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Guilhon: This crap is still dope. Watching since the lauch. Check out my music, is in portuguese, y'll will trip on it.

Jayjay Pettaway: this song is the best

elaine Cotton: cool😈😈

Dylan Slayz: i could knock chris brown out like if hes so tuff how come he looks like a stick from my tree?

Spontaniuz Productions: What up Big Sean!!!!! I got beats, please check me out
I would love to produce tracks with you!!!!

Brianne Geoghegan: I love this song.😎🤘🏻👌🙏👍🎧📱💵💯📶🆒🆕🎶🔊🇺🇸

isaiah bittner: si this his last song

Emily Bronx: if it wasn't for Big Sean being famous girls wouldn't be with him in the video

NML gang: ❤ always good

Marissa Garrett: T👀💲🔺?

Klara Petricevic: 2 types of black guys

Severin Sonny: WE  invented Blackbourgeois on instagram twitter or facebook if yoy want to know

Mario Villagomez: it'$ been 5 years and this song still ballen northern California and that'$ w@zz up.

Jonette Colletti: 5 years later and while listening to the instrumental part on the piano it's sounds kinda like; "Can you stand the rain." or is it just me XD

Juju: If Trump becomes prez we gotta play this song.

Lee Jae: crap you realy dope!!!!!

justin Last: LOVE the hat !!!!!!!! I am a redwings fan!!!!!!!

Mr Sweno: If your still listening to this in 2016... Which means this was a classic ...

Carlos Tatum: April 2016?

Janae Philip: Sean is just ugh😍😍😍😘😘

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