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Feb 05 2014 by New Albums
benwoo: When Christina Aguilera heard this beat she hated it and didn't want to do the song. 

Jessica Acosta: Christina is way sexy-er then britney mean that voice is killer. And she may not have a lot of rythem like B spears. But the girl can dance

ContagiousRandomness: I finally realized the intro tune sounds like Me And The Devil Blues by Robert Johnson...I couldn't put my finger on it for the longest time

Bryanna RedDye: I love her songs!

Maurito Bonasorte: DIVA

Shanny Bling: I was 6 when this came out and I would sing this in school all the time and the teachers would throw books and the desk at me and call my mom oh memories :)

Donna Shinall: I remember when a friend asked me if I had heard of Christina A. and I said all I know about her was that she was a teen from the Mickey Mouse Club and NO I did not listen to teen pop music. She bought me this CD and I was hooked! Went out and bought another one. This was my one of my favorites. 1st time seeing the video. Sexy, powerful songstress.

Dean Aguilera: 24,952,404? It's wrong... 249,524,040! freak U YOUTUBE

Suzanna Drew: This is so u Julian Nunez, sorry had 2 say it. LoL! Mayb that blue moon will come around again. ;)

John Rushing: Forgive, I know that I not a very good, DJ 

Jackie A: when watching music video's was fun and actually meant something!

LPS pepper: Why do not you christina continue the 50's making songs?:o

Leishafan1985: Still love how EPIC the opening note of this song is!!!!!!!!! I mean who sings like that?!? Her vocals are so insanely AMAZING!!!!!!! I still LOVE XTINA's voice I always have!!!!

Mario Ruiz de Chavez: "anal with a man"

Paco Gragera: Hotieee

Obrian aniki: obviously one of her best songs ! ever!

padminie khandai: love it

amir, khaled: love it in 1:25 omg :)

Stella Mazzei: Her voice is crazy!

Екатерина Куприна: love this video / she beatiful!

R4wRM0nster: This was nearly a decade ago :O I feel so old

berragh naoures: i love her

valeria garcia: OMG, Hey christina! do you really wanna kill me? <3

Claudia Battistelli: love her voice and style so bad!!

mohd hanaf: Really missed this Christina Aguilera

Roger Deschenes: Crazy good vocal. Miss A can blow.

Nienke Dirksen: She's my inspiration..

singingnature313: im in love with u


Patricia Daniela Canosa: Tell your mother, your brother, your sister, and your friend. And the others, your lovers, better not be present tense. Cause I want everyone to know that you are mine and no one else's! 

Maja Randjelovic: this is the perfect weight for her, i really don't know why did she gained all that weight..

LanIost: Looking at this now, This was really ahead of it's time for the throw back style. Tell me that had she not released this like 1/2 years ago it wouldn't have been WAY bigger?

Armougon Anais: louboutin !!!! yeahh 

Préscillia Bébi: Still watching and listening to this in 2014 !!!


ZeldaFoxEars: All went downhill after B2B

kool2btrue: You need to do another back to basics album, this was so refreshing way back when it came out.

Koren Taylor: You got soul, you got class with your bad ass! Best line ever!!

MusicsAngelica: I especially loved the ending

Ariyahna Ware: Is it me or this song weird?

Allan Mahendra: She doesn't make music based on trend, she makes music for herself. she doesn't care about sales either, she says 'Quality over Quantity'

Samanta Rockefeller: SEEXXXYYYYY

Sabrina Ouaguenouni: This is my favorite song ever!!!

muekis: Taetiseo , this reminds me of taetiseo twinkle <3

Harry Styles: Asia brought me here

Cease Fire: None of the "New" girls can even come close to the epicness that is this song. I wish she would quit that electro crap and sing what she was born to sing.

mark tacher: ''back to basics'' one of her best album but wait.... all her albums are amazing :/ 

nawzad ismaiil: Love the fashion in this video <3

Trish Jacobs: She is hot!!

rainyseas0n: nailed it

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