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Dec 06 2014 by New Albums
Christine Saunders: Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man:

pily: Christina, Jlo, and Beyonce are the only female artists that have not been affected by Illuminati the way every other artist have. Just goes to show you, not everyone is meant to be fitly rich and famous. Its not as easy as it looks. 

g3tR3kTm8: Christina Aguilera has to be one the most underrated singers ever. Listen to the power in her voice, I've never heard that in a singer in my entire life, not even Whitney Houston.

Briar Rose Alexander: Awwww yeah!

Michael Garland: Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man

Daud Rotama: Can't wait for her next album! I hope it's not too much with electronic sound :) her B2B was the best, and I hope her next material will bring the same success too :D

ΧΡΙΣΤΙΝΑ ΠΡΙΦΤΗ: ειναι τελειο το εγκρινωωωωω

Fresh Softie: One of her greatest songs!

Jenny Taborda: and then she got divorced

xxTara Leighxx: Not many can sing like her. I love Britney but you just can't put these two in the same category.Christina can sing like anything and Britney is more an entertainer. 

Nina babasonica: No me acordaba de este tema, ahora es mi favorito x_x y el video esta tan bueno que voy a decir que es pésimo.

Clyde Hyatt: Yo C.A. holla atcha' boy, he got a average size turkey jerker and a brother with a nice boat. (you know this yung white boy packing Netflix too)

Sam Som: I think Ariana is copying her, right?!

Samuel Cruz: Will be cool a misical called baby jane using her back to basics songs with her as the main character

Graziani Sylvia: What a body!!Otherwise, not my favourite Xtina's song (the music is a little bit too repetitive) but I really adore the "I got trouble" part at the beginning and at the end!

Sutton Smore: i wish i had her voice

Erik Parshall: This video is actually on a really deep level it is breathtaking.

juan camilo chavez gonzalez: Cuando digan que las visitas importan, recuerden que Ain't No Other Man ganó un grammy :3 Y para ese tiempo You Tube no tenía tanta fuerza que adquirió por VEVO.

Kevin Coulor: I wouldn't mind if she dumped the modern day music and went back to the basics. Her best album ever!! The rest is good too, but it's just not doing it for her anymore. Still love her!

Vizio L: This was probably her best album ever!

Edson Roman: My god, this woman is breathtaking! Beautiful voice, face, body. She's perfect!!! I've always loved Christina 

Cody Martin: The beat sounds just like working at the car wash

Anna Laitinen: I love her hair and clothes in this video! #newmusic2015

Quốc Trung Đặng: Pink Panther has brought me here! Amazing Christina! 

AJ: wow Premo produced this :o

Troubletwins T: love all that style the way they dress and the hair!

Christopher Williams: I LOVE this song so much and Christina Aguilera

LUCIA GELLAR: Christina Aguilera Eres increible te admiro #HappyBirthdayXtina 

mary mxz: body goals

crayy: She is so damn perfect, i'd go straight for you .

jenny corneliusson: YOU AR BEST CHRISTINA

Joshua M: Nicki Minaj could take a couple of lessons in being sexy from this woman.

Michael Fidler: great singer wonderful body A+++ in my eyes ................ Lovely person did I mention the body?

IAmEverythang: Totally love this song! much love n respect to all the ladies who feel this way about their man.

Sophia Christine`: Hey guys, I did a cover of her song Beautiful, Can I get your opinions of it? :)

Krassimir Iankov: Christina A.

Brianna Ramirez: my aunt says that she dosent love her husband and when I heard this song for his ringtone I was all like you do love him XD

MR. HMOO 2022: it's a really amazing song 


Patricia Robertson: Spirit aside, which I can never be, she is my girl.

jaaaaaadore: Dancer singer Great artist!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm enjoying hear her voice seeing her moves and beauty!!!!!!!!!!!

namunamstar: Wow how could music like THIS *^* can change to crapty music like NOWDAYS

JSAMERICANA - VINTAGE: she is a performer with performer qualities, no doubt ~

Megan Williams: The album's name " Back To Basics " perfectly describes it, this track has a wonderful 1980's vibe that is simply perfection ❤️

Bobby Whitby: I don't think she should have changed her hair it looked really hot back then with red lip stick.

Placido Fernandez: Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man:

Durandus von Meissen: The Man Last Standing 

Girlfriend: 2:28 right girl has moustache

jamal afay: I think she is done. She is overweight nowadays. 

Ashley Wallner: Omg. Her.body is perfect in this video! Dat legs!!! sexy 😍

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