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Jun 06 2014 by Music agent
Alex Dakota: I'm sorry but Christina is waaaaay better than Britney, she is classy unlike Britney who need's drama in her career to stay relevant.

marelicainavokado: That was a really slippery chair

Emma Mohamed: THis is shocking to me, why do all her videos have low views? only one video has over 100M views :/ 

pily: Christina, Jlo, and Beyonce are the only female artists that have not been affected by Illuminati the way every other artist have. Just goes to show you, not everyone is meant to be fitly rich and famous. Its not as easy as it looks. 

benwoo: When Christina Aguilera heard this beat she hated it and didn't want to do the song. 

Shanny Bling: I was 6 when this came out and I would sing this in school all the time and the teachers would throw books and the desk at me and call my mom oh memories :)

Tyler Hills: O would go gay for her no lie

Samantha Oehley: Her body is smoking though. I'm petite, but I wish I was blessed with boobs

John Rushing: Forgive, I know that I not a very good, DJ 

Bree Weaver: Has she been married yet?

Pedro Vieira: perfectt

LPS pepper: Why do not you christina continue the 50's making songs?:o

Michael Marcum: Stop the whole Britney and Christina thing it's very old and boring it needs to end. There both great at what they do. Christina awesome performer and Britney a really great entertainer both there music is great. There Both Humans neither one of them is perfect they both have had there ups and downs in there career. Right now there both in a good place in there place. They never talk bad about each other and about other people. So why are we talking about them it not right we have no right talking we don't know there life's to talk about them and even if we did know about there life's it still would be wrong to talk bad about them

Solecita ferrer: WONDERFUL A TRUE DIVA ♥_♥

Daniel Hill: My friend thought she was singing "Anal other man"...

Bitor Jason: I just love this era !

Dean Aguilera: 24,952,404? It's wrong... 249,524,040! freak U YOUTUBE

Support4MySingers: And here we have Christina showing everyone she was the first to wear that blond wig with the fringe that everyone thought she stole form gaga! It's also the wig that gaga wears again on the front cover of "Artpop"! But take us back to 2006 and Christina wore it first! Just saying! As soon as I saw the cover to "Artpop" I thought "Pathetic"!

Donna Shinall: I remember when a friend asked me if I had heard of Christina A. and I said all I know about her was that she was a teen from the Mickey Mouse Club and NO I did not listen to teen pop music. She bought me this CD and I was hooked! Went out and bought another one. This was my one of my favorites. 1st time seeing the video. Sexy, powerful songstress.

Nikol Jones: There are a lot of men-but how do you like?

Emanuel Rey: this is the christina that i love c:

Hailey WhisperingRose: to Sierra Lewis, actually that's closer to the kind of body that was in fashion. You're thinking of the late 1950's and early 1960's... this video seems to take on a 1920's and 30's theme (for the most part). If anything, all the women have too many curves. Flappers were very in style. Small breasts and short hair, as a rebellion against classic feminine ideals, were very much in vogue. 

Cesar Cavazos: Amazing videooo

95klopez: I love her music because she can actually sing!!...her voice gives me chills. She's that good!

Ari G: Ain't no other man...

tedfaun: this is probably going to ruin every one of her videos as it becomes so annoying once you notice it, but why does she always always do that look to the side and then back to the camera again in so many shots.... surely she knows she's doing it too much


Reshma Patel: Defintely aint no other man 

Kaila Nakamura: I never actually saw the video to this...until now... but I like this song.....DON'T JUDGE. I like the tune~ XD Catcy~ Catchy~ :3 I love the horn players in the background! They sound amazing! X3 Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man *You're the kinda guy, a girl finds, in a blue moon! You got soul! You got class~ You got style! You got it! Ain't no other man it's TRU~u~U~UE! AIN'T NO OTHER MAN BUT YOU!*

ContagiousRandomness: I finally realized the intro tune sounds like Me And The Devil Blues by Robert Johnson...I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest time

Avian98X: ..Dat body tho

Kami Fernandez: sale muy linda en este video super sexy :) 

Rachael Kassie: Christina is way sexy-er then britney mean that voice is killer. And she may not have a lot of rythem like B spears. But the girl can dance

tgomes01: Perfect!

DLLGbr: iconic, slay

Lori Fuss: OMG THAT GIRL CAN SING <3 i love xtina

Angie Qs: just do your thang honey!!

Bryanna RedDye: I love her songs!

GoGo Ted: She looks so beautiful in this video ..

sweetlitlangel: I'm so tired of the comments yea Christina can sing but Britney can dance better. Um it's music when the hell did dancing become important. You're telling me that Whitney Houston Celine Dion and Adele are going to get docked points on music quality for not dancing

Gary Miller: Still So Funky

lis hg: Baby jane♥

haiderstar1992: Ain't no other voice like you Christina Aguilera 

PSIcoh: Oh my god, it's been ages since I've heard this song.

1888jayne: This one's for my man Edd <3

Alvaro López: Did anyone else feel the same chills in the first high notes?

Ana Calderon: G+ (- *)

Morgyn Hall: Christina Aguilera is the queen.

classicstorm: We need a back ti basics part 2...

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