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Jul 26 2014 by Lyrics
TheGamer: ANYONE WHO CALLS JB GAY: Suck my ass

Solene Beck: Please stop saying that Justin ils gay you know nothing and if its history.!! - if y ou call Justin Bieber ils gay i will hack all your accounts. -

Adriana Lodofanática: Si a mi me han dicho q es gay... no tiene sentido q cante esta cancion :|

sherwin abad: if you call justin bieber a gay i will hack all your accounts.

Εφη ΒΜΚ: ποοοο κοματαρααα!

Margaux Menn: Écoute sa ma chérie ♥♥♥ 

Salma Jara: Estoy leyendo los comentarios de las beliebers en este video, y ahora entiendo porque nos tratan de "estupidas" a las beliebers, realmente deberían madurar, aprender a escribir y empezar a ignorar los malos comentarios; disfruten la canción y el video, y dejenlos que ellos critiquen, total es justin el famoso, justin tiene fans, justin es millonario, justin es guapo, justin tiene talento, justin tiene premios, justin tiene cd's y dos peliculas, y ellos? ellos no tiene nada, así que no discutan que no vale la pena.

Zer0_Pain: This song proved that he is gay..

Steve István: This bitch is one of the craptest artists ever

Nicole Fensham: Can you be my boyfriend

Pīěŕřĕ el Ŕïţæł: Trop bien :D

ChuFishStick: Justin beiber is stupid gay. Like this comment if u agree.

The Way You Make Me Feel: I'm sorry, I just definitely *HATE* Justin Beiber....I like Michael Jackson, dead or alive. He's my hero. JB hasn't done crap for me. I don't like ya JB. God I miss MJ. jb wrote this song to show what he did for his first boyfriend XD lol. Gay piece of shiiiii---- I'm gonna stop MJ wouldn't want me cursing! *Any hateful, rude, racist, offensive, and disrespectful comments will be immediately removed, the commenter will be blocked, reported, and notified at the scene of the typing. You will be notified*

Vishal Singh: Good night friends enjoy this song Boy friend My favourite song

Nashi Dragneel: why actually i am listening to this piece of crap????

Muskan Chanana: i m in luv wid this song

Elmo Skippari: Haters, your just jealous because Justin gets all the ladies 😂

Vicky Cherrill: People really need to stop calling Justin Bieber gay...hes a lesbian duh ;) 

Kaela Michalsky: freak YOU JUSTIN!!!!! YOU CANT SING SO STOP SINGING!!! NO TALENT IS SHOWN HERE!! The only reason im wtching this is becuz my sister Haylie loves this STUPID SONG!!!

Chiara Mandrea: I hate justine bieber!!!!

Itachi Uchiha: freaking haters are your lives really that sad and pathetic?? you must be desperate for some attention and you come to his videos to write "gay" or "douche" or the new one "racist". Everytime I come here I burst lauging looking at your pathetic comments that you write. Your comments are so freaking childish that makes me think you IQ is lower than 50

Helly Shah: I love this song ♥♥♥♥

Reece Gerhardt: Anyone who calsl Justin Bieber gay is just jealous cause he gets all the ladies.

- ceruleansketchcat -: Pause at 0:17 Is it just me or does he really and I mean really look like a girl?

Koga lover: Calling JB gay is stupid, he clearly likes girls. And anyone who says he is, they should just know JB makes they girlfriend/ boyfriend scream louder the they have. And a other thing is Justin Bieber is obviously making more money than all the people who sit there and call him gay. So people who call him mean and rude names back off and go find something better to do.

O'Neil Godfrey: Justin Bieber - Boyfriend *______________* *Teen Warning!* *The music in this post is encoded in a language and format that only teenagers can understand. Please only allow your parents and old folks, as well as pets to listen to it with **direct teenager supervision!* *Related Resources* *Music Charts* http://www.billboard.com/ #MyMusicRoom 

thati meghashyam: nice song..!!

Owais Sayani: I disliked Justin Bieber when he was young. Now I just hate him.

LuckyMusiqLive: this song is dope. love the video.. really brings these lyrics to life. justin is talented i dont care what anyone says. im getting popular fast because i rap real..thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet...

Vitoria Hemili: Lindooo

love Wings: I love justin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Χρυσάνθη Δεσποτοπούλου: I hate justin bieber ;ρ

Jennifer Garcia: #tbt @ +Rubi Saenz only you would know how obsessed I was over this song!

Artem M: Эмммммммммммммммммммм класс супер круто 

Luciana Romero: Mi amooor yo quiero ser tu girlfriend!!!!!! *-*

Kim Op de Beeck: I hate him.... But he love selena tantes cute ♡

Maria Jose Roa Bieber: You are the my Boyfriend Justin! ♥

nivel97: honestly i love justin bieber eventhoug im a guy

Matthew Fisher: Hes not gay u piece of crap +EvilBot 

Jøüđ çřãżý X ğîŕł: I love this song :-* 

BRIONA HENRY: he so hot

Borrty 12: GAY 我們吃白蟻!

kjkjkj789: how does this video have over 350 million views if there are only 7 million people on the earth? 

NOOR% ملكه الجاذبيه: احﻻ اغنيه عندي ل جوستن بيبر...♥

Link ­­­­: Solene Beck1 month ago Please stop saying that Justin ils gay you know nothing and if its history.!! - if y ou call Justin Bieber ils gay i will hack all your accounts. - Reply · 226 Is this bitch serious?


Pooria Mehravar: freak THIS SONG 

Maggie Bunna: Male haters are gay

Martin Alarcon: What did they turn him into he was awesome now look at him

Chloe Steiner: This was BEFORE Justin came out of the closet

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