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Nov 08 2014 by Demo
Débora Nunes: justin bieber my boyfrend! <3<3<3 i love you

Xiomara Jackson: No se porque canta esta canción si es Gay?

Ara. N. L.: Justin Bieber - Boyfriend Mi hermana es bilieber

Tаni k: ПОЗДРАВЯВАМ ВИ С МОЯ ЛЮБИМА ПЕСНИЧКА „Justin Bieber - Boyfriend“: http://youtu.be/4GuqB1BQVr4

Rais Muhaj: Why does the backround music sound like whales mating?

Solene Beck: Please stop saying that Justin ils gay you know nothing and if its history.!! - if y ou call Justin Bieber ils gay i will hack all your accounts. -


Meekz Gaming: Befor I hated JB now I sorta like him

Avani Mishra: Dear Justin Bieber Haters, you know his name, not his story! 

Fantasypenguin: girlfriend literally made me sit down and watch this -_- going to shoot myself

Xristina Nomikos: Justin bieberrrrrrrr I love you and you are my life the

Dolgion Kh: I am not gay, but Justin is so sexy to me, LOL.

Ađrıı Đøblas Garmenđıa: Si a mi me han dicho q es gay... no tiene sentido q cante esta cancion :|

LuckyMusiqLive: this video is awesome. the song is addictive too. hes so much older now.. wow. I'm getting popular quick because i rap about real life.. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so it doesnt make noise

jessica toledo: That freaken girl Justin is with in the video is a bitch slut whore!!! I wanna cut her head off and Justin beiber is mine!!! She just a wants him and to act sexy!! Not anymore she's dead and a bitch whore!!!

Thats Yvar: Why is the title Justin Bieber - Boyfriend and not girlfriend? HA.....GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ps : you have cancer >:D DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

JustAnotherBelieber ™: If I was ur girlfriend I would *never* let u go 😍❤ #Justinisthebaebitches #belieber4eva #jeva 

Oelendo: To jest pojebana muzyka i jeśli to jest popularne w angli to cała anglia jest pojebana

Emilija Dunoska: +tanja grozdani hahahah ♥

Vicky Cherrill: People really need to stop calling Justin Bieber gay...hes a lesbian duh ;) 

Barbie Roberts: I love Justin Bieber still 

Anshu Singh: Love you JAAN I miss you

AntiBelieberPlague: Dustbin Beaver - Fagfriend.

Mad High: god his rap and "swag" ad libs are so awful. y can't he just sing and keep all that nigger crap in rap where it belongs

Bobby Potter: people that call him gay are just jealous that he gets more girls in one night than any of you will in a lifetime :)

Chica The Chicken: Help...I think I'm sick...since this morning I'm listening to JB's song... XD wtf I dunno why..

sherwin abad: if you call justin bieber a gay i will hack all your accounts.

Margaux #G: Écoute sa ma chérie ♥♥♥ 

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is addicting. the video production quality is awesome. catchy song. I'm getting known fast because i rap real.. thumbs up if you piss in the middle of the water in the toilet to assert dominance

cristiana pereira mendes: Iam a girl

Julie Myers: Justin most of had 1000000000000 girlfriend like this comment if u agree comment for no my brother 16 gf LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO 

Geovanny ArévaloMusic: Hello friends say excuse me a Thing? Justin Bieber is Gay told that his voice not his way of being, if not for his voice :) envious so better get out of here and not come Insulting Justin bieber Give me love it if you love her songs :)

Zer0_Pain: This song proved that he is gay..

Speyros: sa c du son !! jéme bcp

Pīêŕřě łė Gøñēş: Trop bien :D

Jorge Hernandez: Que asco de cancion 

Giovanni valle: I can't believe that fast and furious. 7 were thinking on having Justin bieber in the movie.....thank the lord he is not in the movie :)

Adriana Ortiz: Justin keep following your dreams ; ) I'll always be with chu :) 

Rollin Warwick: OMG, i so wish Justin Bieber was my boyfriend i love him sooooooooooooooooooo much lets go jb 


Itachi Uchiha: freaking haters are your lives really that sad and pathetic?? you must be desperate for some attention and you come to his videos to write "gay" or "douche" or the new one "racist". Everytime I come here I burst lauging looking at your pathetic comments that you write. Your comments are so freaking childish that makes me think you IQ is lower than 50

Mariela Muñoz: SUCK MY freakING pickle HATERS! JUSTIN IS AMAZING

Nicolas Altan: fermer donc vos putin de geul sur justin c est le meilleur.

LOVE ANIME (^3^): ahhh mis ojos (x.x)

Elanur Akyılmaz: boyfriend :) 

myriam ruiz diaz vernazza: Justin Bieber - Boyfriend: http://youtu.be/4GuqB1BQVr4 💗🌼🌼🌼💗💗💗🌼🌼🌼💗 *¡¡¡* *BOYFRIEND* *!!!*

Sierra Weeks: I wonder how much money that girl was paid to sit next to justin

Генерал Ветров 04136: I went here to press : " Dislike " ^_^

Débora Lopes: Beatifull music

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