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Aug 16 2014 by MP3 player
MusicNation+: Thank you guys kindly for sharing and listening to this song! While we're appreciating the support and love you give us, we are slowly but surely moving into the EDM movement as well. But don't get upset, we'll still upload music like this every now and then! Once again, thanks for listening! ✪ Suggestions: Dannic feat. Bright Lights - Dear Life (Jack Howes Remix) ASSINO - Destro (Original Mix)

LinkinEm ShadySoldier: Is this one in World Cup 2002? :D

Walter Van der Wahl: A most handsome, intelligent elegant man and a lovely father..

Nith Zael: Espectacular tema para el mundial... no como la mierda de pitbull para Brasil 2014 

tun sopapim: Ricky Martin - Go Go Go ale ale รับกระแสบอลโลก

emine aliyeva: good

alsalmi Cena: طرب

chatchai suviwan: Ricky Martin - Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale [Free Downloa…: http://youtu.beGood job so cool

Irenke Nagy: Ale ale ale! Ricky Martin canta.

raptorkiller87: One of the biggest ever soccer World Cup songs

Ernesto Ismael Magana Fernandez: Esta super la cancion perfecta como la q iso tambien lara la copa del mundial 2014

Blake Battersby: so cute

Agnieszka Iwanowska: Polaki

Shaira Ummul: Love u Ricky!!!!!!!!! <3

maxsullivan69: do i heard ali baba?

Dixi Tv: Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale to je alp GoGoManTv ked ho nepoznaš tak si napiš gogomantv ale je slovak rozumiet mu asi nebudete :( 

GoneButNotForgottenn: freak my Life, why does he have to be gay? I just want to lick him... *everywhere*...

BySky's nigga: Go go go ale ale ale #SkyRRoZ <3 xD

Natalia perez martinez: Guapísimo Ricky Martin y bellísima canción ♪♪♪♪

Aakosh P Renjeev: supprr.....................

Victoria Pierre: Takmicaksin. İste ya

Maria Szymańska: łoł ale muza ciary po plecach przechodzą,

Rihana tualjannah: I can't believe my first love, my first celebrity crush is a gay xD it was a big shock my heart had been broken
Ankara Bebesi: 98 my age 6 

koridot: awesome :)))

Hempel Elke Regina: Toller Sánger. Man hört überhaupt nichts mehr von ihm :-(

Karine Avagyan: Veri good

Teresa Arietti: Riky Martin - Go Go Go Ale Ale

bickharry mokshada: love..go go go ale..muahhh Ricky..2 good..

Slamacow YT: biva

HCR TRIBUTES: I'm here because of Beau Ryan

Òscar Baraza Cordero: pues el Ricky martin es gay

Miguel Andrés Casco García: Ñaño to garota tui

Roro24xD: +Alejandro Aballay Rivas :v

wait wota: poor brazil :(

537391: :( :( :( why are you gay ?????????????????????? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 

nikola lukic: srbijaaa

fady elberns: go go go ale ale ale

Jumperno Tunlatan: hi!r

ratnasari dewi: very beautiful, very nice music…very beautiful, very nice song…very good song…loved...

sweetparis83: I like it!😋

Miguel Andrés Casco García: La mejor canción de los mundiales 

rahul acharya: best world cup song the song still fresh in my mind

Luiza Lyrio Couto: Go Go ale ale ..... <3 <3

seohyeon Lee: yeah~~

011MightyMare: This song be unforgettable memories which I remember fondly! Goal Tycoon The Best Football Manager http://www.goaltycoon.com/bestfootballgame/MightyMare

daiana bock: <3

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