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Nov 12 2014 by MP3
OjBalijoGadniSmrade: A ko je to rekao da su Grci cigani?

Makara of the Rakija: Матер вам јебем ХРВАТСКУ .. freak CROATIANS

SupremeWhitePower88: 1488 LIKES :)

Chinga Tumadre: @MeinDeutsch1 kimbo will rape you fag

recc1488: The "scientific community" is dominated by Jews and if it doesn't fit the agenda it doesn't get published. We obviously aren't going to agree -- so there's only one real solution: armed combat. And it's coming very soon. Hope you prepped up.

gytheio deejay: GREECE ... ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ .. 88

RokSe7en: @pricelessful On political and on Racial too, cause races exist, and you should study the nationalsocialism

bringoutthebutch: you nazi skinheads brains are shorter than your hair

999punxnotdead: Polish ultras

justin wile: hail brothers from canada! 14/88

TheSpider1488: Everybody's talking about " Oooooh boohoo racist skinheads this isn't national socialism!" Let's face it. Time's have changed, become more difficult for us as whites. We've had to step it up a notch and become more radical. When a wolf is backed into a corner he will bite as ferocious as he poSSibly can, and that's what we're doing now.

recc1488: When you support the presence of non-Whites in White countries you support the genocide of White people. You are, therefore, a nigger. You are the one who hates, who destroys. You take your cues from a niggered society and value nigger values. "You look up when you want to be exalted. I look down because I am exalted." -- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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recc1488: The evidence is all there. Erectus walks among us.

mihai ion: 14/88 from Romania!

Sotos7Xania: we've been hearing about that for years.History is history,white people have done so many crimes i agree.So that means you have to hate yourself for being white and to be ashamed?No.You know why?Because it was not my freaking fault what happened so many years ago

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Meran Magsoodi: I don't see any reason why this people should not defend their own race and background and desire to keep their blood pure. Jews do it to an extreme and nobody criticizes them and Arians do it and everybody calls them haters and worse and treats them as criminals. The same Jewish element in the U.S. has been involved in promotion of extreme and dangerous doctrines i.e. emigration, homosexuality, abortion, feminism, internationalism, communism, gun control, pornography and moral decadence....

klini71: @BadGolbez1870 grüsse aus der schweiz zurück 14/88

lommylom hillier: put the 1 true Lord in your heart,Jesus Christ

Omladinac14: LOL. Greeks are not gypsies!

recc1488: Is a Nobel Prize supposed to mean something? Is it supposed to be more legitimate than other prizes? You have been indoctrinated VERY well.


Paplowasraped: 14/88 From iceland !!!!! Keep fighting brothers !!

Savitri Devi: Great vid

Ramsay Snow: It's my own fault for talking like a Nigger.

panos8814: Hail victory from Hellas!

sladancccc: @ramelott we never was your slaves we didnt surrender , we didnt betray our religion if we did we would be muslim but we aint so suck a big serbian pickle and STFU or i will butcher you with my sledgehammer bealive me il coock your eyes MUSLIM crap

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NSWPHive: Russia will kill all brown men

Rob Peterson: Wow I see what you've done there switching 'planet' with 'earth'. You are quite clearly as unintelligent as it comes you freaking racist prick. You are at a determent to the HUMAN race, please die soon and rid the world of you're stupidity............

Legionnaire011: This is proper music not like the other crap thats on 1488

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AntifaUSA: The Sub-Humans will die animals hate black men

kontejners: @RemixJuwi Because they want White geNOcide! Its pretty obvious.

SrMortum: 88!!

Ramsay Snow: What's that got to do with the attractiveness of their women?.

recc1488: Niggers are homo erectus.

SleipnirTheSteed: How is this anything like national socialism? Did real national socialists look, talk, or behave like the "skinheads"? Did the fourteen words come from NS Germany? Did people in Germany carry the "stars and bars", or tattoo "skinhead" or turn their bodies at least 50% dark with tattoos? These people need to recognise themselves as white nationalists and stop relating themselves with German national socialism. Adolf Hitler was not a "white nationalist" in the general sense; not a "WPWW" guy.

actale: La esbastica siempre existira lo llevabamos en la sangre como pueblo nunca nos arrebatareis nuestra sangre!

David Pope: Either way you look at it. We should cherish our different Ideals and not bicker amongst ourselves. That's for the Commie/Liberal/antis.

Martin Christensen: Aldrig mere den 9 april.

actale: Conservala te dara suerte!

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