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Mar 17 2014 by Music agent
ItsNatalieStarr: i loove this song

Dapheny Correia Lopes: 0:49 thank me later ♥

James Ghost: *I'd Kill To Smoke A Blunt With Big Sean!* If marijuana isn't legalized, it should be at the very least decriminalized! They only way people get there life ruined by weed is when they are arrested by police! *Take a look at the video I on my channel!* Personal use should be legalized in all 50 states!

Adam Da Goon Silva: People still wear TESA stuff?

mranthonymcneil85: What was up with C.Brown and that blonde hair tho...

Queen Shy: What sound did Big Sean make when Chris hit him? BOING! 

Romario Max: Chris brown you made the song too gentle, freak you.

Xanthosis: it looks like the right side of that girl's head is too heavy for her

Ahmet Civak: all singer to be famous and get interest they sing with chris brown :D

Aiden Szmyt: the clean version just butchered it

Spencer Gladson: Cant listen to a song without someone spotten a botten with fckn triangle in it automatically makes it Ilumminati. Might as well listen to that hardcore death metal I get less conspiracy shii on that.


Simply Magic: Illuminati 

matthew blyden: Million happy thoughts go thru my mind when I hear this.

Peter Sandoval: I ♥big Sean's music big sean don't stop making music

str33ts3sh: way better than lil waynes version

Jake Gutierrez: 4 years ago damn.. i remember when this first came out :) 

Harry Adams: This looks just like the same place they filmed 50 cent We Up music video. like if you the the resemblance!

maria guadalupe barron lona: la amo

Surrosh Aymen Shakir: i love big sean <3 and chris brown is awesome 

yazzy12: Love this song listen to it still now 

helen chekol: chris brown i love you

Ember L3EGENDS: Its 2014 and still listening to this song who doesn't want to get drunk listening to this song

skiIlzaisherebooya: can i meet Chris already please

Reece ALLEN: what brand is the t-shirt and hat with 'tosa' written on it please
Paul Kokore: this makes me feel nice inside all my soal just rises

By Paranoidz: PER-FECT.

Ianique Binns: I love this song. He came a long way.

Kristen McNeil: this is my anthem this insprires me to live life to the fullest

Chris Ogle: mmmm i wana suck his D so bad like its my last xxoo

Cynthia Brown: Finally famous 

Vitor Gabriel: Bitch motherfreak silent !

Natan Sousa: O o tamenho da jaka !

Augustine Bangura: all i see is Illuminati crap. wht d freak is hapenning in d world?. God help us

Amber Guernah: Yall need to stop with this illuminati stuff dam i cant look at one song without seeing "ILLUMINATI" in big its annoying af

jay ruffin: Pause at 00:50 he flashed horns Damn sean

roy blasquez: the best

Jutatip Titam: Chris' voice is amazing here <3

Sally Wally: what the freak. big sean is not ILLUMINATI. so shutup and enjoy the music bitches. 

Kyan st.marthe: put her hands in my pants now she rocking sean john XD

Joshua Terrell: Screw illuminati it's about god and Jesus Christ enough said freak satan

Barak Hill: i will say though that, that TOSA jacket is raw i gotta make me one , why didnt i think of that

Sebastien Benjamin: Damn that song is so freakin Dope 

misssallyxo: love this beat XD!!

Bean Vang: Don't give a freak about illuminati until it freaks with my city or town then they gonna have a problem other then that stfu and enjoy the music

Dowlen BrendaSong FanPage: Still listening 2 this in 2014 thnks jesus

jay ronaldo De Allasandro: ILLUMINATI ! freak u ignorant twats

Paris Black: Use to play this everyday

Alan Ramos: You really think this is your last

Nikkia Simpson: Hands in the air

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