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Hachiko -Chan: I want her red shirt. I want her outfits and body in general. but I love that shirt

Chanel Anthony: At her freaking PRIME right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gustavo Mendoza-Herrera: knowing what I want to listen to ..and correct spelling brought me here

Rey3518: It's funny because one girl dedícate this song to me and now I'm like kinda dating her friend. Btw Christina looks so good

Nataly Peralta: que voz!!!!!

Romullo Fredrikson: Somebody watching in 2016????

just a stranger: 43 Million views!!!! Wow!!!!!!

Allan Maia: Adoroo ouvir Anom de manhã RS ❤

Jericka Mapula: Jade and cat brought me here!

Shirley Salcedo: "i'm here because of 4th impact" wtf where were you in 2009??

Giwrgos Mma: christina has the best voice that earth ever heard , damn !!!!!

Juan Manuel Olvera Contreras: She's so beautiful.

Brian “A” Wade: I feel like this is the original "Work" song... Rihanna inspired by B! lol

Sabrina Carey: This is why she was a perfect fit for burlesque

Noemi Somogyi: Hopefully the next album is going to be something like this. It fits her the best!

navanater123: I would freak her three ways from sideways

Megan OConnor: I want to see her do jazz. Just one song at least. I bet she would just kick ass with it! Actually maybe every genre she should try.... Her voice is just that amazing!

Fandom Enthusiast: i got here from a liza

Judnie Gedeon: I put me here xtina took over me man 😁

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Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man 5 out of 5