Till the World Ends - Britney Spears NEW SINGLE Modern Rock Cover Music Video for Free!

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Diego Bachmann Zimermann: 2017? anyone ?

Pinglei Wang: still watching in 2017

D Jsun: Jimmy can your do some Coldplay songs ?

Gustavo Diguiriguis: Ah, que saudades!

Ángel Tercero: Si se la rifan chido

CrazySure: Has Jimmy released albums? Coz he should go professional!

Silas Kranich: sometimes less is more...more voice,fewer instruments

Transcended Soul: I only recognized his name from the credits of JDATE. I Loved him from the very start. He had the best portrayal of Fred from John Dies at the End! You can tell he does not take himself too seriously despite being a comical and musical prodigy and yet he has lots of fun making videos and music. The line that will be known for generations in my family as the one line in John Dies At The End that made my Mom who never laughs, actually laugh: "Here's to all the kiss's I've snatched and vice versa!" Well done sir! You deserved more screen time for sure! You are far too talented to not have Your own TV show by now.

CerenityT: Sorry, still hott in 2015  n_n

XPurple Myth :3: O.o amazed!:3 u did so awesome!0.0

Hecx 21: awsome

Vina Pan: Omg, I want to party with you.

1Biel: Talentoso , o Brasil também te assiste, abraços, volte com músicas do Mario ! =D

ching yeung: first watched this in 2011.
Still listening in 2015! 

jimmy u r so talented!

(and I just noticed your seahawks hat! go hawks! )

Kindra Wong: Hahahah this cover doe

Valentin Rosales: Yeah he's ted


GDash Gamer: Is he tha guy from vgh

Brian Loomis: holly crap your awesome, i would mind chillin with you in LA

jokes on u gay shit i can't read engrish: wow you're AMAZING! but still, nothing beats the original (No Hate tho, just sayin)

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