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Sep 03 2014 by Fresh releases
Lilly Sanz: Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man: U<3

Bat Caver: Some Gwen Stefani hairstyles.

Michael Marcum: Stop the whole Britney and Christina thing it's very old and boring it needs to end. There both great at what they do. Christina awesome performer and Britney a really great entertainer both there music is great. There Both Humans neither one of them is perfect they both have had there ups and downs in there career. Right now there both in a good place in there place. They never talk bad about each other and about other people. So why are we talking about them it not right we have no right talking we don't know there life's to talk about them and even if we did know about there life's it still would be wrong to talk bad about them

pily: Christina, Jlo, and Beyonce are the only female artists that have not been affected by Illuminati the way every other artist have. Just goes to show you, not everyone is meant to be fitly rich and famous. Its not as easy as it looks. 

Samantha Oehley: Her body is smoking though. I'm petite, but I wish I was blessed with boobs

adolfo villacreses andrade: My Sweet BABY JANE Christina Aguilera <3I love her music because she can actually sing!!...her voice gives me chills. She's that good!

Chloe Lane: Back to Basics album is amazing, i loved this whole look/era of Xtina.

Valentina Mappa: che voce adoro

Flora Cash: ready for something different? click our name. you won't regret it. <3

Bree Weaver: Has she been married yet?

Emma Mohamed: THis is shocking to me, why do all her videos have low views? only one video has over 100M views :/ 

Katie McAuliffe: she's still my queen.

Ren Jones: I love Christina Aguilera!!! not in that way though lol but I absolutely love her and her music

Mauro N: Esta es la peor canción y el peor video de toda la carrera de christina aguilera.

Marcia Clark: Aint no water aint aint no water water XD

Girlfriend: i want boobs

BOW ARROW: Wow I love her, she has that (I'm boss and you know it) thing going on. You can't help but love her and she has the body and voice to pull it off, she is just fab.

La X Más Música: En la posición #36 del #RankingPop, Christina Aguilera con 'Ain't No Other Man':

benwoo: When Christina Aguilera heard this beat she hated it and didn't want to do the song. 

Arrow Lover: wish i could sing like that...

PSIcoh: VH1 used to be pretty cool at 6 in the morning

Charles De Aquino: My Sweet BABY JANE

Jessey Booker: My fav 😍 underrated asf but her ego got the best of her 

Summer Liliana: <--trouble---3

Liza Mungaray: I bet when she's done singing she cant even talk

Maegan Prim: Christina has implants she admitted it! She got them right before stripped came out! 

Bianca Lleves: Te amo . 

Curt Picou: Christina's voice is the bomb, her looks comes next in line

yenia jimenez: Ugh I love her 

Funk Spock: Produced by the one and only DJ Premier of Gang Starr . RIP Guru 

Brice carter: Amour <3

mary fish: this style really suited her!

xIpodTouchGoeroex: freakable

xxTara Leighxx: Not many can sing like her. I love Britney but you just can't put these two in the same category.Christina can sing like anything and Britney is more an entertainer. 

gamberer: preemo indahouse !!!!!

Bobby Siroskey: Christina became a favorite the day I saw the movie Burlesque instead of watching a football game.

Nelson Colina: Quien escucha y Ve este Vídeo en el 2014?

Nathaly Silva: Still cool in 2014..,

Dale Morgan: Oh Yeah, Got WOOD yet ??

Mzz Lulu: Like if listening in 2014❤️

jj downs: this song is how i feel about my crush out of everyone he stands out and when he hugs me i feel so safe like everything is perfect for a second then i think and say i wish he felt the same :(

Franco Cabrera: This song is everything

Dave Chinwan: such a classic

Nicol Santillan: Esta cancion me encanta y la tengo que bailar

AudreyStarJ17: Think she was def sexier before she got all skinny again (Feel This Moment), but her voice, killer as alwaze!

Lucas ataíde calvino: just a question is the fernando torres in the clip?

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