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Dec 23 2014 by Gossips
Reality: Chris brown and big scene are maggots. Real niggas listen to Katy Perry.

Mookie Mook: That moment when you listen to a old song & it brings back so many memories..

paul valle: I know ill get a lot of crap for saying this but honestly I don't understand why big sean is famous there is literally nothing special about him his lyrics are basic his flow is eh and he hasn't had one song of his that has proven me wrong

Starizmatic & Vybz Kidd Promo: Is it me or is that Big Sean looks like 48 and still rapping hardcore? O.o



Domo Girl: 1:09 stuttering so much, thought he was having a seizure...

iSuckatDrugs: Ive been looking for this song for like 108 weeks!!!!

Xavier Turner: Cant wait until the winter break comes around

Jaime Saldana: Look at his jacket with all the symbols it's there Look for yourself what you see 

Crown Tahkilyahh: teyana taylor all in the cut

boy1durrrr: s/o to the niggas listening to this in 2015

Benjamin Lebona: ...and it will never happen again. Its not either of their fault, but it simply just won't.

Dj Steelo: Used to hate this song, but wow I was trippin 

Daria Oliver: Big Sean change over the years love this song doe

codyisland1: One of the best songs ever.

man jackson: The start of the kpop "Good Boy" gotta be copying the start of this song

jacob w: University Music Entertainment / Interscope Records Inc.

Jnia Smalls: he is cute 

Tobi Matuluko: I don't get why u hate this song this is awesome 

Jonatan Rodriguez: Really nigga freak you

corey cvejkuus: Reality is right, take them shades of Katy.

Mason Gentry: Double O & Tasha Catour star in Night Life check it out

TrollGod: Like if you're listening to this in 2015

Fernadez Brown: Im mm like its my last is what Chris brown said

Ethan Bautista: R.I.P. Music 2009-2011

down1plus2: Tommy Davidson lookin ass nigga

brandi AF !: they both hot af

Chris56076: First time I heard of Big Sean. Like if you agree

gravity smartize: thums up if u hate chris brown but ur a fan of bigsean

Patrick Tranter: Can you stand the rain!!

Dr.dre snoop dogg eminem wiz khalifa 50 cent the game kendrick lamar: Chris breezy

Άννα Ζαπάντη: Excellent!

Avyon Bess: And now he's dating Ariana Grande my future wife lol. She's amazing

TLEEL: Most of us are dancing with no clue.. Cheeers

Iyana Autman: all them HATERS gonna hate cause all I gtta say is idfwu

Angel Five: The only Big Sean song I actually like.

Justin Boney: (T)he [E]ye ($)ees [∆]ll

Crystal Iba Ez: I'v been viben to this song since i was11 and has always been my number 1 song. Now i'm 16. this song neva get old

Kendal Bailey: Dude your such a fagg really Katy perry dude your so gay

kelsi piche: this was my jam in 2011. i was 7. 

thetrottman7: I turn 21 this Friday! imma be jamming this song all night long!

Connor Kinser: best song by Chris Brown. by far

missy marie: #TBT freshman year spring 2011

Wendy Williams: Big sean ft Chris Brown my last

Desiree Barry: I love this song so much! But the blonde isn't working for chris.

bah borwn: love you

Karla Ortiz: I have to say chris brown is talented even thought I don't like him.

arielis lora: Thumbs up if u a breezy fan👌👌 

Michelaine Mian Lim: My favorite vacation theme song hahaha.. Like its my last lol...

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