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Amanda Oliveira: Essa música é do caralho, nunca me canso dela

Michael Cook: Almost Cried , this song has and will always be My favorite and will mean something special to me 💯

Abigail Abney: I'm honestly in my feelings 😩 right about now I remember listening to these songs so much inspiration and best times of my life 😍 I miss them happy days 😔 like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Abigail Abney: love

Manuel Quezada: ima still listening to this crap til the day i die

O Davis: he sampled new edition - can u stand the rain!

jack vu: 1:29 LOL When she say she havent DONE it Yet

easynltown: 2017... still the realist

guchi_ critters: I was a little kid when this came out😂

Amelia Tingle: still love this

I Love Videos: Where my 2017 squad be at?

Shawn Nixon: This was my crap!

musiceater21: My boyfriend just asked me to marry him while this song was playing... I said YES!!! <3 this song is special to us now. its so catchy and the video is amazing. Check out my boyfriend's music video by searching "Lucky- A Later Flight", he's growing fast!! who else is here on January 16th?

Shaun S. 8bit (AAD): 2017 were y'all at?

Cindy Nkamigbo: This was crap broooo I miss 2011

Valerie Renee: This song always seems to make me cry 😢

Zane Betz: Y'all mugs in these comments make me feel old as hell... when I was in 6th grade is when Luda dropped what's your fantasy

Corey Brown: why the "dark skin" woman had to be ugly??...smh

berna11: Teeyana Taylor at 4:48

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