i was your girlfriend ID RUN THE freak AWAY RUN THE freak AWAY! 

Cube4Life: so what if he is gay? dous it matter? i aint really a fan of him but if he woud be gay, so what? so many people in the world are gay. you gonne go to them and laugh at them? and again i aint a fan of him but still....

Ađrıı Đøblas Garmenđıa: Si a mi me han dicho q es gay... no tiene sentido q cante esta cancion :|

Terror Squad: Favorite part of the song 3:31

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is addictive. the video is awesome. hes talented, i dont care what anyone says. I'm getting known quickly because i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a crap and the water splashes your nuts

Emilio Ortiz: "Haters gonna Hate" do not listen to these people Justin their just jealous of your looks. I personally dislike a couple of your songs but this one is my favorite. I once said these lyrics to a girl and she became my girlfriend and by the way Justin Bieber can get any girl he basically wants. To those who said he can not get a girl. #Likeaboss 

الاكبر علي: Justin Bieber - Boyfriend: http://youtu.be/4GuqB1BQVr4

ΑΣΠΑΣΙΑ ΚΑΝΕΛΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ: οχι οτι μου αρεσει o justin bieber!

Delaney Moss: I don't know why, but I am purposely watching his music videos just to dislike a d comment how gay his intro is. Yeah, you had your chance to do all the crap in the video with Selena Gomez. But did you?

MonkeyBeatz™: Check out my music! i'm 14 and make all of it myself! oh come on, you've gone low enough to watch this crap!

Princess Luna™: Help...I think I'm sick...since this morning I'm listening to JB's song... XD wtf I dunno why..

tanja grozdani: If i was your boyfriend never let you go :** i love this songg

Rollin Warwick: OMG, i so wish Justin Bieber was my boyfriend i love him sooooooooooooooooooo much lets go jb 

Débora Nunes: justin bieber my boyfrend! <3<3<3 i love you

Ailin Guajardo: Geniooooo Justinn te amo bombónnnn !!!!!!! 

JJ Howard: I don't like Bieber or his music, but this is quite catchy. If this song had a different artist/lyrics it would have been one of the most popular songs I guarantee it. 

Rigor Olivera: any one know what car was the one that justin was driving? (black with white stripe on the side)

ChesseSticks: Jb is soo freaking lesbian,ghawd why did music become so freaking crappy i used to subscribe to justin when he just started on youtube how dafuq did such a nice kid turn into this freakin peace of gay lesbian crap,ghawd

Noah Kemp: freak YOU JUSITIN

Nico Sequeira: el auto no lo maneja el, chanta

Cameron Washington: Even though i am a male, i am still a belieber. My fav JB song is BOYFRIEND. Justin Bieber is my role model and always will be

OrgullosasdeserBeliebers: Suscribanse a mi canal Hermanas! :3

Natsu Dragneel: Goddamnit my ears hurt

Solene Beck: Please stop saying that Justin ils gay you know nothing and if its history.!! - if y ou call Justin Bieber ils gay i will hack all your accounts. -


Dreille Mills: Justins not gay your gay justins a non like able guy if I was his girlfriend I have to be able to trust him hes not nice though but at least give him a second chance im a pretty girl but could be a horror now listen to me you jrek justin my birthday is in two weeks in January 12 I want you to sing my a birthday song ok and shout out my name Aleyah not Aaliyah ok

April Hemphill: I love u give me your number.

Alejandro Gonzalez: This music video is actually really good, the beat is fantastic, the shots are amazing trust me, it takes a lot of work to do these kind of things. Haters be hating on Justin Bieber, but he's just a kid who cant really get himself together at times but he is very talented and can sometimes be a pain in the ass xD

Luciana Fernandes: lovel meu amor ta cantando

SceptileTheVerdant: Hey can I say my opinion on Justin Bieber without getting freaked up and massacred by his fangirls? (No, I can't...) Okay, so, I'm not a fan, but I think his songs are okay. He has a decent voice (I've heard better though). I think he should expand a little... Y'know, not just writing love songs and girls. Another thing: he shouldn't be a role model. His personality reminds me of an italian politician (please don't hurt me): he can say wise quotes, heck anyone can, but he doesn't mean what he says. IF he meant what he said, he wouldn't be a spoilt brat that abuses his fame and not just care about money money money.... money. Jus' sayin. If your only reply will be "UR JUST JIELOUS BCUZ HE'S FEIMUS N UR NET" or "WTF R U TAKING ABOUT HE SAYZ SOME WISE STUF (yeah, like being gay is a choice, or that everyone gets raped for a reason... SOME WISE crap THERE PEEPS)" Well then... 'Snot my fault if you're narrow minded mate. :/

Anshu Singh: Love you JAAN I miss you


Juda Verboom: Eheey I'm just checking youtube out, want to check out my covers and channel? Would be epic, Love

MingusGames: i dont want you to be my boyfriend you gay

TW Believe Nation Tour: freak Justin bieber!! 

Jesus is Lord: HELL IS REAL. http://youtu.be/-hFePxV1In4

Carmen Morales: Mix - Justin Bieber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GuqB1BQVr4&list=RDHC1U4NLpksm58

princessfunky222: Bitches He ain't gay 😐😐😐😐 Y'all are just jealous That he had many gf's And anyways whats wrong with gay? 2014 teens are terrible Whom think that being gay is bad Gay means happy So people whom think gay is an insult Go to hell 

Lennart Schauer: The 99999999999999,00000000000 like plus

Abdi Faarah: it is the first time in my life i watch and hear his songs!!!

Brielle Espinal: Hes a jerk go freak yourself

Peter Clements: I love wearing my sisters underwear

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