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Pisquit _Gamer: Amazing😻😻

Maria Elena Gustavino: Te amo

alexus lamay: I am only 11and I will be 12 on may 12th😋😜😻👩

Damian 112: do dupy justin idiota

Maria Lauren: Is this IPhone 6 on 0:25????

Anatoli Ognyanov: aim great fan

Vee Kay Gaming: Keep this comment on a odd amount of likes

Anyeline Montaño: PAPASITO 💜

Eli Joe House: mint never be alone

Ana Flavia: i love justin bieber

Alyne Vitoria: gotoso

Tashon Peterkin: OMG I LOVE it SO MUCH

Marta S.C: Love you so much!!!

Paz Fuenzalida: justin whan you come to chile???

Xitlalli Michelle Moran Sandoval: me gusta

Glen Chou Lee: i made a comedy skit called 'THE STORY OF JUSTIN & SELENA' on my channel, check it out :))).

bluevlogger: <3

Kaji Garcia: Babe 😍

Anggie Lisbeth Bravo Avila: Linda Musik😍😍
Justin Bieber Te Amoo❤❤
El Mejor ☺☺
Te Amooooooo

Gabriela Martinez: justin Bieber era bonito y lo se gira siendo

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Justin Bieber - Boyfriend 5 out of 5