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Fan Comments

Tayathebest24: LOVE IT

Elle Ceexo: Beat goes hard

Marcus Ulrich: Haven't heard this song in a while but this Song brings back memories

BeyMasters2013: Chris brown is a 1 in the face and a 0 in the ass

APEX Yeah: cool

Babatunde Owoyele: nice music

Isaac Olvera: POWER

Rosana Acevedo: i love this song

David Olson: #LoveThisSong

Snoop Dog: pencil :)

justin hargett: Mannn, if i could re-live everything that has happened to me since i first heard this song in my dads car on a road trip in 2011, i would

Josiah Armendariz: sup chris brown

Maarie bihh: 2015

Carlos Gyer: well we all liked chris brown intill 2013 to 2015

Jonathan Cruz Cruz: Chris Browns hair ha :D

Tom Jackson: That bitch doesnt look like Beyonce... Why you always lying...

ΜυRίλο Σόουζα: ?

Kasey Payne: senior year gotta make it last. ..

lina cacher: Like or comment in 2016

Carmen Bakes: There's something about this song that makes my day .

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Big Sean - My Last ft. Chris Brown 5 out of 5