Ricky Martin - Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale [Free Download] Music Video for Free!

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leona begenišić: gay

Νίκος Σκέντζος: Patra's Carnival (Greece) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emine Duzcekic: Does every lovely man has to be gay :( what a big lost :)

xinyi pyf: Go go go ale ale ale

Andre izaque de oliveira: muito legal

shakir aizat: spongebob

salima saw: me too :D i love this song *_*

Mehmet Kaya: yusuf kardeşim o nasıl bir soyad amk ?

Yusuf Top: TURKEY

joseph denoyo: this song really makes me dance:):):

deniz çakar: oldschool :)

MegaZidane23: haha! I like your comment :)

Fred Power: 379 people didnt really want it!

christina pan gt: patra's carnival!!!!!!!!!!

Mai Hiền Trang: one of the best songs.

Gilmer QueQue GQ: vamo brasssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil :D

Alain Bruno: one of the best songs ever

JustLove: listening in 2013.

valentina ivanova: BULGARIA

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