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Miggy Palacios: 2:11 is that ariana grande

l3abyJane: When Christina When.....

Birtek: Holy crap, this DJ Premier's beat is so dope. _

Ummi Aqilah: i miss christina songs😍

Michał Mirgos: Mrugniesz dla mnie okiem ? :-) Jakoś :-)

donny lee: That Voice Though!!!! gives me chills

Leidy Muñoz: Reina♛

Yessenia Gonzalez: This is my favorite music video from Xtina!❤️😍 Her voice, the lyrics, the outfits, the story... everything is perfect!❤️

成田通紀: 歌唱力、全面的センス、スタイル。全てパーフェクト。

Rebekah Burgess: do do your thing honey lol

Onur Karadal: Damn, we need a comeback

Ryan Bell: Whos watching 2017?

Adam Scarpetta: I remember this song. And the video introduced us to Christina's breast implants.

pjamese3: Them some tig ol' bitties!!

And don't say crap about "male gaze.' There wasn't one outfit she wore in this video that said, "Look at my sparkling personality."

But she has incredible vocal range. Great singer.

Nakia Corbin: The vintage look fits her so well.I think she should been born in the 40's or 50's

Natan Gey: hola

Duda Astrid: Só vim mesmo por causa do menino do Ídolos 🍷

Ashwaq Alsauty: This reminds me of a little mix song

Main Xayah RX: tiago do maceio

Heidi S: Such an AMAZING voice and pretty face. She cheapens her image by being 1/2 dressed in every video. Girls with no talent need to do that.

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