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Nathan Games: Look all haters he has done very well for himself even if he can't sing ( I think he can ) he is not going to stop look how much money he gets

Karina Monserrat Rosales Ortega: I am ready ... eres you

Waleed Khalil: روووووووووووووووووووووووووووووعة

MR-Fox 2014: jb ,, are want fro me to call up miachle jakson to freak u ??

MR-Fox 2014: how is this motherfreaker get millions

freak this life .. he have : 0 voice 0 songs

fucccck youuu jb

Salim Ahmad: freak jastin bieber

minx girl: Poor Selena😭😂😭

tomi savilakso: I like this song cuz im a big f4gg9t and i am a pleb noob

Jamie Beatty: The ultimate freakboy

‫ملك الرومانسيه‬‎: 07813924519 جاستن بيبر

Саша Кулакова: WTF?

sarpkan ferhatoğlu: en guzel sarki

Carla Alain: hello

Alina Corwel: he is cruel

Alina Corwel: yes justin I will believe, believe that you suckXD

Məryəm Allahverənova: who is watching
in August 24th
in 2015?

GhostCraft: More dislike

picky kros: beginning was evening but later got night.

Spy Cam: can some1 please explain to me why u guys dislike Justin so much. I really don't know anything about Justin, so, just explain everything he has done to make u guys hate him so much. i really wanna know.

Andtreea Pastai: WOW frumi! 💟💝

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