Skinhead National Socialist: SS Totenkopf' Music Video for Free!

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TheSpider1488: Everybody's talking about " Oooooh boohoo racist skinheads this isn't national socialism!" Let's face it. Time's have changed, become more difficult for us as whites. We've had to step it up a notch and become more radical. When a wolf is backed into a corner he will bite as ferocious as he poSSibly can, and that's what we're doing now.

TheSpider1488: OI OI Comrade its SSpider!

William Planer: Motorstorm we all know Antis have tried to infiltrate the movement. First step to following any NS philosophy or party get an education. You'd be hanging from a lampost just for that rediculous comment in my Reich.

Motorstorm5: freak this racists, they dont know anything about NS

Christopher Herring: What? Just the rope? Come on our ancestors were far more creative at killing people! There is a YouTube channel called 25 list.. Watch the 25 Torture Methods for some more inventive ideals on what to do to to you know who's.

William Planer: I hate commie scum they will never suceed ushering in a one world order Nationalism will rise again. 88!

hail1933: freak these red traitors who post their bullcrap all over the place, and for the white traitors ov this world we will give you what you deserve ! THE ROPE !!!!!!!! 88!

1878wayne1985: 14W

MrChaostotal: death to the Fascist scum murder freakers - brutality state-rates - Skinhead are not nazi pigs - good night White pride

panos8814: Hail victory from Hellas!


jagerfaust2009: Finally someone who says the truth.......

james mac: freak the skin heads i hope they all die. You racist white scums days are numbered on this earth. You have no influence you dumb white piece of crap.

Meran Magsoodi: I don't see any reason why this people should not defend their own race and background and desire to keep their blood pure. Jews do it to an extreme and nobody criticizes them and Arians do it and everybody calls them haters and worse and treats them as criminals. The same Jewish element in the U.S. has been involved in promotion of extreme and dangerous doctrines i.e. emigration, homosexuality, abortion, feminism, internationalism, communism, gun control, pornography and moral decadence....

Santa Clause: Either way you look at it. We should cherish our different Ideals and not bicker amongst ourselves. That's for the Commie/Liberal/antis.

justin wile: hail brothers from canada! 14/88

rudolfo ruzzero: 14/88

rudolfo ruzzero: 14/88

Racmot: White man are number one, bu women like black rooster better, that's for sure bro


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