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Mar 31 2014 by New Music
Jennifer Sertl: Where are have you been? Where have you learned? Where are you going? What is required? ♫ Ricky Martin - Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale … ♫ #a3r

HR alasady: Global Star Ricky Martin Love His golden voice

สิงห์ ์ เจมส์: Have you happy time in Tuesday all day. 

Seif Khales: oldies

mursal hamdard: does this awsome song even have a real video clip

TRUEKAELSZILLA: whast the son on the dance game like this

MusicNation+: Thank you guys kindly for sharing and listening to this song! While we're appreciating the support and love you give us, we are slowly but surely moving into the EDM movement as well. But don't get upset, we'll still upload music like this every now and then! Once again, thanks for listening! ✪ Suggestions: Elk Road & Already Always - Afterparty Harrys & Fly - Jericho

Marocains Vevo: M A R O C ! M O RO CC O! MAR OK KO! MAR UE CO S !

niniko otiashvili: go go go ale ale ale

Taha Hasan: Defo better than PITBULLcrap song 

linda larsson: so good music

RongRong Ong: My idol!~<3

snnoma k: Ricky! 😍❤️

meelaa sauod: Old is gold

notila subaie: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

אזברגה איסר: real madrid ♥ 

elragaa belast: gooooooooooood

marko armada: Croatia Victoria France world cup 98

Mateja-HUN- D.: The best World Cup:)

caterina poggiu: go go go Ale Ale Ale (^_^) *

Bhuvan Prasad: nice

BCMari n: nice ricky martin song go go go ale ale ale!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pacific ocean blues: Jaa..so nice song <3

flyingkage: I was so happy when I saw his concert back in the 4th grade.

Mado Oz: i freaken love it 3

Miriama555: I love gay people :P

Abdulrahman Al-Ghamdi: .

Intuch TH: 1998

Anna Julia Ferreira: loo may legal

Ha Nguyen: thu cup of life heeee

yoshi kamiya: It is a number 1 football rooter's song.

antonio eluna: FIFA world cup theme song

Uşaq Dünyası: Super Ricky.

jason piedfort: france 98

Farec Will: Brazil 2014 is coming...

renaud calais: super samba de free-dancer

osama zabarah: Wowowo

Jarmila Kuchárová: :-) ok :-)

Sioraf asNaCillini: It's called the cup of life.

Tiko Nadirashvili: Is he definetely Gay? : (

Diana Tian: my happy song!

Mark Grenczner: Ronaldo R9!!!

Kurdistan Şerku: I really like it bravo 

stefanie sno: Best song ever!!!!

Mohammad Al-khatibeh: Nice nice sooooooo nice

castro louis: Final France win brazil

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