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Kylef White: damn 9th/10th grade seems so long ago. this song brings back so many memories

Alvani Mercado: A couple of my friends pronounce Big Sean as Big Seen.

Ayy Ríí: Damn bruh 2010-2011 was the best years of music for me, I was 10-11 back then so I ain't really understand but now I'm 16 turning 17 in a month and damn i miss those days

Niyah L: - 2017 ?

Niyah L: - Every Song Chris Brown Features In Is Great 😍

LaProfetesse: When I see this music video, I realize why so many white girls are into black guys nowadays.

CHOSOVI CHOSPOSI: If Chris didn't sing this song I wouldn't like it honestly,,,,,chris is best. who is here in 217?.... don't care he is using *AUTHENTIC**VIEWS**DOT**COM

diamon diggs: I can hear can you stand the rain in this ❤️❤️❤️

LaProfetesse: they should make anther collaboration together

Kimberly Oliver: i love chris brown so much

Redge Burns: Who's watching this in 1998? Funny, I'm the only one who knows this song over here.

SoftBandzSunday: still lit in 2017

GM Productions: damn 6 years ago
high school memories lol

Lucas oliveira: 2017?

Aaron The comedian: Song so lit as the past

Drvppy Chriss: Fake ass Eminem documentary, jp I love this song lol

Diamond Lewis: 💋❤😍😘

Mo Os: guys my tears making me cry wtf !

charlie brown: 2017

mkgaming: when you see how far big sean has come

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