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Morrison Ngobeni: New Edition Can you stand the rain?

Andy khumalo: I still remember all the lyrics

Dank Asf: #2017StillRockin

Dj Washington: 10th Grade, them Friday nights, great year, great music

Ashutosh Bhattarai: Damn....where my 2017 squad?Miss those good days when this was🔥🔥🔥🔥

Evan Brown: This song came out when i was a 6th grader now I'm a freshman in college!! Where has the time gone

Bryson Maedvill: I missed when this age

Justin Lorenzo: anyone vibing in 2017??

Nolan P: My 8th grade year memories

Laxmi Gurung: Its 2017 and iam still loving it.

Adarsha Thapa: who's watching this in 2017

Courtney Smith: still rocking in 2017

Gabriel: 2011 😭😭

Funny Vines BR: 2017

Mxolisi Protas: Six years later and still relevant. ;-)

Alice Flynn: freaking cunts

Alice Flynn: Such a sensitive song

Chris Jones: My club anthem

Chris Jones: Me and My Little Cousin Desmond

Naomie C: Who's watching in 2017?

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